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The Widow

by Bnimrod

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© Copyright 2014 - Bnimrod - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; tease; entice; sex; denial; climax; drug; entrap; prepare; stuff; marinate; boil; eaten; digested; absorbed; soft; cons/nc; XX

Bruce was bored. It was another one of those cheer up Janet visits that his wife insisted on making. Not that he minded seeing his buxom brunette sister-in-law. But the conversation always seemed to revolve around cooking. Since her husband had disappeared and been declared dead, Janet had done a complete make over. She looked younger, her skin silken smooth and her breasts much fuller. Bruce suspected some insurance money spent on plastics but was too discrete to ask.

His wife Margo sat on a barstool, elbows resting on the new tiled kitchen counter. The kitchen had also had a complete makeover. Janet had done this sometime after getting the large meat locker put in her garage. The kitchen was open and spacious with a huge oven and fridge all done in matching stainless steel.

".... That’s okay Margo; it's really better with some marbling. Otherwise it’s too tough. You’d have to marinate it for days." he heard Janet saying.

Margo turned a hard look at Bruce. "He’s really let himself go, "

Janet patted Margo's arm reassuringly, "Really it is better..."

"He's gotten so fat in the midsection," Margo replied, disgusted, eyeing Bruce's paunch.

Bruce's face contorted in confusion, 'what the hell was his wife talking about?' he wondered.

Janet moved around the bar and patted Bruce's soft midsection.

"I think YOU look just delicious Bruce." Bruce smiled and felt stiffening in his pants. He hoped Janet and, especially, Margo didn't notice.

Janet eyed Margo and then the large steel refrigerator. Margo's eyes followed. Margo bit her lip, as if restraining herself.

"I can empty it on VERY short notice," Janet offered, as Margo continued to regard the appliance.

Janet's hand slipped down and grabbed Bruce's rising cock. It hardened quickly. Janet's grip tightened further, suddenly releasing as Margo glanced back.

Margo smiled tightly, "You’re sweating Bruce. Are you hot?"

Janet's face was inches from his; her deep brown eyes examined him closely. He could smell her sweet perfume. His eyes dropped to Janet's full red lips. They glistened almost in anticipation of him. His throat suddenly dry, he tried to answer his wife's query.

"*cough*..." he stammered.

Janet reached over to a glass of red wine on the counter and brought it to his dry lips in one smooth motion. He took a quick gulp. "Thanks Janet I..." he began. Whoa... that was strong. His head was swimming.

Janet's eyebrows rose, regarding Margo. Margo looked back wistfully. "I ...I have to think about it, Jan."

Janet sighed and swept the wine away from Bruce before he could further imbibe. Bruce's head only slowly drifted back to stationary. He was still feeling the effects after one sip. It was good though. It made you want more. He reached for the glass, which Janet now kept away on her outstretched arm. "I’ll have more Janet," Bruce requested, reaching. Janet only stepped back, keeping the glass out of range. "Maybe on your next visit." She offered.

Margo slapped his leg with her purse as she pulled it off the counter. "Come on, Bruce. I’M starved. l need a steak... raw steak..." Margo stated, rising to go.

"It's not the same..." Janet sang to her back.

"Don’t answer the phone while I’m gone," Margo ordered. "Let the answering machine get it."

Bruce stared, "Why not?"

Margo grew angry, 'Because I don't want to come back from my trip to find you inside Janet,' she thought. "Because I... I am expecting some messages and you'll screw it up."

Bruce scowled. "Fine."

"No matter who calls, especially Janet."

"Why 'especially Janet’?" he asked.

'Because your roasted cock will be served as an appetizer' she thought. "Oh, she's being a bitch and I don't want you giving her the time of day." Margo hoped her command would be enough. She did not care to tell Bruce what really happened to Janet's husband and exactly why Janet's breasts were so full, along with her stomach. Margo might decide to eat Bruce but had not committed herself yet. Besides he was hers to eat when and if. Just Not Yet. "OKAY?" Margo demanded.

"Sure, whatever." Bruce mumbled.

Margo picked up her overnighter and departed.

Bruce did what any male would do when the wife departs, leaving a list of chores, he turned on the TV and channel surfed until he fell asleep.

The ringing phone woke him. He was still sleepy when he picked it up.

"Hello?" he grunted.

"Hi. Bruce? It's Janet. Did I wake you?" Belatedly he realized he was not supposed to answer the phone. "Uh…yeah. Margo’s not here Janet. Maybe you can call back later?" Bruce begged off.

"Oh sure. Sorry. So Margo is away on a trip?" Janet asked, intrigued.

"Till tomorrow."

"That’s enough time…" Janet said, thinking out loud.

"What?" Bruce asked, still waking.

"Oh… sorry. But I really need… umm… seasoning. For… umm… some meat I want to cook." Janet replied.

