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by Mark Bryan

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Storycodes: F/m; hotel; powder; shrink; tease; torment; swallow; digest; absorb; soft; cons/nc; X

Mark was reading the "Growth and Shrinking board" as he has done every morning since he connected to the net in September 97. There was a particular post that attracted his attention.

LISA: "I am making a video involving a man that will be shrunk to two inches tall. He will then be teased, played with and in the finale he will be swallowed alive. I need a man willing to be my co-star. You will receive a percentage of what the video grosses and I can promise you an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. If you are interrested please E-mail me at [email protected] "

Mark had been waiting for an opportunity to appear in one of these videos. This would be his chance to act out his fantasy and get some acting experience. Mark couldn't respond fast enough. He E-mailed Lisa.

" Hi, Lisa. I'm your man! I have had some acting experience and I would love to be in your video. I have, for as long as I can remember, had the fantasy of being swallowed alive. Your video will give me the chance to live my fantasy. I was wondering, who will be consuming me alive. LOL. I would also like to know what she looks like, so I'll know what I'll be getting into, so to speak. Please E-mail me as soon as you can. I an anxious to get started. My E-mail address is [email protected]


Mark kept a constant watch on his E-mail. He didn't have to wait long. The next day he received his answer.

"Hello Mark. I need you to desciribe yourself completely. Tell me everything about you. I also need to know when you will be available, if I choose you. I also would appreciate it if you tell NO ONE about this video as it has never been done before. I will be waiting for your reply.

I have darker colored blond hair down to my shoulders. I have blue eyes. I am attractive. I work out and I my muscles are toned but not bulging. My measurements are 36-26-36 and weigh 138Lbs. I am 5' 11" tall.


Mark E-mailed Lisa as soon as he read her E-mail.

"Hi Lisa. Mark here. I just got your E-mail. I am 5'10" tall and weigh around 155 pounds. I have a medium build but I do have a small pot belly but I am working on getting rid of it. If you would like I can start an excercise program that will get rid of it fast. I shave my head because I have patchy balding. I have a black beard and mustache. I have hazel-green eyes and have been told many times that I am a handsome looking man. I am a computer scientist but due to cut backs I am temporarily out of work so I would be available anytime. I live in Los Angeles county in Southern California. I also have experience in special effects and may be able to help you make the video. I give you my word that I will not tell anyone about you or your project.

Sinceley yours,

By the next day Lisa had responded.

"Hello Mark. Congratulations! I have chosen you to swallow. LOL. You will be perfect for the part. Don't do ANYTHING about your pot belly, it will add meat to the part. As far as your looks are concerned they really aren't that important for what I will be using you for. So, a computer scientist with special effects experience, yes your experience will come in handy for me in my future projects. I am glad you agree to the need of secrecy for this project. I will be in the Los Angeles area the first week of January. If that is O.K. I will be in the Angeles hotel in room E-303. Meet me there on Saturday January 3 at 10 AM. Looking forward to having you.



"Hello Lisa. Great, I'll be there. I can hardly wait!

Sincerely yours,

January 3 finally arrived. Mark was at Lisa's room at exactly 10 AM and knocked on the door. The door opened and there stood Lisa. Mark stood there like a deer caught in headlights. Lisa was wearing a pair of shorts, dark blue socks, pumps and a tight fitting top. He was so taken in by Lisa's beauty.

"Come in. We have alot of details to work out and not that much time. I have to catch a flight home in a few hours."

Lisa took Mark's hand and pulled him into the room and closed the door behind them. Mark found it strange how strong she was.

"Well she did say that she worked out, " he thought.

"Hi Mark. I'm Lisa. I must say you are exactly what I had in mind for the part."

"I'm glad. I'm really excited and can't wait to get started."

"I'm happy you feel that way. What would you like to have to drink?"

"Rum and cola if you have it."

"Of course I have it. This room has a wet bar."

Mark watch Lisa's legs as she walked to the bar. Lisa poured the rum in a glass and added the cola. Then Lisa moved the glass out of Mark's view and rapidly added a strange glowing powder from a vial. She then walked back to Mark and handed him the drink. He raised the glass to his lips as Lisa watched intensely. Mark took a couple of swallows. Lisa licked her lips slowly which excited Mark. After the passing of a few minutes, Mark started feeling strange.

Lisa saw Mark reacting to the powder.

"What's wrong Mark ?" Lisa asked smiling evilly.

"I'm feeling a little bit dizzy. Funny, I never had such a bad reaction to rum before."

"Well, come on over to the bed and lay down for awhile. Let me help you."

Lisa got Mark onto her bed and sat down next to him. He would have been turned on to be on the bed of such a beautiful woman, if he wasn't so dizzy. The room began to spin and things started to become distorted. It seemed as though Lisa was growing. He knew that wasn't possible, even though deep down he wished it were true. Soon Mark passed out.

