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The Passion Flower

by Dil Apsus

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© Copyright 2017 - Dil Apsus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; plant/f; garden; shed; pruning; tendrils; wrap; bond; strip; gag; cocoon; insert; orally; anal; vaginal; stuck; feed; foodsource; vore; grow; flower; cons/nc; XX

She loved her Passion flower. Ever since she had seen the all but dead thing in a pot at the garden centre. She took pity on it, she planted it into her garden, fed it, gave it space to climb.

Over the years it grew stronger, each year it grew more and more. Secateurs no longer tough enough to cut it back and the end of the season. Instead she had to attack it with a power saw.

This year required more cutting back than normal. The shed that the flower grew along was being removed to make way for a vegetable plot. The Passion flower would have to grow along the fence instead.

She walked out to it. She had always been fascinated by the way it grew. Sending out stems, each stem splitting into growth patches, a couple of leaves a bud and a couple of feelers. These feelers explored and found things to cling onto and then started to coil like a spring, pulling the stem close to whatever it was clinging to. It was a masterpiece of evolution. The feelers thin as hairs but tough, almost unbreakable.

Being a Sunday and not expecting visitors she hadn’t bothered to get dressed. Still wearing the skimpy shorts and vest she habitually slept in. Reasoning that she was going to get hot and sweaty so she could shower later.

She opened the shed and stepped into its cool dirty confines. As she searched for what she needed she noticed that some of the passion flowers stems had forced their way inside. A very pale green, almost white from having no exposure to the sun. Those will have to go first she reasoned.

Trying to move them she found that despite the lack of sun these stems were tough and clinging on with fierce tenacity. The saw will get rid of them.

She rummaged in her tool box, finding the saw and its battery. Pressing the button to check the charge level pleasantly surprised to see it was full.

Clipping the battery into the saw she set to work trying to find what the stems had come in. Tracing it back she found a hole in the wood wall through which lots of stems had forced their way in. They must have been growing in here for months she thought. The stems she could see had wrapped themselves around the shelving unit. But there are others that she couldn’t immediately see where they went.

She started clearing the shelves, putting the saw down on the top shelf while she worked to gain access.

A tickling around her ankle made her pause. She’d had mice in the shed before and was scared for a moment that there was one down by her feet. Looking down she was relieved to see that it was just another stem, its Feeler brushing against her skin. I must have dislodged it while I was moving stuff she thought.

Finally the shelves are clear, everything stacked up in front of the door and she turned to pick up the saw. Dropping to her knees she started to reach through the lower shelves.

Again the tickle at her ankle. She didn’t bother to look back this time intent on getting the stems cut out.

That was until the tickles became firmer. She glanced back and saw the feeler had wrapped itself around both ankles and was already Beginning to coil. The stem being pulled around her ankles. Once, twice, three times the stem encircled her ankles pulling very tight, especially when one of the feelers coiled between her ankles and started to cinch the bonds.

Having no Leverage in her current position she put down the saw and started to reach back to untangle herself. She couldn’t see what she was doing so worked by feel. But wasn’t making much headway.

She didn’t notice the stem hanging down from the ceiling. It’s two feelers searching, hunting. Until eventually they found her wrists. Quickly circling them and pulling them together behind her back before the stem started to wrap itself around them.

She struggled a little but she still hasn’t worked out what was going on. After all, it was only a plant. That was until she felt a stem wrap around her throat. It wasn’t tight but it made breathing harder. As she opened her mouth to scream for help she felt the stem pass over her check and the fat bud at its tip enter her lips. She has never seen a bud. this large and normally they were soft and squishy. This one was solid and filled her mouth completely. The stem started to wrap around her lower face, parting her lips and pulling tight holding the bud firmly in place.

Then the movement started. She felt the three stems that held her start to retract dragging her with them. She was pulled out until she was in the middle of the floor on her knees, the stem holding her wrists pulling back towards the ceiling lifting her arms with it while the one around her neck pulled her head down.

More feelers wrapped around her knees followed by stems before they coiled pulling her knees apart as her head was pulled down to the floor, her shoulders burning as her arms kept lifting.

She tried to struggle, to fight but she was held too tightly. In response to her struggling her mouth was suddenly filled with a sweet liquid. The bud had expelled some Nectar. As she swallowed it she felt a calm glow suffice her body. Her struggling stopped.

Feelers came at her from all sides now. Some wrapped around her elbows pulling them together until they touched. A stem started to wrap her arms from the shoulders to her wrists. More started to wrap her legs lashing her thighs to her calves. Still more started to circle her head until it was completely enclosed.

She knelt in the middle of the floor helpless but calm, content as her body slowly vanished into the mass of stems.

Then the feelers found her clothes, twisting their way into them and constricting providing immense pressure to the seams. Until with an inevitable tearing sound the clothes pulled from her body. They are whisked away.

A stem approached from each side of her, each finding a breast as they hung down from her before circling their bases. Pulling tight and forcing her breasts into globes, slowly going purple as the blood flow was constructed. A feeler from each finding a nipple and wrapping around each.

Her body now gets wrapped in more stems. Her legs being drawn in to her body as the wrapping continues. Soon the only part of her that was visible were her hands, feet and bottom. Lewdly displayed to anyone who looked.

Feelers started to wrap around her fingers linking each one to its opposite number, her hands slowly disappearing. Even her big toes are joined together.

One last feeler encircled her clit. It’s tip brushing gently across is surface ticking and stimulating.

With a splintering noise the floor cracked. Two new stems forced their way up. These are different, pure white with no feelers or buds. These are roots and with purpose one forced its way into her pussy. The other, meeting some resistance eventually managed to enter her ass.

As the Nectar drug wore off and the panic began to overtake her the door to the shed slammed closed. The shed becoming entombed in the mass of passion flower.

As the seasons passed the flower finally bore fruit. Having a new, constant food supply.


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