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Take Out Dinner

by Riptieron

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© Copyright 2005 - Riptieron - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mum; enwraped; swallow; snake; vore; reluct; XX

Talking with a special friend online, I found my attention for the forums and the porn sites waning. It had been about six months since my last posting, and it seemed my involvement was never missed. I had gotten very caught up in my work, and not given much thought to my kink.

In all of my fantasies, I was constantly being treated like an object. This had many different angles, but in every scenario, I was the center of attention.  I think that I become blind to the needs of others, and this “fantasy” that I have to be mummified, or encased, is just proof. I feel selfish and negligent. Had I not the ability to carry a relationship? No, certainly there was someone out there for me… and I would find them.

My personal kink had led me to many outlandish experiments. One involved dough, another foam, most dealt with plaster. I had built my own vacuum bed, and created a air mattress that holds me inside it. I built many different bondage structures that I could tie myself to, and I have used them all.

I am still unfulfilled. I desire to lose control, and find ecstasy.  I enjoy breath games with myself, ignoring the dangers, and flirting with some extreme consequences. Bagging myself is a regular fantasy, and practice, forcing ejaculation on myself involuntarily. All of this is growing mundane to me.

I would have a new fantasy soon; it is part of the tide in my life. I get bored repeating the same fantasies, and look outward to new things and form ideas that achieve the results I desire. Some are radically different; others are subtly close to the original script of another, save a vital detail or two. I yearned for an outside element to intervene in my fantasy, to give life to my tired repetitive ritual.

I wanted this badly, so badly that I had researched all different manner of automated devices, and struggled to educate myself on solenoids, motors, timers, and robotic mechanisms. This did not yield the results that I craved, only the knowledge that I did not possess the skill or funds to create the things that I wanted.

In all of my searching I could not imagine the fate that was soon to befall me. This is my story, one I will never tell. It begins on a Thursday, when I went out to see a good friend at his store. He was a manager at a large pet store, hundreds of square feet. This store had everything from small animals to fish; it even had a bird room and reptile room.

Having known him for years, I was familiar with the staff, and the store. I strolled in and said hi to the young blonde behind the counter, Sally. She was a fiery little girl of 19, trim and stacked. I enjoyed seeing the young workers that Engoldbret would hire, they were of the highest quality eye candy to be found. Tonight I was meeting Engoldbret, and then we were going out to a party.  Most of his staff would eventually find their way to this party, after a long week, party was prescribed.

Engoldbret was an outgoing guy, he strolled into the party - Mark’s house, one of the workers, and began to converse with Mark’s wife June. I headed out to the deck, where I knew a keg was waiting. The night was young, and I was going to hope for a lucky break with one of Engoldbret’s lovely greeters…

After about two hours of drinking, and picking over the table of chips, dips, and various munchies surrounding the keg, I was beginning to slip into an uninhibited state of consciousness. Talking to the girls was getting easier, and Sally showed up to brighten my buzz.

“Sally!” I exclaimed as she rounded the corner to fill her plastic cup with beer. “You’re heeeere!” I approached her and smiled widely at her, not letting anything slow my quickness to show my affections for her. I was positively beaming at her. She turned to me in surprise of my advance; she was not accustom to the slurred speech, and blatantly obvious advance on her.

Smiling, she noticed right away that I was drunk, and grinned. “Hello, Ron!” she said flirting.

“Are you ready to party?” I asked her.

“Am I ever!” she announced, “I have had the worst week…” she trailed off into a long description of soap-opera lifestyle and utterly meaningless dialogue, all of which I just nodded to, trying to imply interest. We began talking and testing each other on the amount of bullshit our lives, the standard “I went thru a horrible thing back when…” conversations. I thought I was getting somewhere, I thought she was truly digging me. I was incapable of realizing the deviousness of the female mind while intoxicated.

