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Stephanie Awakens

by R_U_Snacksize

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© Copyright 2022 - R_U_Snacksize - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; vore; death; extreme; giantess; shrink; digest; insert; buttplug; swallow; oral; nc; XXX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

The year is 2124, 104 years after the start of the 2nd American Civil War...a war that changed the entire world. Almost every nation was involved. The Second American Civil War turned into World War III. Decades of fighting upended the status quo forever.

The election of 2016 was brutal but not as brutal as the 2020 election. Neither major party would budge at all. Both were being played by the wealthy elites, both American and non American uber-rich wanted to remake the Earth to satisfy their twisted vision.

The UN had secretly determined that the world could not support more than 3 billion people for long. The current population was nearly 8 billion.

Promises of a One World Government had been floated for decades, but now the elites across the globe almost had it in their grasp. But too many poor and hungry people were causing problems, too many people wanting to keep their freedoms were causing others.

A solution to the overpopulation and the poor and nonproductive and the resistance problems was finally discovered. Genetic manipulation. Through food and beverage and the very air they breathed. Vaccines and other shots were laced with the retroviruses that the elites hoped would rid them of the anchor weighing their dreams of total global domination down.

Fast food was pushed even more towards the poor and the workers that had little time to prepare home cooked meals. Fast food that was laced with the genetic changing biological attack. The results were either hyper aggression which led to the "problem" people fighting each other and killing off most of them or passivity which resulted in easily ruled people. A side effect of the passivity trait was smaller physical stature.

The average male height in 2020 was 5'9", by 2124 it was 23 inches for the passives as they were called. The average female height went from 5'4" to 21 inches for this group. Males were more than 4 times as likely to have this condition compared to females. 45% of males and 10% of females suffer from this. Puberty for passives was delayed for several years, but when they finally reached it they had more than 4 times as many children as the 2020 rate.

The aggressives had a nearly 10% height increase during the same time. Aggressives could easily blend in with 2020 people, well at least the ones with anger issues. Puberty for aggressives was nearly the same as for 2020. Females were twice as likely to be aggressives as males. 20% of males and 40% of females have this condition. Aggressives going through puberty often had more severe mood swings and less self-control. Passives could have aggressive children and aggressive parents could have passive children.

Less than 1% of the elites suffered either effect since they never consumed the viruses that the lower classes did, the elites had vaccines that also provided almost 100% immunity.

Over the last 4 decades the virus mutated beyond what the elites thought possible.


This is the story of one mixed family.


Brittni was an aggressive, but only slightly. Her husband Dave was a passive, but not fully. Their daughter Stephanie was full on aggressive, standing 4 inches over her 5'11" mother and twice her father's height. Their very passive youngest child Dale disappeared when he was entering his teens and stood a meager 14 inches at the time he went missing. That was not a rare occurrence when the oldest child was like Stephanie and the youngest like Dale.

As to how Brittni and Dave met and started a family? They had mutual friends and their parents were all normies. They grew up together and never thought anything was weird about their friendship.

One year earlier.

An upset Stephanie was sulking in her room because she was not allowed to go to her friends' party since she had to stay home and take care of her brother Dale. Her parents went out for their very rare date night the same night of the party where she was going to finally ask a boy at school to be her boyfriend. Frank was dreamy and tall and strong and all she could think of day and night. Her hormones were running in overdrive, at the puberty stage of the average 17 or 18 year old in 2020 and still a virgin thanks to her dad she wanted some release. And tonight was supposed to be that release!

As she angrily thought about what sex with Frank would be like. "Would he be as big down there as his broad shoulders? Would it hurt? What if he was one of those backdoor guys?" She was becoming more and more upset with every passing thought. She could not fill her hunger for Frank or her hunger for food until her parents returned. All because of Dale.

"Always needing help with everything! Get his food, carry him here and there, watch him and keep him safe. All Dale was was a burden. What was Dale good for besides being a pain in the ass?" As soon as that thought crossed her mind she felt a twinge, a good twinge, down there. "Dale was very small for a person. But very big for something else, was Frank as big where it counted? Maybe Frank was bigger? They called him Footlong for some reason."

She instantly knew what to do, Dale would finally be good for something and be useful! He was going to be her tool to be able to handle Frank. She tried to push these thoughts from her head. She scolded herself. What was she thinking? Using Dale as a dildo and in all places her butt? Nope, not happening she told herself.