"Okay. I’ll check. What is it that you need?" Bruce said, getting up off the couch.

"Meat tenderizer… yes… that’s just what is needed." Janet responded.

Bruce pulled open a cabinet and rummaged through the bottles. "Sorry, Janet… I don’t see any…"

"Crap!" thought Janet, "My stomach got the better of me. I should have asked for salt. Surely my bitch of a sister would have THAT."

"…Wait. Here’s some. But it looks old…"

"That’s okay, Bruce," Janet replied sweetly. "Could you do me a REALLY big favor?"

Bruce rolled his eyes. He knew what was coming.

"…Could you bring it over here?" Janet asked innocently and thought, ‘now what would entice this stupid male to make the trip?’

"Really Janet, I…" Bruce began, trying to come up with an excuse.

‘They think with their dicks…of course,’ Janet mused, smiling to herself and continued, "I was just getting into the shower and I wanted to get the meat started for dinner" ‘Your meat,’ Janet thought, ‘before your wife gets back.’

Bruce gulped. He just might get lucky. Janet might still be showering when he got there (only ten minutes away) and who knows…. He was getting hard just thinking about it.

"SURE." He almost shouted. ‘Damn, Got to be cool,’ he thought, ‘If I am going to get lucky and fuck my wife’s sister.’

"Oh thanks ever so much. Just let yourself in. I’ll probably STILL be in the shower." Janet replied triumphantly. ‘Never fails,’ she thought, ‘If they were any stupider you could ask them to let themselves into your oven which was preheated and waiting.’

Bruce clicked off the phone and ran out the door with the tenderizer. Just as he exited, the phone rang. The answering machine picked it up.

"Bruce." It was Margo’s voice, "Listen whatever you do, don’t go over to my sister’s house. And don’t let her into our house…. Bruce are you there? Okay. Just call me back to let me know you got this message. I am getting on the plane and will check my messages. You have the number."

Bruce drove straight to Janet’s and finding the front door unlocked, let himself in. He glanced over to the kitchen to the right and saw no one there. He then turned down the hallway to the left toward the master bedroom. He could see the door was ajar and as he approached, could hear the shower running. ‘Should he call out? Naah, he could always make excuses later and the sight of Janet’s voluptuous body, dripping wet, would be worth it.’

He continued into the bedroom and walked through the open bathroom door. As he did, the shower stopped and Janet opened the door to exit.

She was breath taking. Her breasts large and firm and uncovered except for her hair. The dark brown hair hung wet against her skin as water ran off the tapering ends and over full erect nipples. Bruce could not take his eyes off Janet’s glistening mounds. Janet just stood there dripping wet without a word. After some moments without Bruce having looked up Janet sighed.

"Well. Where’s the meat tenderizer?"

Bruce caught himself and pulled his eyes up and away from those beckoning hemispheres. "Uh…what..?" he stammered.

"The meat tenderizer?" Janet inquired with a smirk--making no attempt to cover her curvaceous naked body.

"I…umm…" Bruce looked down to his empty hand. ‘Damn I left it in the car,’ he reflected angrily.

"Well… At least you brought the meat…" Janet said, eyes locking on his crotch.

Bruce’s eyes followed to see his fully erect maleness pushing out his sweatpants. ‘Damn this is not going well.’ He thought, ‘I look like a fool.’

Janet walked forward and rubbed her wet, naked pussy against Bruce’s stiff cock. Breasts pressing against his chest, she looked into his eyes, "Maybe I should put your meat into my oven." She pursed her lips and tilted her head.

Bruce fiercely pressed his lips on hers and threw his arms around her wet, sexy body. He hugged her hard, feeling her full breasts squish against him. She returned the ardor, kissing him hard and long. Finally she eased back slightly and bit his lower lip. She drew blood.


"Tastes good…" Janet reflected aloud as her tongue moved slowly over her full lips, savoring the flavor. She pushed him back and looked down at his throbbing sweatpants.

"I wonder if THAT will taste good too?" she asked and started to descend.

"Just… just take it easy," Bruce said, laughing nervously. "No biting."

"Oh,’ Janet replied innocently, looking up from her knees, "I would never. It’s not cooked… Yet." She placed her hands on the band of his pants and swept it to the floor in one smooth motion. His erect cock pulsed in anticipation. Her mouth engulfed the tip as her soft red lips slid down the shaft. Bruce almost came immediately.

"I… I’m… going to…" Bruce spluttered.

Janet ignored the stammering male and slowly pulled her head up, softly caressing her prey. Her mouth then descended again, consuming his member to the base. Bruce could feel the back of her throat and past it with his cock. He did not know how long he could hold himself back. Janet slowly continued her movement as the cock hardened and reddened. Just about to come, Bruce felt a tightening at the base of his cock. Janet had snapped a ring there, keeping him from releasing. Not being able to come made him even harder.

