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A Willing Meal

by girlfood

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© Copyright 2015 - girlfood - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; shrink; captive; play; tease; dinner; served; swallowed; eaten; digested; soft; cons; X

Meredith needed another man.

It was a funny thing to think. She loved her husband and her family. No she didn't need someone to love. Not to love in the traditional sense anyway.

No, she needed someone to eat. It was an odd desire she supposed but no less strong despite what society would have no doubt deemed irregular or even criminal.

Meredith had eaten quite a few men in her time. She had started as a young woman, devouring an unsuspecting teenager. Since then she had eaten many men; far too many to have kept track. Sometimes she would eat as many as several a week. Sometimes she would eat as few as one a month or even a few months. It all depended upon her mood and what, or more accurately, who was available.

Men, she had found, were delicious. Although it was the hunt she savored most. It was fun to give them what they would consider a sporting chance at escaping her. Granted no one had ever succeeded in escaping. Not a single solitary one. Despite this, it was fun to hunt them and catch them. And eat them. Oh my was it a turn on to swallow live something that understood what was happing to him.

Their reactions to what she did to them were as varied as those she had eaten. Some begged on their knees for their lives, pleading and promising all they could think of if she would only spare them. Others ran and hid themselves, struggled in her grasp and fought her even as she was lifting them to her full, open lips to be swallowed. Still others, and these were by far the rarest, were actually willing participants in a meal for her. Sometimes she would dine with them upon her plate as she ate a meal and drank wine. She would make polite conversation with them and even share a few jokes. Then it would be time for them to become part of her meal. She never once felt remorseful at their consumption. Only contentment.

Each type of man, willing or unwilling, had his charms and each was equally tasty and satisfying when swallowed. Still the glory of the hunt was Meredith's favorite part. She loved the chase. And the reward at the end.

Three weeks ago a nineteen year old man had been running to escape her. He had hidden himself in a pail, one of her daughter's playthings that had not been put away. Meredith had crept right by it without noticing the little fellow until well past him. She had been looking under the couch when she turned and happen to spot the man pressing against the back of the bucket like he wanted to become a part of it. Too bad for him that he was slated to become a part of her.

He had watched from an empty jam jar as Meredith had cooked her dinner, set the table and opened some wine. When dinner was ready she sat down and placed her tiny captive on her plate.

He had gotten on his knees and begged her to spare him. He didn't want to be eaten. He was only nineteen. Couldn't she eat someone else? Meredith smiled and explained that it was too bad. Nothing was going to save him from being swallowed alive by her. Then he had begged her at least to chew him. Meredith had declined.

She had eaten him with much relish, swallowing him whole and listening to his receding scream as he was pushed down her esophaugs. He had gone excellantly with the wine she had drank which had gone well with the dinner she had eaten.

Later, she had taken a bath. Meredith enjoyed the soak in the tub, the white, fluffy bubbles covering everything. Her stomach was full and felt warm. When she got out of the tub and headed to bed, she fell into a dreamless sleep.

It had all been so satisfying. The hunt, catching the man and explaining that she would eat him with dinner. Making him watch as she cooked. Eating him and the taste of his body on her tongue right before she had gulped him down. The dinner she ate afterwords. The wine, the bath. Most of all, going to bed with the knowlege that an entire man was inside her stomach being digested. He would never reach twenty. She had grinned at that thought.

Now it seemed like ages ago. She was starving for another boy or man. She had taken to looking out her window for a boy to eat like a cat watches birds.

She selected her prey carefully. Right now, her attention was focused on a man of twenty-six. Meredith watched the young man through her window. He was cute, in shape and exactly what she was looking for. Now all she had to do was catch him. That wasn't so hard. Meredith had once been a model and was still very pretty.

She walked outside and began talking to the man. "Hey there," Meredith said. "I couldn't help but notice you look nice and strong. I was hoping you could give me a hand. I'm trying to lift this box in my house but just don't have the strength. Do you think you could give me a hand?"

"Sure thing," said the man.

"My name is Meredith. Please come inside," Meredith beckoned the man inside.

"My name is Brendan," said the man with an easy grin that Meredith liked. He seemed like a nice person. Too bad for him.

She shrank him, then and there. She whipped around and stuck a needle into his arm and depressed the slide to inject the potion. Down he shrank like all the others. Soon Brendan was no more than two inches tall and staring up at Meredith. She loomed over him, her smile the size of a billboard.

"Oops. Looks like I shrank you," winked Meredith.

