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by Reddwg15

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© Copyright 2009 - Reddwg15 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; giantess; swallow; digest; nc; X

The starfighter handled easier than you would have expected it to in the atmosphere. Only ten minutes ago did you pick up the enemy craft on your radar. The computer identified the ship as a Red Scout, one of the worst small craft in the alien's arsenal.

The aliens, you think to yourself. The damn aliens, infinately smart and in astounding numbers. It has been twenty years since the war began. Since the first encounter, in which over 25,000 colonists perished as their Colony Cruiser was torn to shreds by enemy fighters, Earth has set up a huge defensive net, able to shoot down any large alien ships coming into their range. Since no large warships were able to break through the net (the aliens tried several times) the aliens did the only logical thing. Using their advanced technology, they shrunk themselves and their warships to very tiny sizes. Until they could find a way to shut Earth's defensive net down, they would stay like this, infiltrating Earth a bit at a time.

When the Terran Defense Force (TDF) found out about the new threat, they began to fund a major project that would shrink a large fraction of the Terran Fleet down to the scale of the aliens. You were a pilot aboard one of the Command Cruisers that was shrunk. Your ship was a Strikeship, a craft with V shaped wings and a flat back, but otherwise similar looking to a modern fighter jet.

When you picked up the Red Scout on your sensors, you knew immediately that you had to get within range of your communications jammer. The small, red umbrella shaped ship darted about above a small neighborhood with ease. It's rear facing particle accelerator (disintegrator that has a nasty habit of inflicting the area surrounding the disintegration with massive radiaton levels) began to open fire on you. Being an ace pilot, you dodged and weaved with extreme ease. Your lasers couldn't get a lock, thanks to the material that made up the damn thing's hull, so you fired wildly and strafed the air around the small enemy craft. It couldn't be permitted to get far enough away to send it's radio signals, which it could broadcast clear across the galaxy, regardless of obstacles, in an instant.

You had just started to finally get a bead on the Scout, when, to your surprise, it dives right into the open window of a house, passing through the screen. Swearing that you wouldn't loose him now, you pull up on the stick and follow him in.

The inside of the house is a real obstacle course. Apparently, the daughters of the household decided to throw a party and invited a bunch of other beautiful girls over. Right now, they were in the middle of digging into some chips and dip. The Red Scout had darted under a coffie table as it frantically tried to get out of your jammer's range, presumably to request for backup.

You continued strafing the air in front of you with lasers while dodging the Scout's return fire. As it reached the other end of the table, it pulled up a did a loop. You follow it in a heartbeat onto the buffett table, rolling right side up again as you do so. Your ship is barely half a centimeter long, so it's no trouble to dodge the people and the food platters. From your point of view, it seems the two of you are skimming the table, no more than what seemed to you to be five feet above it.

The Scout was putting distance between you. An idea popped into your head. Making sure your parachute was secured to your back, you reached for the warhead controls. Arming all the warheads and setting the laser power packs to overload, you fire the Strikeship's afterburners and send it straight toward the little alien craft. When you are sure you're not going to miss, you eject at the last second.

As you begin to descend after reaching your maximum trajectory, you pull the cord for your parachute. As it opens and your fall slows, you look up to see your ship smash into the Red Scout, but not explode. The Red Scout is knocked off course and spirals until it hits an electrical socket near the bottom of a nearby wall. Your ship flies upwards and smashes through a light bulb, making a tiny little flash inside the glass. None of the girls seem to notice.

Heaving a sigh of releaf, you look down to where you are falling and see a tall, full wine cup rising up to meet you. Frantically, you twist about, trying to make the parachute carry you away from the wine cup. Because of all your thrashing, the string snaps and the parachute flutters away while you plummet straight down.

With a splash, you fall into the red liquid. Everything around you becomes distorted until you reach the surface. The rim of the glass is well over what seems like twenty feet. You're not getting out of this one.

Even as you begin to float on your back, trying to think of ways out, a tall shadow looms over you. Gazing up, you see one of the girls standing over you, her hand on the wine glass you float in as she looks at some of her friends.

She is absolutely beautiful. Her long, black hair falls in curls down over her shoulders and to her buttocks. Her lips are full, her breasts are well developed, and her belly forms a perfect hourglass. She is hispanic, that much you could tell from a glance. She wears a brown vest buttoned only once at her clevage to show off her smooth belly and deep navel. She wears brown pants as well. To you, she seems well over ten thousand feet tall, but since you are just less than a millimeter tall yourself, she's probably only five foot seven.

While you are admiring the girl for her beauty, the world around you suddenly shifts and spins. The girl's face becomes closer now, larger. You begin to think ten thousand feet in comparison to you is an understatement. As the glass nears her face and begins to tilt, you begin to frantically swim toward the far end of the glass.

Too late. The giantesses cavernous maw, which must be over a hundred feet across, opens and the wine spills like an ocean over her tongue, down her throat, and into her belly. You can't swim fast enough and are beginning to be sucked backwards. The glass tilts some more and shadows begin to overtake your field of vision. The next instant, you look to either side of you and find yourself passing in between her bottom front teeth. At the next instant, the wine recedes down her dark throat and her mouth closes.

You lay on your stomach, face down in the very middle of the girl's tongue. Surprisingly, you can still see. Her teeth seem to stretch well over three stories each. Her mouth appears so big it seems as though it can hold a football stadium. Her throat is well over eight stories tall. The girl's uvula hangs down to just seemingly inches above her tounge at the back of her throat. Her tonsils are huge, pulsating red boulders. Saliva secretes from her tongue and you slip in every step. If you can make it to the edge of her tongue and get underneath it, you should be all right.

As you start your walk, however, a light comes from the front of the girl's mouth. You turn in shock to watch her teeth slowly part as the wine begins to gush in over her gums, between her teeth, over her tongue like a big tidal wave. You don't know where to go. The wave picks you up and carries you toward the girl's esophagus. As you sweep toward your doom, you grasp onto her uvula just as it reflexively rises to cover the path leading up to her nose.

Her uvula seems as big around to you as the trunk of a sequoia tree, so you grab onto a loose patch of flesh and dig your fingers in. You can't hold on for very long, it's just too slippery with saliva. Wine continues roaring underneath you and down the girl's throat like a waterfall. Saying one last prayer, you let your fingers slip and you spiral head over heels, flipping over and over as you plummet down the girl's long throat. With a splash, you find yourself in the girl's belly. You try to get up and walk but you are waist deep in powerful acid. It isn't long before your legs melt out from under you and you plummet head-first into her digestive juices. The acid covers your head and darkness soon overtakes you.



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