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Woman-Swallowing Pythons

by Anne Franke

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© Copyright 2006 - Anne Franke - Used by permission

Storycodes: Snake/f; vore; swallowed; cons; X

Mary stepped outside the house, closing the patio door behind her. It was a sunny day, and she felt like sunbathing. Accordingly, she was wearing her string bikini top and thong bikini bottom. She thought back to what Bob had said earlier that morning...

"Now you be careful today, Mary," said Bob as he walked to the front door. "There've been sightings of woman swallowing pythons in the suburbs."

"But they only swallow nude women," said Mary with a smile. "The only place I'm nude is in the house... with you..."

"Technically they only swallow nude women, yes. And even at that, they only swallow women who have large breasts. So you be careful!"

Mary looked down at her breasts. They were large, indeed. Each was larger than her head by a good half again. They weighed in at fifteen pounds each.

"I'll be careful," said Mary. "I'm only going to sunbathe for a while today, and I promise I won't take off all my clothes."

"I wish you wouldn't even sunbathe," said Bob. "Remember, it's only technically nude women- think of Carla, next door!"

Mary thought back... Carla had been swallowed by a woman swallowing python about a month ago. She had had large breasts and had been sunbathing. And, while she had been wearing a bikini bottom, she had been topless. She had fallen asleep in her lawn chair when the woman swallowing python found her. In less than three hours, Carla had been swallowed whole and alive. Toward the end, only the hard nipples of her large breasts had poked out of the woman swallowing python's mouth. Then -gulp!- and Carla was gone. Mary, along with most of the neighborhood, had watched the whole thing from beginning to finish.

"I promise you I'll be careful!" laughed Mary.

Mary smiled, looking around the porch. There was her bath blanket, already spread on the wood. She lay down on her back, adjusting her sunhat so she wouldn't be blinded by the early afternoon sun. She lifted her head and looked down her body. The string bikini carefully covered her nipples and most of the aereola and little else, but it was obvious she was wearing a bikini top. And the tiny patch of cloth that only just covered her shaved vagina was in place. She wasn't nude. No need to worry!

She closed her eyes and basked in the warm sunlight. After a time she looked around again, and noticed a large woman swallowing python at the edge of their property. Tsk- those things were a nuisance at the very least, and dangerous at best! Well, she wasn't nude, so she was just going to ignore it. The silly thing!

She must have fallen asleep for a while, because next when she opened her eyes, the woman swallowing python was on the porch with her- at her very feet!

"Shoo! Shoo!" said Mary, kicking gently at its head with one bare foot. "There's no one to swallow here. Everyone here is dressed, so you can just shove off!"

Shaking her head and sighing, she leaned back her head and closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of relaxing in the sun.

She could swear, after a time, that someone had lifted her feet and placed them in a small, moist sack with a scaley rim at her ankles. Maybe Bob had come home early, and was trying to trick her. Well, she could trick him right back and ignore him. Until he did something nicer to her, anyway...

It must have been a deep sack, because the scaley rim of the sack kept climbing up her legs. After a time the rim passed her knees. Only when the sack was pulled up almost to her hips did she finally open her eyes, ready to tell Bob off.

Only, when she looked, at wasn't a sack at all on her legs- she was being swallowed by a woman swallowing python! Already she had been almost one third swallowed. The tip of the woman swallowing python's nose was only half a foot from her scantily covered vagina!

"Oh, bother," said Mary. "This is very unfortunate." She thought a moment. "At the rate this is going, I should be completely swallowed whole in less than two hours!"

With a rolling gulp, the woman swallowing python's nose rose closer to her vagina as it swallowed her down.

"Well, maybe in less than an hour at this rate," said Mary. She wasn't frightened, though she knew her fate would be swift. Woman swallowing pythons rapidly digested their meals of nude women- so quickly, they needed to swallow another nude woman (or, only technically nude) the day after their meal.

Gulp. Mary's only-just-barely covered vagina slid under the woman swallowing python's lip. She could feel the woman swallowing python's lower jaw against her buttocks. Being swallowed wasn't painful- not even for the tips of her toes, which were farthest inside the woman swallowing python's throat. In fact, it felt kind of nice... warm, slick, and being wrapped tight- kind of like being hugged while taking a shower.

Glump. The woman swallowing python's nose was just under her belly button now. Her firm buttocks were pressed tight against the inside of the woman swallowing python's lower jaw.

"I should have taken my thong off," said Mary, hands under her head. "I mean, I'm being swallowed just as if I were nude. I might as well have been nude."

That made her think. She reached further down her back and untied the string bikini top. With a quick pull, she was now topless. And with her lower body fully swallowed by the woman swallowing python, no one looking would know that she was not completely nude! She sighed, almost smiling. She didn't want to die, and she knew she would very soon after the woman swallowing python finished swallowing her whole and alive. But now that things were out of her control- had been, the moment her toes had passed the woman swallowing python's lip- well, you had to make the best of things.

Blumph. The woman swallowing python's nose had risen (as she had slid further down the woman swallowing python's throat) to only just below her sternum. It still felt like being hugged in a warm shower, except tighter.

As Mary gently touched her nipples she looked around the neighborhood. The Smith's next door were sitting in lawn chairs, watching the woman swallowing python swallow Mary. She waved at them, and they smiled and waved back.

"I'm completely nude you know," she shouted to them. "It's not like when Carla was swallowed." She was pretty sure the woman swallowing python had swallowed her hips before the Smith's started watching.

Mlump. The woman swallowing python's lower jaw was at her mid back, and the woman swallowing python's nose was just below her breasts. Mary pulled on her erect nipples, moaning slightly. It felt so good. She pulled her breasts up her chest, tightly, pulled her head down. When she did this, and Bob asked her too, very often, she knew her head wasn't visible between her large, round breasts.

Glurmp. The woman swallowing python's nose had risen to just between her breasts. That meant that when she let go her breasts, as she did, they would cover the woman swallowing python's head, just as they had covered hers. Then she remembered Carla. Did she want the last the neighbors could see of her to be her hands? Or would it go off better if her breasts were the last to slide down into the woman swallowing python?

Like Carla, she would rather her breasts be the last the neighbors would see. She looked down and noticed she could see the mouth of the woman swallowing python around her chest, below her breasts. She lifted her arms and placed her hands above the woman swallowing python's lip, then pushed. First her hands, then her arms up to the elbow vanished into the maw of the woman swallowing python. Then it was done- her arms were inside the woman swallowing python.

Just as it swallowed again. The woman swallowing python's nose was just touching Mary's chin, and her shoulders were just inside the edge of the woman swallowing python's mouth. Her breasts had been pushed up around her head. She knew that anyone watching would now only see her large breasts poking out of the woman swallowing pythons mouth, even though her head was not yet swallowed.

Oh well. Her life had been good with Bob. Ending her life this way was not the worst way to go. And it least it gave the neighbors a good show!

Swallow. Her head was now within the mouth of the woman swallowing python. She could feel it's lips around her breasts. Only one half of each breast would be visible out of it's mouth- the rest was covered.

Swallow. She could feel the woman swallowing python's lips around her nipples and she smiled. She could see it- only a little bit of breast flesh showing, and two large, jutting erect nipples. One more swallow and that would be it- show over, and life over. She would be digested in a day, and the woman swallowing python would have to find another woman to swallow. There were worse ways to go.



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