"Where did you get that?" he managed to ask.

Janet pulled up from his hard wet cock, her full red lips slowly coming together as she did. "Robert. He doesn’t need it any more." She descended once again on his erect penis, letting its hardness separate her lips and push into her hot wet mouth. Her tongue caressed his maleness, stroking the shaft. She sucked hard.

‘Robert. Her deceased husband. How weird,’ Bruce thought. Having a dead guy’s cock ring on his penis did bother him a bit but Janet’s mouth massaging his cock made him suppress it. As she descended on his dick, her tongue moved all over, teasing, licking… tasting. He could feel her breasts pressing against his legs as she leaned in hungrily. This continued for some time until Bruce could not stand it. He had to come. He pulled Janet’s head back.

"I have to go inside you." He said to the beautiful face as he pulled it off his erect cock. "Let’s use the bed." He suggested.

Janet appeared disappointed. She was perfectly happy eating his cock. She sighed as she got up. "Okay, Bruce, but we have to do it my way."

"Whatever you say. I am about to explode…" Bruce said agreeing.

They walked into the adjacent bedroom. Janet led him by the cock, holding his member tightly.

"God I want to eat this sooo bad," she said aloud.

"You have been eating it," Bruce replied laughing.

"Not yet. It isn’t cooked." Janet replied and turned him around so his back was to the bed. She pushed him gently back and he fell onto to the bed. His member stood fully erect thanks to the cock ring, throbbing in anticipation.

"Would you like to put your meat into my oven?" Janet cooed.

Bruce thought this was silly but nodded intently.

Janet squatted over him, pussy dripping over his reddened tip. "Are you sure you want to be inside me?" she descended slightly and caressed the waiting member with her cunt.

His pelvis rose as he tried to enter her but she moved up, just out of his reach.

"I’ll do the all the work honey," Janet cooed. "You’re meat for my oven." As she said this she descended on his cock, letting his hardness enter her. She was wet and her juices flowed around his maleness, warm, engulfing. She rose and descended, easing him further in each time until, at last he was fully inside her. Then she leaned forward and pressed her full breasts against his chest and began to ride him hard. She pressed her pussy against his groin and squeezed his cock hard as she rode him up and down. Faster and harder until finally she arched back and screamed.

"Goddddd!" She screamed to the ceiling. Her head fell forward, beautiful hair covering her face, sweat running over her full breasts.

Bruce hadn’t come and he was getting annoyed. He didn’t want to blow it but enough was enough.

"Janet. How about taking that ring off and let me… uh… you know."

Janet’s brown eyes regarded him. Now they seemed hardened. Not soft like before. Her look was almost contemptuous. "Beef should never complain…" she reflected aloud.

"Well, this one’s complaining," Bruce said a bit too harshly and then, "Come on…" He reached down and tried to find a clip or something on the ring.

"Let me get you some wine and maybe we can go at it again?" Janet said, hopping off him. Janet left the room and went down to the kitchen.

Bruce tried more frantically to get the ring off but could not feel anything but smooth metal. His cock was too engorged to try that route. He was getting frustrated when Janet returned with two large glasses of red wine.

"Janet, really I can’t get this damn thing off," Bruce complained. Janet sat on the edge of the bed and offered him a glass.

He took it with a look of exasperation and continued, "Can you get this thing off. I mean… after all," he decided on humor, "This would be a hard thing to explain to Margo."

Janet gazed at him and took a sip of her wine. She swirled the crimson liquid around in the globe examining it. "It expands with heat," she explained.

"You mean if you’re rubbing it…" Bruce asked, smiling once again. This woman was insatiable.

"In my oven… that’s how it came off Robert," Janet continued swirling the wine. Her tongue pushed through her red lips and slowly painted a circle. "He was so good."

The mention of her dead husband cooled Bruce’s ardor a bit. "He… uh… just disappeared right. I mean he might still be alive." Bruce suggested, trying to comfort her. But Janet seemed more, well… hungry than upset.

Janet looked down at one of her full breasts and hefted it with her free hand. "No. He’s part of me now--just a memory." She continued, giggling, "And a bit of a weight problem."

"I guess some women over-eat after losing someone, but you never looked fat to me." Bruce replied.

"Oh that’s so understanding of you, Bruce," Janet smiled. ‘Especially coming from someone who’s willing to fuck their sister-in-law.’ She thought. "Try the wine. It’s the one you liked." (When I was trying to get you in my oven the other day) "Then, after a bit, we’ll go at it again and see what we can do about that cock ring."

