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The South American Expedition

by Jack Rabbit

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© Copyright 2010 - Jack Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Spider/f; bite; drug; susp; cocoon; eggs; vore; nc; X

The university funded the expedition, as it does every year, searching for things that doctoral candidate professors can write about. This year the team was looking for long lost ruins using a new technique that searched for anomalous green areas as seen on satellite photos,enhanced by the leaching limestone used in their construction. There were several professors and students on the trip, and guides to help with local customs, and the department chairwoman Dr. Rachel Stone, to babysit.

Dr. Stone was forty one years old and and in physically perfect shape, not looking much older than some of her students. Her nickname with the staff was ice queen however, due to her lack of interest in anybody or anything that wasn't abandoned and crumbling. It wasn't always like that for the archaeologist, but several selfish lovers taught her that men weren't necessary in her world.

The group found the site in the dense jungle with a lot of cutting, and discovered the area to belike a lot of others; the valuables removed, structures largely in tact, people mysteriously gone. Why would a people who lived someplace a thousand years just leave? That and other questions were what kept the Dr. up at night. That and the near orgy of college students and professors less than five hundred feet away that made enough noise to wake the dead. The Dr. knew she was turning into an old fart and had to laugh to herself, fifteen years ago she was the only woman on most of these expeditions, and she fucked her way to a degree, sometimes with several men at once, and the odd professor.

The guides were all men and were interested in the orgy like behavior the insatiable Ms. Thompson displayed that night. Perhaps if she tired of the college boys, the locals could show her a real good time! That was the banter in their part of the camp, and it was something for them to hope for.

The Dr. had the good sense to camp away from the others, and chairwomen were expected to act more professionally, but then again so were professors. The jungle was dark, and other than Ms. Thompson's squeals, devoid of animal noises, or any signs of life, except for them. The Dr. thought that odd and would investigate before she left this site.

It was hot there and the Dr. slept on top of her bedding, and under the mosquito netting, to keep from being eaten alive. The Dr. dwelled on that thought, "eaten alive", that must be the all time worst way to go she thought in the confusion of being semi-awake. The Dr. pealed off her sweaty sleep shirt when she got up to answer the call of nature around ten pm. She was far enough away from the others not to be seen, but would draw attention to herself with a flashlight, so she went without. She also broke one of the basic safety rules drilled into them before the trip, "do nothing alone." The Dr. finished what she was doing, and before she could stand up she got hit by something that felt like a lightning bolt! She fell less than three feet from where she just went and couldn't even move a muscle. Any noise she may have have made was drowned out by the energetic Mr. Thompson, and her lovers...

The Dr. felt nothing but was being carried through the jungle, and lifted up into the tree canopy by a now realized attacker. She had no idea what, or who it was, but knew the further away she got from camp the lower her chances of survival were. The Dr. now realized her ankles were wrapped in some kind of thin thread, along with her knees and her arms were pinned to her sides the same way. She couldn't control a muscle, but her head flopped to the side and she saw her attacker and if she wasn't paralyzed, she would have screamed. Her attacker was a large spider, it's body at least half the size of her!

As it pulled her up the tree by her ankles, she tried to remember the little she knew about spiders. This one broke most of the rules, usually they use a web or stalk and hunt. This one appeared to do both. At least she knew what may have happened to all the local animals now. The Dr. was hung from a large branch high off the ground, by her bound ankles, knees, and torso. The next thing it did was place egg sacks on her torso and thighs, before it wrapped the Dr. up in a tight cocoon with only her head sticking out and hanging down.

Now she remembered something else about some spiders, they plant their babies on living hosts to incubate the eggs, and to provide a first meal. The horror of being eaten alive by giant spiders was sinking in, and the Dr. had to wonder if the spider hung her head down on purpose, to keep her conscious longer as the babies fed. The Dr. also wondered about the neurotoxin in the spiders bite, would it wear off before the little spiders started feeding on her bound body and expose her to the full horror of being eaten alive. She also wondered how she was conscious and aware and still breathing, but unable to move a voluntary muscle. She concluded that this was a complex poison, and that medical science could use it for something, if she could find some way to survive this. The Dr. had one more dark thought before she slipped into unconscious, more from hanging inverted than the poison, do they all hatch at the same time?

It was dark out when the Dr. started a vivid dream. She was in bed at night and she felt a pleasant stirring near her sensitive tits. She just went with the sensations in her dream and thought she must be having more than one lover as she felt more action down on top of her sexy legs. She moaned in her dream and felt a bite on her thigh and she thought in her dream that that was a little rough. She felt another on her other thigh, and then felt no pain after that. There were hands all over her body and the Dr. lost count of the possible number of lovers she was entertaining in her dream...

The Dr. was gaining consciousness and knew she was bound and nude, and wrapped in a white cocoon. There were things all over her chest and she thrashed about trying to shake off the giant feeding spiders with their thin legs laying across her chest. The Dr. found the courage to open her eyes to actually see the spiders eat her, only to see a nurse in a white uniform on her left and the worried looking Ms. Thompson on her right. The nurse pulled the sheet off of the Dr. to check that she didn't pull any of the electrodes off of her chest. She thought it best to leave the medical restraints on with her thrashing about in her delirious state like she was. The final decision would be up to the head physician, but she knew he would use any excuse to keep the sexy Dr. in restraints as long as possible!

Ms. Thompson wasn't surprised to see the Dr.'s nude body, the whole camp did when she was found wandering around the jungle in the morning babbling something about spiders. She was obviously under the influence of something and had to be restrained for her own good. The guides took too much pleasure in restraining her, but probably saved her life with two eppy pen shots and a body massage when it looked like she was going to die. They talked to the local hospital and were told to get her in asap, and they did with her hanging in a sling suspended from a large pole. The men took turns carrying her and the university team could hardly keep up.

Ms. Thompson had the watch when the Dr. woke from her coma, the whole team taking turns to be with their friend. The Dr. explained the vivid dreams she had to Ms. Thompson without any embarrassment, in her mind she was just returned from the certain and agonizing death of being eaten alive. That was ironically the last thought on her mind before one of the smallest spiders in South America bit and almost killed her. The Dr. and Ms.Thompson reviewed her dream and it tracked with what happened to the Dr. in her delirium. There were "hands" all over her, she did get two "bites" on her thighs in the form of an eppy pen one of the guides had, she was "bound and suspended" as the men carried her to the hospital in the sling. The Dr. was again "bound and wrapped in a cocoon" in the hospital bed with the medical restraints and the sheet, and there were "things all over her chest, with thin legs" that was the electrodes and wires!"

The Dr. and Ms. Thompson concluded that she must of had a dream in a dream, and neither even thought that was possible. One question nagged at Ms. Thompson though, how did the Dr. know it was a spider bite when the hospital only figured it out the day before?


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