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Space Cattle

by Dr. Troy

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It was the year 3269 as humanity was able to travel space though large distances after light speed space ships were invented in 3060. So for over 200 years mankind was exploring the deeper parts of the galaxy, discovering new planets and many new life forms. Not all of these aliens where friendly, however the terrestrials managed to live with the other species of the galaxy in a peaceful coexistence. After millions of years living on earth, mankind finally understood, that only tolerance and understanding of different cultures and their ways of life would lead to a permanent state of peace.

Since 2642 the world was united in a liberal confederation called “Terra” with one democratic government. Religion was abandoned in 2465 after Professor Athei and Professor Dawkins proved the evidence that God didn’t exist. The globalization had the effect that all languages melted into one beautiful complicated new earth language. Wars were history and mankind was living in prosperity and freedom.

Since the discovery of Professor Athei and Professor Dawkins, people still were curious about the meaning of life. And so the society turned into an exploring society, following two goals: how to make life more comfortable and more joyful and to find out universe’s master plan.

Thanks to modern science and genetic engineering all diseases where eliminated. People could choose their physical age and were able to live forever, only an accident or suicide could kill them. Crime and murder didn’t exist any more. No one could die of a disease or of aging. Old fashioned society standards like marriage or monogamy didn’t exist anymore. Every man had the choice to live his life the way he wanted. Material problems were no more, either if you worked or not. With so many choices of living their lives, still most of the people were scientists with the aim to push humanity into a higher state of consciousness.

Despite this totally liberal society, these rules only applied to men. Women had no rights at all and where regarded by the men only as pleasure slaves.

Natural birth didn’t exist anymore. Women were bred in huge breeding factories. Genetic engineering made sure that the breed was very healthy and amazingly attractive. The physical age of the female breed was determined between 18 and 22. The girls sure grew older, but their bodies didn’t age.

The alpha race of men where only breed by demand to prevent over population. For some reason most of the men determined their physical age between 42 an 60. Maybe it was a kind of fashion in those modern times that an older man was considered as more experienced and wiser. Physical attraction played no role for men anymore. A man could be fat or looking old, it didn’t matter. Every man could get as many young looking attractive girls as he wanted.

The only existence of women (even if they made up to 80 percent of the human civilisation) was working in service trades to pleasure the men in any possible way. There also were strict rules for clothing for women. Every woman was forced to wear synthetic thin, shiny, see-through, tight clothes. Their legs had to be dressed in stockings or pantyhose, and the material was much more softer and smoother than the synthetic fabrics of the 21st century.

Because sport entertainment in former standards didn’t exist anymore, vore games were the biggest entertainment for men. Dozens of beautiful girls where getting devoured alive by huge tentacle slugs, blobs, snakes, amphibians and other hungry aliens in huge stadiums or TV shows, just for the satisfaction of the men. Vore was a big thing on earth. Despite the forceful fucking of a pretty girl, the men’s new fetish was watching a girl getting devoured by a slimy monster and getting digested alive in its stomach. Thousands of pretty girls got devoured every day by hungry predators only for the men’s pleasure. The breeding factories were working hard producing new beautiful female preys day by day.


Spaceship Cygnus was resting in his space haven in Barcelona. The duty of the mission was trade and exploration of the deeper universe.
The crew members where:
- Captain Hardo
- Commander Dick
- Lieutenant Cum
- Chief Slimo
and another 230 male staff members in lower positions.

The cargo of the ship existed of 10,000 beautiful girls for trading and for the entertainment of the staff. Emily was one of them. She was a small black haired beauty with well shaped c-cup breasts and pale skin, physical age 18.
She was one of the girls who volunteered freely on this mission. Since serving for over 30 years as a sex slave, she wanted to give her life a deeper meaning, donating her gorgeous body to the “Terra Space Centre”. It was not like she didn’t like being a sex slave, she just wanted to be a part of the people who tried to develop mankind further.

The cargo entered the spaceship and was led to their accommodations. Each room’s floor, walls and ceiling was covered in a black, cushion like soft, synthetic smooth material, taking up about 100 women. The ceiling was only 3 feet high so the girls had to crawl on their hands and feet and were not able to stand up. The room contained a bathroom, but no showers. Every morning and evening large amounts of liquid soap, then warm water sprayed out of the rooms ceiling, keeping the cattle clean. Between the showers, large amounts of a thick transparent synthetic slime emerged from the ceiling to keep the cattle smooth.

