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The Wrong Box

by Gimlet

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© Copyright 2005 - Gimlet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; bath; naked; Snake/f; swallow; mast; climax; stuck; reluct; X

Hah! Diana said to herself as George stomped away and out the gate. Served him right. Husband he may be but this was the nineties for god's sake! If he ever tried to blow their holiday fund on something like that again she'd REALLY blow her top. She faintly heard him revving the engine on the new sports car he'd bought (a ferrari she thought) with their money. He kept revving it for a bit before finally tearing off down the street to take it back to the dealer.

Right, now that's sorted back to work! She went back to her writing desk in the study and sat down. The editor had been at her for over a month to finish the novel but she just could not get the ending feeling right. She set up the PC and waited for it to warm up.

Perhaps she'd been a little harsh on George. Her temper had been rather thin because of the deadline creeping nearer and nearer. Maybe she'd make it up to him tonight. Now to get down to a good morning's work!

The tapping of keys was still resounding through the house by six o'clock when the door buzzer went.

Diana sighed and stood up, stretching her back and trying to get the blood back into her legs. Her skirt was all crinkled up as she'd been sitting awkwardly for too long. In this weather she had only slung on a light T-shirt and skirt but it was getting a bit chilly now. Maybe have a nice warm bath later. After she'd finished the novel.

She'd barely stopped for lunch, she had been so desperate to finish, and had been at the keyboard all day. She was fairly sure that she'd cracked it. She just had a couple more pages to do and now she'd been interrupted.

The buzzer went again.

"All right all right!" she shouted as she started towards the door. Then she heard an engine noise quite close by. Odd, she thought.

When she opened the door she saw a scruffy delivery man with a clipboard and a van backing up to her front door.

"What are you doing?" she had to raise her voice over the engine droan. It must be in terrible shape.

The man looked up with a bored expression

"What does it look like?" then he shoved the clipboard at her. "Sign." he said simply.

"Crichly animal shelter?" Diana read off the indicated box "What is this? I didn't order anything like this!" As they talked the driver of the van stopped it just a couple of yards short of the door. He and an assistant got out and went around to the back of the vehicle to unload it.

"Look there must be some sort of mistake I mean... What the hell?" she started as the door rattled up and the two men started to heft up a large box crate easily over one and a half yards to a side! It had a slatted framework, apparently to let the air in and she could smell an odd aroma wafting from inside.

"Look," she repeated to the bored man "you must have the wrong address, I tell you I didn't..." then she stopped in mid sentence. George! What else had he bought with their holiday money? Oh she was going to kill him!

"Not my department miss." he shoved the clipboard at her again and she scribbled resignedly grating her teeth. "If you has a complaint talk to the suppliers, it ain't my problem." and he tore off the top sheet, shoved it in her hand, and turned around towards his van. He got into the rickety vehicle as the other two finally managed to drop the, obviously weighty, crate in the middle of her hall before they joined him in the cab.

She stared at the crate fixedly as the van started up and drove off. George was going to pay for this. What ever it was it was going back. Although as she locked the front door up again she did admit to a certain curiosity as to what it was.

She experimentally hefted up one corner but it weighed a ton. When she dropped it back down she heard something shift and slide about inside. It seemed as if something was alive in there. Well given who had sold the thing that was hardly surprising.

She went around it looking for some details of it's content or who to return it to. The slip the delivery man had given her didn't include a phone number, typical! She went around the thing completely and couldn't find a single label with any useful information on it either. Eventually she huffed to herself and went back into the study to finish her story.

An hour or two later she had finished and had read over the rewritten ending thoroughly and was satisfied. She just hoped her editor would feel the same! She sighed and relaxed back in the chair. Her eyes fell on the crate in the hallway, just visible past the study door.

Slowly she got up and went back to have another look. She tried shifting it again. With a bit of effort she could edge it along the floor by lifting alternate corners and sliding it a bit. She decided the kitchen would be the best place for it, at least to get it out of the way.

As she slowly moved the crate Diana could feel the contents moving around again. Whatever it was it seemed a slow moving creature. She felt rather relieved at that. She had had visions of finding some sort of big cat in there or something. Although god knows what George would have done with a leopard or panther! Sometimes he just had these urges for a new hobby. He would have to learn to restrain himself.

She managed to get the crate over by the door into the kitchen near the stairs but was exhausted. Oh to hell with it, she thought and went for a crowbar to open it there.

