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Supermans' Extra Superpower

by Andy W

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© Copyright 2015 - Andy W - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; superman; rescue; drug; lycra; bond; cuffs; shrink; tease; capture; mast; climax; swallow; absorb; vore; soft; cons/nc; X

I thought my day couldn’t get any more messed up, but boy was I wrong. It all started when I got on the wrong side of a bunch of thugs in the inner city. They decided I looked too “well off” for their part of town, in my torn jeans, ragged tee and sneakers, and had cornered me in a side alley, away from the main drag. I had had my wallet taken, my sneakers stolen, and they were in the process of removing my jeans when things changed.

I was facing away from them, trying to get away, tears pouring down my face from the humiliation, when a breeze shot down the alley from behind me (I could feel it across my butt cheeks as my jeans were at my ankles, in the hands of the thugs). I felt them stop fighting me, and felt their grip release me as they turned to start harassing the new visitor. I heard garbled conversation, but tried to pull my jeans back up as I heard the sounds of fighting start - I just wanted to get away from there as fast as I could. I ran towards the end of the alley, and came to the terrifying discovery that it was a dead end. I heard footsteps approaching slowly from behind me in the alley, and, terrified, turned around, expecting to see the thugs returning to finish what they had started. However, I was surprised with who it was. There, standing before me, with his muscles rippling against his tight lycra body suit, cape billowing in the light breeze of the alley, and red boots shining, was the man of steel himself, Superman.

I felt in awe being in his presence. I had always admired him, and had a secret crush on him since he had first arrived in the city. He was everything I wished I could be, muscley, powerful, sexy (not that I didn’t have some muscle. I was toned, but not bulked like he was). I had even had a tattoo of him done on my right thigh.

He kept walking right up to me, and said “Are you alright? Looks like those guys gave you a run over.” He was so close to me, and I could smell his cologne and breath. My god, I thought, this must be what ecstasy feels like.

“I’m fine thanks” was what I meant to say, but all that came out was a garble. I blushed red, and lowered my head. A strong hand came up from under my chin and gently raised it, so I ended up staring straight into the face of this incredible specimen. 

”What’s your name kid?” he asked.

“Josh” I finally replied after swallowing hard several times. I was so overcome with being this close to him, as he towered slightly taller than my 6’0 frame. I could feel myself getting harder as he spoke to me, and I was so glad I had managed to keep my jeans to cover up this fact.

Superman kept staring at me, his eyes were the most piercing blue. I felt that he was looking through my eyes, and could read every thought I was having. The feeling was intense.

All of a sudden, he reached down to his waist and produced a bottle of what looked like water. He handed it to me and said “Here Josh, drink this. You look like you need to be rehydrated after what happened. Get that down you, and then I’ll take you home, get you off these streets.”

”Thank you” I said, feeling mighty embarrassed by how turned on I was getting, but loving the thought of being carried home by the man of steel himself. As I looked down at the bottle he was offering to me, I made a point of taking in every detail of his body - I might not be this close to him again, I figured, so I thought I’d make the most of it. I undid the cap, and drank the bottle down in a couple of mouthfuls. It was nice and cool, and tasted crisp. I threw the bottle into a nearby trash can, and Superman said “Have you got everything Josh?”

I suddenly realised that I had lost my wallet and my shoes. There had been $50 in my wallet that I needed to get books for uni.

I garbled that I had lost my wallet, and shoes, but didn’t really care. I just wanted to get out of the alley, and try not to give my feelings away to Superman.

Again, he reached down towards his waist, this time my eyes following the movement of his hand, and he reached into the front of his speedos, and pulled out my wallet, which he handed to me. I didn’t know what to think. I was amazed he had recovered it, and turned on even more by where he had stashed it. I knew I had to treasure that wallet forever.

“I couldn’t get your shoes back, but I managed to save this” he said as he handed the wallet over. I stuffed it quickly in my pocket.

All the excitement and emotion was making me feel pretty lightheaded at this stage, and I began to stagger a little.

”Easy there” superman said, as I swayed a little more. He placed a lycra wrapped, muscular arm around my back, and before I knew what was going on, I was scooped up into his arms. I let myself relax into his hold, as I felt his muscles contract. Slowly he started lifting off the ground, and I could feel the air passing around me. I rolled my head to look at his face, my cock rousing a little more. I could feel myself leaking in my underwear from all the excitement. He turned his face towards me, and I caught a direct look into those piercing blue eyes again. He smiled at me and said “Let’s get you home.”

I opened my mouth to try and tell him where home was, but nothing came out. All of a sudden I felt too tired to even stay awake, and the last thing I recall is watching the smile on Superman’s face turn into a smirk as I passed out in his arms.


