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Women of the 3rd Millennium

by Banfield

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© Copyright 2019 - Banfield - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m+; mutations; transform; shrink; giantess; objectify; hunt; FF; lesbian; oral; sex; climax; dildo; insert; devour; chew; bite; gore; death; hard; cons/nc; XX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

The introduction:

A remarkable change had occurred during the past millennium; Perhaps more sinister than remarkable.

Soon after the turn of the 21st Century, a worldwide nuclear conflict broke out involving all the major powers. The force of the nuclear explosions had destroyed countless humans and animals alike. They also caused some inexplicable peculiarity to the human metabolism and chromosomes. These defects created much smaller and feeble males, and yet did not affect the female. They were born perfectly normal and developed into startling creatures with no defects whatsoever - even the common disabilities prevalent in the previous millenniums. So there are two outstanding results caused by the nuclear fall-outs; and thirdly, all those countries responsible were, quite simply, raised by their own petard. It did, however, cease all hostilities. No longer could the braying menfolk rattle sabres or flex their muscles, nor indeed, be any further threat to worldwide peace. After all, who could possibly take notice of heads of state ranting and raging at only six to twelve inches high?

Yet another phenomenon was that women who were able to become pregnant, actually gave birth to single females, whereas, in the case of males, the births were multiple - all tiny creatures and as many as fifteen in some instances. The male babies, being so numerous and minute, were always taken to special centres where they were put into individual glass containers and bred therein until they reached their normal age of puberty. Once at that stage, their semen was extracted and the fluid placed in refrigeration, later used for continual research and artificial insemination purposes.

In those early days, the unfortunate donors, having then become redundant, were sold to the superior females as pets and playthings. Of course, as a result of the multiple births, there came a glut of these novelties, so the staff of the centres, all female, had to dispose the large surplus. Many were thrown alive into the incinerators or cast down the lavatory pans and casually flushed away. That practice was stopped when it was discovered that those stunted males of between six to twelve inches were exceedingly nutritious and an excellent substitute for the various kinds of meat that had become so terribly scarce and even non-existent.

The number of those small males gradually became so numerous and plentiful and the females so casual by that plenteous supply, the devouring of them was accepted as normal, everyday food that was once eaten back in the previous centuries. It was not uncommon in countries like China to see a group of pretty girls sitting at a table in a crowded cafe with a bowl or two piled with tiny naked males squirming about like live prawns. The girls, laughing and chatting, chopsticks in hand, selecting a nice plump minikin and raising it to her open lips on the ends of their chopsticks and quite imperturbably nibble bits off or, as may be the case, depending on its size, pop the whole wriggling specimen into the mouth and cheerfully chew it up alive.

Many hundreds of those malformed males were, out of sympathy, cast out into the streets and fields of that locality to fend for themselves; Perhaps with the hope that they could join up and form a community. When this occurred there was usually a crowd of girls waiting, just as sea-gulls gathered about a fishing-boat of yesteryear, or vultures above a stricken beast in some desert.

Not only schoolgirls hunted those unfortunate midgets. Older females were very partial. Like their younger counterparts, such women took great sport with their finds.

A woman found a tiny male, age unknown. She hurriedly took him to where she lived. She kept him in a small cage, one of many women have in their houses or flats. She had to wait in this instance for her menstration to finish. She didn't mind how big he was, six or twelve inches, it made no difference for what she had in mind. One thing was certain, though, the small, doll-like creature knew he was in for an unpleasant ordeal.

As soon as she was ready, about a week after her period, she carefully inserted him into her vagina and told to masturbate and impregnate her. Promises were given, as always, that he would be spared if he obeyed her wishes, but seldom kept. This captured specimen satisfied his captress but instead of being released, was used vigorously as a dildo and then left in her vagina to slowly perish - either by choking, drowning, suffocation or very slowly dissolving in her fluids. To prevent him from escaping from his fleshy prison she donned a pair of tight-fitting knickers.