When she returned a couple of minutes later she jammed the crowbar into the crate and heaved. She heard some splintering and felt a little give but didn't get much further. After five minutes of straining the lid had lifted only a few millimeters! She'd had enough, she was tired exhausted and irritated, she needed a nice long soak in the bath!

She dropped the crowbar on the crates lid and plodded upstairs to the bathroom, not noticing a slight creaking coming from the crate. It's occupant was trying to finish what Diana had started from the inside!

Diana reached the bathroom and began undressing as she turned on the taps. She was so tired she failed to notice that she hadn't closed the door.

She peeled off her sweat soaked T-shirt and undid her bra and then slid off her skirt and panties. When the bath was full of steaming water she slowly stepped in and sank down slowly to get used to the heat. Eventually she was in fully and relaxed at last dipping her head briefly underwater, completely missing the splintering sound from downstairs as the weakened lid of the crate finally tore free.

As Diana relaxed she drifted into a half-asleep state trying to forget about George for a bit and thought about the holiday coming up soon. Two weeks in Venice, punting around in gondolas! Ah now there's a relaxing thought.

Slowly the door was nudged open as the crate's occupant slid quietly into the bathroom. It could taste food in the air and slowly homed in on the bath. The bulky head rose up off the floor and edged into the water by Diana's feet. She completely failed to notice it.

It could see the prey and slowly watched it. It recognized the signs of a sleeping creature as it slowly moved, seemingly entirely unaware of the predator's presence. It surfaced for air, breathed deeply for about a minute then submerged once more and headed towards Diana's feet dragging in more of it's bulk into the bath and raising the water level quite a bit.

Diana was still dreaming of drifting in a gondola and then the gondolier came over and wrapped a towel around her feet, gently pressing her. She felt it odd that he didn't rub her feet or something, he just wrapped it around her feet and pressed, smiling at her. Then she felt her breath falter. She couldn't breath! She burst awake finding she had slipped into the water covering her nose! Woah, she thought, there is such a thing as too much relaxing.

Then she noticed the water level. It was much higher than before, and the suds were spilling over the side. Not bothering to get up she tried to lift up her foot to test the tap to see if it was left on. She couldn't move it! Then she realized that both feet were held fast by something, pressing tightly around them. As she tried to figure this out something moved.

Some of the suds spilling over the edge of the bath shifted and slid towards to centre of the bath and the water level rose again. At the same time the pressure around her feet was suddenly slackened.

As she wondered what the hell was happening there was a light rippling sensation over her feet and the pressure closed back down, this time tightly around her calves! She felt whatever was around her feet shift slightly edging up her. It was then that most of the suds on the side of the bath finally slipped off revealing the body of a huge snake, half in the bath!

Diana was paralyzed! She hated snakes, they were her one time worst fear. As she sat there the body of the snake looped more of itself into the bath and pushed forwards moving her with it and forcing her up over the back of the bath against the wall. From her she could look down on the length of snake still outside the bath. It was huge! There must have been eight yards there, let along what was in the bath with her. Even the thought of that made her flesh creep!

She felt her legs lifted slowly as the snake's head surfaced. It was visible as a lump in the suds and a faint green shape through the whiteness. She guessed the head was over a foot long and probably half a foot wide. Slowly it opened it's maw and she saw it slowly work first one side of it's jaw then the other forwards enfolding more of her legs.

She tried to scream, she tried to thrash out at it but her muscles wouldn't obey. She closed her eyes forcing back the tears and mustered all of her will power to command her shaking arms to move. She managed to get her, still quivering, hands down to the snake and cleared the foam away from it. God, it was bigger than she had thought!

She gathered her courage and moved her hands to it's nose. She slowly grasped it there (it didn't even react to this) and tried to push it down. She immediately felt it's throat tighten on her legs holding them strongly. She pushed and pushed but couldn't budge it.

Then, as she was still pushing, she felt it's jaws open wider. She gasped as she looked down to see right inside the chasm she was descending into. The wet folds of soft pink flesh could be seen pulsing slightly with involuntary muscles as it yawned it's mouth wider.

Suddenly it let go with it's throat muscles. Diana was still pushing hard and the sudden release jerked her backwards drawing her legs out a few inches.

Unfortunately she was unprepared for this and lost her grip on the wet snake and her hands slipped down over it's gums abruptly. Without her only main support her entire body, propped up against the wall as it was, slid rapidly down into the gaping maw. The snake was moving it's head forwards as well and Diana's legs slipped completely out of sight into the beast's gullet taking her hands in as well. She fell quickly in until her wide hips lodged in it's mouth and it's jaws snapped together pinning her hands firmly inside against her sides as it's throat tightened up around her legs again.