After about an hour Mark woke. His body was wet from head to toe. He smelled of human breathe and saliva.

"What is going on?" he asked.

Mark tried to look around for Lisa. As his head cleared he noticed he was laying on something soft, but it wasn't the bed this was moist and was moving. He looked towards what appeared to be an opening. He saw large white objects stretching upward and downward from the opening. Mark's head wasn't totlly clear yet so he thought he was in a cave of some kind. Then he looked in the other direction. There in front of him was a dark abyss with a thing hanging down from the roof of the cave. "There sure is alot of moisture in here," he thought, "I wonder why I'm here and where here is."

"Lisa! Can you hear me? Where are you?" Mark yelled as loud as he could.

Then the cave vibrated violently. The floor of the cave moved and Lisa's voice thundered.

"I'm right here. All around you. Glad you are awake. Now we can have some real fun."

"What do you mean. Where the hell am I?"

The cave rumbled again.

"That's right. The powder. You really don't know yet do you? Let's say your fantasy has come true. You are in my mouth and you are delicious."

"What ... How... What are you going to do to me? Let me out!"

The panic in Mark's voice turned Lisa on. She started to suck on his body. Her saliva poured over him as she rolled him around in her mouth. She slowly pushed him helplessly to the back of her throat. Just when Mark knew what was going to happen and expected to slide down her throat to her belly, Lisa pushed him with her tongue back to the middle of her mouth.

Then Lisa responded to Mark's questions. Mark rode each syllable as her tongue moved to form the words.

"How, well it was the shrinking powder I put in your drink. As for what I'm going to do to you, well that's simple, I am going to swallow you and digest you alive while I have a great orgasm. The question you really should ask is when. I haven't decided if you will be in my belly in a few minutes or if I should save you for breakfeast."

"But the movie. Besides this is murder."

"Oh yea, I told you it had never been done before but I guess I forgot to mention that it is the first "snuff" giantess movie ever to be made. As for murder, there has to be a body for it to be murder. Believe me when I tell you, your body will never be found."

"Please don't do this to me."

"I thought your fantasy was to be swallowed alive."

"It is, but not like this. I want to spend time with you first."

"You're right. I got a better idea."

With that Lisa slid Mark onto her arm. The hair on her arm rose around him like a feild of golden wheat. He couldn't resist the opportunity to feel the hairs that surrounded him.

"So you like my arm hair. Well soon enough you'll be joining it forever. But for now I have to catch a plane home. And you are coming with me. I don't trust those gorillas that handle baggage, I want you to experience the fear of helplessly sliding into my belly and desolving in my stomach acid. That can't happen if you are crushed in my bags."

With that Lisa lifted Mark off her arm and slowly moved him down her body. He surveyed the body that almost ingested him. Mark could see from their shape under her top that her breasts were perfectly shaped and firm. Her belly was flat and tight. Her thighs glistened with delicately fine light glistening hair. Her legs, wow, her legs were long and shapely. He was now moved above her feet. She then stretched the top of her sock opened. The smell from her feet was strong but not unpleasant. She placed him inside and gently allowed the top of her sock to squeese Mark against the bottom of her leg just above her ankle. The presure of her sock along with their smell weakened him so he was unable to escape.

"O.K. Mark, time to catch the plane. Don't say anything or I'll cross my ankles and crush you to death, then when I get home I'll lick your remains off my leg and swallow them. And you'll miss all of the fun that I have planned for you."

"No don't crush me, I'll be quiet."

The plane ride was smooth with little turbulence, not that it made much difference to Mark. He was dazed throughout the fight due to the odor from Lisa's foot and the pressure her sock was placing on him.

In a few hours Lisa arrived home. She imediately went to her bedroom. She took Mark out of her sock and put him into her shoe. The odor was stronger here than it was in her sock.

When Mark head cleared he was inside the toe one of Lisa's black dirty nylons dangling over her sleeping nude body. "Wow, how beautiful she is," he thought, "But how deadly." He dangled there throughout the night. Remembering what she had said that she was going to have him for breakfeast and that was just a few hours away. Fear started to grip him as he realized that by this time tomorrow he would be in her belly painfully disolving to feed her beautiful body. He rationalized, "Well there are alot worse ways of going, besides she really turns me on." He had many orgasms that night thinking about the future and Lisa.

The next morning came and Lisa woke up. She looked up at Mark and sexually licked her lips.

"I see you stayed for breakfeast, good. I'm really hungry and you will hit the spot. Don't worry I never eat breakfeast when I wake up, so we have a couple of hours to play."

The word "play" sent shivers up and down Mark's spine. He could only imagine what she meant by that.

