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The Snake Farm Motel

by Dave Martin

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© Copyright 2013 - Dave Martin - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; M/mf; motel; drug; strip; bond; rope; snake; swallow; digest; eaten; soft; cons/nc; X

It had been a long drive, having set out early in the morning, my sister Dawn and I were en route to our parent’s new home in Denver, but not being sure of the route we relied on my old sat nav to guide us there. Unfortunately a severe electrical storm seemed to have effected its operation, and now we were completely lost in the foothills of the Rockies. I glanced at our fuel gauge it was nearly empty, I think we had only enough gas for about 10 miles.

It was getting dark when we spotted a sign saying Snake Farm Motel only 2 miles. Further down the road at the next junction was a sign pointing down a small track saying Snake Farm 1 mile. I looked at Dawn and she shrugged her shoulders as if to say we haven’t much choice, we certainly did not wish to spend the night stranded in a very cold car.

We turned down the track which became narrower and narrower to the point were we could not have turned around even if we had wanted to. Around the next bend a large single story building came into view, with some outbuildings. A faded sign above the front entrance read “Welcome to Snake Farm Motel”

"Ah well", I said, "lets see what this place has to offer."

As I pulled up near the entrance, I noticed that there were already a number of vehicles parked in the marked bays.

"This Motel cannot be too bad, as there seems to be quite a few guests staying here", remarked Dawn.

"Well let’s check this place out before we unload our luggage", with that I walked through the entrance to the small reception desk, closely followed by Dawn.

The lobby area looked clean although it was deserted, I pressed the bell on the reception desk a few times, then from the rear, a voice called out "One moment! I will be with you shortly".

A door to the left opened and in walked a smartly dressed guy, perhaps in his mid 50s. "Good evening Sir, good evening Madam, can I help you?"

"Yes" I said, "we were on our way to Denver, but it appears we have got lost, and with very little fuel left, we were very pleased to spot your Motel sign up on the main road".

"You are in luck we have a couple of vacancies would you like a double or twin bedded room?"

I explained that we were brother and sister, so a twin bedded room would be fine.

While I was arranging our accommodation Dawn took a look around the entrance lobby, hangings on the walls and also in small display case’s was a whole range of leather products made from snake skin, including handbags, gloves and boots. They all seemed to glow with a silky sheen as if they had been carefully prepared and treated.

As Dawn called me over for a closer look, the manager called out, "Oh yes sir, we make the very finest snake skin products using reptiles we specially breed and feed on the farm".

"Let me show you to your room", he continued. With that the manager led us along the corridor. "There you are one of our best", as he opened the door to room 25. It was true the room was modern, light and airy with a panoramic view of the surrounding hills.

On the wall was a large screen plasma TV. There was also a kitchenette with a sink and a good size Ice Box.

"This looks very nice", said Dawn "but what about meals?"

"Ah", the manager replied "this is very much a self catering Hotel, everything you need, you will find in the Ice Box just help yourself. Here are your keys, I am sure you will enjoy your stay here". With that, the manager walked back towards the door, "do let me know if there is anything else you might need". He smiled as he left.

"I think I am going to like it here", said Dawn, "this is my kind of place".

"Tell you what", I replied, "lets have an early night as I am really tired after all that driving. But first of all let’s have a look to see what’s in the Ice Box".

Opening the door I could not believe the amount of food stored inside. Milk, chicken, ham joints, salads, cheeses, cream and fresh fruit. Dawn got out the dishes and we were soon enjoying a late night feast. Having cleared away I checked the wash room and noted how clean the shower cubicle looked.

"How is it?" asked Dawn.,

"Looks good" I said, "would you like to try the shower?"

"Yes please", she replied, with that she threw off her top and wriggled provocatively out of her jeans.

We had always been close. Dawn at 22 had an almost perfect body with long legs and firm breasts whilst I at 24 kept in good shape with a flat stomach and toned body. We were playful around each other, but we had never taken it beyond the odd kiss and cuddle, although I often felt a stirring in my loins whenever I saw Dawn in a Bikini or sometimes even nude. While Dawn was in the shower I went out to the car to collect the few pieces of luggage we had brought with us.

