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The Slaughter House

by Nightwatch

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© Copyright 2006 - Nightwatch - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; kidnap; butchered; death; nc; XXX

This story contains scenes that may disturb some readers

Kerry Ann had inherited the butchers’ business from her mother. She had never known her father, her mother had said that he was delicious.

She lived in a wooded area outside of town, across from the old cemetery. The old cemetery was full so the town built a newer one across town. Why they didn’t expand this one she didn’t know or care.

Her slaughter house was hidden among the trees but was still close to the house. She had a smokehouse standing next to the slaughter house so it was easy to carry the meat. She walked around checking the equipment. Kerry Ann wanted everything clean so that her customers wouldn’t get sick from food poisoning.

It was a sizable room. She cleaned the large butcher’s block, the large tubs that held the blood and waste trimmings. Earlier that week she made sure that the hose was new, she could clean the floor just in case it missed the barrels. The cutting tools were next. She cleaned the short and long bladed knives, a cleaver, and the hacksaw.

Now to get the long pig. He was a salesman who wouldn’t take no for an answer. It was easy to get him into the slaughter house, the fool hadn’t believed her and had to see for himself.

She had given him the grand tour of the place where he was going to die. Kerry Ann then lead him into the next room and implied that she was grateful for him being there. After he undressed, she took him by surprise and pushed him into a small cell.

There was just enough room for a bed and a bucket so he could relieve himself. For a week she fed fattening food to him, then forty-eight hours ago she had him fast but he had plenty of water. This fasting helped flushed his system, purging stored toxins and bodily wastes, as well as making bleeding and cleaning easier.

He looked up and saw her enter the room. The man stood and backed away from the door. Kerry Ann smiled deciding how she was going to stun him.

“Look I’m sorry about all of this, my mother had just died. Murdered by a stranger she let in. It made me a little insane and when I saw you I just wanted to scare you and it looks like I did, now I’m going to open the door and step back.”

After opening the door she stepped back. When he walked through the door she quickly stunned him. Kerry Ann wanted him to live as long as possible.

After she had dragged him into the other room she cut behind the Achilles tendon, then inserted a meathook into each ankle for hanging support. His legs were spread so that the feet were outside the shoulders, with the arms roughly parallel to the legs. This provided her access to the pelvis, and keeps his arms out of the way in a ready position for removal. From experience she found that it's easiest to work if the feet are slightly above the level of the butcher's head.

He awoke to see her place a barrel beneath his head. Then he started pleading with her not to kill him.

Of course Kerry Ann had heard this before with each of the other long pigs. She walked over to the knife rack and got one of her long-laded knives.

“I can’t disappoint my women customers. They are looking forward to having long pig. Being the butcher I can have first pick and this time your balls are mind.”

She placed the knife at one corner of the jaw and made a deep ear-to-ear cut through the neck and larynx to the opposite side. This severed his internal and external carotid arteries, the major blood vessels carrying blood from the heart to the head, face, and brain.

After the initial rush of blood, she controlled the stream and directed into the barrel. She assisted the drainage by massaging the extremities down in the direction of the trunk, and by compressing and releasing, "pumping" the stomach.

She looked at the barrel and judged that it contained almost six litres of blood. To make sure that she could use the blood in a ritual she was planning she had checked with the hospital that he had gone to before going on the road. He was a good specimen in a low-risk strata.

As as the bleeding slowed she begin the preparation for decapitation. Kerry Ann continue the cut to the throat around the entire neck, from the jawline to the back of the skull. Once the muscle and ligament were sliced away, his head was cleanly removed. She gripped it on either side and twisted it off. Like before the separation occurring where the spinal cord meets his skull.

Kerry Ann decided to keep the skull for her altar, so she removed the tongue and eyes, skinned the head and placed it outside in a wire cage she had made. The cage allowed small scavengers such as ants and maggots to cleanse the flesh from the bones, while preventing it being carried off by larger scavengers, such as dogs and children.

With long practice she knew after a sufficient period of time, she would retrieve the skull and boil it in a dilute bleach solution to sterilize it and wash away any remaining tissue.

Now came the skinning, the hands would be pickled and and feet would be used for soup. As for the skin she would make them into fried rinds.

Kerry Ann looked up her mother’s recipe and read the instructions. Boil the strips and peel away the outer layer, then cut into smaller pieces and deep-fry in boiling oil until puffy and crisp. Dust with garlic salt, paprika and cayenne pepper.

They would go good with the meal she was planning to serve her customers. A man-hating friend of hers would get the penis. Kerry Ann wondered what she would do with it and as for the scrotum she set it aside to cook later.

She hummed a tune as she started the gutting. She started by making a cut from the solar plexus, the point between the breastbone and stomach, almost to the anus. Kerry Ann had to be very careful not to cut into the intestines, as this will contaminate the surrounding area with bacteria and possibly faeces.

She then made a cut around the anus and tied it off with twine preventing contamination. With a saw, she cut through the pubic bone. The lower body was now completely open, and she begin to pull the organ masses out and cut them away from the back wall of the body.

Kerry then started on the upper torso, first she cut through the diaphragm around the inner surface of the carcass. Then she removed the breastbone, cutting down to the point on each side where it connects to the ribs, and then sawing through and detaching it from the collar bone.

She detached the heart and lungs and she throat cut so she could remove the larynx and trachea. Once all of the inner organs have been removed, Kerry Ann trimmed away any blood vessels or remaining pieces of connective tissue from the interior of the carcass. Then the carcass was washed out thoroughly. Then she removed the arms and hands.

She then halved and quartered the carcass. When she was quartering it Kerry Ann chopped the feet off at a point about three inches up from the ankle.

She decided to used the muscles on belly for steaks. Of course she would use the rump as a roast for a party that going to happen in the next week or so. Also, the thighs would be made into steaks.

Rib steaks would be served at a party she was holding for a friend who had gotten a divorce. The woman had a great settlement from that pig of a husband.

“Pig, maybe Carol wouldn’t mind having long pig made out of her ex-husband. I’ll ask her at the party.”

After she was done Kerry Ann decided to depose of the waste trimmings by giving them to the local farmers for pig food. She laughed, long pig to feed pigs.

After she rested Kerry Ann checked her recipe box for a barbecue sauce recipe. She had most of the ingredients except the beer and the whiskey.

After going to the store she spread the word that she had the steaks her customers had ordered. After making the barbecue sauce Kerry Ann set it aside to all it to mature.

Update: At the party, Carol loved Kerry Ann’s idea about Paul. Of course it would take some planning so he wouldn’t be missed.


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