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Passion Fruit

by Steff

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© Copyright 2022 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; plant/f; vore; bond; mast; plant; carnivorous; flower; tendrils; drug; insert; outdoors; engulf; reluct; nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Mary was really excited. She had finally gotten a grant to study the disappearance of a colony that settled on the island she now stood on. The Polynesian Island was densely forested but mapped by satellites so she had no problem locating the site of the old colony. The colony was located near a stream where it entered the ocean. It only took the boat crew an hour to unload her equipment and help her to set up her base camp next to the beach, just inside the tree line, about a quarter of a mile from the colony. Once everything was ready and the radio was checked the crew left her alone on the island. They were scheduled to return in 2 weeks to pick her up.

Since she still had a few hours of light she went to the colony site to do some preliminary looking around. She could make out the ruins of 7 stone framed houses and one larger building. The thatch roofs have long since collapsed and most of the wooden doors and walls were also ruined. Considering the colony has been uninhabited for 300 years it was no surprise. She did notice there were some tools and other items that initially looked like they might be worth studying. Deciding there was not real point in starting anything today she returned to base camp and unpacked the things she would need the following day.

Over the next few days Mary mapped out the colony. She then decided to follow the stream, next to the old colony. It only took about an hour for her to find a waterfall dumping into a large lake. She discovered the ruins of a small dock and a couple of boats. She returned to her base camp and retrieved the equipment she needed to map out that area. As she was mapping the area, she discovered a cave next to the waterfall.

The cave was about 6 feet wide and went into the mountain for about 30 feet then it opened up to about 20 feet around. She discovered signs that this cave was used by the colony for shelter or even for a family to live. After a quick survey of the cave, she returned to the dock area and finished mapping the structures out.

The next day she returned to the lake and began to start determining the purpose of the buildings. She enjoyed this area because it was shaded, the noise of the waterfall was calming and the sweet smell of the local flora was enjoyable. The work was slow going and demanded a lot of attention so she didn’t notice that weather was moving in until it started to rain. Since she knew her base camp was secure from the storm she retreated into the cave to wait out the storm. Mary spent the few hours of the rain storm examining the contents of the cave. During that time the sweet smell got stronger but it wasn’t unpleasant. Mary was getting hot because of the increased humidity and stripped down to her bikini. Once the rain stopped, she went outside and jumped into the lake.

After a short swim, she returned to base camp for the night. The next day continued her work at the lake. After an hour, she discovered an old trail leading into the forest towards the middle of the island. Following the trail, it became obvious that it was well used. The trail led to the edge of a clearing next to a small pool filled with dark green water before it went further into the island. Mary followed the trail for a few hundred feet. It ended in a burn pit used to burn trash. On the way back she stopped to examine the clearing.

The clearing was about 30 feet around. There were several flowers that stood about 3 feet high. The flowers got larger the closer they got to the pool. The flowers by the pool stood slightly taller than her and had stalks about as wide as her thigh. She walked around the flowers to the pool and collected a sample from the pool. She could tell by looking closely that the liquid wasn’t just water. She was so interested in the sample, didn’t notice the flowers opening and spraying a cloud of pollen into the air. She did notice the sweet smell and her sudden increase of her hormones.

Since it was hot in the growth of the forest, she decided to take some time in the cool clearing and relieve some of her horniness. She removed her clothes and tossed them towards the trail. She then spread her legs and began to message her clit. She moaned as she moved towards her orgasm. She was surprised when she felt something pulling her hair. Looking behind her she saw the wind blowing some thin tendrils into her hair. She returned to playing with herself and decided to worry about her hair later.

She continued to play with herself for a long time, longer than it normally took, before she finally came. The orgasm was really intense and lasted for a long time. She laid on the ground for several minutes, recovering from the intense pleasure, ignoring the gentle rubbing around her legs. She finally decided it was time to get up and get back to work. As she tried to get up her hair was pulled by something in her hair. Looking up she noticed the tendrils still in her hair. She was really surprised, when she tried to move her legs for leverage, to discover her legs were tangled in several tendrils that held her legs together. As she struggled, she was able to begin to work the tendrils off her legs. A flower with petals that were spread out about two feet from end to end moved behind her head and then sprayed a thick cloud of pollen that covered her head and of which she inhaled a large amount. Mary turned her head and saw the flower. What really got her attention was, in the middle, there was a long narrow phallic looking stem that was dripping a thick liquid from the tip.

The pollen she inhaled caused her hormones to increase and her mind was clouded slightly making her forget her desire to go to work. She leaned towards the opened flower and took the phallic looking stem into her mouth. The dripping liquid tasted sweet and as she sucked the stem more of the liquid squirted into her mouth. The liquid increased her desire and made her skin really sensitive. She didn’t care, in fact she enjoyed it, when the flower moved, shoving the phallic stem deeper into her mouth and the petals wrapped tightly around her face and head. She couldn’t hear or see through the petals but she didn’t care as she inhaled more or the pollen and sucked more of the thick liquid.

Not caring, she felt her legs being spread by the tendrils, but she did care and in a good way, when the thin tendrils spread, her pussy lips and another wrapped around her clit. Her clit was gently squeezed and pulled causing her to be rocked by a massive all-consuming orgasm. The orgasm caused her to twitch, wiggle and squirm. As the road out the orgasm she reached behind her back to subconsciously scratch an itch. When her arms were behind her back they were grabbed by more, thinker tendrils that forced them together and wrapped several times around her arms. Her arms were pulled and wrapped until her forearms were touching and completely covered. Even as her arms were restrained, her orgasm continued for a few more minutes. Mary’s orgasm finally receded and she just collapsed with her strength totally spent.