Many women desired to be impregnated in this manner. They seldom visited the National Sperm Clinics because of its sanitised surroundings and lack of sexual stimulation. Some women resort to using several males between their periods to ensure their pregnancies; and there are countless females of all ages and walks in life who put these creatures inside themselves only to provide sexual satisfaction. Orgies for that purpose are arranged for couples and any amount of females, and in many cases, it isn't only the vagina that receives those luckless little men on those occasions. It is recorded that count- less females from schoolgirls to those of much older years, obtain the most exquisite orgasms by simply thrusting a male inside and lying relaxed, feeling the desperate struggles like moths caught in a spider's web, and to hear the victim's frantic screams as the vaginal muscles squeeze and the fluids begin the dissolution. It's quite common knowledge that younger women use their tampons to ram the individual much deeper inside, oft times right into the uterus. Always so stimulating and immensely satisfying. The females learned, over the years, the certain controls they possessed... certain muscles that had never been recognised that could suction the body in, hold it or squeeze it at will. The same methods were discovered in the rectal orifice as well, and consequently used in unison with the other.

So these wretched, miniscule males had one or the other fate to endure by the female. Most certainly the case of turning the tide.

The story:

Two girls, both about 16, were out hunting on their own. Before, it was usually with a gang. Because of the insurmountable dominance that now prevailed, the mode of dress was at their liking. No longer were females restricted by manmade morals or afraid of being targeted by would-be rapists. There were now no longer men capable of such heinous crimes - apart from insolently peering up under skirts and refusing to obey the most intimate services.

The skirts and dresses are made up from as-yet unknown material and quite immodestly short by today's standards. The tops are similarly revealing - female breasts blatantly exposed depending on their self-support. It also became fashionable to wear loin-cloths after the ancient redskin mode, and without underwear... knickers and such unless, of course, the wearer is having her periods.

The two girls were very attractive and possessed marvellous breasts. Not overlarge but proudly firm; Again, no bras which would be superfluous.

The two beauties, for this they were, with splendid legs, their feet shod in ultra-modern running shoes, loved hunting the miniature males - especially white males. Anything else are ignored or stamped to death. It was such fun whenever such girls came across the foreign types, to slowly grind then under foot or heel, often starting at the feet and then on up until only the heads are left uncrushed. Girls find it hilarious to crunch the head and hear the crack as one would with a cob nut. The sound, the feel and the spurting of grey matter is such a thrill and amusement.

They crouched by some bushes near a Sperm Clinic. As soon as a number of exhausted specimens were thrown out they dashed forward to gather as many as they could, each carrying containers like cat baskets. It was really quite easy to catch those malformed little men, but some were able to escape by finding hiding places. Better an unknown fate than the certainty of fearful torture in the hands of those predators.

It was Leola who spotted the first prey. She crept up to him stealthily and gave him a vicious kick sending him flying through the air. He hit a wall, but before she could pick him up a feral cat sprang from nowhere, snatched him in her jaws and carried him away into some undergrowth. The girls and the other fugitives heard the wretched fellow's screams as the cat began to eat him.

'Better luck next time,' Vicky said with a grin. Leola gave a grunt and swore at the cat. They continued the hunt for the rest. It did not take long before another was spotted. He was kicked by Vicky who then ran to catch him. He was found to have broken his leg and was stunned. Vicky put him into her bag. The next manikin was kicked by Leola, but unfortunately she caught his head which was ripped from his body. Little spurts of blood flew into the air both from his torso and the little head itself.

'O damn, damn!' Vicky squealed and stamped furiously on the decapitated body sending more spurts of blood from under her shoe. The girls, not really adept at hunting small men, found that all had scattered, but, by luck, on their part, they found two young manikins. The unfortunates did not stand a chance to escape. They were fenced in by a brick wall, far too high to scale. They stared in terror as the two giantesses closed in, their long legs soaring up like colossal pillars, each pair fringed by their short skirts like pelmets. They ran in opposite directions but were easily picked up and thrust into an empty bag carried by Leola. The search went on, both girls in a feverish state like starving vultures. Three more were caught up making the total catch six, but some of them were badly injured due to the clumsy capture.

It was Leola's house they were taken to and, once inside, were put into a custom-made glass case that stood on the bedside table. The girls then went to the bathroom and took a shower together, their voices carrying to the captives' ears, as well as the girlish giggles. When they reappeared they were stark naked, their bodies all aglow with the pinkness of the hot shower, their faces alight with aroused excite- ment.

