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Pizza Anyone?

by Bnimrod

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© Copyright 2014 - Bnimrod - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; delivery; caught; tease; spit; insert; sauce; roast; bbq; eaten; alive; digested; soft; cons/nc; X

Ellen had gone up to visit her friend Lisa in San Francisco and Kathy joined them at the same time. The three women were in the house together commiserating over Lisa’s recent divorce. It got to dinnertime and the women had really paid little attention to how hungry they were.

Lisa was too upset to cook and didn't have much in the refrigerator at home anyway. She was on the phone talking to a friend about some of the details of her recent divorce. Ellen looked over at Kathy

“Maybe we should just order a pizza,” she said to Kathy. Kathy said, “Great I'm starved.”

Since the house phone was occupied, Ellen used her cell phone and ordered a pizza. She looked over at Lisa who was still preoccupied on the phone telling another friend about details.

‘I hope she can get off that phone in time to eat when the pizza gets here.” Ellen said to Kathy. Kathy nodded.

Kathy was a tall blonde with blue eyes, full breasts, tight waist. Ellen was a blond as well but somewhat shorter, bigger breasts as she was a little bit heavier but still shapely.

Lisa sported long brown hair which of been recently cropped into a pageboy and had somewhat full breasts and a narrow waist.

Lisa finally got off the phone when the doorbell rang and went to get it. The door opened to reveal a nervous pizza deliveryman. He was standing there holding the pizza that had been ordered.

“That's all you ordered?” Ellen heard Lisa say from behind, looking at the pizza that the man was holding. “I'm starving.”

Ellen looked back at Kathy, shrugged her shoulders. Kathy looked at Ellen and then past her to the now sweating deliveryman.

Kathy could act decisively when she needed to, she looked over at Lisa, “Do you think you'll be satisfied with the whole pizza?”

Lisa said “Yeah but then what are you going to eat?”

Kathy moved past Ellen and grabbed the pizza from the deliveryman and frisbeed it over to Lisa who caught it deftly.

Then she turned to the pizza deliveryman who was nervously awaiting the total money he needed.

“That'll be $16.50” he stammered.

Kathy looked him up and down, licked her lips, and drove her hand into his pants, grabbing his crotch.

She began massaging it expertly and looked into his eyes. She licked her lips then over to Ellen. “So what are you and I going to eat,” she asked.

She turned Ellen who was smiling, almost laughing. “I think this piece of meat would be perfect don't you?”

The deliveryman swallowed hard, trying to pull away but Kathy had a hard grip on his balls.

She started to pull him into the house. The deliveryman knew if you step through that doorway he was tonight's dinner.

But he couldn't help himself. Kathy was too strong, she pulled him by the balls into the room and shut the door behind him. He swallowed hard started to sweat. Three women were there. He was helpless.

Lisa looked over and complained. “Oh sure I get the pizza and you get the barbecue. That just sucks.”

“Barbecue??” the deliveryman stammered, “what barbecue?”

Kathy smiled at him still massaging his balls. “Why you're the barbecue,” she pronounced slowly, her lips moving as though he was she was already chewing on his meat.

Ellen clapped her hands in delight and moved into the kitchen to get the necessary sauces.

Kathy followed pulling the man forward by his balls. He kept walking forward helpless in her grip.

Ellen had collected some bottles of barbecue sauce and moved to head out to the backyard. She was waiting by the grill when Kathy followed with the helpless male in tow.

“No.” he protested as Kathy pulled him along. Kathy turned and looked at him. “We decided to have you for dinner. Don’t spoil it with your whining.”

Kathy looked back past the frightened deliveryman to Lisa who was still in the kitchen holding the pizza. “Hey we need something to get the clothes off this meat,” she said.

Lisa put the pizza down inside and came forward holding a large kitchen knife.

She deftly sliced off the man's clothes, which fell in a pile at his feet. He was now naked in front of Kathy. She licked her lips.

“Thanks Lisa” she said and waved her hand at her. “Go eat your pizza Ellen and I are going to have a barbecue.”

“Save a little for me,” Lisa said. “It's my barbecue after all.”

Kathy laughed, “No promises we’re starving.” She looked back at the deliveryman, still holding his balls, “Okay meat, time for you to perform.”

Ellen started the grill in the meantime and cleaned it off. She turned back in anticipation. “Let's get that meat on the grill,” she said clapping her hands. “I am famished.”

Kathy pulled the helpless deliveryman forward still holding him by the balls. She picked him up with the strength that was surprising and threw him on the grill.

