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Slipping into Sleep

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2007 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; catsuit; cuffs; gag; snake; swallow; digest; soft; cons; XX

She was ready. All the preparations had been made. She had quit her job, sold her car, her house, and given away all the money in her bank account. She wasn’t going to need them anyway, not where she was going.

Now she stood in her living room, wearing a skintight black catsuit that covered her entire body, save her head. There was a cage in the room that held the world’s largest anaconda. She had avoided feeding it for two months to make sure that it was hungry. Judging by its non-stop twitching and fidgeting, it was.

This snake was going to eat her alive. For she had tired of the world and its miseries. She was going to leave it all. And the snake was her ticket. It would take her in its embrace and swallow her whole and alive. Her rubberized crotch tingled at the thought.

Only a few more things to do before she was ready. She went and locked the front and back door, closed the windows and blinds, and made sure that it was impossible for anyone to enter during her departure.

Walking back into the living room, she looked at a table where she had put her favorite toys. An inflatable ball gag, a black leather mouth cover, and a pair of leather cuffs. She loved playing with these toys of hers. She had decided to wear them while she was being swallowed.

She picked up the ball gag first. Opening her mouth, she placed the rubber gag in until it was as far back as possible. She took the straps and buckled them down behind her head. When the buckle was comfortably snug, she took the small hand pump and squeezed it repeatedly, filling the rubber within her mouth. It expanded, squeezing itself into every nook and cranny within her mouth until it finally ran out of room.

She tried to speak, to test out how effective the gag was. She could only manage small mumbling noises. The gag permitted her to breathe, but denied her the ability to speak at all.

Satisfied that she had gagged herself well, She took the leather mouth cover. It was a piece of black leather that fit around the wearer’s mouth up to the nose, so that the mouth and cheeks were covered. She placed the device over her mouth and did the straps behind her head, feeling the cool leather squeeze her cheeks. With the straps done, she tugged at the device. It refused to leave her mouth, hugging it tightly.

There was one more toy to put on. But first she had to attend to the snake. She walked over to its cage and undid the lock holding the lid down. The snake looked on with interest as the lid was removed.

With the snake taken care of, she turned to the last toy on the table. A pair of leather cuffs lined with thick foam, connected by a thick wire. She picked them up and slowly placed one on her left wrist. It went over the rubber and was locked shut. The buckle was tightened until her wrist was held tightly by the thick and unflinching foam. She paused. What she was about to do was the ultimate step. There would be no turning back. Once she did this, there would be no release.

Taking a deep breath, she moved her arms behind her back. Working entirely by hand, she placed the remaining cuff on her right wrist. It too took the wrist into its grip as the straps were tightened. It was done. Her arms were now locked there, and there was no way to undo them.

She turned and saw the snake coming out of its cage, gliding silently onto the carpeted floor. She slowly got onto her knees, then lay down on the carpet. She closed her eyes and waited.

She felt the snake sliding up to her, felt it sniffing her rubber-clad body with its tongue. She waited patiently as the snake slowly moved into position to eat the woman who wanted to be eaten. The woman’s fingers twitched in anticipation.

Now in position, the snake opened its maw to reveal a pink tunnel slick with saliva. The tunnel went deep and ended with darkness. Within an hour, the woman would be taken deep into this tunnel.

The jaws were unhinged. The snake slid its protective lens over its eyes. It paused, seeing if the human would try to escape. There was no movement, no frantic struggle to escape. It began.

She felt her rubber-encased feet being moved into a slick and wet maw. Powerful muscles pulled at her feet, pulling them slowly but surely into the snake’s throat. She kept her eyes closed as the snake moved its way, inch by inch up her body.

Her feet were now gone, taken into the throat. Her rubber legs were now being swallowed, saliva dripping onto the shiny material and sliding around, making the legs easier to take in.

The pressure on her legs was tight, but not uncomfortable. She felt the warmth of the snake’s body as it continued to take her into its body where she would be digested while still alive. But the proposition did not frighten her. Her feet and calves were already inside the snake, where they were held tightly by wet and warm muscles.

The snake was now up to her buttocks. It continued to swallow and spew forth saliva in an attempt to prepare the woman for digestion. But the saliva succeeded only in making her rubber skin shine and glisten. The creamy and thick buttocks were slowly taken into the snake’s mouth, the plump and fat muscles becoming compressed and squeezed into the tight hole.

She turned her head to see how the snake was coming along. The serpent was finishing up her buttocks, the smooth rubber making them look delicious even as they vanished from sight into the snake’s body. The thirty-foot serpent still had plenty of room for her body. Her legs were now but bulges within the snake’s throat, which was now stretched to accommodate them. Curiosity getting the better of her, she tried moving her legs. The bulges moved, but the muscles and the tight throat held them in check.

She felt around with her restrained hands and succeeded in feeling the snake’s upper jaw with her fingers. She touched and stroked the jaw tenderly. Her smooth and compressed midcenter was now being slowly gulped into the endlessly hungry mouth of the snake. But she was not afraid. This felt good, felt right. As if she was moving on to meet her destiny, the place she was destined to be.

The snake swallowed, and she was pulled in deeper. Her bound arms were slowly being pulled into the snake. The snake had to open its jaws wider as it accepted the bound arms into its system.

The warmth and tightness of the snake around her swallowed body was intoxicating. She found her eyelids becoming heavy. The snake moved up to her breasts, tight and shiny under the layer of black rubber. Her nipples grew hard as the snake slowly moved its mouth over the creamy mountains and took them in.

It was close. The end of the snakes meal. Now only the woman’s shoulders, neck and head remained to be ingested. The snake proceeded to move upwards, swallowing the woman’s shoulders and neck. During this time the woman moaned in pleasure. Being swallowed felt so good, so warm and tight. Her moans were muffled by the thick gag that filled her mouth and silenced her.

Saliva began to drip onto her neck as the snake reached her head. It was almost over. She was silent and still as the snake continued to swallow her alive. Her attention briefly turned to the living room that the snake was in. She no longer felt that it was her room. She was now part of the snake. The jaws cupped over her hair and jaw.

The snake paused, gathering its strength for the final swallow. The woman looked straight ahead, patiently waiting for the snake to finish eating her. The snake then makes its move.

With a final swallow, the snake takes the woman into its mouth, swallowing and covering her with saliva. The woman watches as her vision is replaced with the snake’s throat. Pink and shiny muscles fill her view as the outside world slowly vanishes. With the woman inside her, the snake closes its mouth and eats the woman alive.

Inside the snake’s throat, the woman watches from the inside as the snakes mouth closes, sealing her inside forever. Darkness is now upon her as the snake takes her into its stomach. It’s warm and tight inside the snake. Surrounded by rubber and warm pulsing life, the woman closes her eyes and accepts her fate.

The snake continues to swallow the woman, who is now just a large bulge within its skin. The bulge moves slowly downwards until it reaches the stomach. There the bulge rests, still moving and squirming within the living snake.

With its meal now inside its stomach, the snake rests its head on the floor and drifts into sleep. While it rests, the bulge moves and squirms for a few more minutes before it too settles down. The bulge grows quiet as it too slips into a sleep that can never be woken from.

The two lie on the floor. Within a few days the bulge will disappear entirely. When the house’s new owner moves in a week later, she finds a big snake as a welcoming present. But the previous owner is nowhere to be found.



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