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by Nightwatch

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© Copyright 2010 - Nightwatch - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mf; servant; revenge; kidnap; bond; trunk; eaten; nc; XX

I have watched as you ruin people's lives. I have heard their pleas even in my dreams as you had them thrown them out of their homes and had them fired from their jobs. You think you're safe within your gated communities of rich homes and those leeches that live in them.

I have studied your life. Your habits, the habits of your neighbors. You call them friends, that's a laugh, they would just as soon throw you out and live in your home then be your friend.

I bet you love those partner swapping parties. Then you come home and tell each other what happen. Then you both laugh at those you slept with while eating brunch and planning the next party.

Yes, I have listened to your laughter and planning. I was that maid that was cleaning the dishes off the table as you ate.

Totally invisible to the both of you. Who would see a maid or cook unless something happened and you fired them. Yes fired them, my best friend Jeff was a cook in your home. He traveled to the best schools that he could afford and was planning to open his own high class restaurant.

He had finally paid all the loans he had for the cook schools he taken. Jeff, who is living in a old motorhome, could start saving for his dream until because you, YES YOU, moved the wrong way and knocked the plate off the table.

You blamed him for your own clumsiness! You were angry for the rest of the morning not at yourself but at him for something you did!

I rushed home from your bit of heaven to Jeff's simple home. I dread finding him because of what happened but I should have known better. Jeff loves cooking, it relaxes him. When he has a problem he goes to the stove and makes up a recipe. That is what he was doing when I burst in.

“Smells good Jeff.”

“It's an old recipe. My grandmother cooked it when my brother and sisters were sick. She would let me help in the kitchen. That was when I first fell in love with cooking.”

“I'm sorry you were fired Jeff.”

“Well at least I paid off all my loans. I'll just start looking for another job.”

“Jeff, he said that he would Black Ball you!”

“Mary, we both know that he will pick the time and the place to do that, he will want me totally humiliated in front of everyone so no one will hire me.”

“I know. Jeff, we have to stop him!”

“You mean them, his wife is just as bad. She will continue if something happens to him.”

“We need a plan to teach those fat cats a lesson. Maybe as a warning to the others.”

“Recipe's done, share it with me?”

“Yes, and maybe we can think of a plan to get them.”

Jeff nodded as he dished up the food. Then we started eating lost in our own thoughts.

I returned to work, cleaning and watching. Days went by as you planned and watched Jeff as he looked for a job. What you don't know is that we were planning and watching you and your cover girl wife.

Two weeks later, Jeff found a job with high middle end family who lived near the river. They were part of a group that was planning to restore the river front.

Jeff and I were wandering around the area looking at the old warehouses. I stopped walking when I realized that Jeff wasn't beside me, turning I saw the dreamy look on his face.

“Jeff what is it? You have that look when you are creating something yummy.”

He looked at me then pointed. I turned to see what he had been looking at, it was a flimsy looking warehouse .

“I could have a restaurant in there. It could be opened up with windows . . . .”

“Jeff, that will cost money, money you don't have. Besides how do you know if this warehouse can be restored?”

“If not this one there are a lot of warehouses that I can use. Mary, come on lets look inside.”

We hard a little trouble opening the door but we finally entered. The ground floor was large but had several smaller rooms.

I jumped as tiny feet scurried over my shoes. By the light of the open door we saw that they were rats.

“Rats, they need to get some cats.”

“They look hungry not enough food I think.”

“I know two fat cats they could dine on.”

“Mary, are you saying that you want to kill them:?”

“It's just a fantasy Jeff. In the fantasy I see them completely restrained and tied to the ground with the rats feeding on them.”


“What did you say Jeff?”

“I said Ratatouille. It has eggplant in it.”

“What does Ratatouille with my fantasy?”

“Just something that came to mind. I was thinking of making some for my new restaurant when I get one.”

“You should make some for me.”

“I will. Lets get out of here. I have to get dinner started.”

Weeks go by as you watch Jeff with the restoration group. You decide that now is a good time to humiliate him. However, unknown to you, your wife and to me Jeff has been doing some planning of his own.

