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A Wish Come True

by Adeline

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© Copyright 2006 - Adeline - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; potion; shrunk; giantess; body adventure; tease; insert; swallowed; digested; mast; oral; climax; soft; cons/nc; X

"Mama always told me be careful what you wish for, it just might come true."

Mark Johnston studied the photograph on his desk wondering how the woman in the photo would react to his strange request. Although he had dated many women, Jennifer was different. He felt a connection to her that his analytical mind could simply not comprehend and he had given up trying. Jennifer Demott was an attractive young woman. Thick, shoulder length dark brown, almost black, hair framed her heart shaped face perfectly. She had high cheekbones, a thin nose and full red lips which stood out against her soft complexion. Mark had fallen for the tall, shapely, brunette the first time he saw her. Luckily, she had feelings for him as well and their relationship had grown steadily over the past 8 months.

Mark was a research chemist for Western Pharmaceuticals. Even though his nature was to be introspective and shy, Mark had shared more of himself with Jennifer than he had ever done before. Jennifer had a way of making him feel at ease, even with his most intimate secrets. Still, he had never spoken to her about his giantess fantasy and wondered how she would accept it. Partly it was his own uneasiness. He had never really felt comfortable with it himself, thinking it was too strange or kinky. Nervousness aside, this was his chance to act out his fantasy with the woman he loved and he had to take the chance.

When Jennifer arrived at her apartment, Mark was already there waiting. They had exchanged keys about 2 months earlier, so it wasn't unusual for him to be at her apartment but rarely was he there before her. She could see by the look on his face that something was up. She dropped her purse and sat down beside him. "What's wrong honey bunny?" she cooed.

"I ... I have something to tell you."

Jennifer was starting to worry, she told herself that things had been going too good between her and Mark.

"I don't know where to start exactly," Mark continued. "I want you to know that I love you so very much. And I trust you which is why I am sharing this with you now."

Mark began sharing his fantasy with Jennifer leaving out no detail. The part about being caught in the giantess' panties, even the part about being swallowed alive. When Mark had finished, he looked Jennifer in the eye. "I want to know what you think of all this."

Jennifer sat silently for a moment, taking it all in. "Well, I appreciate you trusting me enough to share this, most intimate fantasy with me. It seems odd to me that being swallowed whole would somehow be a sexual turn on but what the hell. Have you ever fantasized about me? About me swallowing you?"

Mark blushed and looked at her rather sheepishly. "Actually I have and that is partly why I have told you this. The other reason is that... You remember me telling you that the lab was working on a cream to reduce wrinkles? Well, quite by accident I created a chemical compound that can cause a person to shrink and I was hoping that you would help me fulfill the fantasy that I have had my entire life."

Jennifer looked shocked. "I don't know if you can really do this or not, but there's no way I'm going to eat you."

"Please, hear me out. I've thought it all through. I estimate the potion will shrink me to somewhere between one and a half to three inches tall. That's big enough to avoid being hurt. Believe me, I don't wanna die. I thought you could keep me as your prisoner for a couple of days and on the second day you swallow me. You can leave me inside you for two or three minutes, long enough for me to get a feel for being trapped inside your stomach, then you can vomit me back up."

"But what if something goes wrong? What if I accidentally crush you or you get hurt on the way down; or up. I don't know if I could live with myself knowing I had been an active participant."

Mark took Jennifer's hand. "Honey I have really thought about this. As long as we are careful every thing will be fine. If it starts getting out of hand or becomes too uncomfortable, I'll tell you and you can administer the antidote."

Jennifer looked at Mark with those haunting deep green eyes, that seemed to penetrate to his very soul. "All right. I think you're totally crazy but I will do it, this ONE time because I can see it is so important to you."

Mark smiled "Thanks darling for doing this for me. Of course you might find that you will enjoy it too."

Jennifer frowned, "I'll enjoy it most when we're through and you are back to your normal size. So when do you want to do this fantasy of yours?"

