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Ringing in the New Year

by Hungry Giantess

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© Copyright 2007 - Hungry Giantess - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; pills; shrink; giantess; tease; insert; mast; climax; food; swallow; soft; reluct/nc; X

It was two days before New Years Eve. I had talked to David about going to a New years party at some friends. He said he wasn't up to it, and that he just wanted to stay home. He said that he wanted to watch TV and relax. I was a little irritated, because, in the past years, we've just stayed home and did nothing to ring in the new year. I was restless; I wanted to party and have a good time. I tried convincing him a couple more times, but to no avail.

As New Years Eve approached, David still hadn't changed his mind. His unwillingness to go and have a good time with me was beginning to make me mad. I finally realized he wasn't going to change his mind. If he were going to go with me, I'd have to somehow force him; but how? I could never make David do anything he didn't want to. He was strong willed and stubborn. What was I to do? I really wanted to go, and I wanted David to go with me.

I thought hard. Then, all of a sudden, it came to me. I had some diet pills that I bought at the pharmacy. I had put on a few pounds over the holidays, and wanted to get back to my petite size. I remembered that the caution statement read, "For Women Only. Not to be taken by Men, Could cause serious side effects." The most common side effect was shrinkage of muscle mass in small doses. I wondered if a large dose would shrink a man entirely. I decided to give it a try. If I could shrink David down, there was no way he could tell me no. He would have to do whatever I say.

The party was supposed to start at 10pm. It was already 4:30pm. A good time for me to prepare us a light dinner, and maybe slip some diet pills into his food. I made us some fetuccini noodles with broccoli, covered with Alfredo sauce. I figured it would very easy to conceal the powder from the crushed diet pills. I crushed 8 tablets, and stirred them into his pasta.

As we sat down to eat, just as he took his first bite, I asked one last time if he wanted to go to the party. He snapped back at me, "I told you no, and don't ask me again!" I quietly ate my dinner, and watched as he devoured the food on his plate. I watched to see if immediate results would follow, but nothing happened. Twenty minutes had passed since his first bite, and now he was done. He got up and took his plate to the kitchen, then retired to the sofa to watch TV.

I was still eating my food, when an awful thought crossed my mind. What if it doesn't work or what if he gets really sick?

Just then, something made me look towards the sofa, David wasn't there anymore, or was he? I moved closer to get a better look. All I saw were his clothes. At this point, I knew my plan was going to work. As I moved his clothes, I could hear a faint voice. It was David.

He asked, "What happened to me, what's going on?"

I told him to be quiet. I grasped his small, naked body in my hand. I headed to the bedroom to get ready for the party; along the way, I began to tell him about my plan. He was furious, but what could he do. He didn't have any choice in the matter. He was at my mercy; under my control.

I wanted to take a shower, but I didn't know what to do with him. I knew that if I left him unattended, he would try to get away and hide. I decided he would have to go in the shower with me. Once I got in the shower, I set his quivering, little body in the soap dish. I wet my hair and began caressing my breasts. I moved my hands down and began to fondle and pleasure myself as he sat in the soap dish. I think he got a little excited at this sight, because it looked like he had a very tiny erection. I was so turned on. It turned me on that I was in complete control of that little man. My orgasm was long and intense.

I finshed my shower, grabbed him, and reached for a towel. Now I had to figure out what I was going to wear. While I took my time deciding, I held him in my hand. I lit a cigarette; a long white one. As I smoked it, I dangled it, and blew smoke at him. Just to taunt and tease him. He was so excited he didn't know what to do.

I decided to wear my tight-fitting red chemise with spaghetti straps and my red heels. He asked me what I had planned to do with him at the party. I told him not to worry, that I had it all figured out. I also told him that while we're at the party, he was not to try to get away and to behave himself.

Once I was ready, I tucked him between my breasts, jiggled him around a bit, and repeated what I had told him earlier about being good. I grabbed my purse and headed out the door.