"Did Frank like her butt? She was not overly endowed on her chest and heard that a lack of a rack was made up for by a great butt. Well she lacked the rack so maybe Frank did like her butt. Oh now what? Frank almost certainly liked her butt since that had to be the only thing good about her! It will hurt, she thought, will he use lubrication?"

And at that exact moment a beep on her phone. Dale. Needed help getting a bath before bedtime. And she had to bathe him. And dress him and tuck him in nice and warm. "Would Frank be tucked in nice and snug and warm in her depths? No, stop that! Get that thought out of your head!"

Another beep and then a third. Dale was impatient and wanted his bath NOW. She read his message. Once. Twice. Three times. "Get your head out of your ass and take care of me!"

Still she tried to bathe him and not think about feeling him slip inside her. She slowly soaped his body up and down imagining Frank's member in her hands. She wanted to taste him, to feel him inside her, all the way inside her.

"Earth to Steph! Wake up! You're squeezing me!"

"Ohhhh. Sorry I was day dreaming"

"Well get your head out of your ass and dry me off and put on my lotion"

As she absent mindedly rubbed his lotion all over his body and thought that must be how it would feel lubricating Frank.

"HEY! Stop that!"

She looked down and had covered him head to toe in his moisturizing lotion, his entire body was slippery.

Unfortunately for Dale the first time in his life that he was not passive and instead spoke out for what he wanted was exactly the moment Stephanie was struggling to push those thoughts from her head. Dale had doomed himself. Stephanie thought if anyone's head was going in her ass it would be Dale's. And she wouldn't stop there.

At that she lost it. Lifting her skirt with 1 hand and Dale with the other she maneuvered him for rear entry.

She would be ready for Frank, she could do this, she had to do this. For Frank.

With a deep breath she pushed his head against her virgin hole. The sphincter resisted for a few moments before one hard push back with her hips and one push forward with her hand and suddenly Dale's world went dark. He could not believe it! His head was in his sister's ass! Her ring was so tight around his neck he worried he might be strangled. Slowly his shoulders started entering.

It was much more enjoyable for Stephanie than for Dale. He tried struggling but with his arms pinned to his sides by her incredibly strong and tight anal seal all he could do was wiggle his legs. Which slowly entered her rectum as well. Soon he was completely inside her. She loved the feeling and imagined it was Frank while she masturbated. Her orgasm almost crushed Dale. As soon as her post orgasmic bliss left she let Dale out.

Now he threatened to tell mom and dad! She would go to a special prison for this! Oh no! Mom and Dad just pulled into the driveway! They were a few hours early! What to do? What to do?

"Shut up Dale! Be quiet!" Of course Dale would not follow her orders. She was going to be in so much trouble if he told on her! She would be grounded until going to the most terrible jail ever! She would never see Frank, never be with Frank. Suddenly she knew what to do. Far less gently this time, Dale was sent to her insides. She quickly straightened herself up and went down to greet her parents.

"Stephanie! How was Dale? Thanks for watching him," her mom said.

"Well you know Dale, I thought he might be a pain in the ass, but in the end he was a pleasure to have here. He is sleeping after our long day of play."' She would figure out to keep Dale from telling after their parents were asleep.

Mom's phone rang and she had to go help her passive mom. Dave told her he would stay home and make sure Dale was fine, after all Dale was sleeping soundly in bed so how hard could it be? Besides Stephanie was there too. With a kiss Brittni left for her mother's home.

"Stephanie, there is still time for that party…" her dad gave her the good news 10 minutes later.

With a flash she was out the door.

She soon made her way to the party and Frank was there with several girls swooning around him. Stephanie almost shoved them aside to claim her man, but stopped when she felt Dale wriggle. She couldn't get Frank alone when Dale was there!

"Think, think, think. Where can I hide Dale that no one here will know? The backside was out of the question! What about her front? No! What if Frank wanted that too?" She thought to herself. She had 1 hole left to hide him, her mouth. She knew what needed to be done. Excusing herself to freshen up she mentally prepared herself for what was about to happen.

She was going to wash Dale, and then she was going to hide him in her mouth. As she was washing him she was thinking head first or feet first? Each had advantages and disadvantages. Head first would be easier and would keep him from being heard if he yelled. But he would not be able to breathe easily. Feet first he could breathe every time she parted her lips slightly, but he would almost certainly scream and her night with Frank ruined forever. Head first it was. Surprisingly Dale tasted fairly good. She would definitely taste him more often after this night.