"Welllll ... Today is Thursday. I already arranged to have tomorrow off from work. I thought I could take the formula tonight. That will give me time to get adjusted to being small. Then you can take me with you tomorrow to work and on Saturday we can finish up. That way we'll have Sunday to recuperate."

"So, you are going to shrink tonight then we will start the fantasy tomorrow. And I am supposed to be this giantess that keeps you trapped in her underwear and kind of uses you as a plaything then eats you when she's finished."

Mark blushed, "Well in a nutshell, I suppose that's it."

Jennifer thought a moment. "We'll be kind of acting out parts then. Right?" Mark nodded. "And you will be this terrified little man screaming at me not to hurt you or eat you."

"Yes, that's right."

"Well then how will I know if I am really hurting you or you really want to stop? I guess what I'm saying is that we need some kind of word or message so that I will know whether you are playing or you want me to quit."

Mark hadn't thought of that. But Jenn had a good point. "All right. If I need you to quit I will holler STOP. No matter how much I scream or beg, as long as I don't say STOP, you will keep on playing along."

Jennifer smiled. "I'm sorry if I'm acting a bit anal about this, but I need to feel comfortable with the setup before we get started."

"I absolutely want you to feel comfortable. My dream is that you will actually get into this and do it again sometime. Just try to have fun with this. You know, let out that playful mischievous part of you that I love so much. Well my darling I guess I'm ready to start if you are."

Jennifer reluctantly nodded her head. Mark opened his briefcase and removed two large vials marked 'SHRINK' and 'GROW'. After going over the procedure with Jennifer he took an eye dropper full of the shrink potion and squirted several drops into his mouth.

At first he felt nothing. Then a wave of nausea hit him. It felt like the room was spinning; his vision blurred. Then darkness.

He felt cold. Whatever he was laying on was cold and hard. Then he heard her voice from high above. "Well Mark, it looks like your potion worked. Your clothes weren't shrinking so I pulled you from them and sat you on the bathroom vanity." Jennifer scooped the two inch tall man up with her hand and studied him.

Mark was jubilant. "It worked! It really worked! Jennifer isn't this great?"

Huge red lips smiled, "I'm just glad you are all right. You were unconscious for several minutes and I was starting to worry." Jennifer used her free hand to unbutton the top button of her blouse. "I'm going to put you in here to keep you out of trouble while I fix dinner. You had better behave or I might just have you as an appetizer." She grinned delighted with herself. Jennifer slipped Mark into the lacy upper cup of her bra and buttoned her blouse.

Her warm scent surrounded Mark and he breathed it in feeling himself becoming aroused at the thought of her. Jennifer's breasts were large, but not overly so and they swayed and wiggled as she moved. Mark remembered noticing that about her when they first met. She had a very slinky, sensual walk that somehow engaged her entire body. It wasn't deliberate or practiced, it was simply the way she moved. He had begun sliding further down her breast until he was against her nipple. She must have felt him there because it began to become firm and erect.

The sensation of Mark rubbing against her nipple was delicious and Jennifer felt herself becoming aroused. She was beginning to think maybe this fantasy would be more pleasant for her than she had originally thought. She sat her dinner of salad and grilled chicken on the table, lit the lone candle in the table's center and poured herself a glass of Chablis.

"Whatever you're doing, it feels wonderful but I need to remove you from my bra so you can eat some dinner." Jennifer unbuttoned her blouse and gently pulled Mark from her bra. She placed him on her plate, next to the chicken breast. "You look good enough to eat," Jennifer giggled, "but you feel so o o o good against me that I think I will keep you for awhile." Mark smiled up at her. He was glad that she was starting to get into the spirit of the thing. He had thought that Jennifer would go along with his fantasy but wasn't sure how enthusiastic she would be.