At the time - it all seemed so good - I was wonderfully happy, talking to a gorgeous girl, and she was seemingly unwary of my ultimate plan to take advantage of her for a night.

This thought this misguided fantasy, was supported by her willingness, and fond flirtation. I was a total buffoon. She was playing to my inhibitions, and setting me up. There were a number of people gathering around us and our conversation. I credited this to the shift of the conversation to sexual topics, bondage, and candle wax, stuff like that.

“You like having hot wax dripped onto your nipples?” I blurted out, “someone tying you down, making you endure pain?”

“Yes, of course, who wouldn’t?” she stated with a matter of fact tone. What I didn’t see was her glance at her friends and the shrug indicating that she really had no clue of what I was getting at; and was only playing at this to get me to talk more about it. There were laughs in the surrounding crowd, and smirks.

Ten minutes later I was rambling about mummification and automated eroticism, going on about every fetish and latent desire that I ever had. I clearly spelled out the boundaries of my kink. I was blitzed. No idea of how I was being manipulated. Soon after midnight the main crowd had dwindled down to a few of us, Sally was still sitting next to me, and her friend, Alice was there as well.  They kept my cup full, and kept asking about my fantasies. By two in the morning, they knew all of my desires. I would not recall most of this night. Engoldbret was in the house rambling with his newest love, Brenda.  So he could not restore the missing timeline to my knowledge.

I awoke to an ache in my nose, following stiffness in my left ankle, then leg, delivering a queasy feeling in my gut, giving way to a throbbing in my head, preceding a climax of pain emitting from every hair follicle on my head (including eyebrows). When I opened my eyes, and the blurred vision dissipated, I saw that I was in Mark’s living room, alone, on the sofa. A foggy representation of the night flashed over my mind. I didn’t exactly know what I had said to Sally. I knew I had been talking about sex - so it could not have been that bad, or so I thought.

A couple of days later I was into Monday. Drudge of the weekday overtaking my worries of social anxiety. The day was long and I got thru it by drinking coffee and multiple trips to the water cooler. My hangover was behind me and the feeling of haze had lifted, but I still had the gaps in my memory.

That evening I called Sally, to see what she remembered about – my behavior that night. This was a technique that I found valuable, both to research a girl’s feelings for me, and to set myself up for the wounded and humble man.

“Sally?” I said, “This is Ron…”

“Oh, Hey Ron,” Sally said energetically, “I was wondering when you would call…”

“Um… really?” I asked.

“Yes” she said.

“I wanted to know… if I did anything that was - offensive to you the other night.” I said slowly and softly.

“No… not really anything… I was very interested in you, someone with so many passions.” She said with excitement. I felt worried, and concern for what I had told her.

“Why don’t you come over to my house this evening, and we can talk about it more intimately?” she said hopefully, giving me the impression that she had a lot of interest in me. Her voice suggested that she had a kink of her own; the only drawback was I didn’t know what part of my fantasies I had relayed to her that night. What would I say?

“What time would you like me to be there?” I asked.

“About 7:30, I get off at 5:00, so I can be ready for you by then.” She explained. She gave me directions to her house, and said goodbye.

I was really excited over this. I seemed to be getting somewhere with this girl, and I think she was thinking action tonight. Wow.

The House Call

I didn’t know exactly where her house was so I got a little lost on the way there, but I figured it out. I rang the doorbell and stood there waiting. She opened the door and walked back inside, leaving the door open for me.

“Your late.” She stated. I followed her back to the kitchen. She handed me a drink and started drinking one of her own. It was Cool-Aid or something fruity like that. I didn’t know what to say so I just stood there drinking. After a few seconds of just staring at me, she put down her drink.

“You need to get out of those clothes to start with, then I can see what I have to work with…” she stated. I swallowed the drink hard and took a deep breath.

“What?” I asked.

