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The Unexpected Dinner Guest

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2012 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; drug; bond; gag; prepare; tray; oven; glaze; bake; cons/nc; XX

Georgia was certain her boyfriend had been cheating on her and decided to follow him as he was on his way out one evening. He’d only ever say he was meeting up with some friends and was always reluctant to give anymore details. Every Thursday, the same vague explanation and then he was gone until the early hours of the morning. But this time she was following him, expecting him to arrive at some pretty young girls house. Intent on catching him out. She crept along some distance behind him, trying to be as covert as she could. Creeping down the road, ducking behind a bush or a tree every now and then to ensure if he were to glance around, she wouldn’t be seen. She followed him for nearly twenty minutes. Then he was on his way up to an unassuming house. She drew closer to get a good look as he approached the door. Her heart sank as the pretty girl opened the door and ushered him inside.

‘She had been right’ She thought to herself. He had been meeting this girl every Thursday for months. She was angry, hurt and upset and suddenly found herself storming up towards the front door. With no idea what she was going to say or do, she banged hard on the door. Mere moments later the young girl stood there smiling at her. Georgia was furious, mouth agape, trying to think of something to yell and shout.

“You must be Georgia” The young girl smiled warmly. Georgia frowned.

“I wasn‘t expecting you this week, but please do come in” The girl added as she stepped aside and gestured for Georgia to enter. Georgia was somewhat confused to say the least, but as she glanced inside she could see a few other people chatting in the hallway. She gingerly crossed the threshold glancing at the young girl. She saw her boyfriend, he was on his way out of the kitchen with a drink in hand. She scowled as he caught her gaze, but he smiled wryly and waved her over.

“What the fuck is this” Georgia growled quietly under her breath as she drew near him.

“It’s a bit difficult to explain honey, it’s a kind of club thing I guess” He smiled as he led her into the living room. There were a few more people in here, in little groups, chatting politely. Georgia noticed as a few of them glanced at her, then continued with their quiet conversation.

“A fucking club, what sort of fucking club, please don‘t tell me it‘s some kinky sex thing!” Georgia snarled, trying to keep her temper, desperate not to cause a scene.

“No, no, nothing kinky honey I promise” He tried not to laugh as he handed Georgia a drink.

“And what did that girl mean that I wasn’t expected this week?!” She exclaimed.

“Have your drink honey, calm down a little and I promise you’ll get to know all about it” He cooed as he rubbed Georgia’s arm reassuringly. She gulped the drink down and looked at him quizzically, as he began to grin widely.

“It’s a kind of cookery club” He smiled warmly.

“Huh” Georgia grunted, her mind was quickly becoming a little muddled and fuzzy.

“I was going to invite you along in a couple of weeks” He smirked as he caught her. Georgia had slumped in his arms before he could even finish his sentence. She was out cold.

Georgia slowly began to stir. Then she groggily opened her eyes. She was dazed, confused and was trying to remember what had happened. Why did her jaw ache. Why couldn’t she move. She couldn’t move! Georgia was immediately alert. She tugged at her wrists, tried to kick out her legs. She franticly looked down at herself, looked around the room. She was lying on some kind of table, strapped tightly down, in some sort of large basement perhaps. She could only assume she was gagged with something jammed in her mouth as her attempts to call out were reduced to muffled whimpers.

“Oh good you’re awake” The young girl smiled as she approached Georgia, prone on the table. Georgia was immediately aware of her nakedness as the young girl traced her finger tips lightly up the length of Georgia’s leg and thigh.

“As I was saying honey, before you so rudely passed out on me upstairs…” Her boyfriend chuckled as he came into the room and drew close to her.

“This is a very special club, and I promised you’d get to know all about it” He laughed as she scowled at him. Her attention drawn back to the young girl for a moment as she ran her fingers up her belly and to her bosom, then paused a moment, cupping Georgia’s breast. She felt violated as the girls hand lingered.

“You were supposed to be my guest in a couple of weeks, but seeing as you’ve turned up uninvited tonight, you’ll be tonight’s guest of honour” He grinned at his prone girlfriend. As she tried to make sense of what was going on.

“Now you’ll be going in at a low heat so you wont be ready for a good few hours yet” He smirked. Georgia was stunned, what was he talking about. She was suddenly startled by a sound behind her. A heavy door being dropped open. A wave of heat washed over the top of her head. Georgia’s mind was racing as she tried to tilt her head back to see. She was mortified. It looked like the young girl was standing by a very large oven behind her. She looked back to her boyfriend. He smiled down at her.

“Yes honey its an oven” He grinned wickedly.

“And you’re going in it” He added with a wink as he began to slide her slowly inside. The table top she was strapped to was more like a huge baking tray, a part of a contraption designed to easily slide in and out of the oven. Georgia struggled frantically as she slid deep inside the ovens cavernous bowels. Waves of heat embracing her as she continued further and further inside. She was distraught as the sliding motion came to halt and she was completely inside the ghastly oven. She looked desperately to him as he peered inside. She was trying to beg, to plead with him. He simply smiled at her.

“I’ll see you at dinner” He smirked and closed the large door, sealing Georgia inside. She was panic stricken, her boyfriend was a part of some freakish club. A club where they cooked people. Now he was cooking her. She was being cooked, roasted alive. Her struggles were futile and the heat inside the ovens chamber was rising quickly. She was soon sweating. She didn’t know how long she’d been in there but she was red hot. She was exhausted, the heat had drained her energy. The oven door opening was a literally a breath of fresh air and she was slowly drawn out of the oven. She looked groggily around. She could see her boyfriend and murmured inaudibly into her gag. He was going to let her go.

“Time to get the honey glaze on and then get her back in” He was saying to someone, probably the young girl. Georgia’s hope quickly vanished as she immediately felt the sticky syrupy substance being applied. It felt cool against her hot body as it was applied quickly to every inch of her skin. She wanted to struggle, squirm and break free, but she simply couldn’t. Her time inside the oven already had sapped her energy, and the straps were so tight, so effective. She was helpless as the glaze was applied. Georgia’s heart sank as she felt herself slowly pushed back inside the huge oven. Immediately she felt the waves of heat washing over her and the sound of the oven door being sealed again was like a note of finality. She was utterly helpless. She was trapped inside a giant oven. She’d been honey glazed and was being slowly roasted. As the heat continued to rise, unconsciousness would soon overtake her and then, in a few hours she’d be served for dinner.

“Definitely your best girlfriend yet, nice and meaty” The young girl chuckled to Georgia’s boyfriend. He smiled wryly and winked.

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