Jennifer cut off a small piece of chicken for Mark to eat. Then set about devouring her dinner. From his vantage point on Jennifer's plate, Mark watched as she lifted each bite to her huge waiting mouth. He watched the underside of her jaws as she chewed each piece and noticed the smooth way her neck muscles rippled as she swallowed. He was so enraptured that he hadn't noticed that he had become very aroused. Jennifer noticed though and laughed. "Well I guess its nice to know that you still function normally." Mark looked down embarrassed that she had caught him in the middle of his fantasy. Jennifer grabbed Mark by the ankles and lifted him up to her mouth. Mark looked panicked but before he could say anything she had plunged him into her waiting mouth. He was completely inside her except for his feet which she continued to hold. She gently sucked on him, sliding her tongue over and around him. As Mark climaxed he heard Jennifer softly moan. "Mmmmmmm." She washed her tongue over him one last time and gently pulled Mark from her mouth. "Feel better?" she laughed.

"As a matter of fact I do," Mark shouted. Jennifer dropped Mark back into her bra for safe keeping and began to clean up the remains of dinner. Mark liked being in her bra. Through the lace that comprised the upper cup, he could see the white of her blouse and through that, the faint outlines of the outside world. He felt safe and warm and at peace.

A cool rush of air brought Mark back to wakefulness. The white blouse was gone and he felt himself falling forward and down as Jennifer removed her bra. She scooped Mark out of the cup and placed him on a folded scarf on the nightstand. "I thought this would make a nice bed for you."

Mark nodded in appreciation, "This will be perfect, thanks." He watched Jennifer clad only in her panties disappear into the master bath. A short time later she came out wearing a silk negligee. It was nothing fancy, just spaghetti straps and a straight cut through the body, but he remembered how she had felt through the soft silk the last time they made love. Jennifer blew Mark a little kiss and said "Well, I think we should both get a good nights sleep. It is going to be a rather interesting day tomorrow." Then she turned out the light.

Mark awoke at four ten AM if the billboard sized display on the bedside clock was correct. It was almost a full moon and the light streaming in through the partially open blinds bathed Jennifer in a cool glow. She was asleep. Dreaming of tiny men and making love. She let out a gentle sigh and turned onto her side. Mark noticed her pillow was pressed against the side of the nightstand. It was a short drop to the soft pillow and so Mark gently dropped over the edge landing with a muffled plop onto the pillow. He climbed slowly down the pillow stopping briefly at her partially open mouth. Her moist, hot breath caressed his body as she gently breathed. Using the nightgown's strap as a handhold he climbed down to her right breast then over the top to her cleavage. He burrowed down between the two fleshy mounds and began to relax as they gently rose and fell with her breathing.

Mark was almost asleep when Jennifer coughed and rolled onto her back. Her breasts slid apart and Mark tumbled down inside her nightshirt landing on her smooth abdomen. He skirted the edge of her navel which loomed up like a dark crater then crawled further down until he met a thick, forest of hair. He slowly worked his way through the tangled thicket to the crest of her pubis. Smooth lips sloped down sharply into the darkness below him. The smell of her was heady. He thought about all the times he had caressed this very spot with his lips as they made passionate love and felt himself becoming aroused with the memory of it. He carefully slid down past the crest and began to stroke the soft pink folds. He found the basketball sized clitoris and began to massage it. Jennifer's soft moans and the moistness of her labia told Mark he was having an effect. He continued his efforts in earnest. Soon Jennifer was quite wet. She rocked her pelvis and Mark lost his footing sliding further down her crotch. He had almost gotten back into position when something hit him hard from behind. It was the tip of Jennifer's finger. She was pushing him inside her!

The hot, wet flesh of Jennifer's vagina engulfed Mark as she pushed him in. He struggled to free himself but his squirming only served to bring Jennifer closer to orgasm. It felt like he was in some wild amusement park roller coaster as Jennifer's pelvis writhed in excitement. Warm flesh squeezed him from all sides pulsing and constricting, pulling him deeper inside as Jennifer climaxed. Mark squirmed desperately trying to escape not even sure which direction was out. As Mark passed into unconsciousness, he was only vaguely aware of something firmly grasping his ankle.

