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The Biker

by Mars

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© Copyright 2007 - Mars - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; magic; shrink; swallow; nc; XX

Howard was a loner in his town. Everyone hated him and he hated them right back. He humiliated people all the time by getting secrets from the people and exposing it to the public. He was just a total jerk. Everybody dreamed of one day getting their revenge on him by doing simple things like stealing his car or something, but a sexy, bad bike girl had a different plan, she planned to give him sex and eventually swallow him right down her frightening gullet.

The biker girl, Cindy went up to Howard one day. " Hi Howie," she said sexy-ish.

"Hey," he replied, but he was irritated. He hated talking to people.

"Ya know," Cindy started, "I always wondered what your cock would look and taste like."

Howard was speechless.

"Come to my place tonight Howie, you'll get a surprise," she said and walked off.

Howard decided that he needed sex, so what the hell?

Howard went to her house that night. He knocked on her door with a boner. She answered.

"I see that Little Howie likes me," Cindy said.

She took off his coat and pushed him onto the couch.

"Now listen you little fucker, I hope you know that I'm a psycopathic slut that is ready to suck you dry because I am sure going to enjoy making you suffer!" Cindy said wickedly.

"No, no, you can't do this to me!" Howard said.

"Get ready faggot, " Cindy said.

She chained him up to the couch. She took off Howard's pants, and looked down at his penis.

"Mmm, nice cock, let's see what it tastes like."

Cindy inhaled his cock and sucked away. Howard couldn't help but enjoy it. She sucked for two minutes. She then took off her pants. Her pussy hair was dyed blue like her head hair.

She forced him to lick it.

He licked away. At first she tasted awful, he didn't care at the moment. It was his first time having sex and all he could think about was the powerful orgasm overcoming him.

She forced him to stand up and fuck her in the ass. He did.

She sat him back down and sucked on his dick some more. He started cumming.

Cindy swallowed it all.

"That's not all I'm going to swallow tonight Howie," Cindy said in a sexy yet evil voice.

"What?" Howard responded.

"You'll see." She took out a little magical box and opened it up.

A bunch of dust flew around and circled Howard's head. He started shrinking. He shrunk down to about a half an inch.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Howard screamed.

Cindy held up Howard to her mouth. He could see her gullet, it was like a cave. She started laughing. That was so disturbing to him. He could see the sperm at the back of her throat still there. She must have kept it there to make it a sickening death for him.

"No, no, no!" Howard yelled.

He thought that even the little sperm tadpoles were probably scared. She popped him in, and held him on her tongue for 10 seconds. He could see her gullet shaking back and forth due to her laughing. She swallowed him down.

Cindy swallowed the sperm with him.

She rubbed her stomach and put her clothes back on and started laughing.



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