The girls were kept in their slimy prisons until their service was demanded. Being imprisoned in their slime filled cells, waiting for their duty, the girls spent their boring time, licking out each others pussies. The synthetic slime erupting from the ceiling was also the food for the cattle. Containing all necessary nutritions to nourish the girls. Actually the synthetic slime was the only source of food for the cargo.

Emily was led to the slime filled prison number 6 with 30 other beautiful girls. She was wearing a crotchless shiny tan transparent catsuit, made of a very smooth synthetic material. Imprisoned in their cells the girls realized the walls were shivering as the spaceship took off, leaving earth, to travel into the depths of the universe.


Weeks passed and Emily imprisoned in her cell with the other slaves spend her time licking out the other slave’s pussies and drinking the slime food from the floor. The door of the cell suddenly opened as two staff members grabbed Emily by her arms. “Working time little slut”, one man announced to her.

The men dragged her to the dining room where 34 staff members were eating as they watched “blob wars” which was a very popular TV show, from a huge screen on the wall.

“Wooow, now Rebecca got finally blobbed”, one of the men shouted out. The men looked excited at the screen, showing a beautiful young blob warrior fighting in a green transparent mass. As the blob engulfed her completely, she drifted into the middle of the protoplasma, still fighting and struggling. Through the transparent green mass, they watched the little warrior’s young body disintegrating into blob slime.

The staff members continued eating dinner as Emily was forced under the table. She knew her duty, she had to suck off all the members while they had dinner. She crawled under the large table sucking on every dick, deep throating them, until they shoot their sperm into her velvet mouth. The genetic improved men where able to ejaculate half a gallon of thick cum, that Emily swallowed down eagerly. After sucking out every cock and drinking their sperm, Emily felt her stomach filled to its limits. The rest of the huge amounts of cum she wasn’t able to swallow covered her curvy body. Actually her body in her transparent spandex suit was totally drenched in sperm.

Because the men of the 33rd century where very potent, Emily spent the rest of the evening getting gang raped in all her holes. As an experienced sex slave for over 30 years she was very used to that and she didn’t mind at all. After all 34 men where satisfied with her service, they threw her cum drenched and cum filled body back into her slime prison, where she continued licking out the other slaves pussies.

The weeks continued, as Emily had to drink huge amounts of sperm from the staff members and getting gang raped every day.

The Vorons

The Vorons where a carnivorous alien species who traded with the Terrestrials. They were humanoid, about 12 foot tall, with a slimy amphibian like brown skin and a huge toothless mouth. Since their first contact with mankind, they had a preference for female human meat, considered as a delicacy on their planet. Because they were not able to breed human women by themselves, they were forced to trade with Terra, paying high prices for human girls as luxury food. After negotiating about the price for 1000 girls, both parties agreed on an appropriate price for the cattle.

“We have to test one of the products, to see if they can satisfy our gastronomic requirements”, the leader of the Vorons said to the Captain of the Cygnus.

“Of course you can”, the Captain answered “we only sell high quality food to our customers. Our girls fulfill the highest standards of haute cuisine, feel free to test one of our of beauties ”.

“Good”, the Voron leader said, “I choose this one”, pointing at a pale long red haired young girl.

The pretty young cattle, dressed in a transparent golden bodysuit with gold coloured stockings approached her predator with fear in her eyes. The Voron grabbed her by her shoulders and pushed her face into his maw. Her cute face was getting drenched in with the thick saliva in the alien’s mouth. Her face was being pushed further into the alien’s throat. The Voron grabbed her chest and pushed her deeper into his maw, until only her gold nyloned clad legs where kicking outside the beast’s maw. He slurped her deeper into his mouth as everybody watched her nylon clad feet getting engulfed by the alien’s throat.

The girl’s tender body slid into his stomach, forming a big struggling bulge in the alien’s abdomen.

“Mmmmmh…” the Voron leader said, “this is really good food, I will enjoy digesting her alive for weeks in my stomach. The deal is made”.

As the Vorons and Terrestrials where establishing their contract the beautiful young redhead started to get digested slowly in the alien’s stomach. Thick layers of acid slime coated her little body and turning it into girl’s soup while she was still alive reaching endless orgasms.

Emily got wet watching the little girl getting devoured by the slimy alien. She felt pity for the young innocent girl ending her life in such a rude way. But on the other side envied the young redhead’s fate, wishing it was her to get devoured and digested alive in the alien’s stomach.

Blob Planet

Four days later spaceship Cygnus reached the planet of the blobs. The alien species of the blobs were a slimy intelligent mass who had a special taste for young female humans.

The blobs had 3 different races divided by their colour. There where the transparent white blobs, pink blobs and green blobs (due to their very high intelligence they had no racial problems on their planet). All of them had a huge hunger for beautiful young human girls and where able to pay for them.

