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Pamela and the Alien

by Anonymous

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© Copyright 2008 - Anonymous - Used by permission

Storycodes: Alien/f; sci-fi; swallow; vore; nc; X

Pamela was moving through the disabled Mauerelli ship. It was a small freighter with a crew of about 20. The Mauerelli are a tall thin wiry race whose similar anatomy to humans made it easy for Pam to get through the passages to conduct salvage operations.

The lights were dim as expected after an energy core shut down. With the engines off line there was barely enough power to keep life support operational. There was still no sign of the crew. While that bothered Pam she realized that it wasn't uncommon for the Mauerelli to abandon a ship at the slightest hint of damage. She used her flashlight to navigate through the narrow passageways.

According to the scans she should be able to repair the engines and get underway in less than two hours. She had told her ship to go on ahead to their next assignment and she would meet them in 2 weeks at Graphis starbase. After all, what could possibly go wrong with a simple repair when you have the right tools?

As Pam made her way to the engine room everything was where it should be. This was odd but she couldn't quite put her finger on what it was. For the first time Pam felt uneasy. She put her tool box down to look for some clues. Finding nothing Pam started back towards the bridge to check the captains logs. She tried her communicator to reach her ship for backup but they were already too far out of range for such a small device. Pam remembered the freighters main communication system on the bridge and started walking.

Halfway down the first hall she suddenly realized what was wrong. Everything was still on board including the escape pods. So where were the Mauerelli? She instinctively reached for her weapon and remembered that it was in her tool box. While her gun was no class II ion-pulse blaster it would certainly make her feel better. Pam couldn't help feeling like she was being watched. She told herself to relax before her imagination got the best of her.

Taking deep breaths she almost tripped over a loose piece of cable on the floor. She laughed at herself for getting worked up over an abandoned Mauerelli freighter. She needed to do some quick and simple task to get focused. The loose cable was perfect place to start. She followed it for 4 to 5 meters until she came to a jumble of cables running out of what looked like a melted bulkhead hanging from the ceiling. She couldn't figure out what it was or why this it had been moved into the hallway. And whatever work they had been doing to it had certainly made a horrible smell.

Pam turned on her flashlight for a closer examination. The cable had an almost organic texture and there was a thin oily slime covering it. As she moved closer to the device she shined the light up at some type of panel. As she reached up the panel slid open and Pam found herself looking up into a large eye. The cables began to move slightly. It was obvious now that the "cables" were really tentacles and she was standing under something very large.

Pam had no idea what kind of creature this was but she was sure she didn't want to be anywhere near it. She backed slowly away somehow hoping this thing hadn't noticed her. The eye was tracking her movements. Pam turned and ran. She thought she was home free when one of the long tentacles grabbed her by the ankle causing her to fall. She tried to remove it with her hands but it held tight. A faint burning smell caused her to notice that the fabric in her pants were being disintegrated. Panicking she wiped her hands on her shirt and inspected her fingers. No signs of chemical burn on her skin but the slime was starting to eat the spots on her shirt.

Pam sat up and looked for something to pry the tentacle off. There was a loose pipe just beyond her reach. As she stretched out to grab it the tentacle started to pull her along the floor. Now she started to feel fear. Another tentacle reached out and grabbed the other ankle. Looking around she found nothing to use for defense. Pam glanced up and saw she was now directly under the beast. The eye looked down at her like it was inspecting her body. More tentacles grabbed her arms, legs, waist until she was completely off the ground.

With all the tentacles moving over her body her clothes were all but gone from the corrosive slime. Pam was frightened and tried to writhe free. The warm tentacles were almost caressing. Pam was proud of her body. She worked out regularly and was in great shape. Her top gave out and she felt her breasts sag slightly towards her sides. She tried not to panic. Maybe this was like the Kratochvil plants in the Musilek system that picked you up like the most perfect chair in the universe. But this wasn't cradling her, there was something malicious here. Pam was totally out of control. And naked. There seemed to be a thousand arms grabbing her.

She was about to try talking to the creature when a new tentacle started to investigate her anus and vagina. These were thick and vibrant. Pam struggled to get free. The pressure started to build and one of the tentacles penetrated her cunt. It moved freely inside of her like it was trying to see far it could go. Moments later another tentacle filled her asshole. It was like having two cocks move inside of her. They slid and pulsed inside of her. Pam doubled her efforts to get free. The next thing she knew another one forced it's way into her mouth. She gagged at first but relaxed to keep from choking to death. The thin slime acted as a lubricant on her lips and tongue.

Simultaneously all three orifices had a warm gelatinous liquid shooting in. The filled her for what seemed like an eternity. She couldn't help gag a little bit. The sensation in her stomach was like the warmth of taking a big drink of Daurian brandy. Her pussy and ass also started to tingle as whatever it was that shot into her started to ooze out on her stomach and ass.

As much fun as this might have been Pam was ready to go but the creature had other ideas. Pam was moved closer to the eye. For the first time she noticed another opening. Her legs were now clamped together, arms pinned at her side. The other opening became a mouth. It suddenly became clear what happened to the Mauerelli. They hadn't used the escape pods because they never left the ship. Whatever this thing was had eaten them and Pam was next. The magnitude of the situation stunned her. She snapped out of the trance as she felt her feet entering the creature's mouth. Pam bucked violently but to no avail. The tentacles around her legs released but the incredible suction of the mouth prevented her escape. Pam's naked things slid effortlessly into the creature. The fact that Pam was struggling didn't seem to phase the creature at all.

Exhausted she relaxed for a second and was sucked in up to her thighs. Pam could feel the warmth of the creature surrounding her legs. The mouth had no teeth. Just hard muscular ridges. The throat beyond was like a billion fingers pulsing around her. She resumed her struggle and felt her butt and hips get swallowed. Hanging upside down waist deep in something's mouth Pam fully realized that she was being swallowed alive. The ooze it shot into her body continued to tingle. Pam thought that it must be some sort of digestive enzyme. If she was going to escape it had better be soon.

Pam trembled with fear as her waist slid more into the mouth. Her arms were pinned to her sides. As her body moved in up to her breasts her arms were also sucked into the creature. Slowly the mouth strained to open wide enough to take in her tits. No longer needed, the last of the tentacles released her. Pam felt the sucking of the creature over her whole body. She squirmed to get out but that only made it worse. Pam was in to her neck.

All she could think was "I'm food. I'm nothing but a piece of meat."

Tears streamed down her face. "I don't want to die," she wailed " I don't want to go like this."

The creature sucked her up to her neck. Sobbing openly Pam felt the mouth slide over her chin. As her mouth was covered she tried to hold her breath. One last slurp pulled her entirely into the creature. Pam's last feeling before she passed out was sliding down the throat into what must be the stomach. The creature, satisfied with another small but tasty meal, went back to sleep.



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