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Virtual Reality

by Dave Martin

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© Copyright 2017 - Dave Martin - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; snake/f; lab; computers; vr; naked; sensors; program; oral; sex; climax; simulation; outdoors; snake; capture; swallow; digest; vore; soft; cons/nc; X

Don was in his late forties, still good looking, with a firm toned body. Having lived and breathed computers from an early age he had been asked to head up a new, but small research faculty at Fort Lauderdale in Florida, to explore what was possible in the world of virtual reality and cyber space. To help him he had a young woman who had just graduated. As well as being an attractive young woman, Sharon was very adventurous and always making suggestions regarding what she would like to experience in the virtual world. Don’s task was to develop a system that would be compact and as realistic as possible. Current systems involved the use of large goggles and awkward gloves, with participants having to stand or move around in order to get some form of realistic effect.

Sharon suggested that they consider adapting small sensors which can be attached to the body, such as the type used in measuring heart rates of patients in Hospitals and Medical Establishments. Don could see the potential in this idea, but that left the problem of numerous connecting cables getting in the way of a truly free reality experience. Don who had experience in microelectronics worked hard with the help of Sharon over the next few weeks to overcome this problem, they finally managed to incorporate very small wire free transmitters into the body sensors, thus doing away with cable connections. Sharon was happy to try out the effectiveness of these sensors on parts of her own body.

The first test Don carried out was to place sensors on Sharon’s legs and arms. He then asked Sharon to relax in a sitting position, with her eyes closed. Having programmed the Computer to transmit various sensations Don began the test, first with small vibrations, then with massage type motions. As Sharon relaxed she found the effect of the sensors to be very realistic.

"I think this is going to work", said Sharon, "we only need to develop a more compact set of eye lenses to replace the bulky goggles".

As it happened Don had been working on ways of improving night vision glasses, he had managed to give the wearer the ability to see colours at night rather than the green light effect of current night goggles. Over the next few days he had made them more compact, also Don had been able to insert a miniature transmitter into these special glasses’ enabling the controller to get the same full vision as the wearer. For added realism Don had added a set of miniature earphones for Sharon to hear the relevant background noises.

The main computer and control unit, including a wide screen monitor were located in a small office to the rear of the building and not in the immediate view of the area where Sharon was to try out the Virtual Reality test.

"Right", said Don, " need to decide on the type of reality you would like to experience, hopefully I will be able to programme this into our main computer".

"My one fantasy would be swallowed alive by some sort of plant or creature", said Sharon.

"Ok let’s see what I can come up with and how realistic I can make it for you".

"Don", Sharon suggested, "you will have to fit sensors to most of my body in order for me to feel every sensation. I do not mind being in the nude, as it will be in the cause of science".

Don enjoyed working close to this beautiful girl, even if it had got him aroused on a number of occasions. Due to the heat and the humidity they often worked together wearing the minimum of clothing, Sharon with just a bra and shorts, Don in shorts only.

The thought of working on her lovely naked body spurred him on to complete the tests in the shortest possible time. They prepared more sensors, enough to cover the most sensitive parts of Sharon’s body including her back, feet and lower legs.

Now was the time to fully test this complete reality experience. For the first test Sharon would lay on a single mattress with her feet just hanging over the edge of the mattress. Having stripped naked, Sharon first of all laid on her tummy to allow Don to attach the sensors over most of her back, Don, started from her shoulders and worked downward, placing them on her buttocks and then down the back of her legs to her ankles and the soles of her feet.

As she was asked to turn back over, Sharon was beginning to enjoy the feel of Dons hands as he placed the sensors on her nude body and the way he rubbed them around her skin to make sure they stayed in placed. Don now placed the sensors, on more intimate parts of Sharon’s body. Her firm breasts, her flat tummy, also between her long legs, and against the opening of her shaved vagina. Then her thighs, knees and finally the tops of her feet. Sharon was now very aware of the moisture seeping out of her vagina; also she could see that Don was enjoying the experience, as she stared at the large bulge straining to escape from his shorts.

* * *

Unbeknown to them, reports were coming in of mysterious disappearances 10 or 15 miles away close to the everglades. There had been speculation that snakes might be responsible as a very large python had also been spotted in the area. So far no one had been close enough to capture or record it.

* * *

"For the first full test", said Don, "we will keep it fairly simple, perhaps to give you the experience of laying on a sandy beach with a gentle breeze carousing your body and waves just lapping at your feet".

Having made sure everything was in order and that Sharon was comfortably relaxed Don went into the control office and switched the Virtual Reality screen on. The view on the wide screen monitor was a reflection of Sharon’s view through her compact glasses. A golden sandy beach set in a small bay, with the blue sea and waves breaking on the shore made for a very realistic experience, also Don could see through the monitor the Sharon’s firm breasts and nude body stretched out before him. After a while Don went outside to check how she was enjoying the Virtual experience.

At the sound of his voice Sharon removed the glasses from her eyes and gave Don a big smile, "That was really wonderful", she said, "the sight, sounds and feelings made me believe I was truly laying there in the bay".

"Let’s take a break now", said Don as he began to remove the sensors from her body with a little help from Sharon, who noticed with a smile the obvious bulge trying to break free of Dons shorts.