Lisa moved her giant face directly under the toe of the nylon Mark was trapped in. She took a pair of scissors and cut the toe open taking care not to cut Mark. She opened her mouth wide. She had strong morning breath but that was not the worst of his problems. Fear washed over him as he slide through the hole and would have dropped into her mouth if he had not grabbed onto the end of the nylon. He hung there over Lisa gaping hungry mouth.

"What are you doing? How long do you think you can hang there?"

"I don't know... as long as I can."

"I don't want to waste my day waiting for you to drop into my mouth so I have an idea."

With that Lisa began lowering the nylon towards her mouth. Mark squirmed as her mouth reached his body. He passed her lips and she slowly closed her mouth. She then slowly pulled the nylon from her mouth, Mark was missing.

Inside Lisa' mouth Mark was struggling not to slide to the back of her throat. She began sucking on him mixing him with her saliva almost drowning him. He knew soon he would slide down her sexy throat and be digested alive and he was helpless to do anything to stop it. Just as he accepted his fate and stopped struggling, Lisa spit him onto her arm.

Lisa looked at Mark licking her lips. Those sexy lips.

"You stopped fighting."

"I figured I couldn't stop you from swallowing me, so why fight."

"How very logical and noble of you. It must be all that Computer training you had. I will enjoy absorbing your knowledge and experience along with your body."

"What do you mean?"

"Last week I had a barbecue. He was delicious. I tricked him into thinking that I had this wonderful barbecue recipe. Well actually I did but he didn't think that he was the main ingredient. I snuck him the powder when he least expected it. I gave him only enough to shrink him to half my size. After all what kind of a barbecue would it be with the meat being 2" tall. He struggled as I slopped the barbecue sauce all over his body."

"Why didn't he run when he realized what you were doing?"

"Go ahead, try to run. If you can get to the door I'll let you go."

Mark started to run down her arm.

"Stop and lay down!" Lisa commanded.

Mark immediately stopped and dropped to his knees and lied down. He was in a hypnotic daze, totally aware of his surroundings and what he had just done but unable to stop himself.

"See, you can't escape anymore than Dave could. The powder has many other powers beyond just shrinking a man it allows me complete control over him."

"Why didn't you use that power on me before?"

"I didn't need to. Anyway, after I coated Dave with the sauce I slid him onto the spit, placed him over the fire and began turning the spit. His screams for mercy and of pain were wonderful. After an hour he was done. Oh yea, forgot to tell you he was still alive and conscious and screaming."

Lisa looked at Mark to see if she would get a reaction. He squirmed which delighted her and she continued with her story.

"Again it's the powder, as long as the person or any part of him still exists the powder won't let you die. I removed Dave from the spit and began devouring him alive. I love how he writhed in pain as I cut him into bite sized pieces and slowly chewed each one savoring the flavor. After devouring him I knew that each masticated piece of him that was digesting in my belly was still alive and aware. I sensed his life up to the point where my body cells absorbed him. I felt a rush of his knowledge flood my brain which become incorporated in me."

"You are a monster! A real snake!"

" Snake...hum. What a great idea!" Lisa said smiling evily at Mark.

Lisa got a top from a small bottle and filled it with water. She then sprinkled some powder over it. She placed it in front of Mark.

"Drink it. worm!"

Mark tried to resist but started to move towards it. It took a great deal of effort but he managed to ask her a question before drinking.

"What is this for?"

"What you said, it gave me a change of heart. I am going to let you grow."

"Oh, thank you. I guess you aren't that bad after all."

Mark no longer attempted to stop the desire to drink. He drank the liquid and immediately began to grow. He stopped growing when he was 3 feet tall. He noticed that Lisa had also drank some of the powder. He wondered what she was up to. He watched her expecting her to shrink but he saw no effect.

"I need more powder to return to my normal size," he told her.

"Oh, I know. But who said I was returning you to normal size?"

"Then why make me grow to this size?"

"You gave me a great idea, one that I will enjoy. You called me a snake, remember?"

"Yes, what of it?"

"Well, we are going to play act for the movie now. I will play the part of a human snake and you will play the part of the human mouse."

Lisa started the camera. Mark got up and started to run toward the door. Before he reached it Lisa yelled to him to freeze. He did.

"Come here Mark."

Mark slowly walked to Lisa fighting each step.

"Lie down on your back and relax."

Mark lied down next to Lisa. She wrapped her beautiful legs around him and squeezed him. He could hardly breathe.

"First the snake sqeezes the fight out of her victum. She then lines him up to her mouth."

Lisa released the now dazed Mark. She sat up and crossed her legs Indian style and prepared herself for her meal.

"No please don't do this. I don't want to die."

"You are not going to die, you are going to become part of me."

With that Lisa took hold of Mark's feet and held them together. She opened her mouth wide, wider then a human under normal conditions could. But these conditions were far from normal.