I could feel my thoughts spinning, and I suddenly became aware that I was in a nice warm bed. The sheets beneath me felt soft and luxurious, my arms by my side, and I was lying flat on my back. Something didn't quite seem right but I wasn’t too worried. As I became more aware of my surroundings, I recalled the events that had happened right before I passed out. I remember the attack, superman arriving, his massive form, then him carrying me into the sky to take me home.

Suddenly it hit me: I wasn't at home. I didn't have bedding this comfortable, and I never lay on my back. As I became more awake, I suddenly became aware that I wasn’t wearing my clothes, not even my own underwear, but instead what felt like a lycra suit, similar to the one Superman had been wearing. I also became aware of the fact that my wrists had cuffs on them. I tried to move my arms towards my face but they were held back.

I awoke immediately. I took in everything. I was in a bed in a huge underground cave that had been turned into what looked like a bedroom/laboratory. I was dressed in one of superman’s outfits alright and I was chained to a bed. I tried to lift my legs, but discovered my ankles were also tied up.

I heard footsteps approaching - the clicking of a solid heel against the concrete of the stairs that must have been just around the corner of the cave. I tried to struggle a bit more, to try and break the chains holding me to the bed. Then, around the corner came Superman, still in his suit, his cape flowing behind him as he walked. I stopped struggling as he walked up to the bed, stopping mere metres from where I lay.

“How did you sleep?” he asked staring down at me, his hands resting at his side.

“Very well” I replied, slightly confused by what was going on.

“I took the liberty of putting you in something a little more comfortable to sleep in. I noticed you like Superman, judging by the tattoo on your thigh” he said, with that smirk that I’d seen the previous night returning.

Blushing furiously I dropped my head to avoid his gaze. “Thank you. I’ve been an admirer for years. Since you moved to the city” I replied.

“Admirer huh? I would have thought you were more than a fan, by the way you “responded” to my touch last night.”

“Shit” I thought. He knows what I think of him.

“It’s ok” he replied. “I’m glad you like me. I like you too. I noticed you have a beautiful physique last night when I put you in one of my smaller suits. You look amazing” he said, and I noticed his hand gently brushing against his crotch. I stared, suddenly realising exactly why he was the man of “steel”.

“In fact, I would even go so far as to say, you look rather “TASTY””.

There was something in the way he said tasty, and the features of his face suggested that there was more to what he meant than just looks that could make him drool.

“What do you mean?” I asked, trying my hardest to hide that I thought he meant he was going to eat me.

“I mean you look good enough to eat” came the reply I had dreaded. His face was now one of pure indulgence. He was looking at me like I was little more than food. I struggled again, trying to break my bonds to get off the bed, and try and stand up. I would have felt less powerless had I been able to stand up beside him, rather than laid out like a buffet before him.

“It’s ok little one” he said. “You won’t stay in those chains for much longer. I’ll get you out of them in just a tick. But first, there’s something we need to do with you.”

“wh-wh-what are you going to do to me” I stammered.

“Well, I figured seeing as you like superman so much to have a tattoo of me on your body, you might like the opportunity to become part of mine” was his casual reply. “What’s going to happen is I am going to shrink you down to a size where you can slip out of those chains. I’m then going to give you a chance to escape this lab. If you can make it out that door” he said, turning to point at a blue door on the furthest part of the lab, “then you can go free. Otherwise, you will become part of your favourite superhero. And don’t even pretend you aren’t enjoying the thought. Your cock is giving you away!” he said, with an enormous smile on his face.

And he was right. As much as I didn’t want to become lunch, I was turned on to raging by the thought that I might end up inside the man of steel, and become part of that gorgeous body I had lusted over many times before.

Before I could process what was going to happen Supermans’ eyes turned brighter blue, and beams shot from his eyes directly at me. I could feel myself shrinking and shrinking, with his old suit still clinging tight to me. The shackles that had held my wrists were getting bigger by comparison as I shrank smaller and smaller. Through the haze of blue that surrounded me I could see superman grinning a wicked, satisfied grin. He looked like he was getting bigger and bigger, but I knew it was me getting smaller and smaller.

It wasn’t long before he stopped, and I quickly scrambled to my feet on the bed. I went to jump off the bed, but the height was too great. I looked up as superman’s’ hand came towards me, and before I could scream out “No” or run away, he had me firmly in his hand, and he lifted me off the bed. He started walking, to where I couldn’t tell, as my face was obscured by his giant hand. He came to a sudden stop, and I could feel myself being lifted up. He suddenly turned his hand, and opened his palm, so I was lying on it. He grabbed me by the scruff of the neck, and put me in a standing position on his palm. I stared into his giant face. I would have been barely the height of his chin to between his eyes. His lips curled into a smile, and I felt my stomach churn, thinking to myself I was about to pass through them, and become his meal.