Dale was, fortunately for her, passed out from his ordeal and could not argue, struggle or make any noise while she hastily washed him and then stretched her lips around his head. He was small but his head was still the largest thing she ever tried putting in her mouth! Finally his head popped in and scared her. She tried to pull him out but with his head behind her teeth it just wouldn't work. His chin kept hanging up on the edge of her teeth. She had to go through with this now. With a final resolve and promising herself that she would find a way to get him back out after the party she resumed pushing him further into her mouth. His shoulders took some effort and now his head was causing her gag reflex. Closing her eyes and thinking about going down on Frank she imagined she was performing oral sex and gagging would not do. It took all of her will power and concentration to slowly engulf more and more of her brother. Until she could close her mouth with his feet just inside her teeth. It was hard to breathe and she could not talk, but she could be with Frank now.

Rushing out and grabbing Frank by the arm she was on a mission. Frank was hers and she was claiming him this instant. She rushed Frank to an unused bedroom.

She rapidly pulled Frank's pants down and off, she needed this! She promised herself to make it up to Dale in the morning so he would never tell anyone, but now she had a job to do. Make Frank hers!

Until Frank spoke. "Stephanie, while you're down there."

Stephanie looked up, she was still kneeling between his legs after removing his pants.

Suddenly understanding what Frank wanted. Oral sex. With Dale hidden in her mouth and throat. Her brother, her only sibling. Or Frank. Dreamy, handsome, desirable Frank. Her Frank. Who would leave her and go get one of those other girls to go down on him. That could not happen. With a shrug she swallowed. Dale slid down half an inch more. Another swallow. And another. It took forever, it seemed, to get his shoulders down her throat. As soon as his shoulders entered her stomach his legs slipped the rest of the way easily. She mentally assured herself that Dale would be okay for now. She would free him as soon as she satisfied Frank.

Little Frank as she called his package was huge, as big as Dale. She was glad Dale stretched her out and got her ready for this. Frank was glad too without knowing the reason she could deep-throat the entire thing. No one else had ever done that.

Poor Dale started to awaken after he was dumped in his sister's belly. He moved around and maneuvered to a sitting position, the movements causing a pleasing flutter in Stephanie. She rather enjoyed the feeling of him there. She was going to do this again. Now she concentrated on pleasing Frank. It was her first time and she decided to do whatever made Frank moan and stop whatever did not make him moan. Dale tried standing up and feeling around his prison. He managed to somehow get his hands up into her esophagus. Soon his head was squeezing through her esophageal sphincter. Little Frank slammed into Dale's outstretched hands. Neither knew when they felt. For Dale it was less pleasurable than for Frank. Little Frank completely stopped Dale's escape. Even worse, Frank did not last more than a few minutes. The spams of both Frank and Stephanie and Stephanie's swallowing forced Dale back down into his sibling's stomach. He was exhausted and running low on breathable air. As he passed out he still did not know where he was.

Stephanie smiled at Frank and exclaimed her love for him, she was so happy that could make him finish that way. Frank wanted more. With her jaws sore from being stretched so far from both Dale and Little Frank she dutifully turned around and bent over. Frank eagerly finished for the night that way, falling asleep on top of Stephanie, preventing her from leaving.

Keeping her from freeing Dale. She forgot about Dale as she fell asleep herself.

The best luck Dale had the entire evening was that he was unconscious and unfeeling when digestion started in earnest.

Stephanie woke up the next morning and had forgotten Dale, until her stomach rumbled. Guilt swept over her until Frank mumbled in his sleep and wrapped an arm around her and snuggled against her. It was worth it, she thought. Dale would never have had a normal life, he was little more than a parasite. He was helpless. The only thing he could do was help her prepare for Frank and he was no longer needed for that. He had no use for anyone. It was all his fault for not being bigger or strong enough to stop her or tough enough to not get digested. What man couldn't get away from a young girl? No real man. Dale wasn't a real man, he was just something to be used. And she used him. By the time she was finished rationalizing it to herself she thought she deserved it.

One month ago

They had a long loving marriage. Until Dale's disappearance. Both were devastated and neither could support the other in such difficult times. Brittni began to feel contempt for the father who could not even watch his two children while she worked and provided for the entire family. Stephanie was only 15 and could not work yet, Dave could not provide much of an income due to his lesser physical abilities to do manual labor and as a child of a non-elite family he was forbidden to go past 8th grade in school so he could not get an office job. Poor missing Dale would have just turned 14 when his mother told the family that she was leaving. She chose that day because it was the 1 year anniversary of Dale's disappearance. His 13th birthday was his last.

