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The Oil

by Gellert

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© Copyright 2009 - Gellert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Other/f; envelop; merge; oral; mast; cons; X

The Oil Part 1

I was out jogging when it happened.  Where I run there’s a long stretch that’s all straight track, a ditch either side, and sparse woodland beyond that.  Some people have commented that its a rapists dream, but those people are fools, you couldn’t hide behind a tree, they’re all too small and anyone who managed it would have a steep bank to climb, they couldn’t jump it, its a meter drop.

Anyway, I reached my long stretch, when I picked up an unexpected guest.  I didn’t notice the oil on my foot at first, didn’t feel it climb up my trainer wrap around my ankle socks.  I didn’t realise it was there until it oozed over my sock and onto my leg.  It was warm and black and I of course reached down and tried to brush it off.  It stuck to my hand.  The ooze was accelerating its climb, it had already covered everything below the knee and I could feel it oozing into my trainers, I managed to get my hand free but it kept growing, working its way over my hand and up my arm.

In no time at all, it had covered my leg moved under my shorts, even my underwear and started working from my thigh down on the opposite leg, as it went it drew my clothes with it and began meshing my legs together.  In a panic I reached out with my still clean hand and grabbed my shorts, they began to tear so I grabbed them with my other hand, only to find it wouldn’t grip, my fingers had been drawn together, the oil had become near frictionless.  Frustrated I soon lost my balance.  Oddly the ooze forced my knees to bend, dropping me into a kneeling position instead of landing me on my head.  By now both of my legs were locked together, my bottom half naked, the ooze had apparently undone my running shoes and forced off both them and my socks.

The oil now focused its attention on working its way up as I shook myself from side to side.  Everywhere the ooze touched had turned to warm skin-tight steel.  Once the oil had covered my arm up to the shoulder a tendril shot out to grab the main mass, which by now was just below my breasts, and working up my to.  It forced my arm to my side and I assume meshed as it had around my legs.  With my one arm remaining I began reaching for my shorts, and the small phone I kept in the pocket.  I was however far too late, ooze locked my last shoulder, forced my bra (now undone) and top around my neck. As the oil slid down my arm it also meshed with itself against my side.

The oil reached my mouth, instead of invading however it formed an 'o' ring in my mouth.  Oddly it was only at this point that I had lost the option, that I thought of screaming.  It coated my nose leaving breathing holes, and was only covered by eyes when I blinked.  I felt it coat my scalp, and move along my hair.

I lay in this bondage feeling nothing, no sense of motion or gravity, no sound penetrated my prison.  I began to take stock and calm down, my chest which had been heaving, relaxed, I noticed that while this oil would not let me move it had no problem with me breathing.  I had the sudden desire to scratch my nose.

Once I had come to full rest the oil started moving again, creeping into my ear canal, it must have been evacuating the air somehow as there was no build up in pressure.  This strange feeling continued for a second or two before it stopped again.  It may have been five minutes before I heard it.


The voice wasn’t a voice, there was no tone no pitch, just words.  (I found out later that the oil had been carefully manipulating the muscles in my inner ear)

I tried to struggle.

'Don't do that, I'm not going to hurt you, I promise, I'm going to explain some things, tell about myself then ask you to stay with me, if you say no, I'll let you go, ok?'

I relaxed a little, I began to feel the oil moving against my skin, probing at my back rubbing the muscles, the effect was disturbingly pleasant given my circumstances.

'First I'm not human, I'm the oil surrounding you, which sounds a little weird I know.  My race, if you want to call us that are oil based, we are essentially, parasites, we feed off the oils that animals excrete on their skin.  We first came into sentience by bonding with humans and have almost a hive mind, our body's generate electrical signals in the same way your brain does, the major difference is that we can transmit our knowledge through most conductors, albeit with some degradation.'

The rubbing across my back persisted and expanded, soon my head was being massaged.

'Regardless, we can link our minds and share our knowledge with others.  After the first of us bonded with a human and shared sentience with us, we hit upon a moral quandary.  Attacking a sentient being and forcing ourselves upon them is wrong we knew it and so we carefully created this system of attack which are now experiencing.  You are being attacked by the way and for that I apologise, however it is necessary to my peoples survival.'

