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Snake Picnic

by Dave Martin

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© Copyright 2012 - Dave Martin - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; snake/m; outdoors; naked; swallowed; mast; climax; voy; eaten; soft; cons; X

For as long as I can remember I have always fantasized about given myself up completely naked, to a large snake and to imagine being slowly swallowed alive by a large reptile. It has of course been an impossible dream, but now with recent reports of larger then usual Pythons and Anacondas making their appearance in the everglades and remote areas of Florida, with sheep and goats and other livestock mysteriously disappearing, could my dream become reality? Brought into the region as pets, some snakes escaped and flourished in the warm sunshine and waters of this area.

I had a good friend Josh, whom I used to confide my strange yearnings. We used to joke about this on many an occasion. As it happened we had planned on taking a camping trip into Florida as we only lived a short day’s drive from the area where the most recent reports of snake activity had come from. So we loaded Josh’s old car up with our tent and enough food and bottled water for a long weekend and drove around looking for somewhere suitable, off the beaten track where we could park up and pitch our tent.

Close by there where a number of grass covered clearings where perhaps we could watch and look out for any snakes hunting in the area. It was very quiet during the night, where we lay awake planning how we would be able to attract any hungry snake to me.

Joss had brought with him a jar of rich honey and some silver foil. The idea was to spread the honey over my feet and lower legs, but to guard against insects making their own feast, I would cover my legs with the foil until we were sure that a large snake was approaching, then I could remove the foil and hope that the sweet smell of the honey would do the rest.

During the night as I lay in the tent I felt myself getting very aroused at the thought of actually being swallowed alive and completely naked. It was agreed that Joss would be close by and ready to rescue me if any snake that was swallowing me, reached as far as my stomach. For this purpose we had packed a good axe which Joss would use to cut the snake in half, below the point where my feet would be in the snakes stomach.

Dawn could not have come quick enough, we breakfasted early and cleared away all traces of the camp, stowing the tent and gear back in the car. I prepared myself by stripping off all of my clothes so that I could lay naked against a nearby tree, facing out to the clearing. Josh helped me spread the honey around my feet and legs, they felt a little sticky but with the foil wrapped around them and providing I did not move too much it wasn’t a serious problem.

As the sun was getting higher and the day was warming up I did not have  long to wait. There was a rustling noise to my right and into the glade glided a very large Python, it was much larger then I expected, at least 20-25 ft long and perhaps 2ft thick. Its long tongue was flicking the air, I am sure that it had picked up the scent of the honey around my legs, as it moved slowly in my direction. I quietly removed the foil and placed it behind me as I waited for the snake to approach.

In spite of my fear I tried not to move although I was now getting very aroused at the thought of what might happen to me with my enlarged cock now fully erect. I was hoping that the snake would not try and crush me but would go straight for my feet and legs.

I was in luck, the snake must have been very hungry as it wasted no time but slithered up and clamped its jaws onto my feet. I felt a sharp pain at first, but once my legs started to slide into the snake I began to feel very aroused. This was really happening, my fantasy becoming true. I wondered if I could I hold off ejaculating much longer.

Now I could feel more of my nude body going into the snake with both of my legs now inside. The snake continued it’s feeding, with my thighs, buttock and large erection now disappearing as the snake closes its jaws over my throbbing cock. This was too much, I could not hold out any longer. I then enjoyed the strongest and most wonderful sexual climax of all time with my spunk pumping out and filling the snake’s mouth.

I lay there for a few moments gradually coming down from such a high. Then I realized that the snake was still sucking me into its body with its jaws over my stomach. I called out "Joss, Joss quick get the axe and kill this snake".

All was silent.

"Joss, Joss, where are you?" still no reply.

I was getting really worried now, with the snake reaching my chest I was surely trapped. I went into panic mode screaming and shouting for help, but no sign of Joss or any other person who might assist me.

The snake was enjoying its feast, there was only my head free now. I could feel the soft flesh of the snake compressing my naked body as it continued to swallow me. I gave one last scream and terrible cry as my head started to disappear into the jaws of the snake, I could feel a very severe pain, as my feet and legs entered the stomach of the snake. I would soon lose consciousness. I was choking on the snake’s fluid and the remains of my own spunk. I could not breathe. This was not supposed to happen. I had not intended to die this way.

Joss had waited for a while and then went back to the car, stripped naked himself and returned close by the clearing where he could get a good view of his friend Ethan, perhaps being devoured by any passing snake. Imagine his surprise when shortly after, he spotted the large snake making its way towards Ethan. As the snake grabbed the feet of his friend and started to swallow him Joss became very aroused and started to pleasure himself, this was something he had always fancied, watching a helpless nude victim being swallowed alive by a large snake, and now his fantasy is coming true

After a while Ethan started screaming and crying for help, this only aroused Joss even more, as he watched his friend being slowly devoured. As Ethan’s head disappeared inside the snake Joss could not contain himself any longer, he sent thick wads of spunk spraying over nearby bushes. Joss stood and watched as the snake with its belly swollen by the still struggling body of Etham, slowly moved away into longer grass to hide and to sleep.

Joss now walked back to the car, wiped himself down and replaced his clothes. 'Whow!!' he thought, 'that was really something, one of the best turn-ons ever. I am not in any hurry I will stay around for the rest of the weekend and just relax. I will of course pitch the tent up on higher ground away from any hungry snakes'.    

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