Bruce took a sip and almost reflexively followed with a larger gulp. As before, the wine made his head swim. He thought he only took a small sip more but when he looked, the glass was empty. He tried to make conversation. "I heard you had a party for his funeral. I guess that’s what he would have wanted. Margo said you only wanted women to attend. That’s why I didn’t come." Was he slurring his words? His head was getting so foggy he wasn’t sure.

"Oh that’s okay, Margo was there." Janet replied sipping her wine. ‘And she ate plenty, that bitch.’ She thought. "Here have some more wine." Janet produced another sizable glass and handed it to Bruce.

‘Where had she gotten that,’ he wondered as he took it. ‘I must have passed out or something. I wonder how much time has passed…’

"What time is it?" he asked, looking around in a daze.

"Just past midnight," Janet answered calmly and putting her wine glass down, strattled him again.

Bruce started. "PAST midnight?? I have to get home. Margo…"

"Margo isn’t coming home until tomorrow afternoon, right," Janet cooed as she tickled his still hard member with her pussy. ‘Those cock rings were wonderful,’ she reflected.

"Yeah… but…"

"And we still have to get THIS off," she continued as she looked down at his waiting member. She descended, engulfing the tip of him. "Pleaseee… don’t make me beg…" she leaned forward over him, her full breasts hanging beautifully, red lips beckoning. She leaned down and pressed those soft mounds against his chest. Her lips pursed, "Pleaseee…" She was smiling. He couldn’t resist.

"OOOkay…" he slurred. He took a big gulp of the wine and thought he put the glass on the night table. Janet rode him and screamed in ecstasy. His vision blurred. He couldn’t come and felt likely to burst. He passed out and came to. Janet was still riding him. He was thirsty. He looked over to the wine glass only to see it was empty. When had he finished that? The clock read 3:00 am. She couldn’t have been on him so long. He must have passed out and woken when she mounted him again. God what a woman. If he could just clear his head a bit and get that damn ring off. He felt like her prisoner—her slave. Despite his stupor, he knew he needed to get out of here and home. He had to wait for his head to clear. ‘I’ll bet the wine was drugged,’ he thought. He passed out again only to drift near to consciousness with pinpricks on his skin. He had the vague impression of Janet leaning over him pushing something sharp into his buttocks. He was face down and tried to move his hand around. Janet gently moved it away.

"Don’t remove the cloves darling…" Janet’s voice reprimanded him.

He drifted. He felt himself being lifted and placed into a warm bath. He slept again.

He woke slowly, the room around him drifting into focus. He was sitting in a wooden tub up to his neck in a maroon fluid. It smelled like some type of broth. Bruce was vaguely reminded of the old wooden hot tubs. The tub was sitting just outside the kitchen proper and he saw Janet busy making some type of stuffing.

"Jan…" he called weakly, his voice barely audible, throat parched. "Janet!"

Janet turned around but continued stirring the stuffing material in a large steel bowl. "Oh, there you are. Finally awake. I thought you would sleep through everything."

"Whatt… what time is it?"

"Just past noon… Let’s see… convection oven… effect of the wine… hmm… cooking should be done around 7." Janet said.

"What’s happening here?" he squeaked.

"Oh, you mean the tub. Don’t worry, honey it’s just the marinade. It won’t hurt." Janet finished stirring and dumped the contents of the large bowl into a large metal pump on her kitchen block. There was so much stuffing it was a good foot higher than the rim.

Bruce’s head was still swimming but he was clearer than last night. Somehow, his hands seemed restricted below the surface of the liquid. They felt like they were tied. In fact, his feet felt tied as well. He was sitting in an Indian position, tied there with a brace around his neck, keeping his head above water.

"You’re… you’re trying to get the ring off?" he suggested, confused.

Janet laughed. She picked up a pack of cigarettes, pulled one out and lit it. She smiled as she inhaled. "No," she blew smoke ceiling-ward, and laughed again. "The ring only comes off once the meat is cooked and ready to eat."

Bruce grimaced, then looked horrified. "I… I think I just soiled the water… couldn’t help it."

Janet drew again on her cigarette and eyed her marinating lover. "Oh no. That’s not a problem dearest. That’s marinade you feel. It’s all through you now. I can assure you, you are quite clean inside. Nothing’s coming out of you that’s not edible and… delicious." She walked closer to the meat. "Besides that… I sewed your ass shut last night. I can’t have your stuffing leaking out all over the place, can I?" she inquired of her soon-to-be dinner.

"I felt pinching…"

"Cloves. Adds to the flavor." Janet drew on her cigarette again.

"You’re going to cook me, put me in your oven?" Bruce could hardly believe it, waiting for it to all be a joke. He was still more worried about what Margo would say about the cock ring. He wasn’t planning to end up digested into his sister-in-law’s body.

"No." Janet answered casually as she smoked, examining how the marinade had nicely browned her former lover’s skin. "Robert did not turn out too well. The skin over cooks, the stuffing was a bit dry and all that screaming," she reflected, and smiled, "Well, maybe the screaming wasn’t soo bad."