He commanded to me “Turn around.” Feeling utterly terrified, and barely able to move, but afraid of what he could do to me if I didn’t obey, I followed his command. I turned on his hand, and found myself staring into a full length mirror. He moved his hand so that I was directly outside his stomach.

“Just think, you’ll be inside there soon” he said to me, with a laugh in his voice. I started shaking, which made him laugh out loud. As I continued to stare into the mirror part I could feel myself becoming aroused again. I had just noticed how I looked in his costume. I was like his handheld miniature.

He lowered me to the ground, and placed me next to his boot. I stood much shorter than it. I could have climbed onto the top of it, and still wouldn’t have reached the top of it.

“Ok, game on” he said. “Remember, you have to make it out the blue door before I get you if you want to survive. But, to be fair, I will give you a 30 second head start. 1, 2” he began counting. Shocked I stood there. It wasn’t until he reached 5 that I got the strength to start running.

I had never worn boots before, and running in them was difficult, and I could feel the miniature cape flowing out behind me. It was slowing me down. “Damn” I thought, “He’s got me no matter what.”

I dived under one of the lab tables, and found a hole into the inside of one of the cupboards. I climbed inside, just as I heard his booming voice say “Time’s up. Here I come.”

I sat inside the cupboard, and thought “How can I do this? He knows this place far better, and he will hear me running with these boots and cape. THINK.” Before I could think any further I heard footsteps on the move, and suddenly the cupboard door burst open. Without thinking, I dropped back down through the hole I came in through, as a giant hand races through where I had been sitting moments before. I started running towards the opposite side of the cupboard unit, but notice the red boots moving. I stopped running, and quickly turn to run back to where they had been moments ago, figuring that he expected me to run as far from him as possible. I reached the edge of the cupboard, and watched as the boots disappear around the corner of the cupboard, and out of sight behind a skirting board. “Now’s my chance” I thought to myself, and I started running back towards the bed.

Halfway across the floor, and I feel relieved. “I’m going to make it” I think happily.

Suddenly I feel a gust of wind blowing, almost as if coming from behind me. I struggle forwards, trying to not let the breeze hamper my progress. I take a moment to steal a glance over my shoulder to figure out where the breeze is coming from, only to be overcome with horror. Superman has spotted me, and is standing on the corner of the cupboard sucking the air in my direction. The force is so powerful, and I can feel him trying to suck me off the ground.

My feet leave the floor, and I feel completely helpless as I start flying through the air towards my giant hero turned villain.

I stare at his face, and see his lips puckered as he sucks me in. I take a quick moment to survey that amazing body that I longed to feel against me, only now to be feeling from the inside.

Feet first I fly into his mouth and am sucked in all the way up to my waist. I can feel my boots touching the back of his throat, suspended right above, where one quick swallow and I will never be seen again.

Superman moans a little as he starts licking my legs, butt and crotch with his massive tongue.

“Mmmmmm, you taste good” he says with my still halfway in his mouth. I can feel his tongue slapping me as he speaks, but he keeps me held firmly but gently in his teeth.

“The fear in you really makes you taste amazing.”

I stare up into his eyes, tears forming in mine as I realise my life is about to be reduced to nothing more than an erotic meal.

“Please, don’t do this” I plead. “I’ve been a good person all my life. Please don’t take it away, just to satisfy your craving.”

“But you taste simply amazing. You wouldn’t have me go hungry would you?” he says in mockery.

I feel his body moving, and suddenly feel his hand beneath me, fearful I am going to be pushed down his throat, or worse, pulled apart.

Suddenly he spits me out of his mouth, and I land in the palm of his hand, in a heap, saturated in his saliva. He moves his hand back so I can see his face clearly.

“Well, you didn’t put up much of a hunt there a few moments ago, but I guess I could extend your life a little longer” came the deep voice. “I love the feeling of a guy rubbing against my massive cock, and I’ve decided I’m going to let you have that pleasure.”

Relieved, I prepare myself to be returned to my normal size, thinking I can make a quick dash for the door again in some futile effort of a last ditch escape.

But just when this thought is forming, I feel the hand I am perched on lower, and see his other arm moving down as well, and pull the waistband of his speedo forward.

Before I realise it, I am parked in his speedo, next to his massive cock. It is thicker, and taller than I am, and it is truly hard as steel.

