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Turkish Delight

by Dave Martin

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© Copyright 2016 - Dave Martin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/mf+; capture; cell; strip; force; abuse; cruelty; naked; public; execution; impailment; spitroast; death; hard; nc; XXX

WARNING: This story contains scenes of death by impailment, if you do not wish to read such scenes then don't read this story.

The cell in the Turkish prison was damp and cold; dirty straw lying on the floor was my only bed. From the nearby cells, came the sobs and cries of my recent companions, two of whom were young women. I lay on the straw, trying not to think of the dreadful fate that awaited us in the morning.

How did I get here, a prisoner of the cruel Turks?

I was part of a reconnaissance party sent out by Nelson to find out if the French were working with the Turks against British interests in the Eastern Mediterranean. I was chosen to lead the expedition due to my knowledge of the Turkish language.

Approaching the coast a sudden squall had blown up and our small boat was smashed onto the rocks, I managed to scramble ashore and after much searching I realised I was the only survivor.

As I made my way up the beach I heard voices approaching, I hid behind a rock and waited. Shortly after a small group of four people approached two men and two younger women. They did not look or sound threatening, given that I needed help and guidance I stepped out behind the rock as they drew near. They stopped when I appeared standing in front of them wet and bedraggled. "Who are you?" They asked.

"I am a British Naval Officer; my boat got caught on the rocks as I tried to land on this shore. I need to get back to my ship which is anchored further out in the bay. Can you direct me to the nearest harbour, where I can find a fishing vessel, whose owner could be persuaded to take me back to my ship?"

"The nearest harbour is at Alanya about 5 miles to the south", the older of the two men answered, "but we cannot take you with us, as we are Kurds trying to get back to our homeland, if the Turks capture us, we will be executed, as they believe that all Kurds are spies. We are heading south at the moment, so you can join us until we get near Alanya, then we must push on inland towards Kurdistan".

It was now getting lighter, so that it gave me an opportunity to study my new companions as they introduced themselves. "I am Asvan", said the bigger of the men, "and this is Dara my brother". The older of the girls came over, smiled and said, "They call me Beri, my friend is called Helin". Both girls were very attractive Beri had a fuller figure but a very nice smile. They offered me some of their food, bread and goats cheese, washed down with coarse wine, but still very welcome

"Come", said Asvan, "we must move on".

We came off the beach and started walking up a narrow tract away from the sea, after a while the path opened on to a wide track leading to Alanya, then disaster struck, riding fast towards us was a group of horsemen, we tried to run but Helen caught her foot and stumbled but as we helped her up the horsemen surrounded us brandishing swords and muskets. There was no escape. The leader jumped off his horse and strode towards us.

"You!" he said, pointing his sword at Asvan, "where are you going?"

"We are travellers my Lord looking for work at Alanya".

"And who are you?" the leader asked as he pointed his sword at my throat.

"I am a British Naval Officer, my boat was shipwrecked on the shore below, these people offered to escort me to Asvan".

The leader looked at me and spat in my face, "These people are Kurdish Spies we have been watching and following them for days, and you British Officer, have met up with them to help them plot against the Turkish People". The leader then called out, "Hold them and bind their hands, bring them along with us".

So started a dreadful journey, they were on horseback, we were not, tying ropes to our bound hands they pulled us along the dirt road, slightly faster than walking speed, it was difficult to keep up, if we stumbled or fell we would be beaten as they forced us back on our feet. After about a couple of hours into this torturous journey we came to a small town above which was a larger building more like a fort or a prison. We were led into the courtyard and made to stand under the hot sun. After a while a turbaned figure the local Khedive came into the courtyard, the leader of our captors bowed before him and brought him across to our exhausted group.

"Master these are the spies we caught on the road to Alanya, Four Kurdish Dogs and a British Pig".

"Put them in the cells!" ordered the Khadive, "I will deal with them in the morning; they shall provide my villiage with much sport".

We were then led down to the cellar, and thrown into the cells. The girls in one, Asva and Dara in another, while I was flung into the smallest cell at the end of corridor.

I must have fallen into a fitful sleep as I was awoken by the sound of the small trap at the base of the door being opened and a plateful of food with a jug of water was pushed into my cell, as the guard laughed out, "We need to fatten you up English Pig, as you will be of little use as a skinny wreck". In truth I was very hungry and set to work swallowing the barely edible mix.

It was now considerably lighter in my cell and with the dawn came the sounds of the guards shouting and swearing at the other prisoners, my cell door was then swung open and two burley guards grabbed my arms and dragged me down the corridor and into a large chamber. I was then pushed into a cage with my fellow Kurd prisoners.

Seated opposite was the Khedive, along with two Turkish Officials. "We have ways of dealing with filthy Kurdish Spies and others who work with them", said the Khedive, "you will be made an example of, so that others may learn. You Kurdish dogs will be taken to the square at noon, stripped naked and impaled on the sharpest of stakes and there you will be left until you die". At this terrible pronouncement the two girls shuddered and passed out.

"For you English pig, a very special punishment. You will be carefully impaled and while you are still alive, you will be roasted at the spit. Your meat will provide food for the slaves. Now take them away and make the necessary preparations".