The probing moved down my legs.

'But I'm not going to force you to stay with me, and certainly not in this position.  You see, we can and do meld with an accepting human host, we slip within their body and to some degree there mind.  By doing this we can change certain things in your makeup, cause your body to react aggressively to infection, your flesh to heal at a greatly accelerated rate, conserve energy, or expend it rapidly to increase temperature.  Any number of things become possible.'

I was becoming quite a bit less frightened and rather more aroused by this point. 

'In the human mind we watch your forethoughts, we can improve your recall to near perfection.  We basically take over your subconscious for a lot of reasons, mostly it helps us with control over your bodily functions.  If you let me stay with you, you'll rarely need the toilet, since I'll be redirecting most of your waste fluids to produce more oil for me to consume, you'll live a lot longer, my last host was over 200 when he finally died, an excellent doctor by the way.  I'll speak directly into your mind and in public I'll be invisible since I'll be within you.'

'Of course if you don’t want me to ever come out or speak to you, that is an option, I'll be disappointed but I'll manage.  If you say no, then I'll let you go right now.'

The 'o' ring relaxed and slipped away.

I worked my jaw and said 'I have some questions'

'Oh! I'm sorry of course you do! feel free.'

'Will it hurt?'

'No. Though I should tell you that once we're together I'll be able to send electrical charges through some parts of your brain, including your pleasure centres and the parts of your brain that register pain.'

'umm. will you actually do that?'

'Not if you don’t want me to, we're very moral creatures.'

'what does this melding involve?'

'well... I'll pull you deeper under the earth... oh I forget to mention, your about an inch below the surface now'

I tensed

'Don’t panic!  I have a breathing tube in place and I can draw moisture and nutrients from the soil around us, I can't digest it myself though, but I can place it directly into your stomach it'll take about 7 days for the melding to be completed, but I should be in your mind by the third or fourth day.  Any allergies I should know about?'

'No.  I think I'm ready now.' I couldn’t really bring myself to say it.

'You’re sure? you don’t have to rush'

'Yes, I'm ready.'

'Ok, one last thing, I can't help noticing, you're quite enjoying this aren’t you?'

'Yes' I breathed it.

'I can do some things in that regard, if you'll let me?'

'Yes!' I almost screamed it.

The full body massage stopped 'well then...' It whispered in my ear 'lets begin'

It started at my mouth a tendril slipped between my lips as the oil pressed against my mouth.  It was kissing me! and it wasn’t half bad!  The kiss was slow and sensual, as I became short of breath, the tendril retreated, as did the 'lips', and were replaced shortly by the 'o' ring.

I felt the oil stroke at my face with non-existent hands, working its way down my body. I felt rings of pressure run around my breasts, slowly working their way up as the hands continued down through the valley between.

Sliding along my supple belly, they broke away from each and moved out to my legs.  They stroked my thighs gently, the swirling around my breasts continued reaching higher.  But so slowly! I longed for something to touch my nipples!

The hands moved from my thighs, circling clockwise around body, one became two and they began to alternate between massaging and squeezing my rear.  The other climbed to a point just below my naval.  It slowly descended, and in perfect symphony, as it hit my aching slit, the pressure around my breasts conquered the summit.  Needless to say I exploded in orgasm.

The rubbing around my breasts eased off, and the voice whispered in my ear 'not done yet, pet' I felt lips brush my cheek.

The hand stroked my slit gently, as the two hands on my rear ceased their movement and slid between my cheeks.  I felt pressure build at both entrances.  In tandem, they achieved penetration.  I, only just recovering from my last orgasm, came again and again as the oil expanded within me, finding the g-spot and rubbing it.  I came and came and came.

Eventually I lay exhausted, almost unable to come anymore, the oil eased off, though I still felt movement within me. It seemed to be staying away from sensitive spots. The 'o' ring relaxed and it kissed me again before replacing it.

'You taste unimaginably wonderful, pet.' It said, I felt a gentle pressure all around me.

I sighed contentedly and drifted off to sleep.



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