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Storycodes: F/m; shrink; prepare; eaten; nc; XX

He followed her into the living room where she instructed him to turn around. She carefully placed the handcuffs on him and squeezed them tight, when he complained that they were a little too tight, she smiled squeezed them a little tighter and said,"Relax."

She then produced a colorful scarf and proceeded to bind his feet. Sitting him down on the couch she turned and said she would be right back, then quickly disappeared into the kitchen.

Opening the fridge she took out some butter, her cocktail sauce, and some horseradish. She put half a stick of butter in a sauce pan and put it on low, opened the horseradish and mixed a tablespoon in with the cocktail sauce. She then opened the fridge got a lemon and sliced it into wedges, her mouth starting to water with anticipation.

She looked at the parring knife in her hand, washed it, then placed it back into the block and removed the long butcherknife. This one always got there attention and made them think twice about trying anything. She put it down by her side and returned to the living room. He was still sitting on the couch and she could tell by the look on his face that the little mickey she had slipped him was already starting to take affect. She sat down beside his naked form and he smiled at her, she smiled back then bought the knife within inches of his manhood.

His eyes grew wide as the smile ran from her face.

"Do exactly as I tell you and you won't get hurt."

He mumbled a barely audible okay.

She smiled once more putting her bare foot on his side and shoving him to the floor, "Get on your knees."

She laid back on the couch and got comfortable as he awkwardly got to his knees in front of her, she raised her right foot in front of his face and said, "Open."

He slowly opened his mouth and she placed her toes in, he started to suck on her big toe, but she kept pushing until all her toes were in his mouth, she continued to push until a third of her foot was in his mouth. He stopped sucking and started to gag, but she glanced up from her mail and gave him a stern look at which point he continued to suck on her foot.

After going through her mail she pulled her foot out and sat up, she looked at him and could visably see that he was already a couple of inches smaller and shrinking. She sat back and watched as the serum took affect, it never ceased to amaze her how quickly it could shrink a man down to any size she wanted. The last one had made a nice roast that she had in a variety of ways all week long.

Within minutes he was laying in front of her, a mere three inches tall, the cuffs and scarf surrounding him. Momentarily stunned at his surroundings and this gargantuan woman before him, he got up and tried to run only to be scooped up into her hands.

"Not so fast little man, the last course of dinner is coming up."

She walked into the kitchen and placed him in a large mixing bowl, to keep him from getting away and making her chase him down. She opened the fridge and removed a tray full of oysters that she had opened that morning, before work. She took the butter off the stove and placed it in a decorative bowl, which she placed on the tray with the oysters. She put the cocktail sauce on the tray, stuck her finger in it and tasted it with an audible smack of her lips, as she smiled at him and said, "Perfect!"

She then picked up a lemon, squeezed it on the oyster in the center of the tray, picked it up and noisly slurped it down. "There, we have to make room for you," she cooed.

She then scooped him out of the bowl and placed him in the shell in the center of the tray, turned, opened a drawer and removed a little seafood fork which she placed on the tray before carrying it out to the dining room table. She placed the tray on the table, turned and put on a CD by Sade. "There, a little music for dinner."

She sat down in front of him and told him, "I wanted to thank you for pleasing me all week you were wonderful, but i'm afraid our time is over, besides this is the real reason I let you come visit. So just try to relax and enjoy the experience, because your nothing more than food now."

With that she picked up the fork and dug one of the oysters out of its shell, dipped it in butter and cocktail sauce, opened her mouth and placed it on her waiting tongue. She chewed it a few times swallowed, then smiled at him. She slowly started working her way through the oysters while flipping through a magazine that had come in the mail.

After the fifth oyster he started to visably shake, "Please!" he begged, "don't do this... I wont tell anyone."

She looked at him, visably annoyed, "Hey! I'm trying to enjoy my dinner in peace, now unless you want me to eat you a bite at a time I suggest you shut up! Geesh... some people are so rude."

She then burped, looked at him and said, "Excuse me." She then picked up the last oyster, stuck the fork in it, dipped it into the butter, then the cocktail sauce, looked at him, and leisurely placed it on her tongue chewing it slowly and swallowing it, her eyes never leaving him. She was clearly enjoying the power she held over him, making him suffer till the last moment. He lay there, surrounded by empty oyster shells as she read her magazine for a few minutes. She finally pushed the magazine aside, gave another little burp, looked at him and ran her tongue slowly across the front of her teeth.

Without a word she picked up the shell he was in, in one hand, the little fork in the other. His heart started to pound as she looked at him licked her lips, then slowly and deliberately stuck the fork into him and scooped him out of the shell. He twisted on the fork in intense pain as she dunked him in the butter and swirled him around, she pulled him out and as he tried to catch his breath, dipped him into the cocktail sauce.

Dripping in butter and covered in cocktail sauce, he could barely see as she picked up a lemon and squeezed it over him. She looked him over one last time, smiled, then opened her mouth wide and placed him on her waiting tongue. He looked up as she opened her mouth and watched as her tongue came out to accept him, and her lips closed around him leaving him in total darkness.

He lay on her tongue as it started to salivate heavily from the over all taste of him covered in butter and sauce. She crushed him to the roof of her mouth for a moment tasting him, before pushing him effortlessly over on to her back teeth. She bit down on him, her teeth easily cutting into his body, as she enjoyed the taste of his blood as it blended with the sauce. She chewed him once more then pushed his mangled body to the back of her throat and swallowed.

Still conscious but unable to move, he helplessly slid down her throat into her stomach, which was already at work digesting the oysters that preceeded him. He lay there in the chewed, digesting mass and started to thrash in pain as her digestive juices started to work on him.

She felt him move slightly in her stomach, took a sip of wine, and gave one last little burp... before returning to her magazine.



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