We were dragged back to our cells. Two of the guards wasted no time, ignoring their screams and cries they stripped both the girls naked and took turns to rape and ravish their young shapely bodies. Meanwhile I was taken out to the courtyard were they prepared to clean my body for the roasting, by the simple expedient of throwing me into a large trough of water, where a couple of not unattractive Turkish women washed and scrubbed my nude body ensuring my private parts received special attention.

In spite of my predicament I found myself getting very aroused as they rubbed oils all over my naked body including my manhood and bum cheeks.

From the square outside the prison, I heard the sounds of the stakes being placed in the ground and other wooden structures being erected. Shortly after we were led out into the village square, were a large audience had gathered to watch and enjoy the spectacle of our dreadful barbaric execution. In the centre of the square was a bed of hot glowing coals with metal supports at each end, these were to support my impaled body during my roasting at the spit.

Down one side of the square was a row of four wooden pointed stakes. Behind the stakes was a higher, long wooden platform from which hung leather harnesses, the purposes of which would be made clearer when the impalements began. The four victims for impalement were dragged to the stakes. The first male Dara was led to the far end stake, his clothes were removed, his arms and shoulders were placed in one of the harnesses and he was lifted, kicking and screaming into the air, until his body was hanging above the pointed stake. The guards then grabbed his legs and positioned his anus just above the pointed wooden stake.

At a signal the rope holding the harness was released and his body dropped onto the sharp point of the stake Dara gave a terrible scream as the stake drove into his body, as the guards began pulling on his legs to drive the stake right through his body, you could hear the sound of flesh parting and bones cracking above his screams of torment. The point of the stake broke through his chest and caught in his jawbone. The guards then tied rope around his legs to stop his body sliding further down the stake. Asvan was next to suffer this dreadful fate, he just stood calmly by his allotted stake while the guards fitted the lifting harness between his arms they hauled on the ropes to pull him up above the stake Asvan hung there allowing the his tormentors to position his bum cheeks above the sharp point, then releasing the rope they pulled on his legs as the stake drove through his body Asvan gave one great agonizing scream before the stake burst out to the right of his chest killing him instantly as went through his heart.

It was now the turn of the young women, this was, and I am sure what the local crowd had been waiting for. The site of two attractive naked girls being impaled alive.

First they grabbed the younger girl Helin, who was struggling, screaming and asking for mercy, the guards ignored her cries and continued to molest her nude body while they fitted the lifting harness over her shoulders and around her breasts. They then slowly lifted her up above her stake, ensuring that the crowd would get a good view of her lovely young body and her vagina, which was to be the entry point for her impalement. Helin struggles were in vain as they slowly lowered her body onto the stake. Her screams and cries of agony filled the square as the stake was pushed into her helpless naked body. They continued pulling on her legs until the stake burst out between her breasts, in welter of blood and tissue. They again tied her legs to the stake to ensure she did not slide down to the base. Helin was still alive and suffering agonies through her impalement with the Turkish guards laughing at her pitiful struggles.

Beri was the next victim to suffer this cruel punishment, the guards tried to place her in the lifting harness, but Beri was not given up easily, she kicked and spat at her tormentors as they struggled to lift her off the ground, at last with three of them holding her down they got her in the harness and raised her up She gave out terrible agonising screams as the stake went between her legs and entered her nude body via her vagina. The guards pulled hard on her legs forcing the stake through Beri, until it came out of her back, just between her shoulder blades. They secured her legs to the stake, the same as they had done to the other victims preventing her sliding to the ground. Beri now just hung there, screaming and cursing at her cruel evil torturers.

It was now my turn I could not believe this was happening, as they carried my struggling nude body towards a long trestle table, close to the pit of burning coals. For my impalement they forced onto my stomach while two guards pressed down hard on my shoulders. Straps were placed around my ankles as two other guards pulled my legs apart via ropes attached to the ankle straps. Meanwhile a Turk with a long stake approached and held the rounded end of the stake between my bum cheeks and close against my anus. To complete my impalement, another Turk (my executioner) using a large hammer struck his end of the stake a heavy blow forcing the stake into my helpless naked body.

I cried out as the pain and agony hit me. Ignoring my screams he continued to hammer the stake into me while the stake was guided through my body to ensure that no major part of my internal organs were damaged and that I would still be alive when I was placed over the hot coals. The pain I was suffering had risen to a new intensity; I finally passed out when the shaft pushed against and then broke one of my internal bones.

As I came to I realised that the stake had passed through my body, coming out between my shoulder blades. I was still on the table as they were securing and trussing up my body around the stake including my arms and legs. They had fitted metal clamps over my shoulders to which a turning handle could be connected. I was then lifted up helpless and trussed to the stake I was then carried over towards the burning coals. The guards then placed my impaled body over the hot coals with the ends of the stake resting on the metal supports, my head was just clear of hot pit. As I was positioned face down a blast of heat hit my stomach, chest and legs. Having fitted the handle to my stake they began turning me over slowly, the live roasting process had begun.

I was now suffering in complete pain and agony, not only with the pain of my impalement, but the blistering of my flesh as I was slowly roasted alive. I lost count of the number of times I was turned at the spit, my whole body seemed to be on fire, I could now only moan and gasp out, as my tongue had swollen up filling my mouth. As I was about to pass out for the last time, the Khedive approached, "You are becoming well roasted English pig. The slaves and dogs will feast tonight".

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