"I think we should let that out", with one movement Sharon tugged down his shorts allowing his manhood to spring out in front of her face, moving quickly she places her lips around his erection and begins to eagerly kiss and suck Dons throbbing cock. Taken by surprise Don could only enjoy the wonderful sensation of being sucked off by this beautiful girl. After a few minutes he could not hold back, streams of spunk filled Sharon’s mouth as she swallowed and sucked Don Dry.

"Wow!" said Don, "that felt wonderful; we will have to do that again sometime".

"We can do more than that, once your erection returns; I would like you to fuck me while I am in the mood".

Sharon ever playful began to stroke Don’s limp cock, which began to respond to the attention it was getting and the vision of Sharon’s lovely nude body, lying beneath him. Their lips came together in a passionate kiss with their tongues deep in each other’s mouth, Don wasted no time but positioning himself between Sharon’s shapely legs he placed his now hard erection against her moist vagina and began to push it deep inside her.

"O fuck me Don, fuck me, hard", Sharon cried out as their bodies came together in the most passionate of embraces.

It did not take long for both of them to reach a full climax with Don filling Sharon’s belly with a fresh load of hot spunk. They lay together in a close embrace for a few minutes, at last Don lifted himself off Sharon’s body, "I think we are finished now for the day", said Don, "tomorrow we will do a full test on your erotic fantasy, being swallowed alive by a very large snake".

"I can’t wait", Sharon replied.

Don helped her up, holding her lovely nude body close while giving Sharon another passionate kiss; "I don’t think we will be sleeping in separate beds tonight, do you?"

"No", said Sharon, "there is plenty of room in mine".

The following morning they had an early breakfast and set up the system in the garden leading down to the lake. For this test Sharon was to lay on the grass in order to give a more natural setting to the experience. Again Don placed all the sensors around Sharon’s body, including some additional ones on her face.

After checking everything was in order, Don retired to the control room at the rear of the building. As Don walked back into the control room, he tripped and fell badly, crashing to the floor, catching his head on the edge of the table and knocking himself out.

* * *

Snake was hungry, very hungry; it had been nearly 2 weeks since he had last eaten. That was a fit young human, who had been swimming in the river that runs into the lake. His prey had not heard the splash of the snake when it had entered the water, by the time he saw the large snake it was too late. Snake wrapped his coils around the unfortunate victim and proceeded to swallow the human's body, whole.

Snake preferred human flesh as it had a special flavour, the only problem it was more difficult to eat the humans if they were wearing items of clothing, as the cloth did not digest so well. Snake preferred them naked or wearing skimpy swimwear. Snake was now, slowly making his way down river and around the edge of the large lake looking for food, but had not found anything suitable, animal or human. Suddenly Snake spotted a white creature lying on the grass, close to the edge of the lake. A human at last, his forked tongue sprang out savouring the smell of this beautiful naked human he wished to devour, he slowly moved out of the water towards the girl lying with her feet towards him.

* * *

Sharon was feeling very horny at the thought of experiencing her greatest turn on, to be swallowed alive and completely naked by a large snake. The view through the goggles of the lake and the surrounding area was very realistic. Then through the earphones she heard a rustling in the grass below her feet and there approaching in front of her was a very large serpent, it could have been a python or an anaconda, she could not be sure, but it looked very real. Sharon shivered with excitement at the thought of the erotic experience to come.

Trying not to look to frightened Sharon watched as the snake moved slowly towards her feet. 'Oh my god', thought Sharon, 'this snake looks very realistic, Don must have worked really hard, programming the computer in order to this get this very realistic effect'.

Suddenly the snake lunged forward and clamped his jaws on her feet, taking them both in, up to her ankles. Sharon cried out as the snake began sucking more of her shapely legs into his throat.

' I can’t believe this, it feels so very real', by now Sharon was getting turned on, as more of her legs and thighs were being sucked into the snake. Sharon’s hand went down towards her crotch as she rubbed her vagina, bringing herself to an early climax.

At that moment the tail of the snake pushed at the back of her head knocking the glasses off her face. Sharon screamed when she realised that this was a very real, large snake swallowing her whole and alive. "Don! Don!" She cried out, "what is happening, help me Don, please help me".

Don was still unconscious in the control room and was unaware of the terrible fate being suffered by Sharon. The snake had by now swallowed the naked girl up to her belly and was widening its jaws to accommodate Sharon’s lovely big firm breasts. In spite of the fact that Sharon was very much aware of her predicament, being eaten alive, the feel of being inside the snakes body with its moist flesh squeezing her naked body was still making her very aroused, as orgasm followed orgasm.

As the jaws of the snake finely opened, Sharon gave one last scream, as her breasts, neck and head were slowly drawn into the snake. As the jaws of the snake closed over her, Sharon was able to place her free hand over her mouth and nose. Sharon was now trapped and helpless inside the snake and being sucked and drawn down into the snakes belly, were the stomach acids would begin to digest her lovely nude body.

Snake having eaten, now moved slowly, with his swollen body back into the undergrowth were he could enjoy his delicious human meal in peace.

Sharon was struggling, she could hardly breathe, she now felt a severe burning sensation, starting at her feet and slowly moving up her legs towards her stomach, she was now entering the belly of the snake and the very painful process of digesting had begun. Sharon’s muffled screams could be heard outside by any one standing nearby, but no one had seen what had happened.

As Sharon finally lost consciousness her Virtual Experience had become a Reality Nightmare.

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