“Let's get the sauces on him now and then will put him through the spit,” she said turning to Ellen.

Ellen handed a brush to Kathy took one for herself, dipping into the barbecue sauce and beginning to apply to the man. He struggled and started to get up.

Ellen pushed his head down with two fingers said, “Oh, don't fuss we are having you for dinner and we don't want to spill any barbecue sauce on our clothes.”

Kathy turned, “Ellen I hate it when they put up a big struggle like this. it's so annoying.”

Ellen replied, “Yes they should know they’re just meat.”

The man still moved around and the women periodically pushed him back down. They slathered the barbecue sauce on his naked meat.

Kathy leaned down picked up the spit and said, “Okay it's time.”

Ellen leaned into the panicked deliveryman and said, “Oh if you cooperate you can enjoy this for the next couple of hours, otherwise…”

She hadn’t finished her sentence. The deliveryman knew they would shove the spit through him and it might be lights out right then. He had to see if he could get away. He didn't want to be eaten by these two women.

But they smiled. They knew what they were doing. This piece of meat wasn't going anywhere but their stomachs.

Kathy slid the spit up the man's anus and Ellen tilted his head as the spit moved through his mouth.

They tied his limbs on the spit and turned on the machine to rotate the barbecue.

Ellen looked at him one more time making a pursing motion with her lips. She was kissing him, “You going to taste just delicious. Don’t worry.”

The panicked deliveryman looked back at her white teeth. She was smiling, knowing that this meat was going to be entering her mouth and swallowed in just an hour or so. Then she shut the lid.

Ellen looked over at Kathy and shrugged shoulders, “Well let's have some wine and smoke while he cooks.”

Kathy smiled back at her, “Great idea.” She went over and got the wine, a few moments later the two women were sitting down at the table near the barbecue. They were smoking happily and occasionally glancing over at the rotating meat. Ellen took a full drag on her cigarette and looked over at Kathy tapping some ashes into an ashtray. She blew smoke upward, “This is just like high school. Ha!”

Kathy pulled on her cigarette, glancing at Ellen, “Yup I could've eaten the whole football team.”

Ellen looked back over the rotating meat. There was a window on the grill and she could see the panicked deliveryman as his skin slightly browned, the barbecue sauce hardened on his meat.

Lisa came outside, “Well the pizza was pretty good and I'm kind of full but I'd still like some of that barbecue.”

Kathy looked at her and offered the pack cigarettes. She took a cigarette and lit it. She looked over at the barbecue. “Hey that meat is almost done.”

Kathy turned back and looked. “I think you're right, Lisa.” she got up from the table and Ellen followed.

The deliveryman was still alive when they opened the lid to the barbecue. He felt it as they lifted him off the spit and slid him onto a plate. He lay on a table now surrounded by three women, helpless partially cooked, smelling of barbecue sauce. He tried to protest.

Kathy heard his weak voice and smiled at him. “There there you’ll taste just fine don't worry,” and laughed.

The women ignored any more protests from the meat as they tied bibs to their necks so that none of the barbecue sauce would spill as they ate their victim. The deliveryman could feel it as the women grabbed his arms and legs. They started pulling. They were taking pieces off and he could feel it but he was still alive.

Kathy had one of his arms and had taken one bite into it, she was happily swallowing him and smiled. “Ellen this is just delicious.”

Ellen pulled off one of the deliveryman's legs and was eating happily with a mouthful of deliveryman. “It sure is. “ she turned to Lisa, “this is great barbecue sauce. Where did you get it?”

Lisa shrugged pulling on her cigarette “Can't remember. I think a local grocery store,” she said casually.

This time Ellen had finished delivering man's leg that was now a skeleton on her plate and reached over for an arm. Kathy grabbed the remaining leg and pulled it free. The deliveryman was still alive to his amazement. He could feel them taking him apart. He watched Kathy with lumps of his meat in her mouth and tongue moving around. Pieces of him slid down her slender throat into her waiting stomach.

Lisa took the knife should used to cut off his clothes and a fork and started slicing some of his meat off of his chest.

Cathy with a mouthful of meat protested, “Hey!”

Lisa popped some of him into her mouth and started chewing happily. “Oh come one,” she said with a mouthful of male, “there is plenty here.”

The women continued to eat happily until nothing was left but skeletal remains on the table.

Afterward they leaned back and patted full stomachs. Lisa passed a pack of cigarettes around and each of them took one and lit it, smoking happily.

Lisa was smoking between sips of wine and looked over the other women “You know what this is just like high school.”

Kathy and Ellen looked each other and laughed “We were just saying that.”

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