Returning to our room I could hear the shower still running and through the half open door I caught a glimpse of her perfect nude body as she lathered herself. Dawn knew I was looking and could see me getting aroused. She turned and gave me a mischievous smile as she pushed the door slowly shut.

Dawn stepped out of the shower room wrapped in a small towel that barely covered her body she then moved towards me, "Dry my back Davey", she whispered seductively as she pushed her body against my stomach.

Dawn was going into full tease mode as she could feel my growing erection pressing into her.

"Hold on a moment, I think we ought to contact mum and dad to let them know we have been delayed and won’t be seeing them until sometimetomorrow".

With that I pulled away and reached for my cell phone immediately I noticed there was no signal, "I better go down to reception and see if I can use their landline". I called over to Dawn, "Ok" she said, "don’t be long."

Again the reception lobby seemed empty, that’s strange, thinking about it we had not seen or heard from any other guests since we arrived. Having banged on the bell push for a few minutes, the smart dressed guy emerged from a side door. "Sorry to have kept you waiting I have been checking on the snakes. They always seem to be hungry".

"That’s very interesting, but could I use the motel telephone line, as I cannot get a signal for my cell phone around here".

"Sorry", the manager replied, "the lines are down, they must have been knocked out in that recent storm, I am not sure when it will get fixed, perhaps tomorrow with any luck".

I was just about to return to our room, when I asked. "Where are all the other guests, as it seems very quite for a Hotel".

"Ah they are all away on a little exploring trip, you will meet most of them tomorrow", the manager replied. "How is your room, I hope everything is to your satisfaction".

"Yes it is fine", I replied, "you have certainly spoiled us with the range of fine food in the ice box."

"We like our guests to feed well, you will notice the high nutritional value of our prepared foods". The manager replied.

Returning to our room, Dawn was relaxing on her bed just wearing her briefs and see through nightie.

"Hi! sister mine, do you still feel hungry, let me raid the ice box and rustle up some decent supper for us".

"That’s great, did you manage to phone mum and dad?"

"No the hotel phone is out of action, they say it might be working by tomorrow".

Checking the contents, I pulled out some ham, cheeses, olives and bagels, also in the ice box was an unopened bottle of fine wine. "This looks good" I said, "lets have a midnight feast."

Setting out the table I laid out plates and glasses. "Come and join me Dawn", I called as I filled up the glasses.

We enjoyed our late supper, the wine going down practically well.

"Wow that was good", I murmured.

Dawn had already fallen back on her bed and was already asleep. I felt very tired and heavy. 'I will clear up in the morning' I thought, as I pulled of my shirt and collapsed onto my bed just wearing my shorts.

Things seemed to happen slowly after that, I felt I was being carried out of the room down some stairs to a brightly lit cellar. I felt the last of my clothes being pulled off as I was left laying naked on the floor, my feet were bound tightly together, was I in some kind of a dream, or a nightmare. Suddenly I heard a piercing terrified scream, I was fully awake now.

I looked up, on the far side of the cellar was a glass partition. Inside lying naked on the floor was Dawn, who was trying to get up even though her feet were bound tightly together. Approaching her was a very large snake with a bright glistening skin. The jaws of the snake were opening wide as the reptile grabbed at her feet.

Beside me stood the hotel owner, "What is happening, why are you doing this to us?" I called out.

"You and your lovely sister are perfect food for my special snakes, as you are young, the snakes will thrive on your naked flesh and bodies. By eating only humans they have this wonderful sheen that makes our snake skin products so desirable. I have specially bred these snakes so that you will not suffocate while you are being swallowed and digested alive. I am afraid that you will both suffer the pain of being digested for some time before you finally die. This means my reptiles get the best of your nutrients while you are alive in its stomach".

As he was describing our terrible fate, I could hear more screams coming from Dawn as the snake continued to swallow her beautiful nude body, already most of her legs were inside the snake with her thighs and buttocks being sucked through the snake’s jaws. Her hands and arms were held tight against her body by the coils of the snake, having gulped again the snake had taken Dawn in up to her belly. Poor Dawn was still screaming and crying as she realised her terrible fate, while I could only look on from the other side of the glass screen.