Heedless of the frightened eyes watching from the glass prison, they flopped onto the huge bed and began passionate love-making as decreed by the dictates of Sappho - their libidos aroused by the evening's success and the anticipation of the little prisoners' fate.

Lovingly they kissed, their tongues darting into each other's mouths, their hands caressing and fondling one another's breasts, thighs and haunches. Their young naked bodies twisted and turned, their firm legs intertwined. Leola then laid herself flat on her back with her knees bent and spread wide apart. Vicky recognised the significance of her girlfriend's pose and delightfully sprang upon her belly throwing one leg over Leola's head. For a while she gazed down at the juncture of Leola's thighs before lowering herself and dipping her head to the core of her lover's sex.

Girlish grunts, soft moans and gasps of pleasure arose as both girls lavished sensuous kisses on each other's throbbing vulvas and impassioned clits. All the six could do was watch and wait as the two pretty girls indulged themselves in the throes of lesbianism, seeing one girl's firm buttocks quite close and then the other as they changed about. The air was filled with their bodily aromas as they squirmed and jerked with heady delight and rapturous cries.

At long last the girls fell apart blissfully satiated, their bodies covered with a sheen of perspiration, their pubic hairs glistening with droplets of saliva and milky-white emissions. They dozed for a while as they descended from their euphoric ecstasy.

Leola was first to recover, her left hand placed over her pudenda with one finger gently massaging her swollen labia and tiny clitoris. She turned her head and reached out to the glass prison. She lifted the lid and selected one of the naked occupants. He was about six inches and one of the injured. He shouted as she lifted him up and carried him to her lips. She gazed at him dreamily and playfully pursed her lips. Holding him between finger and thumb about his upper torso she opened her mouth to reveal the sinister cavern with the double curved row of glistening teeth. She extended her tongue to just give him a touch then she laid her curly-haired head back on the pillow and slowly, agonizingly for him, lowered him down, gazing at him with those twinkling, mischievous eyes of hers. Lower and lower he went until two to three inches of him was inside her mouth, his bare feet began beating on her tongue. She giggled and closed her lips around his hips. He felt her tongue push aside his wriggling legs and reach for his genitals. Even with terror filling his heart his penis reacted to her tongue-tip as it played with it.

Skilfully and adroitly, Leola wriggled her tongue until the midget's penis became fully erect. She curled her tongue around it and around his thighs adding to the excitement by flicking her tongue up and over his tiny bottom. It did the trick. He gave out a sensuous gasp. As soon as the girl felt the first spurt she snapped her teeth. The look of ecstasy on his face suddenly turned to horror. A tiny scream penetrated the silence as he felt the girl's sharp teeth cutting into his waist and snapping through his lower spine. Down below, Leola's free hand worked busily as she commenced chewing on his legs, her fingers delved deep into her young vagina. Beside her, Vicky was blissfully masturbating. She heard the squeal and opened her eyes and watched idly the gruesome spectacle. She gave a low moan as her best friend snapped her teeth again to take the rest of his lower body.

Leola then lifted the remainder of the mini-man, blood spewing from his body as she happily masticated the lower half. She quickly swallowed and sent the upper half into her mouth up to his neck. A quick snap severed the head from from his body and her jaws began their deadly work.

By then, Vicky was jerking with the result of her orgasm. Leola gave moans of epicurean pleasure as she mashed up the upper half, the sounds of his bones being crunched distinctly audible.

The remaing five midgets watched aghast as their fellow prisoner disappeared from sight when Leola popped the head into her mouth and began sucking it like a boiled sweet, then there came an ominous crack as her teeth split the cranium.

'Mmm...darling, was that nice?' murmured Vicky.

'Mmm...delicious...there was a bit of a taste of bitterness, but only a little. Want one now?'

Vicky gave an assenting grunt: 'Wouldn't mind.'

Leola reached out creating a panic among the five disraught mini-men, all trying desperately to avoid being selected. Leola's fingers moved among them. She caught one who quickly slipped out of her grasp. The noise of their terror made her laugh. It was amusing, feeling their bodies rush from side to side in the glass prison. She then seized one, her finger and thumb gripping him fast. This one won't get away, she thought maliciously. He struggled furiously as he was lifted. His compatriots fell back with relief, it would be silly to try and save him lest they themselves get caught. However, they watched their fellow victim being hoisted up to his terrible fate. One or two of them screamed obscenities at the girls, adding curses, but it was all in vain and only amused the two ogresses the more.