"You cooked Robert?"

"Of course. I told you…"

"You said he was gone, a memory…"

"And part of me… my tits I think... much fuller since then. As I know you noticed. You can thank Robert for that--Or more correctly, his meat. It makes a woman more feminine, fuller, sexier. I read it in an obscure book on cannibalism from Africa. It’s what gave me the idea."

"The ‘farewell to Robert’ party?"

"Well it was a farewell to Robert party. And a welcome into my body… permanently." She drew on her cigarette, tapped off some ash and continued. "Margo was there."

"Margo ate him without knowing?" Bruce replied shocked.

Janet laughed loudly. "Of course not. She helped me pull his carcass out of the oven. She was a pig that night. A total pig. And I have been trying to get her to ‘share’ her husband," Janet waved the cigarette in his direction. "But she wouldn’t. The bitch."

"MY GOD, YOU’RE GOING TO COOK ME IN YOUR OVEN." Bruce squeaked loudly. He struggled but was too weak to do more than generate small waves in the broth.

"No, no, no." Janet assured her dinner. "You are NOT going into the oven."

"THANK GOD," Bruce sighed, "Janet, let me go and I promise I won’t tell a soul about any of this…"

"Are you through?" Janet asked, annoyed. She drew on her cigarette again and stubbed it out. "I’m going to BOIL your meat in the marinade. It will stay nice and tender." She reflectively licked her lips. Her eyes closed. "Your meat will just fall off the bone and the stuffing will be wonderful." She opened her eyes and smiled.

Bruce began blubbering unable to say anything coherent. Janet eyed her dinner contemptuously, "If I had known you were going to CRY about it, I wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble to EAT you." She hesitated, placing an index finger on her chin. "No, on second thought, I would still be eating you." She walked over to the block and put on some gloves. "Okay here comes the hard part. That’s hard for me sweetie. You can just relax and work on tasting delicious." Janet pulled a 2-inch diameter tube out from a cabinet. She walked over to her victim.

"Now open wide."

Bruce clamped his mouth shut.

Janet sighed loudly. "I hate it when dinner does not cooperate," she said and pinched his nose shut. When Bruce gasped for air, she slammed the tube into his throat.

"Good boy." She said as she pushed more of the tube down his throat. She attached the other end to the metal pump with the stuffing and flipped a switch. "Just relax. Bruce, the pump will do all the work."

Bruce could see the stuffing moving through the tube and feel it filling his stomach.

"I have to get dressed now. Something appropriate for eating my sister’s husband. I’ll be back don’t go away. I promise dinner will be memorable." Janet laughed as she left the kitchen.

Bruce couldn’t move. He was too weak. His stomach seemed full and was expanding as the pumping continued. He was being filled with stuffing. His stomach was too full. He felt like vomiting. The tube wouldn’t let him. It continued filling him until his stomach emptied into his intestines. The filling continued as his abdomen expanded. He finally felt pressure on his rectum but the stitching kept anything from coming out. He could see his rounded abdomen through the broth. The process continued for more than 30 minutes when he heard the pump stop.

Janet returned shortly afterward. "Oh good. All done." She was wearing a black low cut dress, which barely held her sizable breasts. They pushed the satin back, almost bursting, revealing a tantalizing cleavage. The dress continued from there, clinging to her shapely torso, ending mid-thigh revealing sleek thighs below. Her full lips were even redder with a glistening lipstick. She glanced at her watch. 1:00 pm. She put on some long rubber gloves and walked over to the feeble male meat. First she pulled out the stuffing tube and being careful not to let the end soil her black dress, tossed it into the sink. Then she looked at him closely.

"I think everything is where it’s supposed to be. That stuffing is delicious and now that it’s all inside of you, I’ll just have to EAT you to taste it. You don’t mind if I slice you open later? I mean, once it’s all cooked, do you?" Janet teased, leaning in close.

Bruce could see her full red lips, and the aroma of her perfume made him want her despite his terror. Her brown eyes drank him in.

Janet smiled. "You still want me. You want to be IN me." She said triumphantly. "Don’t worry, dearest, your wish will come true in just a few more hours. You’ll be part of these." She cupped her full breasts with her hands.

"Excuse me. I just have to start cooking you." Janet remarked flipping a switch on the side of the tub. "It takes a while to warm up so just relax and enjoy it. Let the marinade soften you up so you’ll taste just delicious. Oh, I might want to cut off your cock and eat it, okay?"

Bruce’s face contorted in fear.

"Don’t worry honey it won’t spoil my appetite. The rest of your meat will be inside me too. I get so hungry doing all this hard work." Janet pulled up a chair and began cutting carrots into the progressively simmering broth. She continued talking to her dinner. "You know one of the advantages of boiling your meat is your brain stays fresh. I think fresh male brain is sooo delicious. Don’t you?"

