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Vore-Acious Appetite

by Sogo

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© Copyright 2017 - Sogo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; ponygirls; bitgags; harness; cart; outdoors; hobble; plant; carnivorous; tendrils; capture; envelop; pod; devour; digest; dissolved; eaten; soft; nc; X

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At Master's command, the two ponygirls skidded to a halt in front of a small cabin just off the park trail. A sign out front indicated that it had male and female restrooms.

"Man, I gotta take a wicked dump!"

Master jumped out of the cart and crouched down in front of the panting women, using short chains with clips to quickly hobble each girl's ankles together.

"Don't go away!" he joked as he dashed toward the men's room door.

Bettie and Babs stood there panting, sweat pouring down their bare skin, thankful for the brief rest. They had been trotting around the state park all morning, and were ready to pass out. It was their misfortune to be stuck with a Master who worked them without regard for their well-being, yet there was nothing they could do about it, for they were mere ponygirls. They hoped he would be in there a long time.

Barely two minutes had passed before they heard a rustling in the trees off to their left. The two tensed and gave each other brief glances. Was it a bear? A pervert waiting in ambush? Perhaps even bigfoot? They couldn't even turn their heads to look, lest Master come back and catch them for being distracted and punish them.

The sounds became louder, and they saw something large come out into the clearing out of the corners of their eyes. They had to look.

The two screamed through their thick bits as they saw what was coming toward them-- a giant vore plant.

Drug dealers had genetically engineered a carnivorous plant to protect their crops, a plant big enough to consume an adult human being. This new species had soon spread throughout the world, and could even move around to capture prey. Though most had been eradicated, there were still some here and there.

And Bettie and Babs were looking at a fully-grown specimen. As they watched in horror, thick tendrils slithered toward them from beneath a six-foot pod.

The two ponygirls had no option but to try to flee. Unfortunately, with their hobbled ankles and a cart strapped to their harnesses, they could only shuffle along at a snail's pace. After advancing only a few feet in thirty seconds, they knew they could not outrun the tendrils, which were now only several feet away.

Desperate, Bettie hopped. Then Babs hopped. After only three hops each, they found they were beginning to outpace the tendrils. By alternating hops, they could actually put some distance between them and the predatory plant. Their feet hurt like hell, but they prayed that they could gain enough time so that Master could come out and save them.

Babs gave another hop. In her panic, she landed on a loose stone. With a shriek, she stumbled, lost her footing, and fell hard on her knees. When tears spilled out from Babs' eyes, Bettie knew that her stablemate was in trouble. Had she been able to yell encouragement to the other woman, she would have, if her lips and tongue hadn't been immobilized by her horse bit. She didn't even have to look behind her to realize that the vore plant was gaining on them. As she could do was watch helplessly as Babs tried to struggle to her feet.

The injured ponygirl, after much grunting and groaning, managed to get her feet underneath her and wobble to a standing position. She gave a small hop-- and barely managed to stay on her feet. Relieved at this small victory, Bettie gave another hop, then waited for Babs.

Babs squealed with fear, unable to move. Bettie saw the terror in her eyes and looked down. Tendrils had already begun to curl around Babs' legs. Bettie jerked her head forward, urging her fellow ponygirl to move.

She had waited too long. Babs jumped, but her feet came right back down in the same place. A long quavering squeal escaped from her throat as a tendril snaked up her body and tightened around her waist.

Bettie felt a chill freeze her spine. Where the hell was Master? It seemed like he had been gone for hours!

Babs stood there, shaking so hard the metal rings and clips of her tack were rattling with little clinking sounds. She was so terrified, she actually spoke her first words since becoming a ponygirl four years ago, a barely comprehensible "Help me!"

There was nothing Bettie could do. Ponygirl tack was designed to restrict all unnecessary movement, even if that movement was desperately needed in an emergency.

Out of the corners of their eyes, they saw something loom up behind them, its shadow covering the doomed ponygirl like a cloak. There was a sticky ripping sound as the huge maw of the pod gradually opened vertically, revealing a dark interior dripping with gooey gelatinous secretions. They could both smell the foul odor of decaying matter as it closed in. Babs gave a final wail of despair as the two halves overtook, and then slowly engulfed, the top half of her trembling body.

Bettie watched in fascinated horror as the secretions dissolved the leather straps connecting Babs to the cart and the central pole between them. The tendrils held her legs fast as the pod sealed tight around the captured woman with a gooey sucking sound. The ponygirl's legs strained and twisted frantically under the tight grip of the tendrils, and then even they disappeared as the huge plant lowered itself to the ground. Bettie could see her companion's struggles under the veined membrane of the pod, and hear her barely-audible screams, and could only imagine her agony as the secretions slowly ate away at her exposed body.

She felt a warm wetness on her legs, and realized she had pissed herself. She had no idea the worst was yet to come.

As Bettie watched, the veins on the bulb-like pod darkened to a deep red, then it slowly deflated as it’s meal was consumed. She realized her stablemate's struggles had stopped, and the ponygirl's suffering was over.

The plant stopped moving except for a heartbeat-like pulse that rippled across the surface of the pod. First one, then the other, horseshoe, dropped to the ground with a dull metallic thud. Full digestion was now taking place.


Master was coming out of the restroom, and knew immediately what had happened. He pulled out his cell phone and called for a rescue team, then threw his cell phone into the cart.

"Ah, hell! Goddammit!" He grabbed a rock and threw it at the plant. It bounced off with a soft thunk. Of course, there was no danger now, as all it’s energy was devoted to digesting it’s prey.

Bettie gave a tiny squeal and pulled on the cart, reminding Master that she was there and possibly still in danger, but he ignored her. He just swore and stomped around until the rescue team arrived a half hour later.

By that time, there was nothing they could do. The rescue team chopped it to pieces with machetes and put them on the back of their truck to take to a burn site. As they sliced open the pod, Bettie didn't want to look, but she had to take a peek, anyway. Babs was now nothing more than a polished skeleton, accompanied by numerous pieces of tarnished metal from her tack. The leather pieces had dissolved with her. The bones were carefully placed in a body bag.

Master then had to call PPP—the Ponygirl rePlacement Providers--, a roadside assistance organization similar to AAA, to get a new ponygirl.

They brought a replacement, a young girl with pale skin and a newly-shaven head, along with new cart straps to replace the damaged ones. The fresh filly looked terrified as they led her out of the horse trailer, and Bettie knew she had just celebrated her eighteenth birthday not long before. She appeared athletic-looking, but it wouldn’t be long before the sun darkened and coarsened her bare skin and the daily jogging caused her unsupported breasts to sag and stretch and flop around.

After the remains of the plant and ponygirl were hauled away, Master got back into the cart and snapped the reins. They then continued back down the path, the deceased ponygirl already forgotten.


Copyright 2017 by Sogo.

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