Vicky waited expectantly, licking her lips in anticipation.

'Just a minute,' murmured Leola. She took the wriggling man downwards, he watched as he passed over her breasts, her belly and then found himself staring at the sprinkling of pubic hair at the base of her abdomen. Leola spread her legs and placed his head aganst her plump labia. She gripped him firmly and began rubbing his head up and down, then, with a thrust, pushed his head into her vulva.

She held him there for a number of minutes allowing him to breathe and soak in her emissions. She then removed him and proffered the head to Vicky. The girl made a noise, then exclaimed: 'It's all wet and sticky!' Leola smiled mischievously. 'It's from me, silly. Go on, taste it.' She pushed the head closer to Vicky's lips. The girl opened her mouth and closed her full lips over it. She moistened her mouth with saliva and began sucking the viscid fluid with relish, her eyes gazing at her girlfriend's. The wretched fellow suffered the agony of her mouth, her tongue and slimy substance until her felt the sharp edges of her incisors grip his neck. For those few moments left for him he stared in the darkness visualising the horror of the girl's throat, recalling the fate of his erstwhile companion. At once his body began jerking and his limbs thrashing wildly, but it was only for a brief moment. At Leola's urging, Vicky bit savagely. First his head and then portions of his body eventually slipped down that awesome well and took the long journey to her stomach to be broken up into minute particles and then be mixed with her gastric fluids and thereafter become absorbed into her young body.

Leola then stretched out her hand and there was a scramble to avoid being plucked out. Her delicate fingers felt the creatures darting about, those with broken limbs and unable to manoeuvre being almost trampled underfoot. She caught one and brought it out wriggling desperately and screaming for mercy.

She asked Vicky if she fancied another. Her friend said she would, so Vicky passed her the one she had in her fingers and dipped her hand again to pick the fourth victim. That one was simple. He was disabled and unable to move..

Together, the two young and pretty ogresses simultaneously held their frantic victims above their open mouths. One girl extended her tongue and waggled it teasingly. The mini-man stared down in terror as the glistening pink feeler reached out towards him touching his feet. He saw with trepidation the great gaping cavern, the curving tongue sweeping down like a red carpet leading to the ominous dark tunnel of the pharynx and thence to the gullet. She moistened her mouth and began lowering him down.

'Please!' he squealed, 'No, no, have some mercy! I don't want to die that way! Kill me first!'

She halted his downward drop for a moment and grinned. 'Go on, beg for mercy. I like hearing you cry. It makes me feel all funny. Would you like to go up my cunt instead, or maybe my bum? It'll take much longer like that, you know, but I'll still eat you. I don't care.' She then noticed his crooked leg: ' you've got a broken leg! That's sad. Not much good for you really. Here, I'll help you...'

She took hold of the leg and quite callously ripped it away from his hip. With a big grin she popped it into her mouth and chewed it up. 'Mmm...that's nice. Oh dear, you've only got one leg now. That's not any use now, is it? Never mind...' She took the remaining leg and cruelly ripped it from him, his screams were shrill and he punched and pummelled her hand gripping him. A frown came over her pretty face. 'Hmm...I 'spect you'd love to be big and beat me up, wouldn't you, poor tiny creature. Well, you won't, so there. Let's see now...mmm..I think this one...' She brought the legless mini-man...a lad really, about the same age as herself, to her mouth. She parted her lips, bared her teeth and closed them over his upper-right arm. She snapped her teeth and the bit savagely through the humerus just below the shoulder joint, the crack and splinter of the bone was drowned by his cries. 'You know,' she said as shew masticated the limb, 'It's so much more nicer to eat you little boys while alive. You do make the nicest noises. Ah, look at your tears...let me...' She extended her tongue and daintily licked at the tear- drops trickling down his cheeks. She gave the final swallow and sadistically engulfed his last remaining limb. A quick bite and he was limbless. She crunched the bones with her molars and all the time gazed happily into his weeping eyes. He managed to speak regardless of his wretched state: 'For pity's sake, kill me now and make an end!'