“This is your idea…” she started, “I’m willing to go along with it, but you can't be all in my face about it - you need to shut up if you want me to be in charge!” I quickly closed my mouth. I began to remove my clothes, right there in the kitchen. She watched me as I remove each piece nervously. I felt degraded.

“Put them here, and fold them up neatly, I don’t want to touch them.” She pointed to a box at the kitchen table. After doing as requested I turn back to her and waited. She stared at me for a moment, and then signaled for me to “come” with her finger, as she backed down the hallway.

It was getting hotter in the house, I felt very warm. I was getting tired too; I have to shake it off. I was about to have a lot of fun. I couldn’t fall asleep at a time like this.

“Hurry dear…” she said, urging me on to the bedroom. By the time I made the doorway I was almost falling, I braced myself against the door and leaned in - the room was empty but for a sheet of plastic on the floor and lots of bandage looking things draped on the floor in the center of the plastic. She was going to wrap me.

As I started into the room, I felt myself spinning. She caught me just before I fell. Guiding me down to the floor - she laid me on the gauze, in the center. I lost consciousness.

When I awoke, I was totally wrapped in the gauze, head to toe, and very stuck. She had put something gooey onto the bandages; it was sort of like dough. I did not know where she was, but I wasn’t going go looking for her. My cock was wrapped separate, and it protruded out above the cocoon. I was very horny. I knew that she was still in the house, but I was unable to speak, there was something in my mouth, like a gag, but more like a wad of dough, it was gooey and firm, but didn’t seem to break down, it held its shape.

I squirmed a little to feel around for what else was going on. I could feel some pressure around my ass; bandages were wrapped tightly about my ass, and held something up in my asshole. I could not be sure but it might be a butt plug.

“My little burrito is awake now!” said Sally, delighted to see me awake, “I can start stuffing your insides with the fillings!” Her enthusiasm was starting to frighten me, and I know I didn’t want to be stuffed full of anything.

“Your going to get the protein paste injected into your body, and then you’ll be ready for Ginger.” She said sprightly. “Oh, don’t worry, I have measured just the right amount for your intestines, you won’t feel too bad.”

She left the room and returned carrying a large plastic bag full of what could only be the “Protein Paste” that she spoke of. She hooked it up to the wall near my feet, about four feet above me. She left the room again, and returned with a large tube. She hook the tube up to a receptacle under my ass, and then placed the other end up to the bag, clamping it on tight. I saw the paste slowly making its way down the long tube towards my body. Soon it would push into my ass and make its way into my guts. Having no way to move, all I could do is watch. Sally sat on a chair watching me as the liquid made its way down.

I was feeling very helpless as this happened. My erection grew however, as the first bit of paste hit my ass, and started to press into me. It was slow, but thick and didn’t stop. It seemed like forever, but the paste was filling me up. I felt tighter inside the wrappings. My gut was growing. After an hour, Sally left the room, and returned with yet another bag! I couldn’t believe this!

“This one goes down into your stomach, and will fill the opposite side of your insides. Its going to absorb all of your stomach juices and make you more ‘digestive friendly’ for Ginger.” Sally explained.

What was going to happen, and who was Ginger? I was really worried now. I was going to be food? What could eat me? I would just have to wait. It is all I could do anyway.

Sally took the tube to the bag and fed it into a hole at the front of my mouth, that I could not see, but I felt it hit the back of my mouth as she pushed it deeper down my esophagus. It slide past my throat and in it went, I had a very uncomfortable time with it at first, but I was getting used to it as time passed.

Just like the other bag, she hooked it up to the bag full of paste. Even as the other bag was close to finishing, the new bag at my head was just beginning. There was a grey color to the paste, and I watched the mixture slide down the tube and into my mouth, passing within inches of my eyes, going down into my stomach. There looked like bits of ground up things in it.

“I made it myself, it a mix of whey protein, cornmeal, egg whites, broccoli, and vitamin mix. I had wrapped smaller animals, rats, guinea pigs, and then onto pigs... you aren’t so different.” She said proudly. “I have one other thing you will appreciate too. It’s a bone softener, takes about an hour to work, but it will make your last moments much more relaxing. I got it from a guy I know in South America .”