"Jannneeet…" Bruce pleaded weakly, the marinade was getting hotter. His skin was starting to cook.

Janet finished with her carrots and leaned closer. With her index finger she began tracing a line across his forehead. "You see. I can cut off the top here." She continued tracing the imaginary line, red fingernail almost breaking skin. "And eat your brain while your meat is still cooking." She licked her lips.

"Do you mind if I smoke… while you cook?" She inquired, reaching for her cigarettes. She did not wait but inserted one between her lips and lit it. She inhaled and looked at him again. "I know you don’t like smoking…" she said examining the cigarette and looking back at him, "But you’ll be part of me soon, part of my body, and my body likes them." She drew on her cigarette again. "I guess you’ll be a smoker whether you like it or not." She laughed.

Bruce knew he was going to be consumed by Janet if he did not escape but as the stew got hotter, he got weaker. He watched as Janet smoked, knowing he would be digesting in her a just a few hours. He was just meat. She might even cut off his cock and eat it before he died. He imagined those white teeth and red lips eating his cock bit by bit as he watched and... cooked.

The phone rang.

Janet sighed and rose from her chair. "Don’t get up Bruce. I’ll get it." She ordered and picked up the phone.

Bruce listened intently--if he could just manage to yell loud enough….

"Yes?... Oh hi… MARGO."

Bruce’s spirits rose. He worked to clear his parched throat.

"No…. Really? No answer even last night… even the middle of the night. How odd. Do you think he might have gone somewhere?" Janet was suggesting.

"Came to my house? Whatever for?" Janet appeared to be shocked. "I can’t believe you think I would do such a thing." She took a drag on her cigarette and regarded the cooking male.

"Really Margo, I would sooner eat my own husband…" Janet protested. "…Oh, that’s right." She laughed.

Bruce screamed help but it came out as a faint whisper. He cleared his throat to try again.

"Okay… he is here but he’s busy…" Janet offered. "…No not my oven… he’s in the hot tub…. Well I’ll try…" Janet walked over to Bruce and held the phone to his ear.

"Margo wants to talk to you."

Bruce stared. Was Janet crazy? "Margo… Margo… help me… Janet…"

Margo’s voice came faintly from the phone, "Bruce, Goddamn it. Didn’t I tell you not to go over there?"

"Margo… sorry… she’s cooking me… you’ve got to get help."

"Let me talk to Janet… you stupid male… I can’t believe you. I knew this would happen," Margo replied angrily.

Bruce looked up at Janet and Janet put the phone back to her ear. She casually drew on her cigarette. "Dinner’s at seven. Too bad you won’t be here.," she said, laughing.

"What?" Janet said a moment later, shock apparent on her face. "You said you were at the airport… oh… this airport… so you will be here for dinner…" Janet looked at the phone. Obviously Margo had hung up.

"I guess your wife will be joining us." Janet said, returning the phone to the receiver. "Hmm, that calls for planning. I’ll have to set another place."

Bruce was stunned. She would never get away with it. Margo would be here in 30 minutes and he would be free. He relaxed a bit. In fact, he had to admit that the broth did smell good. Too bad Janet was not going to get to eat him. He would get the satisfaction of seeing her go to jail. Hah! It did bother him that Janet seemed so unconcerned and was busying herself setting the table. Surely Margo wouldn’t…

Janet walked back into the kitchen. She was holding a remote. Janet pushed a button and two hooks descended from the ceiling over the hot tub. She pushed another button and Bruce felt the clamps release on his limbs and neck. She slipped hooks under his arms and stepped back. She pushed another button and his wet, dripping form was lifted upward over the bubbling marinade.

Bruce hung there suspended over the tub too weak to shake loose. His feet were barely out of the maroon fluid and the heat was getting more intense. His abdomen was bloated and he could not see his penis. Janet went over to the counter, put down the remote and picked up a large knife.

"You know," she said to Bruce, "It occurs to me that your bitch of a wife will not let me eat your cock. I didn’t let her eat Robert’s." She walked over to his limb, helpless form and grabbed his hard cock. She looked up at him.

"I’d better help myself to that now while she drives up."

Bruce felt a sharp stinging and could see Janet’s hand moving in saw-like motion. She stepped back and held up his manhood. It was still hard, dripping broth and she had managed to get his balls too.

"I know I promised not to put you into my oven, but I have to cook this before your wife gets here." She tilted her head and mouthed the word sorry. Janet threw the knife in the sink. She held up his dripping member and thought for a moment. Then she pulled a frying pan out and placed it on the stove. She poured an inch of oil into the pan and turned the flame high. She looked over at the hanging male.