She studied him with an amused twinkle in her eyes. 'I'm surprised you're not dead now! Well, you're not, and I've got just one more thing..........'

Years previously, sweet-shops used to sell "jelly babies." small, inch or so figures of a soft confectionary substance that little girls loved to buy or were given as treats by doting mothers. It was always fun to nip off the heads first or perhaps the teeny feet and work upwards. Sometimes the whole figure would be popped in the mouth and it would be deliciously mashed up. In Germany and neighbouring countries, chocolate figures were awfully popular in top restaurants - especially for the ladies at the conclusion of the evening meal. They were amazingly lifelike and explicitly detailed, the figures ranged from babies to adults, males and females. The customers were delighted and took their time to eat the chocolate desserts as they chatted and laughed.

Now it's for real, but only males that are devoured, and only by females.

The girl lifted the poor chap above her mouth which caught the dripping blood from his hips and shoulders. Her eyes focussed on his dangling genitals. She ignored his pleas, immersed as she was with her next devious plan. Of course he was aware what was in store for him. It was so painfully obvious. She shot a quick glance at her girlfriend beside her. The other girl was happily playing with little victim, rubbing his face in her hairless armpit, getting him to lick her sharp-tasting sweat. The former girl then brought the maleness down and took them between her sharp teeth, but she played with them awhile with her lips and tongue - not expecting any arousal, then, with a snap, she severed the tiny genitals, swished them about in her mouth then began the chewing, and she did so, she uttered little mewing sounds to accompany the agonised squeals of her victim and those coming from her friend and her plaything. Afterwards, she gave the chap his urgent wish. She put his head between her teeth. There came one last screech within her mouth, a crunch as his neckbone split followed by the fragmentation of his skull.

A low rumbling issued from the girls' stomachs as the consumed flesh was slowly digested into the bellies. Their strong muscles commenced to knead and squash the pieces of mini-men into a creamy pulp in preparation for their journey to the first part of the small intestines.

'Look,' laughed Vicky, holding the last little prisoner by his feet. He was the smallest of them, only about three inches. Lying flat on the bed she took him down to introduce his features to the dribbling crack of her quim. She thought of inserting him altogether but only wet his face with the leaking fluid, then carried him slowly away over her belly. She playfully presented his face to each of her pink nipples before taking him to her gaping mouth. Leola watched with a grin as Vicky very slowly lowered the frenzied boy headfirst into her yawning maw, her tongue lolling out to welcome him. His head, twisting and turning, entered the humid cave to be followed by the rest of his body. He screamed and tried with his outstretched hands to hold him- self from going further, his eyes staring madly at the ominous dark hole beckoning him. He scrabbled and groped at the slippery walls and her back teeth to find a hold, but it was to no avail. Vicky closed her mouth trapping him and then jockeyed him about with her tongue. She smiled keeping her lips sealed as she began swallowing him. It took some effort due to his violent struggles but, little by little he slithered down her throat.

'Hey!' exclaimed Leola, 'I can see him!' Vicky's throat bulged somewhat as the screaming little fellow slid down the girl's gullet.

'Oh golly, golly,' sighed the girl, 'I can actually feel him inside me! He's still alive. It's super!'

'Yes, I know,' smiled Leola, 'I've done it lots of times. It can take a long time before he's... you know.'

' Oh, golly-gosh! What must it be like... in someone's tummy? Do you think he'll drown or suffocate?'

'Oh, probably,' smiled Leola, 'But I do know he'll very slowly get sort of dissolved, probably before he dies. You can feel him...' She quickly placed her ear on her girlfriend's abdomen and listened intently. She gave a sound: 'Ah!' as she felt something beneath the soft surface. 'He's going mad in there, Vicky! Can you feel him?'

'Mmmm...yes, I can! It's funny... making me all tingly in there!'

'Do you feel a bit sorry for him?' asked Leola, still with her ear pressed on Vicky's stomach.

'Not really,' came the disinterested reply, 'It's just jolly good fun. I'd like to do it again.'

'Haven't got any more.'

'Hasn't your mummy got some?'

'Well, yes, but she'll be awfully cross if we pinch hers.'

'Oh, come on, just one each.'