"No," he yelled. "You know you'll be caught and tried for murder. The video you are making will be evidence."

"First of all no one will start looking for you for twenty four hours by that time believe me you wouldn't want to be rescued. Then they would have to prove that you and I ever met. Thanks to your cooperation, nobody knows where you are. Assuming that the police did make the link it would take them at least a day to get a search warrant. Then they would have to find the video, believe that it was real and that I actually swallowed you. They would then need to convince a judge to issue a court order to have my stomach pumped to prove you were there. By that time you would no longer exist. So no, I won't get caught and yes you will be absorbed by my body. Oh yea, I forgot to mention Dave was an attorney."

Lisa saw the hope drain from Mark's face. She smiled and put both of his feet in her mouth at once. She started to swallow. Mark felt the warm moist interior of Lisa's mouth. He got turned on as his feet slid to the back of her throat.

"Please Lisa don't do this. Let me go."

Lisa worked Mark's calves into her mouth. Her lips reached his knees.

Mark felt Lisa's esophagus muscles constrict around his feet pulling him deeper down her throat. He tried desperately to find something, anything to grab on to but there was nothing. His body continued to disappear into Lisa's mouth.

Lisa had successfully swallowed Mark up to his stiff member. She opened her mouth a little wider and took it into her. She could feel it quivering. She played with it with her tongue and sucked on it.

Mark's body twitched with a fantastic orgasm. He felt her long sexy legs which she had neglected to shave for two days. With each twitch of his body, Lisa sucked him deeper inside her.

Lisa turned him around in her mouth so he would be facing her body. Her lips were now tight around his chest.

Mark could see Lisa's belly. Her belly was no longer flat it bulged with his body shape. Mark tried to move his feet and legs which only resulted in him seeing their shape through the flesh and muscles of her belly. He reached out and felt the hair on her arms and started to get turned on again.

"Lisa Nooo. Let me go."

Lisa had by now reached Mark's neck. Her lips were like a tight collar around his neck. She was looking into his eyes and saw his terror which turned her on and she had a massive orgasm of her own. She lunged her body in a backward arch and slid Mark's head into her mouth as she screamed in ecstasy.

"Lisa Noooooo..."

Mark's crys were soon muffled by the inside of her mouth. He could see ridges in the roof of her mouth and the saliva dripping down over his face. He could feel most of his body inside Lisa's stomach and he knew soon her stomach acid would start to digest him. The only part of him that remained outside of Lisa's body was his arms, hands and fingers.

Lisa did not swallow him further, instead she held him there on her tongue letting his terror build. She could hear his muffled pleas from inside her mouth which she enjoyed almost as much the flavor of his body. She had complete control over Mark the thought of which turned her on more. She shifted her body and stood up so Mark would realize that he was already part of her, to add to his horror. She kept his head in her mouth savoring the flavor for fifteen minute then she swallowed.

Mark slid down her throat into her belly with little resistence. Her belly expanded further to accept him. He was now totally engulfed by Lisa. Her stomach walls surrounded his body like a second skin but somehow he still could breath, as hard as it was. He came again strong and hard. His body trembled from the force of his orgasm.

Lisa sat down and crossed her legs and looked down at the bulge Mark was making. She rubbed her belly and could feel Mark's shape inside of her and smiled contentedly.

"How does it feel to be inside my stomach knowing that soon I'll be digesting you into a soup to be absorbed by me?"

Mark was being held too tightly by her stomach muscles to answer her. Not that she would have heard him if he did. He felt added wetness around him which stated stinging his body. Then Lisa's stomach muscles began massaging the wetness all over his body and he knew she had started the long painfull process of digesting him.

Lisa was delighted to see her stomach moving and gurgling. She knew the involuntary muscles of her stomach had begun their job.

"Well Mark, it's time for me to work out. Don't worry, no one will suspect anything. They will think that I got a slight pot belly during the Holidays and came to the gym to get rid of it," she laughed, "You know, in a way they'd be right."

Mark's body quivered as Lisa walked. Soon he was being violently tossed about as Lisa excercised. The intensity of the digestive process increased as she worked her body. The stinging became searing pain as his skin loosened as it slowly melted from his bones. He screamed but no one heard him.

By the middle of the next day his skin, muscles, tendons and nerves were digested and absorbed. By the end of the next day his bones became soft. Mark felt his existence melt away as Lisa's stomach acid disolved his brain into the soup which was carried away by her blood stream. Soon Lisa absorbed Mark completely and he no longer existed. Even his DNA surrendered to hers.

Lisa felt Mark become part of her. She sat down in front of her computer and smiled. She now knew how to upgrade her computer. She would start on it tomorrow after which she would begin planning on how she would trick and trap her next meal.




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