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Skinny Dipping

by Tammy Murfin

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© Copyright 2015 - Tammy Murfin - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; outdoors; lake; naked; sex; climax; Other/fm; stalk; swallow; submerge; engulf; eaten; disgest; cons/nc; X

Julie lived not far from the lake. Like all the lakes in this part of the country it was built to both control flooding and to store water during the long hot summer. The last few years had seen below normal rainfall so the lake was about 12 feet below its “full pool” level. Twelve feet vertically meant that a lot of dry land surrounded the remaining lake. Lakeside houses sat 1/4 mile from the lake, their docks, boats houses and even power boats high and dry in the middle of weed covered fields. There were lots of impromptu roads leading down to the lake, the trails of SUVs and pickups belonging to fishermen with dwindling hopes and high school couples seeking privacy – with high hopes.

Billy Ray was Julie’s steady boyfriend. They were seniors in the local High School and most of their friends expected them to marry and stay in the small town where Billy Ray’s father ran the Ford dealership. Country kids, they both liked hunting and fishing, and camping. They had turned 18 last month and while beer was not legal, it had never stopped them since they were 16. What had changed was that they were no longer trying as hard to hide their sexual fun and games from their parents. Both sets of parents trusted them to be careful to avoid increasing the town’s population, at least till they got officially engaged.

Both Julie and Billy Ray loved to swim. And skinny dipping was actually a whole lot easier with the lake as low as it was. They could drive his pickup to the water and be out of sight of all the lakeside houses and the highway. They had both been lifeguards the past summer and looked forward to their senior “spring fling” on the coast where they could spend time in the ocean. Both had bought masks and snorkels in anticipation of that trip. And they had discovered it was fun to wear them in the lake as they both enjoyed watching each other’s naked bodies in motion underwater.

It was Saturday morning and this was a really quiet week, the trip was in two weeks, graduation in three. With nothing to do, the two decided to run down to the lake for a swim, and perhaps a bit of fun in the blankets in the bed of Billy Ray’s truck. They decided to head to the spot right near the dam where the water was deepest and clearest. They had not been to that spot yet and Billy Ray asked Julie “Aren’t you afraid of the Great Gobbler? That giant catfish rumored to lurk near the dam?” Julie laughed and looked right at Billy Ray’s crotch before saying – “I’ll show you a great gobbler, silly. That’s just something to scare the kids with when they go camping.”

What neither of them knew was that there was a really large 16 foot long cat fish in the lake. It lived in a cave that had once been under a waterfall in the stream that was dammed to fill the lake. Most of the time it had plenty of food, scavenging whatever was washed into the lake. But now the lake was low, and there had been few rains to flush debris into the lake. As the lake had shrunk, fishermen were catching more fish, but now even that supply was dwindling. The fish was hungry. Very hungry. It had eaten a couple of fishermen over the last few years after tipping their boats. The police had written them of as boating accidents involving too much beer and standing to haul in fish. But the fish knew that some of those large tasty creatures would eventually come close enough to gobble. He was ready.

Julie and Billy Ray drove down the dirt trail to the lake, parking right next to the dam. This area was normally blocked off with floating markers to keep boats and swimmers away from the dam’s release pipes. But now it was high and dry and a temporary grill had been locked over the outlet pipe entrance. With no turbulence, the water was crystal clear and the two of them stripped out of their clothes, tossed them into the pickup before grabbing their masks and snorkels and walking gingerly barefoot across the stones and dirt to the lake.

Reaching the water, they waded out about ten feet, till the water started to make Julie’s breasts float. Both of them ducked under and then stood to pull on their masks and clear them. Julie had turned to face Billy Ray, but when he pulled on his mask and reached out with both hands planning to grab her breasts, she stepped back, right off the edge of the old creek bank into water that was 25 feet deeper than the 5 foot shallows. Her arms splashed as she suddenly sank down and started to tread water. Billy Ray laughed and followed her, paddling once he too was in the deep water. He moved close and hugged her naked body against his. The two of them experimented with treading water while rubbing against each other until a part of Billy Ray began to bump against Julie’s pussy. Julie leaned back and spread her legs, hooking her heels behind Billy Ray and pulling him tight – taking his hard cock into her pussy. They soon discovered that sex while treading water, even with a mask and snorkel was difficult. They splashed their way back to the shallows where Billy Ray could stand and have some control as he grabbed Julie’s ass and pulled her tight onto his cock.