The sting of cold air brought Mark back to consciousness. He was hanging upside down by his ankle as large, angry green eyes flashed at him. "What in the hell did think you were doing?! You could have been killed! Actually you would have suffocated if I hadn't been awake enough to feel you squirming inside me."

"I... I'm sorry Jenn, I woke up and saw you sleeping. I just wanted to cuddle up between your breasts. I guess I got carried away."

"You almost got carried away permanently!" Jennifer growled. "I have a good mind to lock you in my jewelry box and call this whole thing off."

Mark pleaded. "Please don't Jennifer. I'll be careful. I promise. Just don't stop now." Mark could see her face soften, "Besides, it did feel good didn't it."

Jennifer broke into a smile, "Yes it felt great. Just don't do it again!"

Jennifer carried Mark into the bathroom and dropped him into a cup on the vanity. "Don't go any where," Jennifer laughed. She had been gone several minutes when she returned with large pan which she sat on the counter. She picked up the cup and dumped Mark out into a dish of warm water. "You are a sticky mess, so I want you to clean yourself off. I have also laid out some food and water for you. You won't get another chance to eat until tonight so I suggest that you have something." Mark started to speak but she had already turned away.

He watched Jennifer remove her nightgown and start the shower. Dark hair cascaded down her back in gentle waves. Her lithe body was a sight to behold. Mark washed himself off as best he could. He saw that she had laid out some bits of cereal and a small piece of what looked like ham. He began eating and realized that he was very hungry. Well, after all I did have quite a strenuous workout this morning, he thought. He knew that Jennifer had been very angry. She didn't get that look in her eyes too often and he considered himself lucky that she hadn't locked him in her jewelry box. Still, it had been worth it.

Abruptly the shower stopped. Jennifer groped for the towel then emerged a few moments later still toweling herself off. She was humming gaily to herself as she walked into the bedroom. When she returned to the bathroom she was wearing a pretty, white lace bra and pale pink panties. Her brown nipples peeked out through the lacy bra in a most enticing way. She stood at the vanity and began to blow dry her hair. Mark was at crotch level and thoroughly enjoying the view of her pubic area clearly visible through the shimmery pink fabric.

Jennifer saw that Mark was looking at her and felt a bit uncomfortable knowing that he was staring at her crotch. After all she was more than just tits and a cunt. "Enjoying the view," she said rather harshly. Her huge hand closed down over Mark and carried him up to her face. "Are you done eating?"

"Yes thanks," Mark replied rather sheepishly. "I was debating what to do with you but since you seem to be so fascinated with my crotch I think I will drop you in here." Jennifer grabbed Mark by the arms while using her other hand to pull the elastic waist band of her panties forward. She dropped Mark rather unceremoniously inside then let the elastic snap back against her hips. She felt Mark wriggling and sliding down into the lush tangle of her pubic hair. It was a delightful sensation and Jennifer felt somewhat surprised and dismayed that she enjoyed it.

She looked through her closet for something to wear and settled on a slender black skirt and red, rib knit top. As Jennifer walked Mark continued to slide further down into her panties until he was almost underneath her. He could see quite well through the weave of the sheer fabric that held him gently against her. The room spun and whirled past at a sickening pace. Finally, he satisfied himself with looking down the front of her magnificent thighs.

He felt himself dropping suddenly as Jennifer sat on the edge of the bed. She began sliding sheer black control top pantyhose up first her right leg, then her left. When she had worked the hose up to her knees, she stood and began sliding them up her thighs finally working the panty over her hips. Up until this point Mark had been fairly comfortable, but now the firm stretchy fabric of the pantyhose pressed him tightly against her. It suddenly grew darker as Jennifer slid into her skirt, limiting Mark's view to a circle of light far below him. Jennifer pulled on the knit top and looked herself over in the mirror. Not bad for a mornings work she thought. Jennifer finished by putting on her makeup and performing a last minute fluff of her hair. She slipped on a pair of black pumps, then, grabbing a glass of juice on the way out, she was off to work.