Captain Hardo of the Cygnus made the deal with the blob leader. The deal was about to sell another 1000 young girls as blob food.

After the deal was made the leader of the blobs invited the male crew and the remaining female cattle to join their human female dinner party.

For this event 100 of the blob doomed girls where dressed in sheer to waist future nylon pantyhose (a synthetic fabric that was much thinner and softer then the nylons of the 21th’s century) and future synthetic very short dresses.

The young human girls in their sexy outfits where led to a large room full of about 20 transparent, pink or green blobs.

The girl’s giggled getting aroused by the hungry slimy creatures ready to dissolve them.

None of the girls was frightened about their fate knowing that they would die slowly digested in the slime creature’s protoplasm.

The first girl who stepped into the front of a transparent blob was a teenage beautiful blond named Julia. The blob stood still as she dropped herself face first into the slimy mass. The transparent slime quickly engulfed her sexy body as she wriggled in the centre of the slime.

Soon the pretty teenage girl’s tiny body was engulfed completely in the thick transparent blob. The protoplasm quickly found its way into her three holes and started penetrating her deeply. The doomed girl was lying in a pool of slime and the audience could see her climaxing face through the transparent goo. The blobs where able to keep the girls alive as long as they wanted, providing their lungs with oxygen and holding back the digestion until they felt ready to eat. For some reason the blobs liked to play with their food before they dissolved them. Raping, molesting and humiliating their young doomed bodies, maybe just to demonstrate their power over those lost little bitches.

Julia’s tiny womb, bowels and stomach got filled with large amounts of the sticky content. Soon her torso inflated like a balloon as the pretty blond continued squirming, kicking and silently screaming inside her fatal lover.

Then the blob suddenly decided that it was time for supper as he activated his digestive process.

A touch of agony mixed into the ecstatic expression of Julia’s face, as she felt a tingle inside her body and on her skin. However the sexual pleasure was much higher than the pain of the digestion. Julia got even more turned on by the mild pain. Realizing that the blob had started to dissolve her excited her more and more. She would make the experience of her short life now, the reason why she was born: to be food for a hungry alien.

First her nylon clothes then her skin started to melt, fading like dust and becoming one with her predator. Most of her inner organs where already turned into a slimy mass and the rest of her gorgeous young body melted like ice in the sunshine. She lost consciousness in an orgasmic bliss as the rest of what was left of Julia dissolved in the fatal slime, feeding the blob with her nutrients and making him grow larger.

Then nothing of Julia could be seen anymore inside the transparent blob. Julia was now a part of the blob. Julia was no more…

The two other girls where deeply aroused and scared at the same time, witnessing her girlfriend getting molested and absorbed in such an obscene way. However they made no attempt to flee, their sexual senses of becoming food was much stronger than their sense to survive.

Aziza, a black haired oriental girl with huge d-cup breasts and a curvy, slightly overweight body walked to the pink blob and without hesitating she pressed her pretty face inside the sticky goo of the blob.

The blob quickly engulfed her head and her shoulders, working itself over her large breasts. Aziza panicked as her head was inside the thick mass, making her impossible to breath. But the blobs slime soon invaded her throat and filled up her lungs, providing his prey with oxygen.

As Aziza realized she wouldn’t drown, she relaxed, allowing her predator to consume her in peace. Her breasts, her stomach and her ass got slowly sucked into the fatal body of the blob. Only her nylon clad legs where kicking violently outside of the alien. Soon they also got covered by the thick slime and the audience could see her pretty pink polished toe nails inside her nylons drowning inside the slimy mass.

As Aziza’s young body was swimming in a pool of slime, she received the same treatment as Julia. After a long time of molesting and humiliation while her 3 fuckholes got filled up with huge amounts of the blob’s slimy content, the digestive process started.

Slowly Aziza’s astonishing sexy body was getting transformed into blob’s mass. Melting from inside and outside she felt her body getting squishier like pudding. Her face grimace inside the pink blob’s body showed an expression of great sexual relief with a mix of slight agony. Her nylon lingerie, than her hair and her skin where liquefied in a very sensual way inside the merciless hungry space blob.

The scene was just like an ice cube in a pretty women’s shape that slowly disappeared in hot water. After no more of her once gorgeous sexy body could be seen inside the blob, Maeve the Irish red head 19 year’s old girl who was all the time masturbating furiously, while watching her young girlfriends dying inside those merciless mean creatures, stepped in front of the green blob.