I look up, just in time to see him staring down at me and see a ball of his spit come falling down to land on top of me, and make me wet again. The last thing I see is his face as he lets go of the waistband, and I am trapped in his speedo next to his ragingly cock. I start moving, trying to find any chance of escape. I hear the massive superhero moan.

“Oh yeah, you feel good moving around like that. It sends shivers through my body.”

Suddenly my new prison starts to move and I feel his muscles moving around me. Suddenly the world is turned on its side, and I hear the creaking of bedsprings taking his weight.

Before I can react, something solid closes in around me through the speedo, gripping me tight and locking me against the massive cock.

He starts stroking, and suddenly it dawns on me: He is going to jack off his cock with me next to him.

The stroking gets more regular and faster.

“Fuck, I love this feeling. I don’t normally jack off with a hot little guy wrapped next to my cock.” I could feel myself getting aroused too, as my cock grinded against his. I was beginning to feel pure ecstasy, and felt myself cum. At that same moment I felt Superman’s body spasm, heard him moan, and knew what was about to happen.

With a massive burst the massive superhero blew a massive load of cum that flooded down from his cock, filling his speedo and completely covering me in his hot super juices. I couldn’t help myself, and started to lick and swallow his cum, blown away by how incredible it tasted.

But, my feast on his super spunk didn’t last. I felt him stand up, and his hand appeared through the waistband, and I was fished out, dripping in his cum, my suit soaked and sticky, and his crotch soaked through.

He lifted me back into the air, and I was placed head first inside his mouth. His tongue slapped over me, and he moaned, clearly enjoying the taste of his cum, as he sucked it off me, my breath almost being sucked away with it.

I could see all the way to the back of his throat, and I felt my heart pounding. I knew it was mere seconds before My body would be sliding down there. Before I could think on it though, I felt something grab hold of my feet and I was dragged back out into the open air, smelling of cum and dripping in cum and saliva.

Superman held me in his palm again, and looked at me with a funny expression on his face – was it remorse?

“I’m sorry for shrinking you down,” he said, “I think I’m going to have to make you bigger.”

My heart skipped a beat. “Is he actually going to return me to my normal size?”

The eyes glowed blue again, and I was bathed in blue light, but it only lasted a second before it stopped again.

Confused, I stammered “Bu-bu-but I thought you were going to return me to my normal size.” I could feel the tears forcing their way back out.

“Hahaha. No way. You’re just too small for me to enjoy. I’ve made you larger so I can feel you sliding down my throat and into my stomach. Then you’ll be even more filling. Now, it’s time for you to become part of something SUPER.” And before I could even protest, I was stuffed headfirst back into his drooling mouth. This time, it felt so much tighter, and his drool was saturating the suit. I tried to thrash around a bit, to make it more difficult to get me down, not knowing what it was going to achieve. I could hear the moans and groans of pleasure coming from my giant prison cell, and all of a sudden I felt him take a swallow, sucking me further into his mouth. My head was staring straight down into his oesophagus, and, after being made slightly larger, my abs were sitting on his lips, my legs sticking out, kicking and thrashing.

Another swallow, and I’m now half hanging down his throat. My waist has just entered his mouth, and I can feel his tongue licking my crotch, rousing me up again. He runs his tongue over my ass and against my will I am rock hard. He holds me suspended, half in his mouth, half out while he torments me for another few minutes, savouring my taste and the torture. Before I know it I have blown another load, this time over my captors tongue. He enjoys it running over his taste buds, as he moans, and swallows hard, throwing his head back. I feel my whole body shift and suddenly I am sliding straight down his throat, heading for his stomach.

I feel the tightness of his stomach sphincter on my head as I hit it, and feel myself forced through into his stomach – my final prison cell. It feels hot and humid, and my whole body comes sliding in after me, curling me up against the lining.

I hear him moan from outside me, and then he says “enjoy your new home little buddy. You fit it perfectly.” He pats his stomach, and I feel every vibration. I start to cry out and struggle, but it only makes him seem more content.

The world starts shifting again, and I know he’s on the move again. It tips, and I topple over, knowing he has laid on the bed again. I scramble to right myself, but I feel really lightheaded and dizzy. The oxygen in his stomach is diminishing, and I am feeling faint.

Lying on the bed, superman looks down at his stomach, enjoying watching the squirming through his stomach and suit, as I struggle to right myself. With a loud belch, all the air is removed from his guts, and I make my final motion. He grins from the satisfaction, and starts working his abs, as he begins incorporating me into his body.

“Best trip to an alley ever,” he says, as he falls asleep, starting my digestion.

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