Once in the car, I reached and pulled him out of my dress. I carefully sat his little body on the egde of the ashtray. As he sat there helpless, I lit a cigarette. I dangled it between my lips. As I took the cigarette from my lips to flick the ashes in the tray, I taunted him with it. I aimed it at him like I was going to burn him; touching him two or three times lightly.

I finished my cigarette and was on my way to the party. When I arrived at the party, Jennifer, my friend and host, looked at me disappointingly. She said, "So, you decided to come alone!"

I replied, "I'm here to have a good time." Little did she, or anyone else at the party know. I wanted to let them in on my secret, but then again, keeping it to myself was a big turn on.

After a few drinks, I decided to mingle with the crowd, As I moved about the party-goers, I could feel David wiggling around. The effect of the alcohol only heightened my arrousal. So, after only a few hours at the party, I decided to go home. I said my good byes and left.

On the way home, I thought of the many things I wanted to do when I got him home. We arrived home; I kicked off my heels, pulled him out of my dress, and set him on the coffee table. As he stood there, his body trembled. He asked why we left the party so early. He further added, "I thought you wanted to have a good time."

I told him that I did, but it had occurred to me that I could have an even better time with him, at home, at his new smaller size. Oh, the things I could do with him!

"What do you plan on doing with me," he asked.

"You'll see," I replied.

"I won't go along with this," he yelled in his miniture voice.

I told him, "I don't think you have any choice, what are you going to do?"

At that moment, I lit a cigarette. I dangled it for a bit. I moved closer to him, while he stood on the coffee table. I jetted it out toward him. He didn't move. I could see his tiny dick become erect. As much as he was against the idea of my plans, he sure seemed to enjoy this teasing. I was getting horny. I pulled the drapes to the front window closed. I took my clothes off, sat on the couch in front of him, and began to caress my nipples. I slowly moved my hands down to my pussy. I fingered my clit, my juices began to flow. I inserted one, then two fingers inside my pussy. This wasn't enough though, I wanted more. I reached for his little body, picked him up from the coffee table and directed him toward my pussy. I rubbed him gently against my clit. Then, I inserted him, head first, inside my hot hole. I was careful not to squeeze my pussy too tight. I didn't want to hurt him, I had more plans for him later. As I moved his tiny body in and out of my pussy, I began to feel him wiggle, his legs flail. This brought me closer to my orgasm, and all of a sudden a rush of my juices began to pour all over David. I yelled out in ecstasy.

I cleaned him off. He didn't say a word.

It was 11:30; thirty minutes until the new year. It had been a while since dinner, and I felt a bit hungry. I decided to fix me a little something to eat. I picked him up from the coffee table and carried him to the kitchen with me. I set him on the counter. Still naked, I grabbed my green and white checkered apron and put it on. The fabric was so sheer, you could see my hard nipples. David just stared.

I began to fumble through the cabinets. I decided I wanted something sweet. I pulled a box of fudge brownie mix from the cabinet. I got a big white plastic mixing bowl and set it on the counter next to him. I retrieved eggs, oil, and water for the mix. I combined them all in the bowl and began to stir the mixture. I pulled the wooden spoon from the mix and began to lick it. I love brownie mix and this has always been a bad habit of mine. I usually end up eating the sweet brownie mix right out of the bowl... almost never getting to the process of actually baking them.

Just then, I had an idea. I wondered how he would taste in that sweet brownie mix. I looked at him, and at that moment he knew exactly what I was thinking. He protested, "You're not going to put me in there. "

He tried to get away from me. I picked him up. He was squirming in my hand. I set him in the mix and began to stir him around in it. He was so helpless in the brownie mix. I paused every once in a while to taste the brownie mix. Then I decided to do the ultimate. I scooped him into the spoon with some brownie mix. I licked at the spoon, then placed the contents of the spoon, including him in to my mouth. I swirled him around with my tongue savoring the flavor of him and the brownie mix.

Then in on quick moment, I swallowed. I could feel his body sliding down my throat. It tingled.

My body began to tremble.

Just then I could hear noises. The sound of fireworks, gunshots, and yelling. I then realized, it must be midnight. What a way to ring in the new year. It was much better than the party. This was one new year I would never forget.

The End


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