One day you received a call and I heard you say to come up. I wondered what was up when I saw a large moving van back into the driveway. There were three men one was the driver.

You called your cover girl wife and after she came down dressed in a new expensive outfit. When she arrived you opened the door. Two of the men were unloading a package you have them bring the package into the foyer where they opened it.

“No this is wrong I didn't order these two trunks.”

“I did,” familiar voice said.

I turned to find Jeff standing in the doorway. He nodded and the two men grabbed the both of you.

“Mary will you help tie them please here are some ball gags.”

We then stripped and tied you up first. I really enjoyed silencing you with that hard rubber gag. Then we turned our attentions to your beautifully dressed wife. I enjoyed ripping up that outfit then I stood back and admired her trim body.

“Jeff, should we let them have some fun with her before we take them away?”

“I prefer him.” said one of them.

I laughed at the looks on their faces. I turned toward Jeff

“What do you think Mary?”

“Yes as long as it's in the ass for both of them.”

Both men had smiles on their faces as they tied both of you over the trunks. We walked into the kitchen and Jeff fixed a meal for the four of us.

When the two men were done they entered the kitchen. Jeff handed each a plate.

“Mary, this is Sam and John. They had trouble with them too.”

When we came out they were exhausted. Cum was dripping from their asses.

Sam and John had no problem lifting them into their trunks. The trunks were replaced in the box.

The Gate guard watched as we approached. He stepped out as the truck stopped.

“Wrong order.”

“Those fat cats can't seem to make up their minds.”

“I agree with you there. They don't know what to do with their time so right now they are stuffing their faces.”

The Guard laughed and motioned Sam and John to move. What he didn't know was that Jeff and I were in the back with our guests.

We drove to the warehouse that we had visited a week ago. The trunks were brought onto the first floor.

“Mary, Sam, John and I fixed up a area in the warehouse so the Rats can dine without any interference from the outside. The room is sound proof so no one can hear their screams. Come on I want to show you my kitchen.”

With Jeff leading the way we walked into a smaller room that was in the back of the warehouse. We entered and I saw a portable table with knives and food on it. Then as I walked around I noticed chains were embedded in the floor.

“Get them ready as I prepare the food.”

First Sam and John took you out of your trunk and laid you on the floor between two sets of chains. I watched as you struggled against them fastening the chains on. Then it was your wife's turn..,

“Jeff, do you mind if their gags are removed?

“No I was going to remove them anyway.”

I kneeled beside you. I enjoyed it when John pulled the gag out.

“How do you like being chained up.”

“As soon as we are free we will have the law on you. Both of you will go to prison.”

“Don't like it to well do we? Will I guess I wouldn't either if I had to lay on my back.”

I turned and Jeff as he cut up some meat and veggies. He muttered “Now it's Ratatouille.” as he finished cutting the eggplant.

“Now for the finishing touches.”

Jeff walked over with one of his large knifes. He cut several opening in their stomach then he placed the food in the slits. Both screamed at being cut. As a final touch he pushed cut up eggplants in their mouths, of course, I pinched their noses so that their mouths would open.

As Jeff was stuffing our guests Sam and John took everything that was used away. I soon heard the truck off.

“Jeff what about us?“

“Don't worry Mary there is a car waiting for us. I just want a final look at the one that was going to Black Ball me.”

Both tried to talk but all that came out was a terrified “mmmm mmmm mmmm!”

Jeff smiled and said “Now you are helpless and know how we feel. We will be going now but you won't be alone for long.”

Just as we reached the outside door the rats started feasting. We heard two muffled screaming, after we shut the door we couldn't hear anything.

Three days later the police came to question the servants about them. Word had gotten around that the people that own the place were missing.

None of us knew anything about it because they would always disappear. Then reappear some days later after having attended a party out of town.

Four days later the newspaper reported that two bodies were found in one of the warehouses that were going to be renovated. Jeff bribed the morgue attendant to see the bodies. By the looks of them the rats didn't leave much.

Two years later Jeff opened his own high class restaurant and I was hired to be his assistant. It was in the same warehouse where they died.

What I like is that one of the first things he served was Ratatouille.



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