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Oysters for Dinner 2: The Sequel

by Ian

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© Copyright 2008 - Ian - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m+; magic; transform; oyster; swallowed; food; vore; mast; cons; X

It was not possible for me to email Ian, and thankĀ  for the inspiration from the nice story Oysters for Dinner, and introduce a sequel to it, so I here it is. Oyster dinner 2

Greg didn´t feel good about missing Mrs Wrights party, it was his first, even if he had been talking a lot of times with her, trying to get closer to her daughter Jen, but always ending up with chatting with Mrs Wright feeling somewhat cosy in her company, watching her lips as she spoke, soft calm words, her lips were kind of mesmerizing as she spoke, and he caught himself thinking what it would be like to kiss her soft sweet lips, maybe even french kiss her?

He was on his way now to Mrs Wrights house, while contemplating the best way to hand his apology to her for not being able to attend her party last evening, actually the best way to handle this would be the truth, he thought for a moment, only it was so pathetic, being caught up in work, so ordinary, he didn´t think Mrs wright deserved this, and went on in his mind as he reached the gate and went past.

He just half noticed the girls in the garden busy with arranging plates and glasses on the table there, he didn´t become aware of where he was until he heard voices in the kitchen at Mrs Wrights house, It was her and her daughter, and some boys apparently with loud voices that were suddenly cut as Greg curiously peeked in the kitchen window, just in time to see how some young boys diminished, disappearing under their clothes, just to be collected by Jen in a new shape, oysters, as they went on with their discussion about sharing them among them, Mrs Wright settling with having only two, before they went into the garden.

Greg managed to get out of sight before he was seen, his face blushing with the realisation that it was the entire group of boys invited to the party yesterday, who had now ended up on the table before a bunch of most adorable girls as he could see, there was Maria, and Jen of course, this girl, Beth wasn´t it? and one he had not seen before, but Maria called her Tiffany.

Greg watched them from a safe place, as they started digging into the oysters, calling them by names, for a moment he found it disgusting, then he looked differently at it, a sense of arouse came to him, as he learned the fate of the boys, being tipped from the shells into the mouths of these gorgeous girls, to be swallowed by them, while they discussed the taste of their dinner.

Did he feel a wish to be there with them, feel how it was like to be inside a hungry girls mouth?

He looked at them again, his feeling of sickness turning into a new unknown feeling. Almost mesmerized he kept on watching as they finished their dinner, Mrs Wright sitting there so calmly, just as he knew her, from when they chatted, fully concentrated on opening her oysters, pouring lemon juice on them before helding them to her mouth to toss them into her eagerly waiting mouth, savouring them for a moment before she passed them on to her throat, into her belly, Greg looked at her slim trimmed body, where they were now resting just as with the girls, wondered what they would think, if they could think this moment?

Gregs dizzyness overtrook him for a moment, as he contemplated the thought of how it was like inside their bellies, he could hardly breathe now, trembling and feverishly, he tried to pull himself together again, but just to the point where he realised that deep growing desire to .. to .. try it!! Yes!! he decided to try and join them, to .. be there on Mrs Wrights plate .. and ..

As he tried to get himself together, he saw her leave the table and head for the kitchen, before he could prevent himself from appearing he took a step out on the path right before Mrs Wright.

She looked a bit surprised he thought, as he suddenly stood there, But then she smiled and welcomed him, and motioned him to follow her to the kitchen, which he did.

Greg managed to stammer off an apology for not being at her party yesterday, while Mrs Wright cleaned her plate before she turned to him.

"It is alright Greg", she calmed him. "I forgive you. But tell me one thing, have you been listening to or looking at what has been going on here today?"

His silence told her everything, and her expression showed him she knew he had.

"Yes", she said, "I know you had and still you are here, so what do you want to tell me?"

Mrs Wright listened as Greg told her about the whole thing, his discovering, his sickening then his relief when he .. he couldn´t believe he was actually standing here telling her he didn´t mind if she put him on a plate and swallowed him. But as he saw her taking the plate out again, he knew what was going to happen and paled.

Mrs Wright calmed him down: "Easy Greg, it won´t hurt, and I am sure you´ll taste delicious".

She made a motion as if to reach for him, and next thing he knew was that his world grew black he felt encased, and felt how he was carried somewhere.

In the garden Mrs Wright put her plate down once again but this time with only one oyster on it.

"Where did you get this one?" Her daughter Jen asked her.

"Oh Greg came along with it, he was sorry for missing the party yesterday, and wanted me to have this oyster as a gift from him", she said.

"Well that was really nice of him", Jen said and gave her mom a wink.

Greg was surprised to listen to this and understand it fully, he was also surprised about being able to see clearly, as Mrs Wright opened his shell, her nice soft lips just outside.

She looked lovely, he thought, on this hot summerday, he was happy to provide her with a nice refreshment to her sweet soft but also warm and dry mouth, as he felt it as he went into her mouth, and was savoured for a moment before she passed him onto her eagerly waiting belly.

"There you go my nice young man, what a sweet gesture you made me today, hope you had your dream fulfilled".

She felt aroused, and left the table shortly after, feeling she had to follow up on a most unladylike thing.

She entered her bedroom top lay on her bed, her hand finding its way up under her summer dress to that special little spot where .. where .. She spent ten minutes with it, and the thrill of sensation with thinking about Greg, nice little Greg inside her.

The end



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