Maeve knew it was her time to get devoured now. Very aroused about what she had witnessed and very excited about that her time had come now to donate her young body to a mean alien carnivorous being, the young Irish girl (who was breed in the “Irish female human food factories”), sat on her pretty ass before the space blob and pushed her future nylon covered legs into the thick mass of her green blob. As being Irish she loved the idea of giving herself to a green blob, the national colour of her country.

The alien blob sure didn’t give a damn about those stupid different traditions of those for him degenerated female humans. For him the beautiful Irish girl with her long curled hair was just a piece of meat to devour, just like all the other many young pretty female humans he had devoured before.

The Green mass soon covered her nylon clad feed, sucking her legs deeper into his body until his slime touched between her nylon covered legs. The fluids easily penetrated their self through the thin fabric of her hose and started to penetrate her little cherry. The thick slime pushed into her tight vagina and dilated her tiny cervix, pushing the slimy goo deep into her little womb.

Maeve started to climax furiously, as the thick protoplasm invaded her tiny womb, filling it up with thick slime until bursting. Then the blob stretched itself over her little breasts and engulfed her to her neck. Only her head remained outside the blob as she moaned in deep pleasure.

Then her beautiful young face got engulfed by the blob. The thick protoplasm stretched over her pretty young face, covering her head and slurping in her long hair. Now Maeve was swimming inside the hungry blob who continued molesting her 3 fuckholes with his slime.

After a while of molesting his young victim, the blob began to digest Maeve. The huge amounts of digestive blob slime inside her body started to dissolve her inner organs like her vagina, womb, bowels, her stomach, lungs and every other inner parts. The inside of her torso was slowly transformed into thick nutrious goo.

At the same time her skin got melted from her outside, as the pretty young teen girl’s body just disappeared in the slimy blob’s inside. The pretty young Irish female felt every part of her digestion inside her slimy predator. But her sexual arousal about to be eaten by this mean space blob was much more intensive then the pain of her digestion.

Her beautiful young body got slowly turned into blob’s slime from her inside and outside at the same time. Maeve squirmed in orgasmic ecstasy as she felt her gorgeous young body dissolve inside the blob. She knew that this was her end, that she would die in an orgasmic state inside her merciless predator. But she didn’t mind at all. This had been her fantasy for whole of her life. The reason for her existence, to be food for nasty aliens.

The audience watched the pretty young red head as she disappeared inside the green blob until she was all gone.

Emily got aroused and frightened at the same time, witnessing her mates getting devoured by this merciless hungry aliens. Knowing this would be her fate too some day, she relaxed masturbating and longing for her own devouring.

The party continued as the hungry blobs devoured the rest of the 100 girls, turning their gorgeous bodies into slime. The blobs accepted the human female cattle as a-class food and the deal was made. Space ship Cygnus soon continued to travel to distant spaces for trading with other different alien species…

The Breeders

The Breeders are a very special alien species. Looking like huge brown slimy slugs they where not able to reproduce themselves without the help of other species. Young female humans where perfect for their needs. Although the breeders long time ago where a very powerful nation invading different worlds and abusing the female population for their needs, now their military power was gone and they where forced to trade with other planets to fulfil their needs to survive.

The deal was 60 breeding girls for 2000 pieces of gold pressed latinum which was a good price for those worthless cheap female slaves.

Emily was one of the girls that were chosen. A guard picked her up at her prison and guided her to the alien ship.

“You are lucky little slut, you are sold to the breeders and that means you still have the chance to survive”, the guard told her.

“What do you mean I have a chance to survive”, Emily asked with fear in her eyes.

“Well the breeders use their victims to impregnate to reproduce themselves. After a girl has given life to one of their children the victim is set free. Well of course most of their victims are getting absorbed inside the belly of those beasts after giving birth because the impregnation of their cattle demands lots of energy. A breeder usually digests his victim after she has become a mother for their alien children to regain power again. But some of the girls get spit out of their belly and remain alive”.

“How many girls do survive this procedure?”

“I would say about 5 percent, the others remain in the slime pot of those beasts and their body provides those aliens with nutrients while being digested alive”.

Emily was shivering. “So I have only a 5 percent chance to survive this procedure?” Emily asked.

“Well yes, better than nothing, you should be thankful for your fate you little worthless slut”, the guard answered.

Emily knew he was right. She knew that her life had no value at all, she was just a piece of pretty meat designed to serve in a sexual way and to become food for any kind of disgusting aliens. She always accepted her life for what she was and never regretted her destiny. She was proud of what she was. She was thankful for her life and was aware of her duties.