Although the pantyhose further dimmed his view, Mark could still see through the weave of the fabric that tightly enclosed him. Long sinuous legs stretched below him encircled far below by the hem of her skirt. Her crotch gently rocked him from side to side in rhythm with her strides. He heard the jingling of keys then felt himself dropping again as Jennifer slid into her car. She was now pressing him very firmly against the crotch of her panties. He squirmed a little trying to get more comfortable. He wasn't sure what Jennifer felt but he was sure she could feel something because her muscles contracted and released and her lips, which now partially enfolded him, were becoming moist. Mark could hear the muffled sounds of music from the car's stereo as Jennifer's body moved slightly with the beat. He had lost track of the time other than having a vague awareness that several songs had played over the stereo when Mark realized that the music had stopped. Abruptly, the pressure lessened and Jennifer was walking again.

Every so often Jennifer would feel Mark squirm against her labia sending warm sensations up her spine. It was strangely exciting going about her business, talking with coworkers, all the while knowing that she had a two inch tall man trapped inside her panties. She reached her office on the fifth floor, stowed her purse in the bottom desk drawer and sat down, crossing her legs.

Mark was now completely enfolded in hot, moist flesh. He squirmed around desperately trying to breathe. He felt Jennifer's hips shifting as she became increasingly aroused. She uncrossed her legs and Mark was able to pull himself up slightly before she crossed them again. The next several hours passed slowly for Mark. With Jennifer's legs crossed he was enclosed in hot, steamy flesh. The air was quite stale and his breathing had become labored. He was becoming angry that she hadn't checked on him to make sure he was all right. In angry desperation, Mark began to squirm. The sudden feeling of movement against her labia startled Jennifer. She had gotten busy and had forgotten that Mark was down there.

A quick glance at her watch told her it was nearing lunch. She retrieved her purse from the desk drawer and started off down the hall. The building was roughly rectangular with the elevators and bathrooms near the center. Jennifer stepped inside the Women's room quickly looking for an empty stall. She slipped her nylons and panties down her thighs and stopped short. Mark was not in the crotch! She had a brief moment of panic before realizing that he was caught between the soft pink folds of her labia. She cupped her hand underneath and gently pulled Mark free. Jennifer sat on the toilet looking over her little man. He had looked better.

Jennifer cleaned Mark up as best she could and asked him if he wanted to stop. Although he was worn out from his ordeal, he insisted on continuing. This had been his fantasy since childhood and he wasn't going to give up easily. With a sigh, Jennifer dropped Mark into the crotch of her panties and slid them back up. Mark watched as he was carried upward toward her waiting lips. She tugged her pantyhose back into place, running her hands up each leg to adjust the fabric. After smoothing her skirt and washing up she headed out into the hall. Her friend Adeline was waiting by the elevator. "Ready for lunch," she inquired? Jennifer nodded and the two women stepped into the elevator.

Jennifer had met Adeline when they were just sophomores in college and the two had become best friends. Adeline had been more popular but never seemed to stay in relationship for long, dating a whole string of men. They had no secrets from one another and Jennifer was dying to tell her friend about her experiences with tiny Mark.

The women had been chatting absently about the latest office rumor when Jennifer abruptly changed the conversation. She looked at her friend for a long moment trying to size up what the statuesque blonde might think. "Adeline, have you ever wondered what you might do if you could shrink a man down to say two or three inches?"

"You mean tall?"

"Yes. What would you do if you found a little miniature man?"

Adeline thought a minute. "Well it might be fun to have a man that I could really put in his place. I guess I could do anything I wanted. It certainly raises some interesting possibilities," she smiled evilly. "Why do you ask?"

Jennifer blushed. "Mark told me the other day about a fantasy he had of being made tiny and held captive by a giant woman. It got me thinking about what I might do if I had a tiny man that I could do anything with."