Dave had to raise Stephanie for three more years and guide her towards a less volatile lifestyle, somehow. While her mother was still there she had convinced her father to allow Frank to visit and Stephanie to date him. Within a few weeks of her mother's departure her father put an end to that.

She needed Frank, Stephanie just knew another girl was taking care of her man and that would not do. She had planned what to say and how to say it to her dad over the last 4 weeks. She will date Frank and Frank will visit whenever she wants and that was it. Until Daddy said NO.

Stephanie had other ideas. She was having strange ideas and desires ever since she was 12 when she heard of the law of 16. This law made it legal for an aggressive child of 16 to live as an adult if no parents were there to provide for the child. She could be free in a year if her dad left her, or have at least 3 more years of living by his far too strict rules. The problem was that he would never leave her...unless he disappeared the same way her brother had.

Every day, many times a day, over 4 weeks she had practiced swallowing larger and larger items. She measured the inside of Dave's hat to make sure she could get something that round down to her tummy. She would not be kept from Frank much longer.

Present day.

"Daddy", in her sweetest little girl voice she could manage.

"What is it, princess?" Dave replies.

"We need to talk again"

"If it's about Frank, the answer is still no," sighed Dave.

"Do you know what happened to Dale?" Stephanie asked in a mockingly sweet manner.

"His note said he ran away to be with others of his size."

"I ate him. For getting in the way of me being with Frank. Swallowed him whole. And alive."

Nervously Dave squeaks out "well I am much much bigger and you will never be able to do that with me."

Before Dave can escape Stephanie grabs him and starts licking and sucking on the crown of his dead. Even his adrenaline fueled attempts to stop her do nothing but make her more determined. Slowly her lips part wider and wider and his head creeps inside his voracious daughter.

Whimpering as her lips slide across his eyes and then his nose. Only to be stopped when her lips sealed his mouth and worked down his neck.

Inch by inch she takes her father deeper into her. Until his shoulders prevent further movement. Twisting and turning and sucking as well eventually force Dave to continue into the depths of his own child. Unlike when she consumed Dale, Stephanie does not enjoy the taste. Duh Dave was still dressed!. Stephanie pulls him out a little, Dave thinking she had finally come to her senses.

Stephanie only releases him enough to rip his shirt off and then proceeds to work his shoulders back inside her mouth. Her tongue rolling up and down his body bringing his sweaty taste of fear to her. Yes! Delicious! Even better than Dale! Stephanie knows she will do this with other passives when she has the chance. She also knows she has no intent of freeing her father alive.

Licking and tasting her father while she works on removing the rest of his clothes she wonders if he stopped struggling due to realizing it is pointless, he decided he wanted this or the lack of fresh air made him pass out. As soon as his shoulders enter her throat and her lips form a tight seal around his waist she gently presses her teeth into his skin.

A flurry of movement from her doomed meal tells her he is awake and the renewed struggles excite her. This was almost as good as sex with Frank!

Stephanie thought of snakes swallowing mice whole, how they walk their jaws down their prey. She starts nibbling as she swallows, each nibble brings more wriggling which in turn brings her more enjoyment.

Dave slowly descends toward his daughter's stomach, his face pressed against the sphincter above it. The last door before certain death. His head was a tight fit through this opening but each swallow and push on his legs applies more pressure until his head pops into her stomach. Surely his shoulders won't fit! Mentally grasping at anything to prevent his daughter from finishing eating him and digesting him he latched onto that thought. His shoulders were too wide, that must be why he stopped moving down.

On the outside Stephanie rubs her throat, smiling around her dad's legs. Looking in the mirror and taking pics and videos. Time to finish this show.

Gulp, push. Gulp, push. Gulp, push. Finally those pesky shoulders enter Stephanie's waiting stomach. Picking up speed now the rest of his body quickly enters as well.

With a satisfied smirk Stephanie looks at her camera and says "Daddy should have listened. I told him what happened to Dale." Aiming the camera down to her swollen belly she giggles. "Sorry daddy, but you left me no choice."

"Stephanie, baby, please spit me out! You can see Frank anytime you want!"

"Oh I know that daddy. I don't need to let you out for that."

Unfortunately for Dave, he is conscious and feels the pain when her body starts breaking him down to absorb his nutrients.

A final thought as Stephanie reached to turn off the camera. Frank is the only aggressive in a family of 6. 5 meals await.


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