"A good chef is prepared for emergencies. The marinade will add enough seasoning and the oil will give your cock a nice crisp crust." She licked her lips. "Don’t worry it will be delicious, I won’t be disappointed."

Bruce hung helplessly--watching in horror. The rescue did not come in time.

Janet pushed the frying meat around in the pan as the oil bubbled. Then she lifted the pan off the flame. Taking tongs, she removed the hot cooked meat. Bruce could see the skin had crisped and browned.

Janet plopped the meat onto a small plate and sat down in front of the tub. "You know," she said as she broke off the tip with the side of her fork, "I could eat just this." She inserted the first bite into her mouth and chewed slowly. Bruce watched as the full red lips moved as she chewed. She cut off another piece and stabbed it, holding it up. "But I think men would object to having their cocks on the end of my fork."

"Do you mind being on the end of my fork?" She asked the piece of cock, pursing her lips. "No?" Then she stuffed it into her mouth.

She broke off another piece and juices within squirted out on the plate. Bruce watched in horror hanging over the now boiling marinade. His feet were already cooking.

Janet looked up. "Oh how inconsiderate of me. You must be cold." She regarded the boiling water and looked back up to her dinner. "I guess I should let you relax while I finish eating."

She kicked a button the bottom of the hot tub and the hooks began lowering Bruce back into the frothing maroon stew. Bruce tried to struggle but barely moved. He shook his head, "Noooo.."

The meat was deposited back into the pot and Janet reached forward and snapped the neck ring in place.

"I wouldn’t want you to miss this, Brucie honey." She leaned back and stabbed one of his cooked balls. Fluid squirted out. Janet’s white teeth cut through his ball and she chewed contentedly. She continued until the plate was empty and placed it on the counter.

"Oooh, that was greasy…" Janet commented and wagged a finger at Bruce, "You’re going to make me fat." She continued pinching her waist. Then she ran a hand down one of her nicely curved hips. "Once your past my lips, forever on my hips."

The door burst open and an angry Margo stormed into the kitchen.

"YOU BITCH…" she screamed at Janet.

Janet opened her hands palm upward in innocence. "Whatttt?"

Margo pointed at the cooking male, "That’s MY HUSBAND your cooking… bitch."

"Would you like some wine?" Janet casually inquired pouring two glasses of red into waiting glasses.

Margo put her hands on her hips and smiled slightly. She was staring at her husband boiling, barely conscious.

"You ate it didn’t you?" Margo asked taking the offered glass.

Janet shrugged. "He won’t need it where he’s going…"

"God damn you Janet, you eat the best parts." Margo sat down on the chair in front of the bubbling hot tub and watched her husband cook.

"Well, if you’ve quite finished complaining, I have a treat." Janet said pretending annoyance.

"What?" Margo asked, sipping the wine, intrigued.

"Fresh male brain."

Margo looked again at her cooking husband and back to Janet. "Really?"

"Just delicious, I guarantee it."

Margo licked her lips. "When can we…"

"Right now. In fact that’s best, before it hardens with too much cooking."

"Margggooo.." Bruce called, recognizing his wife watching him.

Margo looked back at her husband boiling in front of her, skin brown from marinade, cock already digesting in her sister’s stomach. "Give me one of those." She indicated the cigarettes and Janet gave her one and lit it for her. Margo inhaled and regarded Bruce.

She caressed his head.

"Sorry dear. But I have to eat you now. Your cock is gone, so you’re no use to me now except as food." She drew on her cigarette. "But Janet says your brain will be delicious and you’ll still be alive while we eat it, okay?"

Janet meanwhile had gotten a special cutting tool and was standing next to the pot.

"Margo, hold his head still while I make the cut."

Margo put down her wine glass and held Bruce’s head on either side while Janet worked the tool circling his head. It took a minute and made little noise.

"There!" Janet said stepping back. "You can let go, Margo."

Margo stepped back and looked at Bruce’s head. "Now what?"

"We just pop the top," Janet replied and applied tongs to the side of the head above the cut line and pulled. The top of his skull came off with a sucking sound.

Margo looked at Bruce with the top of his skull off and saw that he was still alive.

"See honey, That didn’t hurt." She drew on her cigarette. "Now just hold still while Janet and I eat your brain, okay?"

Janet handed Margo a grapefruit spoon. She turned off the heat to the tub so the boiling liquid would not interfere. She walked toward the back and turned to Margo. "Start back and eat forward and he can ‘enjoy’ it longer."

"Okay." Margo said, and leaned into her husband, "We’ll keep you alive as long as possible. But, well you see honey, your brain will be in our stomachs in just a few minutes. Then we’ll cook the rest of your meat and eat it. I really wish you had not put on that weight, dear because all that extra fat will play hell with my diet."