'Oh, all right then.'

Quietly and stealthily, Leola crept into her sleeping mother's room and with the aid of a torch located the extra large glass case. There must have been a dozen in there of different sizes from two to eight or nine inches. All had been sprayed with a sleeping powder to keep them quiet for the night. Leola selec- ted two at about 6 inches. They were both unaware of being picked up. She hurriedly slipped back to where Vicky was waiting eagerly, spread out on the double bed.

'Got 'em,' she said softly. Vicky smiled, 'Goody!' then she said: 'Leola, I've been thinking. Have you got some of that hair lacquer left? I've got a super idea.'

'Yes, but...?'

'Get it. I'll shew you,' said Vicky with a diabolical grin and sat on the edge of the bed. As Leola looked for the hair spray, Vicky plucked several long strands of hair from her scalp. With the hairs she bound each little male as they were beginning to awaken. She then took the hair-spray from her friend and squirted the lacquer over the figures one at a time. In a few minutes both mini-men had stiffened, all that is, apart from the heads.

'How about that then?' Vicky exclaimed grinning from ear to pretty ear.

'I say!' gasped Leola, 'do I think what you're thinking... that we use them for...?'

'Yes, darling,' giggled Vicky, 'Like lovely stiff pricks... dildos!'

Leola gave a short gasp: 'Absolutely fabulous!'

The scene, as witnessed from above, was quite decadent. Two awfully pretty girls, long-limbed, slim but exquisitely shaped, lying side by side naked. Their faces were turned to each other and their rose- bud lips touched, parting occasionally to allow their tongues to enter and dally and share their saliva.

Casting one's eyes downwards one could see, held in hand, the unfortunate human "dildos" being used to rub and titillate their young quims.

The wretched figures, stiffened, were now fully awake. Tiny squeals arose from the girls' groins as they endured the punishing rubbing over the soft, resilient pudendas. Gradually, the rubbing grew harder and slowly their heads were inserted into the fleshy portals of the labias. Further and further their heads penetrated the dark, slimy threshold, the walls of the vulva closing in with a hungry embrace

The jerking, pistoning movements then commenced...the in and out motions increasing in speed. Both little fellows were forced to swallow the quantities of thick, jelloid fluid as they were plunged back and forth. The girls themselves reached dizzying heights of sexual delight, raining heady kisses upon each other's swollen lips, their tongues playing havoc with one another's.

Suddenly, Leola wrenched her human dildo from her ravenous vagina. His head and body covered with her viscid emissions.

'I want mine up... my...' she gasped, and flopped on her back bringing her knees up to her chest. She held the figure tightly positioning its head at her tight anus.

The entry was difficult at first, the small aperture refusing to expand. The squeals from the victim sounded so pitiful but were heartlessly ignored. What hope that tiny male had of not being thrust in that most distasteful orifice was dashed when, upon a determined effort, the girl relaxed her anal muscle as if relieving her bowel. He felt his head squeezing inexorably into the rubbery aperture, the sphinter tightly enclosing around him like a rubber vice. Millimetre by millimetre he was forced into her anus, his shoulders taking more effort; but once past he went in much smoother and with comparative ease.

The whole of his body from head to his thighs was clamped firmly by the rectal canal. With his limbs bound with Vicky's hair strands and stiffened with the hair fiative, he was quite immobile, the perfect dildo. Leola relaxed from the effort of inserting him, feeling his only his head shifting about. She stared up at the ceiling, her lips formed into an O as she played with her quim, enticing her clitoris out to play. Every so often she squeezed her plump pert bottocks to feel the human object inside her rectum then gasped as her libido reacted with tiny sensations heralding her oncoming orgasm.

Vicky became aware of her girlfriend's pleasure as she was idly pumping her living toy into her vagina: 'What's it like?' she asked with a dreamy murmur.

'It's lovely... sort of heavenly,' sighed Leola, 'I 'spose it's because it's a real-live thing. Funny, really, boys being so small and us girls so big.'

'Yes, all to do with that nuclear stuff used years ago. We're like giantesses, you know, that old classic, "Gulliver's Travels," but it's only girls who are big. I'm going to try that... what you're doing with yours.'