The flower that was wrapped around her face squirted a large amount of the liquid forcing her to swallow it all. Feeling an influx of energy, she felt something large slid into her wet pussy. It was smooth and slimy but felt really good and she was getting worked up and quickly building up to another orgasm. As the thing pushed deeper into her pussy her legs were closed and she felt something slimy tightly wrap around her feet. The slimy tentacle inside her pussy began to wiggle and change its depth in a fucking motion. All she was able to concentrate on was her pussy and the orgasm building in her very core. After a short time, the tentacle began to wiggle and twitch then it squirted a thick slimy liquid into her. This new sensation caused her to be shot over the edge of her impending orgasm. The orgasm hit her like a truck. Her world exploded in pure unrelenting ecstasy. The pleasure was all she knew as wave after wave slammed into her. She lost all control over her body and just lay there twitching and wiggling without any form of a coordinated effort. Finally, the orgasm receded and she lost consciousness.

Mary awoke when she felt her mouth again begin to be filled with the same sweet liquid the flower attached to her face forced her to drink earlier. Like before, she was reenergized and her hormones also got stirred up. She was however finally able to form coherent thoughts and took measure of the situation she was in. A flower had wrapped itself around her head and shoved a tentacle of some kind into her mouth and would squire a liquid into her mouth forcing her to swallow it, which gave her energy but caused to become really horny. Her arms were restrained behind her back and she didn’t really know by what. Something warm and slimy had her legs closed and covered her from just past her knees downwards. Her pussy was filled with a thick slimy tentacle which filled her, comfortably full, but had excreted a thick liquid that she could feel leaking out and running over her ass. Her clit was held and being gently massaged and pulled by more than one, she didn’t know how many, fine tentacles. She then noticed a slight suction as whatever held her legs slid further up her legs.

She started to struggle against the plant but she couldn’t get enough leverage to get her arms loose and legs were held too tightly and the slime prevented any friction to wiggle her way out of the tub holding her. She yelped in surprise when each of her breasts was sucked into warm slimy flowers like her head. The flower tightened around her breast from the base up to just about her nipples. Her breast began to warm to a comfortable level and then her nipples were rubbed by what felt like a warm slimy tongue. Her nipple soon began to get extremely sensitive and the lick of her nipples was getting her even more excited.

The new sensation on her breast caused her not to notice then she was sucked further into whatever was holding her legs. Without warnings her nipples were grabbed by a suction and squeezed. Her clit was also squeezed and pulled. This caused her to be hit by another massive orgasm. The orgasm washed over her causing her to twitch and writhe in ecstasy. This orgasm built on itself and the intensity increased. She felt the tentacle inside her pussy pulsate and squirt a large amount of a warm slime into her, just before the sheer pleasure caused her to blackout.

When Mary woke up, her head had been released from the flower and she was able to actually see what was happening. Her arms were bent behind her back, with each hand touching the opposite elbow. They were restrained by layers of long green leaves. The large flower from near the pool was bent over and had closed around her. It had sucked her inside, all the way to her waist. There were two smaller flowers coming out from the big flower which had wrapped around her breasts. She felt a strong suction from the large flower and she was pulled deeper into it. She was drawn in until her bound arms were against the flower’s petals. She began to struggle and wiggle trying to get out of the closed flower. Just like before the suction and slime prevented her from doing anything but using up the little energy she had. The orgasms had taken so much out of her that she just slumped down and went limp. As if waiting for that moment, the flower’s petal began to open slightly and the suction pulled her deeper. The opening of the petals was enough to allow her folded arm into the rest of the flower.

She slid deeper into the flower until her breasts stopped her. The tentacles around her clit and inside her pussy restarted their molesting of her pleasure center. She groaned and begged for the flower to stop. Since her whole body was sensitive from the previous orgasms and the slime coating her, she was brought to another orgasm really quickly and she screamed in ecstasy and spasmed uncontrollably.

The power of the orgasm was so inclusive she again lost all conscious thought and awareness of her surroundings. As the waves of carnal please washed over her a large slimy tentacle slid between her shoulder blades up over her head. Once in position the tip of the tentacle opened widely exposing a deep opening containing several tiny tentacles. When she opened her mouth and took a deep breath, the tentacle quickly lowered itself over her head, completely covering her down to her shoulders. The new sensation of her head being tightly wrapped in a warm slimy membrane momentarily brought her mind into focus enough to realize the large flower had sucked in all the way to her chin. As a tentacle was shoved into her mouth, she again lost her conscious mind as constant continual orgasm overpowered her mind.

From the outside the flower raised up and Mary slid down the flower’s receptacle into its stem. The stem was stretching as she slid down and it was obvious there was a woman inside, writhing in ecstasy. She slowly slid further down until she disappeared below the ground.

Mary only felt the all-consuming pleasure of the orgasms the flower gave her. Soon her mind was permanently overloaded and the pleasure seemed to increase because of the total lack of resistance. Unknown to her the flower was feeding on new vaginal fluid, and provided her with oxygen and nutrition. She was going to spend the rest of her life in pure ecstasy, eventually her body would finally give out, after maybe 25-30 years.


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