Two eyes watched them move. Deep in the channel, the giant fish had been awakened by the splashing and stirring of the still waters. It slowly drifted closer, staying in the deep water, waiting for one of them to move away from the bank into deep water.

Julie had pulled her legs tight behind Billy Ray as he pulled her hips and rammed his cock deep inside and they were both about to reach a climax when she suddenly pushed him away, forcing his cock to pull out of her just as he started to cum. “The condom, Billy, you forgot the condom!” she shouted.

Billy Ray looked sheepishly as she paddled back away from him. “Hell Julie, I’m sorry, just got carried away.” “Well so did I, but we have to be careful!” she replied. As she reached between her legs to wash and spread herself wide to rinse any cum that might have gotten close, Billy Ray rinsed his mask and ducked under to clear it and watch Julie rubbing herself under water. He smiled admiring the view, but the smile died as her saw the large shape slowly approaching from the depths. It was large and almost round and then he realized that it was the wide open mouth of a huge fish, about to close on Julie’s legs.

Billy all but climbed out of the water as he burst upwards and brought both hands down flat on the surface making loud smacks and splashes. As he settled back into the water, he saw the fish turn and swim away. It slid across his view – on and on it went, it was huge. Even allowing for the magnification effect of water it had to have been fifteen feet or more!

He bobbed back to the surface and as he spat out the snorkel and gasped air, Julie asked, “What was that all about? Big splashes?”

Billy Ray gasped out, “Great Gobbler is true! It almost got you! I had to scare it away.”

Julie shook her head. “Silly Billy, just because I didn’t let you cum in me is no reason to try a silly thing like that. You won’t fool me that easily.”

“Put on you mask and look, but be ready to swim fast.” Was all he could say as he reset his mask and snorkel.

Julie’s legs were together as she kicked to tread water and began to pull on her mask. Billy Ray hooked the straps behind his head and started to pull the mask on as the water around Julie seemed to swell and she began to move upward out of the water. As her hips came up above the lake, the lips of the giant catfish appeared, her legs totally inside of its mouth. She looked down and took a deep breath to scream as the fish lunged upward and gulped before snapping its mouth closed just above her breasts, leaving her head and arms in the air. As the fish dropped back into the lake, the mouth opened a bit as it swallowed and then it vanished beneath the water with only Julie’s hands sticking out of its mouth.

Billy Ray saw the fish swallow Julie whole, sinking back with just her hands reaching out as though grasping for help. He pulled on the mask and gulped in air before tucking and diving to follow the fish that had just eaten up his girl like she was just a big bug struggling in the water. All he could think of was to hit and punch the fish, maybe kick it enough to make it spit her out.

Billy Ray dove deep, swimming down to follow, but the fish was out of sight and the water was darker. It looked like there was a darker spot, like a cave leading into the bank and headed that way. As he swam, the dark circle seemed to grow larger – and then he realized it was the open mouth of the giant cat fish, its whiskers visible below the huge jaw. He saw the faint shape of Julie’s hands and grabbed them just as they slid down the gullet toward the fish’s stomach. Everything got dimmer as his body followed Julie into the fish’s mouth and then darkness fell as the fish closed its jaws around his hips. One more opening and gulp and he felt Julie’s hair against his face. The fish’s final swallow left him pressed tight against Julie, his head between her legs and his cock slipping into her mouth as she tried to gasp for air. The bodies of the two lovers, locked into a 69 pose, tucked into the belly of Great Gobbler climaxed for the last time as his teeth rubbed her clit and she swallowed his cock balls deep just before blackness descended on them.

The giant cat fish slid its distended belly into the mud at the bottom of the cave, knowing it would be some time before it would need another meal.

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