Vicky slowly withdrew her stiffened mini-man and brought her knees up to expose her anus. 'Hey,' she muttered as she started pushing his head against her crinkled little hole, 'Supposing they die in our arse- holes? I mean, there's not any air up there.'

'Oh, never mind that,' replied Leola uncaringly, 'My mum's got loads.'

Vicky gave a grunt as rammed the young fellow deep inside her. 'Aaaagh! Golly, he must be right up in my.... Aaaaagh! It's gorgeous!'

Both miniature youths, set rigid with lacquer and bound with strands of hair were used with girlish vigour as they were being pumped in and out of the girls' bottoms with little or no regard for their suffering. There was only one thing on the females' minds - to enjoy to the full that delirious sensation.

Leola was first to achieve her climax giving out short-sharp grunts and hoots. She shoved the lad deep inside leaving only his feet exposed outside her tightly-closed anus. She gave out one last grunt and straightened herself out, her legs slightly bent at the knees and lying on her side.

The vivaceous Vicky soon followed her girlfriend's exhilarating fulfilment emitting a series of convulsive gasps.

Gently they rolled into each other's arms. They kissed to seal their undying love.

'Oooh...I can feel mine struggling for his life,' murmured Leola.

'Mmmm... me too,' murmured Vicky, 'But I think I ought to go to the lavvy.'

'Yeah, me, too,' muttered the other. 'Isn't it gorgeous though, feeling them up there, struggling to live?'

They smiled lovingly into each other's eyes. Vicky stuck her tongue out and persuaded Leola to do likewise. They sported with one another before clamping their pretty mouths on the other's and lying there clasped together diregarding the terror and anguish of the trapped youths. And then the hapless prisoners went still. It seemed they had perished one way or the other.

Vicky was first to go to the lavatory. As she sat there relaxing herself a delightful sensation tingled inside as she slowly ejected the youth from her rectum. It felt exquisite as its lacquered body oozed past her anus. It fell with a dull splash to be followed by further emissions. Leola, outside the door, could hear her girlfriend's low grunts. 'Don't be long,' she whispered as loud as she could so as not to disturb her mother.

Vicky smiled happily as they changed places: 'It was nice,' she said in a hushed voice, 'But I think he's dead.' Leola merely smiled. What did it matter? She looked down into the porcelain pan to see the doll-like youth standing upright in the pool of murky, discoloured water. She couldn't say for sure whether he was alive or not, but she didn't care. He was only a freak, one abnormal creature among hundreds of thousands... none of them indispensible nowadays. She sat and sent a deluge of piss over the fellow and then proceeded to emit the figure from her bottom. She experienced the same pleasure as Vicky and in the course of squeezing him out of her anus exclaimed aloud: 'Oooh...lovely!'

She wiped herself with tissues and was about to flush everything away but suddenly had a thought...

They would make spiffing medallions!

The two pretty girls peered down at the messy figures, both standing upright. 'Who's going to fish them out?' murmured one. 'Oooh, I know, my mum's got some washing-up gloves.' Leola had resolved that problem.

It was no trouble picking the soiled figures out, and neither rinsing them thoroughly under the running tap or faucet. Both young fellows were, of course, lifeless but it still necessitated swilling out their slack mouths, ears, hair and nostrils. A quick rub over with soft towels and they were ready for the next pro- cedure.

Leola rummaged through her jewellry-box and took out two slender chains of silver with cheap pendants attached. She removed the trinkets while Vicky sprayed the heads with more of the hair-lacquer.

'Right, are they ready?' asked Leola. Vicky passed her one and her girlfriend used the clasp-ring to encircle the figure's neck. It made the perfect medallion. Soon, the other was attached to the second chain and both girls happily afixed them around their necks allowing the resin-coated objects to dangle between their young breasts.

'We'll start a new fashion,' giggled Vicky gazing at herself in a large looking-glass, 'It looks really snazzy.'

Leola came and stood beside her, her eyes twinkling with amusement. 'You know something,' she said, 'I know what could make super earrings!' They both laughed as they took off their bizarre necklaces and climbed very tired into the double-bed.

'It's been great fun...' muttered one as both naked bodies pressed.

'Simply brill,' sighed the other.

Both girls' hands rested between the other's thighs as they fell into a blissful sleep.

The end

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