"How?" said Brendan. He still looked a little shocked. It was understandable.

"Never mind how. The real question is why?" grinned Meredith. "I have a few very specific designs for you Brendan. I'm afraid you won't live to see tomorrow. I have every intention of eating you, you see."

"You're going to eat me?" asked Brendan

"Swallow you alive in fact," explained Meredith. "I wouldn't want to chew you. That would be gross and messy. And it would certainly be no fun to cook you. I want you alive to enjoy the experience. I love eating boys. I've eaten people from the ages of ten to thirty. I know that makes me seem like a monster but I've done it many times before. "

"Actually I don't think you're a monster. You're too pretty," said Brendan. This took Meredith by surprise. She was used to complements about her beauty but rarely from someone whom she was going to eat.

"Why thank you food. That is nice of you to say. But if you're looking to charm your way out of our dinner date it won't work. Plenty of people have tried that before and I've devoured them all." Meredith patter her stomach.

"I'm not trying to charm you out of eating me," said Brendan. "I can't wait!"

Meredith carried her food into the kitchen. "Now Brendan," she said as she placed him on the floor. "I want you to hide from me. I'll give you thirty minutes to get ready. Then when I catch you, I eat you. I already have dinner prepared and you will be eaten with a plate of chicken, string beans, bread and a nice glass of red wine. Now hurry! The clock is ticking and I am getting hungry. If you just stand there I might eat you up right now and that is not nearly as much fun as tracking you."

Brendan got going. He hurried around looking for a place to hide. He may want to be Meredith's dinner but her idea of hiding while she searched for him seemed appealing. Dragging the experience out would be fun for the two of them, and even extremely scary for Brendan although also enjoyable. He heard Meredith close the door to the kitchen and then saw as a towel was stuffed between the bottom of the door and the floor. Brendan supposed that it was sporting that Meredith was letting him hide but she certainly had no intention of letting him escape. Odd. It must have been mental anguish for all the men she had eaten who had genuinely tried to escape. Brendan genuinely looked forward to being her food but decided that this game would be fun. Besides, if the woman who would soon eat him would enjoy this game, he was more than willing to participate.

Brendan hurried around, trying to find a place to hide and settled on under the refrigerator. Brendan scurried underneath the humming fridge and began his wait. It was awfully warm under the fridge. He watched the clock tick down the half an hour left to him. He almost wished that he could signal to Meredith that he was ready. The anticipation was killing him.

Meredith walked into the living room and tried to distract herself with a book. She always tried this and it never did work. Instead she found herself casing looks at the door separating the dining room from the kitchen, and her food Brendan from her. Then her eyes would flutter over to the clock. Only ten minutes? It seemed as if time had slowed to a drag.

Meredith looked back at her book and forced herself to read a page. When she reached the bottom of the page she realized she hadn't read a word. Her mind was on her food. She was thinking on others she had eaten. Many of them had hidden from her in the kitchen while she sat here and waited for their time to count down. The latest, the eighteen year old man, was fresh in her memory.

She grinned as she thought of her last victim. The poor young man. She had found him quickly and easily. She wondered if Brendan would pose a more exciting challenge. You never knew how good a man would be a hiding, but Meredith loved the look on their faces when she caught them. It was a cross between sheer terror and the realization that there was no escape. She grinned. It was exactly the same expression that the last young man had worn right before she had eaten him.

Meredith enjoyed the pleasant memories. Finally the time was over and Meredith, now greatly excited, hurried to the kitchen with her belly beginning to clammer for food.

Meredith burst through the door excitedly. "Fe fi fo fum. I smell the blood of a shrunkin man. Come out wherever you are." She began her search by looking under the table. No Brendan here. She crawled on her hands and knees to see if she could spot him from a crouch. She didn't see anything. Truth be told, she would have been a bit disappointed if she had caught Brendan right off the bat. The most fun was in the hunt.

Brendan watched as Meredith came through the door and closed it behind her. She scanned her kitchen with narrowed eyes, her hair framing her face in a way that made her look both beautiful and terrible, like a hungry giantess who would devour an entire city before her belly was satisfied. Of course, she wasn't here for an entire city. She was here for him.

The thought made him shiver noticeably despite the warm air under the refrigerator. The reaction prevented him from lying to himself about his courage. He was scared. He knew he would die and that excited him. He still wanted to be eaten by this beautiful lady but the idea terrified him despite his desire.

