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The Plant That Walks

by John Fitzbe

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© Copyright 2014 - John Fitzbe - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; lizard/f; bait; bond; susp; swallow; encoat; mucus; tentacles; insert; tease; climax; vore; soft; cons; X

Deep in space, on the planet Rakmo...

"What are you chuckling at?"

"Look at me. Wrists bound, hanging naked from a crane. I am hanging over the gaping maw of a giant carnivorous lizard. I am the spitting image of a 60's man’s pulp magazine cover. I apologize, but the image makes me laugh. Now when are you going to feed me to this monster?"

"The Monster is called "The Plant That Walks" and this is for science and science can't be rushed."

"The Plant That Walks" a legendary forest creature, well known to the local population, but rarely identified by outsiders. A member of the lizard family. Fully grown "The Plant That Walks" is over 8 feet long and it's circumference at the belly is over 20 feet. It is called "The Plant That Walks" because the creatures head looks like a giant sunflower bud and when it's feeding time the lizard burrows it's legs into the ground and looks just like a giant plant, until it pounces on it's unsuspecting prey.

The lizard is toothless except for a single venomous fang, It's mouth is lined with hundreds of stubby tentacles that excrete a mild digestive fluid. The locals consider "The Plant That Walks" to be harmless and a tradition has developed where in, grooms on the eve of their weddings offer their brides to the beast to be sexually conditioned by his tentacles. In exchange for this conditioning the lizard gets to savor the bride's sexual juices. When the creature feels it's depleted the bride of her vaginal fluids, he spits out the conditioned bride, uproots his feet and returns to his lair.

"Why are you so eager to be eaten?"

"Not eaten, sexually conditioned. What's taking so long?"

"My remote sensor that takes the lizards vitals, isn't working."

"Don't you have a backup?"

"Yes and I'm programing it now. You'll just have to be patient."

"So how did you lure "The plant that walks" into your cement enclosure?"

"I collected the vaginal fluid from chimps and used it to paint a trail leading to my laboratory."

"How did you collect...? Never mind I don't want to know."

"I'm all set to fed you to him."

"How do you know it's a him? Never mind."

"Now in a previous experiment, we had our volunteer walk into the enclosure and slowly approach the lizard and to our surprise a tongue like tentacle shot out of the lizards mouth grabbed her and pulled her in. Today we are going to lower you into the enclosure using the crane, we hope that the lizard will attempt to grab you by the foot or leg with his tentacle tongue and we can take accurate measurements as to its size. At that point we will play it by ear, as to whether we drop you into its mouth or let the tentacle pull you in."

"And then what?"

"You really didn't read the orientation materials I gave you."

"I wanted it to be a surprise."

"Are you feeling any sexual excitement at all over the prospect of being devoured by a giant lizard?"

"Doc, I was aroused the moment you bound my wrists."

"You are a perfect subject. Now once the lizards mouth closes around you, he is going to swish you around in his mouth and position you."

"Will I be able to breath?"

"Once in position, the lizard will partially eject you. Your head and shoulders and perhaps your breasts will be outside his mouth, his lips holding you in place."

"What do you mean, in position?"

"That's what we hope you will tell us. Are you ready to proceed?"


"Good I'm eager to see if this goes according to plan."

The crane swung over the lizard's enclosure. Slowly lowering it's helpless captive into the wide open mouth of the behemoth lizard, She could see it's stubby tentacles and as she drew closer more, longer tentacles appeared. Then suddenly a long tentacle shot out of the monster's mouth like the tongue of a frog it grabbed at her ankle, latching on to her and giving a violent tug. She screamed in pain and fear as her leg and arms were wretched taunt. At the sound of the scream the scientist at the crane controls felt her own sexual juices flow.

As she fed out more cable from the crane, the lizards tongue pulled his captive down into his mouth. A button was pressed and an "eek" was heard as the lizard's mouth closed. The scientist could see movement in the lizards mouth as one cheek puffed out and then the other. Inside the mouth of the lizard, the girl felt as if she were in a snake pit, tentacles touching, probing, moving her body around back and forth. A tacky liquid began coating her body.

Tentacles surrounded her holding her arms to her sides as others pulled her legs apart. Suddenly she was out side the creatures mouth, or at least a portion of her was. Her eyes were closed sealed by the tacky substance that coated her body, also sealed were her nose and ears. But her mouth was open and she could breath. Though muffed she could hear the scientist shouting to her.

"Are you okay?"

"I think so, my leg and arms are sore but not too bad. Oh! my!! This is nice."

"What? What is it?"

"Let's just say all my holes are filled and something is nibbling at my pussy. How do I look, I can't open my eyes?"

"You look like you're coated in some sort of black latex and you're bald."


"It's the digestive fluids they've dissolved your hair and probably the outer layers of your skin, making you very sensitive to touch."

"Sensitive is an understatement. Oh! WOW! This is great. Excuse me while I have an orgasm."

"You'll be having lot of those as you become sexually conditioned. Can you tell me more, other than it feels great? Be specific."

"My arms are pinned to my sides and I feel tentacles pulling my legs apart. Stubby things are massaging my tits. My pussy is gushing. And excuse me, I'm having another OHHH! My Gosh!"

Tentacles constricted around her chest and shoulders. She squirmed as a rough tongue invaded her ass. A thick tentacle nuzzled her crotch and then forced it's way inside her secreting a viscous fluid. Her body begin to undulate and writhe uncontrollably as tendrils slithered across it. She cried out in pleasure as her body was unceremoniously spit out onto the ground where she laid unconscious. The lizard turned and walked away crawling into its burro in the side wall of the enclosure.


"How are you doing kid.?"

"Good. I feel great. I only wish it had lasted longer."

"Careful what you wish for. A longer session usually ends with the lizard employing his fang."

"Would that hurt?"

"Only for a moment, It's paralyzing toxins would kill any pain almost instantly. Then you would feel it devour you. You'd feel your feet enter it's throat and then peristalsis would drag you down into it's gullet. That's where acids would quickly dissolve you or perhaps you would smother as there is no air in the creatures stomach. We don't know which, we need to do more research. Would you like to volunteer for that?"


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