Adeline sighed, "I've never had real good luck with men. I don't know what to do with the full sized ones let alone itty bitty ones. Still, the feeling of power and domination would certainly be a rush eh? We are all too often the subservient ones in the relationship."

Jennifer eyed her friend intently. "But what would you do with him? Would you have him make love to you? Would you eat him? Feed him to your dog?"

Adeline swallowed her last bit of sandwich and rubbed her stomach. "Mmmmmm, now that's an intriguing thought. Swallowing a man whole. It sort of adds a whole new wrinkle to the term 'man eater.' Doesn't it?"

The two friends paid the check then headed back to the office. As they stepped off the elevator. Adeline looked at her friend as if she knew her secret. "How is Mark anyway?"

"Oh he's fine and apparently has a wild fantasy life."

"Well, he is awful cute. If he was my little man I would probably eat him up!" She smiled gleefully at Jennifer and headed down the hall.

Mark had managed to squirm further back in Jennifer's crotch and found it to be slightly more comfortable. He was becoming bored and decided to have some fun. He wriggled around until he was facing her then began to slowly massage her lips. He felt her shudder. She was beginning to get wet. Jennifer looked down at her skirt wondering what Mark was doing in there. "Quit that!" She whispered down to him. She squeezed her thighs together in an effort to make him stop. He was directly under the mouth of her vagina and he slipped his arms up inside her, massaging the muscular walls. She was flooding her panties. Mark felt her moving and a few moments later he dropped away from her as she pulled down her underwear.

Jennifer was not amused. She wiped herself off then scooped Mark from her crotch. She dropped Mark into her mouth while she slid her panties and pantyhose back on. Mark was terrified. "He was shrieking "Please don't eat me! Not yet!" Jennifer held Mark in her mouth several minutes longer than she needed savoring the feeling of his smooth skin as he squirmed on her tongue. Finally, she spit him into her hand. Then, without a word, she pulled the waist of her pantyhose open and slipped him down into the crotch. He made a delightful little bump between her thighs. "Maybe this will keep you out of trouble," she said as she smoothed her skirt back down her legs.

Mark was now caught between the crotch of Jennifer's panties and the cotton gusset of her pantyhose. He could see better through the single layer of fabric and he watched the ground one hundred feet below streak by as she walked. He felt himself dropping and it suddenly got dark as Jennifer sat down and crossed her legs. It was shaping up to be a long, boring afternoon.

It wasn't until late afternoon when Jennifer had returned to her apartment that Mark was finally freed from his prison. A cool draft of fresh air hit him as Jennifer slid her pantyhose down. She removed Mark from them and placed him on the vanity before pulling them off entirely. "It feels good to get out of those hose," Jennifer sighed. Mark agreed with her completely. It did feel good to get out of those hose. He wondered what she had planed for him. He watched her remove her skirt and top. Jennifer disappeared into the bedroom. She was gone several minutes, but he could hear the sounds of drawers opening and closing over her soft singing. When Jennifer returned, she was wearing a black teddy. It was sheer through the body with lace over the breasts. The leg openings were stretch lace framing a sheer mesh panel in the center.

Jennifer scooped Mark up in her hand and carried him to the bed. She slid under the oversized comforter and propped herself up with some pillows. She dropped Mark into her cleavage, feeling him sliding down between her breasts. "Well, little man. You spent most of the day keeping me in a fairly heightened state of arousal. Now I want you to do something about it. I expect my man to satisfy me."