Brendan was almost taken aback by her beauty. He almost crawled out from under the fridge when she called, "Come out wherever you are," but had regained his senses at the last moment. It was a good thing because Meredith swooped under the kitchen table next with surprising speed. She looked all about her and Brendan even flinched as her gaze swept past the fridge. He may want to be eaten but he wasn't ready for this to end just yet. He had no doubt that if Meredith caught him, it would be curtains. He would be eaten in a second. For now he would simply savour the beauty of her.

Meredith moved off to search another part of the kitchen, going through shelves of food and moving cooking pans. Brendan stayed well hidden, watching the giantess. He knew that he could not escape her. Even if he changed his mind and decided to make a break for freedom he would never make it. She would catch him. It was only a matter of when. How long would it take before she found him under the fridge?

He listened to the rummaging in the shelves above. Then Meredith must have confirmed that he wasn't hiding in the shelves because he watched her shoes walk towards the fridge. It sounded like she was messing around in a drawer next to the fridge when suddenly she dropped her face down to the floor; one cheek pressed against the linoleum tiles. Her beautiful face, her entrancing gaze, focused under the fridge. She wasn't looking directly at Brendan but she was now looking in the right place. Brendan's pulse went through the roof. He was excited as emotions warred within him; longing for her to find him and terrified that she would catch him.

Suddenly a light like an oncoming train pierced the darkness. It swept across the bottom of the fridge and onto Brendan. He shut his eyes just in time and hugged the ground. The light passed him by. He had made it. Then, the light swept back over him and stayed upon him.

"Well what have we here?" said Meredith's voice. Brendan opened his eyes but the light was still upon him and he couldn't see. He closed his eyes. "Looks like a tiny little man," Meredith continued. "A tiny little man all alone under the fridge. It's my kitchen I can eat whatever I want so I guess I will eat you little friend. Why don't you come out and join me for dinner?"

"Come get me!" said Brendan.

"What was that?" said Meredith sweetly.

"I said come and get me. If you can!" It ought to be exciting to see what she does, Brendan thought. Now that she's found me I'm as good as dead but it might be fun to make this last a bit longer; turn a hunt into a chase. It's possible that Meredith would enjoy it too.

"Oh dear, Brendan. I'm surprised at you. I found you fair and square. Now come out. I want you in my stomach. I'm looking forward to swallowing you down. Now come out of there."

"No. Come get me."

"Oh dear. Oh dear," said Meredith in a tone that suggested that she wasn't worried about catching him in the least. "You've left me no choice."

Meredith disappeared and walked away only to return a moment later. She poked the handle of a broom under the fridge and started pushing Brendan out the side of the fridge. Brendan could do nothing but run from the broom right out from under the fridge and into the open kitchen.

Meredith was after him in a second. Brendan faked left and then went right. A hand slapped down where he had been a moment before. Outrunning Meredith was completely out of the question and somewhere in Brendan's mind he knew that he was rapidly reaching the end of the chase. He altered course at once. Instead of heading away from her, he went with the unexpected and hoped for surprise to save the day. Running straight for her was probably one of the dumber things he had done in his life but Brendan didn't care. He was elated that his fantasy of being eaten by a beautiful woman would finally come true. He was practically tripping on the adrenaline high of racing away from the woman who would eventually catch him. And the way things were going it would be sooner rather than later.

Running towards Meredith, her hand scraped just behind where he had been a moment ago. Brendan turned right again and avoided her hand brushing past to try and grab him. But now he found himself running into the palm of her left hand. Brendan bounced against the palm and tried to regain speed but found that Meredith's two hands were closing around him.

Light was cut off as he was lifted up in her hands. Soon he found himself dangling by the shirt from Meredith's fingers. She was grinning at him. She was remarkably beautiful.

Meredith smiled at her quarry. She had caught him fair and square. Now he was going to pay the price. She would swallow him alive. "Tough luck sailor boy," she said. "Looks like the giantess has got you and she is hungry."

Meredith carried Brendan to the dining room and placed him on the table. Then she brought out dinner for herself, uncorked a bottle of wine and poured a glass for herself and a thimble full for Brendan.

"To my willing dinner. May he enjoy what time is left to him," toasted Meredith.

"To my beautiful giantess; may she enjoy my taste and may I satisfy her belly," countered Brendan.

"You are such a gentlemen," said Meredith, sipping her wine.

"You have no idea", agreed Brendan. "This is the first time I have ever allowed a woman to pour wine for me. But since soon I will be in your belly I guess it really doesn't matter."

"You really don't mind being eaten do you?" said Meredith with a grin.