Emily was led to a room with the other 59 young girls. Dozens of the breeder slugs where awaiting them. Each girl stepped naked in front of their breeder, kissed them on their slimy mouth and said: “Take me my love I am your slave and I will give birth to your children and nourish you with my body if you want”.

Tentacles shot out of the aliens mouth engulfing their pretty victims. Some girls screamed in fear knowing what was awaiting them, but most of the girls accepted their fate being proud to sacrifice their very young tender bodies to the higher purpose of those alien gods.

So was Emily. With love in her eyes she allowed the slimy tentacles to wrap around her shapely body and drag her to the toothless mouth of the alien slug. The rubber like warm mouth of the beast sucked her head slowly down as her shoulders, her breasts and her hips followed. Her dangling pretty legs still outside where soon sucked into the maw too and Emily was travelling through a tight, warm and wet tunnel down to the alien’s tummy. With a splosh she entered the goey breeding sack which was full of 4 inch thick long tentacles. Soon those tendrils found their way into her 3 orifices pumping her stomach, bowels and womb full of thick slimy alien seed until bursting.

Emily was in heaven, getting the best non-stop orgasm of her life while the tentacles where merciless abusing her young body.

All 3 tendrils shot their semen at the same time into Emily’s body. She felt like she was exploding, her bowels, stomach and womb filled until bursting with the alien’s seed. Although it was so degrading and painful, Emily didn’t feel any pain, only pleasure and true addiction to the alien slug.

After 3 days lying in the alien’s breeding chamber, Emily realized her stomach was growing larger. Something was moving inside her body and she knew it was the alien child she would soon give birth to. The next 4 days her abdomen swelled to an unbearable limit. She could feel the alien moving feverishly inside her womb and she knew the time to give birth had come.

The next day it was about time. The baby alien pushed itself through her cervix into her vagina, wanting to get out. Emily thought she would explode but the strange alien liquids kept her in a state of a steady orgasm she never experienced before. Emily was screaming at the top of her lungs in ecstasy and agony as the baby slug dropped out of her young pussy.

The little slimy alien slug crawled with his little tentacles over his mother’s body. Sucking on her tits and bushing his small tendrils into her mothers 3 orifices. Emily felt wonderful again. All her female dreams of becoming a mother where reality now. She knew that in those times becoming a mother was very rare and she was aware what a privileged status she had reached. The joy of being a mother and have given new life made her burst out in tears. She loved her new alien child so much and realized she would do anything for him. If her breeder needed her young body as food to protect their child she was ready for this. She felt so much love for her baby a feeling 1000 times stronger than any other mother had.

“Please take me and absorb me in your stomach” Emily plaid to her predator. “I am willing to offer my young and tender body for the sake of you and our child. This is all I ever wanted in my whole life, please, please let me melt into you, let me become nourishment for you and our child. I am willing to donate my body and soul for the health of you. Take me, absorb me, digest me, I am all yours, I want to be with my husband and my child forever together”, Emily sobbed.

But the breeder slug was a very healthy strong alien. He needed no more proteins for himself and his little alien child. He held his child inside his body to grow up and spat Emily out.

Emily was lying in a huge amount of thick alien slime as she was crying like crazy. She experienced the greatest thing every woman longed for in those times. To become a mother and give birth to a new life. Now her baby was taken away and she felt so alone. No one who would love her and take care of her like a loving alien husband. And no one would give her the love of a child even if it was an alien baby. Still it was her baby whom she gave birth to.

Covered in a thick puddle of alien slime she laid in a fetal position crying and sobbing, thinking of the safe loving place inside the slug where she could have remained. The guards grabbed her by her arms and chest as they dragged her back into her prison.

Many of the other girls weren’t so lucky as Emily.

Only 3 of the 60 girls survived this impregnation. After the other 57 girls had given birth to the alien slugs all off them remained in the breeding / digesting chamber of the slugs. Their tender young bodies never had the chance to escape the slug’s tummy. Their very young tender bodies got melted alive into slime inside the slugs digesting chamber. Their bodies dissolved still living into a nutrient girl’s soup inside the mean alien slime slugs. And none of them regret their destiny. Now they fulfilled their aim of life for what they where designed. As their bodies slowly dissolved slowly and painless into a thick slimy paste, to nourish their new family.

Emily was still crying in agony, realizing she had just lost her first baby and the father of her child just threw her away like a cheap piece of meat. She had given birth, a privilege that not many girls those times could share, she wanted to raise her child and was willing do anything for it, even donate her young body for nourishment. But the father of her child decided to spit her out. She was envious of the other young mothers who where still lying in the alien’s bellies getting slowly digested alive.

The guards threw the still crying slime engulfed young girl back into her cell…

to be continued...


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