She brought a pouch of what looked like saline in to the room, and hooked it into an IV that was already in my arm. It burned going in, and I didn’t like it. I felt it making its way around my body, and things started to change. It was bad enough that the paste in my stomach was almost full, and cutting my breathing off, I had little room to take a breath.the paste was everywhere inside of me. Now this ‘bone softener’ was doing something else. I felt my hips go limp - and all at once I slumped as the paste inside pushed my bones out of the way. I felt nothing, nothing but the paste moving around. My cock was still very hard however. Sally pushed the bag at my feet and forced the last bit of paste into the tube. I felt the pressure grow, and my body relaxed to accept the last bit. All of my muscles were not working now. The ‘bone softener’ had rendered them useless.

Sally took all the tubes out and plugged them up. She dragged me out of the room and into the hall, struggling to get me to move. Down the hall to the last room, she opened the door, and pushed me inside, then shut the door behind me. I was alone, and I smelled something foul. It was an animal, or something not human. It smelled like the reptile room! What did she have in here with me? I could not move, and I was  too full to even if I could. I heard a door slide open, and saw the closet door opening, beyond the door was a whole room, the closet had no back wall. This was very bad indeed. I could see a part of a snake, a giant snake. What had I gotten myself into? I was snake food.

The snake didn’t get near me in the first hour. I lay there waiting for it to get closer. After a time it the snake circled my body, and rubbed close to my cocoon feeling my warmth. I could see the body of this snake; it was about thirty to forty inches around at its center, bigger than me for sure! I hadn’t seen the snakes head yet, but I know it would soon start to smell around me. My body was wrapped up in cotton gauze, soaked and packed with the same protein mix, only dried to a claylike hardness; it was packed over my whole body. The snake obviously recognized this as its food; Sally had been feeding this to the snake all its life. This was not so different to the pigs for Ginger.

The snake finally started its dinner, it lifted my ankles and slide under, and circled three more times as it wound about my body. It was lifting me up- and moving me as it did so- I was getting dragged closer to the closet, back to its lair. It was getting tighter around my body, squeezing me firmly. I was totally limp - no control at all. The paste inside me began to slosh up and down my body cavity as the pressure moved to different parts of my cocoon. I didn’t feel human anymore, I felt like a sack of paste surrounded by skin. I gagged as it began squeezing tighter still, and I knew it was going to swallow me soon. I felt a pressure at my feet as it unlocked its jaw around my calves. It slowly worked me forward into its mouth with its body as it walked its jaws up my legs. I could not stand this, my raging hard on was next, and I would be enveloped by this monster. As it went over my thighs, it constricted on my feet and I was pulled powerfully downward.

It was up to my cock, and it opened more to take it in, wetness was saturating my cocoon, salvia would start to work on me sooner or later. Ginger was up to my stomach, and the paste inside my body was being pushed upward as she firmly squeezed up my body, the next hump was this bulge of the paste collecting at my chest. Ginger opened wide and topped the bulge, and it evened out instantly and I slid in up to my neck with its contracting. This was it, I thought, one or two more contractions and I am done for.

It seemed like a long time but it only took a second, Ginger contracted on me and I slid deeper, under its front nose. My head in her mouth, I was feeling the dribbles of its breath on my head. Another contraction and I was in the dark, just out of the mouth, Ginger closed her mouth and I felt the contraction going again, pulling me deeper, and the muscles of the stomach tightly pressed into my face. I was starving for air. I could not breath. I had no control, I felt the muscles squeezing my cock, and I came as I was pulled deeper and deeper, then… nothing.

Sally picked up the box of clothes and carried it to the trash, pitching it in. Returning to the house, she looked into the reptile window to Ginger’s room, and smiled.




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