Mark crawled slowly down her belly, her skin quivering under him. This seemed all to familiar and he worried that he might end up inside her again. It had not been fun the first time and he definitely did not want to repeat the experience. He grouped his way through the thick tangle of pubic hair and began to slide down between her legs. There was elastic at the leg openings but the crotch was much less restrictive that her panties. She was already wet as he began to softly stroke her soft outer lips. Mark's gentle, light touch was delightful. Jennifer began to gently massage her breasts through the lace with one hand while stroking her inner thighs with the other. Mark found her clitoris and began to slowly massage it. He could feel the muscles underneath him contract and release as Jennifer became further aroused. She slipped the crotch to one side and began rubbing herself in a slow circular motion. Mark could feel Jennifer's hips shaking as a telephone pole sized finger disappeared inside her, just below him.

Abruptly, she removed her finger and put it to her mouth, licking her juices from it. "Mmmmmmm" she purred. Jennifer watched Mark struggling to free himself from her tangle of pubic hair. She gently rubbed her crotch letting out a soft low moan. Her fingers followed the soft curve of her labia upward until she felt Mark squirming under her fingertips.

Carefully grasping him by the waist, she lifted Mark up to her face, "Oooooh baby I want to feel you inside me!" Mark watched her full red lips break into an evil grin then slowly part revealing her cavernous mouth.

"No! Not yet! Not yet! We still have another day." Mark shrieked as she dropped him inside. Mark landed on her tongue and immediately lunged for the opening of her mouth, landing with his chest across her lower lip. Her tongue rose up underneath Mark and flicked back pulling him into her mouth. Her perfect white teeth stood out against the backdrop of glistening pink flesh. He looked up at the soft pallet, his gaze shifting forward in time to see her lips slowly close, trapping him inside.

Having Mark in her mouth was so sensuous. His skin felt smooth and soft against her tongue as she rolled him around the inside of her mouth. She could easily smash him like a ripe grape. The realization of the power she now had over Mark excited her in a way that she both loathed and enjoyed. Jennifer's low moans reverberated up her throat drowning out Mark's terrified screams. He was squirming and thrashing about but his futile efforts only served to excite Jennifer further until she came with a power and fury that she had never experienced before. Instinctively Jennifer maneuvered Mark to the back of her mouth and with the last waves of her orgasm, she swallowed. Jennifer felt the squirming lump moving very slowly down her throat. Mark jammed his arms and legs out, trying to stop his descent but her esophagus held him too tightly, and the muscles were too strong.

After a few seconds that seemed like an eternity, Mark felt himself being forced through a tight ring of firm muscle, and with a plop, he landed in Jennifer's stomach. It had been over five hours since Jennifer had eaten. Her stomach was mostly empty and quite prepared for the little snacklet that now moved cautiously about in the darkness Mark was pissed. This part wasn't supposed to happen until tomorrow. He was definitely going to tell her off when he got back out. The muffled "flubb-dubb" of her heart was strangely calming and he felt his anger subsiding slightly. He was aroused yet utterly terrified. Strange gurgling sounds seemed to surround him in the hot, stale darkness. Mark was ankle deep in a pool of stomach acid that was forming in response to his presence and his feet were beginning to burn and itch. He felt a ribbed wall and tried to climb up. His hands began to burn and he fell backward into the pool of hot acid. He had no sense of time but it seemed as though he had been inside her longer than a couple of minutes. His whole body was starting to burn now and he flailed at the spongy walls that held him. He was going to give her Hell when he got out.

Jennifer could feel Mark moving inside her belly. It was a delicious feeling, like being gently tickled from inside. Every sensation made her tingle with excitement and a few moments later she came for a second time. She relaxed into the soft bed and rubbed her hands over her supple body, gently caressing herself. She decided that she still preferred having a full sized lover. It was nice to be cuddled after. Still, she had to admit, that this experience had been much more exciting than she had expected, particularly the orgasm. It had been more intense that anything she had ever experienced. She certainly owed Mark a debt of gratitude for turning her on to this giantess fantasy. She felt another tickle, more faint this time, and wondered if Mark had realized that she wasn't going to vomit him back up. It was his fantasy to be swallowed but she rather enjoyed the thought of him being trapped inside her. She knew he would have understood. It was really better this way because now he would always be a part of her and after all, it was a wish come true.



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