Although Dawn was suffering a painful death, the sight of her beautiful nude body being swallowed alive was turning me on and in spite of myself I could not prevent my own arousal as my cock stiffened and hardened.

Dawn was well inside the snake now, as her breasts were pushed up and into the snakes jaws, only her head and mop of blonde hair was showing, Dawn had almost given up the struggle as she tried to twist her head to look over at me. A low moan escaped her lips as the jaws of the snake closed over her head. She was now completely swallowed. I could see the shape of her body as she was sucked down towards the stomach of the snake.

Dawns body, now within the belly of the snake started to kick and wriggle I guess she was feeling the very painful effects of the digestive acids on her own nude body. After a while Dawns struggles inside the snake began to slow down as she lost her fight for life. The snake haven eaten, was coiling up ready to sleep while the digestive process was completed.

I tried to stand up, but I still felt weak from the effects of the drug. "You won’t be going anywhere", said the owner, "stay were you are. There is no point in trying to escape your fate, as I have another hungry snake waiting to be fed." With that he opened another door to allow an even larger snake than had eaten Dawn, to slide into my cell. I tried moving away but I was much too slow, the snake lunged forward and began to wrap itself around my helpless nude body.

Although the coils were tight I was not being crushed, but with the weight of the snake I was not able to move or stand up. In spite of my fear, the feel of the smooth snake skin wrapped around my naked body was giving me strong sexual feelings as my cock began to grow and harden again.

The jaws of the serpent were now reaching down to my feet and ankles, I watched in horror as my feet started to disappear inside the snake. The slow and painful process of being swallowed alive had started. Gradually my legs were sliding into the snake, as his jaws opened pulling my body further down its throat. My thighs, buttocks and large erection followed and like poor Dawn my hands and arms were now inside the snake. Although I felt completely helpless my hands were able to grip and rub my throbbing cock. The feel of my nude body halfway in the snake proved too much and I yielded to a strong and prolonged sexual climax, with my spunk spraying out and filling the jaws of the snake.

My belly and chest were now being sucked in. The sexual pleasure had passed, now I felt only fear and dreading of the pain to come. I started to scream and cry out "help me... please help me! I don’t want to die like this". But the watching farm owner only laughed and rubbed his hands with satisfaction, that his beasts were being fed.

At last there was only my head still showing, as the snakes mouth opened wider, I took my last look around before the jaws clamped down and I was entombed in the body of the snake. I could feel the muscles of the snake working all over my helpless naked body as I was sucked deeper into the snake. I could still breath although the air was fowl and smelly, but that was the least of my worries as I headed towards the snakes stomach. Suddenly there was a very sharp burning pain, starting at my feet and rapidly working up my legs towards my stomach. I realised that my body was falling into the belly of the snake and the digestive process had begun.

I could only cry and scream as the pain became too much to bear. The whole of my body was now on fire and my head finally came into contact with the acid juices of the snake’s stomach, burning my eyes and ears I felt one final burst of extreme and intense pain before I blacked out for the last time.

The Motel owner wasted no time, with members of his staff he returned to room 25 where they removed all personal effects, keeping the few personal items of value that Dawn and Davey had brought with them, such as watches and jewellery. They found two cell phones which they smashed up. They then threw all of the brother and sisters clothing with the luggage into the motels central heating furnace.

Moving out to the car park they checked that there were no personal effects or documents inside the car or glove box. Finally they replaced the cars registration plates with ready made false plates that is kept for the purpose of ensuring, that should anyone come looking, there will be no trace of Dawn or Davey ever staying there.

* * *

One week later a small car drew up at the Snake Farm Motel car park, a very attractive young couple got out.

"At last", he said "somewhere we can finally spend our honeymoon night".

The girl turned on her partner, "It is your fault we got completely lost, it is a good job I spotted that sign on the road".

"This place looks good, it does seem to be popular with all these cars parked here. Let’s go and get booked in, at least we will have a comfortable bed to spend our first night together".


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