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Toyah's Plaything

by Blzebub

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© Copyright 2009 - Blzebub - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; shrink; ray; doll; swallow; mast; reluct/cons; X

I was really glad to be working on the set of what was sure to be a blockbuster movie! The movie was going to be called "Revenge of the 60-Foot Woman ." Some totally new computer technology was being used to make the film--whatever it was, it must've been cutting edge, because it was kept under wraps. Only a select few of the crew had access to the restricted set.

The movie was starring Toyah Wilcox, cast as the woman who got "enlarged" by the mad scientist's project in the film. I'd a secret crush on her since my early teens, seeing her perform and sing, dressed sexily as she always was, she was the stuff of my fantasies under the covers of my bed as I played with myself, rubbing my pussy whilst dreaming of her.

I was working late one night, trying to get one of the sets ready for the next morning. I saw a small shadow slip into the building marked "RESTRICTED AREA." I was curious--there wasn't supposed to be anyone else around--and the door to that building was locked with an electronic passcode! I crept up to the door--it was hanging partially open. I thought, "Hey, if someone's breaking in, and I catch 'em, I'll probably get a reward!" I quietly slipped in.

The entire area was filled with some of the strangest equipment I've ever seen. I guessed, from the look of it, that it was a collection of props for the mad scientist's lab. Only one set of lights were on, and they focused on a small area in the middle of the room. I gasped at what I saw--it was a scale-model town! The detail was incredible! The houses looked like they were built for 6" tall humans! Amazed, I wandered closer. Suddenly, I heard a weird humming sound. Some of the gadgets I thought were props were turning on! I felt dizzy--maybe it wasn't such a good idea to come in here.

I fell over in a swoon, but soon came to--only to realize that something was really wrong! I was in the shrunken town--and it wasn't small anymore! A huge shadow eclipsed me, and I looked up to see Toyah looming over me. "Well, I guess my little trick worked," she said, as she knelt in front of me. She was wearing jeans, a white blouse, and red sneakers. I felt the warm breath from her mouth as she spoke.

"Hey, how did you get in here?" I shouted up.

He smiled. "Oh, I have an access to all the secret sites. They've already told me what they're gonna do. See, all of the extra's they've hired are gonna be shrunk--like you are now. Then they'll all be hypnotized to forget it," she said.

"But why did you shrink me?" I asked.

Toyah picked me up. I felt the warmth of her hand, could even feel her pulse against my body. I was maybe 6 inches tall!

"I saw you the other day. I like you. Nobody in Hollywood knows that I'm 'bi' . . . nobody but you, now. I thought you were real cute, so I decided that you were gonna be mine!"

I shivered--and not from fear either! I don't know if Toyah knew it then or not, but I had looked at her a lot on set. She was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen; in person, she was better-looking than on TV! And now . . . I was her doll. I was in heaven.

She stuffed me down the front of her pants. I fell down into the dark abyss and felt something warm, moist and soft beside me--but as she walked, it got wetter and wetter, it became mustier and the air was hard to breathe. I was pressed tightly against her sex, she must have climbed into her car as it became really tight and I was pressed further into her labia, the soft tissue holding me in it's embrace. I knew what was happening but was powerless to change it! Toyah was getting turned on from having me in her undies! Occasionally she would rub between her legs as she drove her car back to her home, pressing me further into her, my breathing becoming harder due to the lack of air.

By the time she finally took me out, I was almost drowning in her moisture! And on the point of passing out through lack of oxygen. I smelt of her sex, my clothing saturated by her wetness. I was loving it!

"Whew!" I said, as she pulled me out in the privacy of her bedroom. "I thought I was going to die!"

"Well, you are, but not like that!" she said.

I shuddered. "Why are you gonna kill me?"

"Because I can't let my secret get out! I'll play with you first--believe me--but eventually you'll have to die. The shrinking process only lasts 48 hours. Time enough for us to have fun."

The next 48 hours were the strangest of my life. Toyah unleashed all the fantasies and fury of her years on me. I guess my favorite parts were when she tied me on her bare foot while she slept the second night--she had beautiful feet, and mixed with the normal smells of sweat and foot-odor was a smell like sandalwood, which I guess was her natural smell. She also used me to masturbate with---she'd dip me in some kind of oil and rub me up and down on her clit until she came.

Finally, I knew that my 48 hours were almost up. I said, "Toyah, I know you're going to kill me, and I'm ready. You've made of my dreams and fantasies come true being with you over the past couple of days. What will you do with me to kill me?"

Toyah smiled. "Well, you're not going to die completely. You see, the scientists who created the shrinking equipment did a LOT of experiments with it! They found that if someone ate the shrunken creature, that person would retain all the memories of the shrunken creature! In other words, you will live on--but only as a fantasy in my mind."

She lifted me up. I said, "Y ... you're gonna eat me?"

I looked down from where she held me. She'd taken off my clothes, and I was dangling naked over her face. Her beautiful lips parted, and her sweet breath surrounded me. "Yes." I grabbed my own pussy and started masturbating. I was lowered into the wet warmth of her mouth. Rather than bite me in half, she sucked on me--like I was a piece of hard candy. Her tongue rubbed up and down on me, running over my sensitive breasts, whilst my fingers strummed at my sex. Only my head and my upper chest stuck out of her mouth, and that was being caressed by her lips.

"Go ahead!" I said. "Eat me up, Toyah! I'm all yours!"

Suddenly, shockingly, I was swallowed. As I came for the last time, I felt a last loving rub of her tongue as I slid down her throat. The heat and acid of her stomach rose to engulf me, and then I faded out.

Now, I am only a fantasy of Toyah's. She was right--all of my personality was absorbed by her when she swallowed me. I only exist now when she jerks herself off to a fantasy of me, when she remembers my last moments. I am wondering if I will ever be joined by anyone else . . . .




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