"Nope. I can't wait. Will you eat me soon do you think?"

"It will be hard to resist. I want to eat you badly but you're so cute with wanting to be eaten that I want to make this last a while. It's a rare thing to find a guy who is a willing dinner."

"Why? Have you eaten many men?" asked Brendan egerly.

"Quite a few Brendan," said Meredith. "Most of them weren't as eager as you are to be eaten I'm afraid." Meredith shrugged. "I ate them anyway. I started when I was fourteen. I ate a crush that I had in high school. Funny to think that he would be my age if I had never swallowed him whole like I did. You should have heard him scream too. When I ate him it was the most wonderful feeling ever. I knew that my food understood what was happening to it. But I felt rather bad. I did have a crush on him after all."

She paused to take a sip of wine. "Still, I didn't hear him complain when he reached my belly. I imagine he must have though. At least for a while. You can imagine how bad I felt. Bad and good. Being a teen is a confusing time in anyone's life but I eventually ate another guy. And another and another. I got to the point that it was and still is excited me to eat my prey as it tried to run away or hide in my room. Sometimes I would keep a boy for a few days at a time, living in my doll house before I finally ate him. I loved every moment of it. And I continued shrinking and eating men through my model career and to today. I am looking forward to swallowing you Brendan. You'll be taking the trip to my stomach alive you understand."

"I can't wait either Meredith. I've always wanted to be eaten by girls since I was a kid but never believed that anyone would understand my desires. I cannot wait to become your food."

"News flash little man. You already are my food. What you do think you are doing on my plate?" asked Meredith slyly.

"Waiting for you to eat me!" Brendan said. He couldn't believe that such a pretty woman wanted to swallow him.

"I think I have waited long enough, dinner. Time for you to go inside my belly. You're going alive. I eat all men live. It adds to the enjoyment for me."

"I like the idea of being swallowed alive. I cannot wait to slide down your throat and into your belly. I hope you enjoy me as much as I will enjoy you."

"I highly doubt you will enjoy it as much as I do. Good bye Brendan."

Meredith picked up Brendan and smiled a beautiful smile at him. Brendan grinned back, hardly remembering to breath in the sight of such a beautiful giantess.

Slowly, so they both could savor the moment, Meredith brought Brendan to her lips. From his perspective her beautiful lips, her enchanting face and her desire to devour him was almost too much to stand. Her mouth opened before him. He passed her ruby lips and white teeth and was deposited on Meredith's tongue. Her mouth slowly closed after him.

Meredith watched as the young man dangling from her fingers grinned at her. He really did want to be her food! How amazing to eat someone who actually wanted to be eaten! The man dangled as she brought him to her mouth. She placed him on her tongue with great care. Then she closed her mouth and pressed his body into her soft pallet, savoring the taste of man. She smiled and closed her eyes, concentrating on his taste, his tiny movements upon her tongue. She thought he was very attractive. By eating him she would deprive some woman of a beautiful boyfriend. She would prevent him from growing any older. He would never reach twenty-seven. Like those boys she had eaten so long ago in high school had never made it out of their teens.

Instead he was her dinner. Nothing more than something to be digested alive in her belly. She grinned. His taste was delectable. Finally the moment had come for him. She swallowed him whole.

He easily slipped down her esophagus and down, down he went. Into her belly. Willing like he promised. Dear, dear Brendan, the lovely little snack.

Meredith grinned and toasted Brendan again, drinking deeply from her wine and smiling at the thought of her wine raining down upon her food, who was undoubtably still alive.

Meredith began to eat the rest of her dinner. Chicken, string beans, fresh bread. She delighted in their flavor but none could compare to Brendan's taste which still lingered on her tongue. Meredith smiled again as she ate, knowing that Brendan could not help but realize that he was now food for her, not with all this other food raining down upon him. The chicken was the only other animal she was eating tonight. It was far less satisfying than Brendan had been despite having once been live itself. Brendan had been a member of Meredith's species. Now he was only food, food that was quite possibly still alive in her belly despite being in the process of being digested along with the rest of her dinner. The thought cheered her.

When she was done eating, Meredith rose and cleared her place. She walked to the kitchen and deposited her plate in the sink. Had it been forty five minutes ago that she had been chasing Brendan out from under the refrigerator? She grinned again at the full feeling in her stomach.

Meredith started up the stairs to bed. It had been a satisfying day. She climbed into bed a short time later, the thoughts to tiny men for her to eat running though her conscious. She drifted off to sleep, satisfied from a good meal.

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