Bruce could not even respond. Janet plunged her spoon into him and began with Margo following. The women continued as he watched in horror--his wife Margo and Janet chewing his brain and sipping wine as they chatted.

Margo took a toothpick and prided some of her former husband’s brains from her white teeth. She smiled at Janet. "You’re right that was good." She walked over to the counter and picked up the top of Bruce’s skull. "What’ll we do with this?"

"Ashtray. Men’s skulls make nice ashtrays. Robert’s did. He always objected to my smoking and now he has a reason." Janet replied lighting a cigarette. Then she walked over and turned on the hot tub again. The fluid quickly came back to a boil. She leaned into the partially decapitated male meat. "I knew you would be getting cold so I turned the heat back on, okay. Don’t go anywhere were having you for dinner." She laughed at the now lifeless eyes staring back. Margo lit her own cigarette and watched Janet.

"You really get into this don’t you Jan?"

Janet pouted. "I think it’s important that a man knows his place—a woman’s stomach." She took another drag on her cigarette and walked away from the cooking husband. "So, Margo, you never told me. How do you like what I did with the kitchen redecoration?"

Margo looked around and began talking about Janet’s remodel. The two of them smoked and chatted the time away while Margo’s former husband cooked to perfection.

After some hours, Janet interrupted their conversation. "You know it’s about time. Your husband should be ready to eat."

"Do you want me to help?"

"Just take that big platter and place it on the counter. The hoist will do the rest."

Janet worked the remote once again and had the fully cooked carcass lifted out of the pot and plopped onto the platter in the kitchen.

Margo examined him. "He looks so peaceful… and smells delicious."

"Get a plate. His meat should come right off the bone."

"Uh… can we… can we put all of him on the table? I think it would be more fun." Margo suggested.

"Okay. Take one end." Janet said lifting one end of the full platter as she and Margo carried him to the table.

The two women sat on either side of the steaming meat. Janet attacked an arm with her knife, with the meat sliding easily off the bone.

Margo did the same on her side and eyed Janet as she began eating.

"Did you fuck him?"

Janet looked up but could not answer right away, chewing mouth full of Margo’s husband. "Um hmm." She nodded.

"Did you force him?"

Janet swallowed and took more of Bruce on her fork and hesitated just in front of her straight white teeth. "Nope. He made sure he saw me naked in the shower too."

"Bastard." Margo said and stabbed a fork through one of Bruce’s eyes, pulling it free. She inserted it into her mouth and began chewing. "I’ll teach you to fool around on me." She finished that one and stabbed the other, pulling it free with a sucking sound. "You won’t be looking at any other women now." She setting the eye between her teeth and biting down so the juices squirted out.

"Oh the stuffing. I forgot." Janet erupted. She took a large sharp knife and sliced the waiting male down the midsection. The sides popped apart and steam rose from the stuffing beneath. Janet closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. "That smells great." She took a large spoon and began ladling it on to her plate. "Want some?" She asked her sister.

Margo swallowed the eye she was chewing and nodded in assent. Janet put a couple of heaping spoonfuls on her plate. She and Margo had eaten the arms to the bone and both rose to cut meat off Bruce’s thighs simultaneously. Janet laughed.

"It goes fast doesn’t it?"

Margo didn’t reply at first but easily removed the thigh meat on her side of her former husband. Janet, watching her at first, quickly followed.

Margo sat back down with her plate full and began eating with gusto. "I know if I don’t keep up with you, bitch, you’ll eat my whole husband." She said chewing with a mouth full of male thigh.

Janet leaned over her cooked and partially eaten former lover. "Bruce, would I do that to you?"

Margo watched amused, "Silence speaks volumes, Janet. You ate his cock."

"You could have if you had let me put him in my oven last week." Janet argued.

"You would have overcooked him like you did Robert." Margo teased.

"I didn’t see you pushing your plate away."

"You ate Robert’s cock and my husband’s cock. When do I get to eat one?" Margo whined, stabbing the last bit of thigh on her plate. ‘Boy these males go fast.’ She thought.

Janet hesitated, chewing, leaning forward on her elbows. She waved her fork in the air. "Say! Don’t you have a gardener?"


"Yeah, whatever. Who cares what the beef is named?" Janet retorted. She looked over the remaining male. Her former lover was mostly skeleton now, digesting in the two women’s stomachs. Margo too had slowed down. Janet patted her bulging midsection.

"Happy now, Bruce? Just relax, my meat you’ll be absorbed into me soon." Janet reached for her cigarettes and offered one to Margo. Margo took one and lit it and leaned back, displaying a full abdomen as well. She caressed it as she smoked. "You’re home now dear." She said, "Nothing to fear from that mean old sister of mine."

Janet laughed, drew on her cigarette and exhaled ceiling-ward. "Now about that gardener of yours…"

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