She sat in the snake's mouth, leaning up against the wall of the bathroom with a fixed face of horror at her fate. She could feel it's thin tongue feeling around under her backside as the jaws tried, without much success, to pull her hips further inside. Then she felt the tongue in the groove of her rear as it yawned it's mouth a couple of times.

She couldn't believe it. This thing was going to eat her, WAS eating her, right here in her own bath. As she watched she felt it rise out of the water as it yawned again, pushing her up the wall. Her head hit the ceiling and it pushed. She felt the tightness around her hips give a little and she eased in a bit further, not much though. She was past rational thought at this stage and started yabbering at the snake.

"Please.. don't eat me!" she pleaded with the animal "I'll get you a nice dinner I,... oohh!..." as it tried again to get around her hips "I'm sure I don't taste good, I could get you something much better, please let me go. Unggh!" again it yawned it's mouth wide and pushed hard. Her head drove against the ceiling and her hips pressed tightly into the snake but didn't enter. Her back began to ache from the strain when it stopped pushing again and slid slowly back into the water.

The snake settled back down just at the surface and stopped moving. After a couple of minutes Diana had come to her senses more or less and realised it didn't seem to be able to eat her. But it still wasn't letting go!

She had to admit it felt good inside the snake. It wasn't crushing the life out of her or anything, just trying to enfold her, and not getting very far! She shifted herself inside it a bit and felt it tighten around her and it gulped again trying, unsuccessfully, to swallow her further. The pressure around her as it's throat muscles rippled down her body was glorious and she wriggled again with the same result. Ohh that was good!

It's jaws clamped down tightly on her hips as it swallowed again and she felt her mound touching the inside of the snake's mouth. She arched her hips trying to get more contact and felt it close it's jaws tightly, pressing hard on her mound. That was glorious, especially as it gulped again. Her hands were trapped along side her and she desperately wanted to come so tried to work her hands around in front of her to her aching pussy.

She struggled and jinked and eventually first one hand then the other slipped over her hips and around to her vagina. She started massaging her clit as the creature swallowed deeply again.

At first it didn't register she was too busy pleasuring herself then she realized the jaws were a little further. She didn't think much of it then as it had gone a little further earlier but it couldn't manage her hips she was sure. It gulped again and the sensations washed over her again and this time she felt it as it's mouth edged a good half inch up her. She started to worry again but couldn't stop now and kept up her ministrations as she slid, very slowly, deeper into the snake.

She realized that the position of her hands by her sides had stretched the snakes jaws just too much for it to manage her hips and her arms. Now her hands were in front of her it could just about manage to squeeze her hips in and was easing them into the moist cavity of flesh that pressed around her legs so tightly.

She hit her orgasm and screamed and bucked through it. The motions were just enough for the snake to get past the widest part and when she had recovered a bit she found herself slipping in slowly without any help from the snake as the tight opening to the throat slid over her hips towards her waist and it closed it's jaws as it traveled upwards.

The coldness hit her in the pit of her stomach that she was going to die. She didn't react at all as the snake yawned it's jaws wide and gulped a good inch and a half of her waist in one go. The sensations of tightness inside as the swallow travelled down the snake, and her, shook her enough.

She decided that if she was going to go she was going to get the most out of she could. She started rubbing her clitoris again and waited for the next gulp. She did not have to wait long.

The next three swallows moved it's nose up between her breasts and were heaven as she brought herself to a second orgasm. As she lay there panting the snake paused seeming to be sizing up the next part of it's meal. It yawned it's jaws wide and twisted slightly bring it's upper jaw down or her right breast, just short of the nipple. It squeezed and pressed as it swallowed again and it's jaw moved up to cover most of her right breast. It's throat was now tight around her midrift, just under her breasts. The ripples spread as she started to bring herself off a third time.

The Snake paused again and Diana was nearly at orgasm when it yawned wide again and gulped deeply. She tipped over the edge and shook violently as her right breast was squeezed tightly into it's throat. The muscles pressed around her and added to her pleasure even more and she came a further time as it gulped twice more.

It was only when she had settled a bit from her last orgasm that she noticed that the last couple of gulps had barely done anything. Her right breast may have been gulped down, but her left was crushed upwards and bulging up. The snake couldn't get it's tight throat past it!

She froze with her eyes wide as she made this realization. She was at a slight angle and her right shoulder was dangerously close to it's throat but she didn't think it could work her in! It's mouth closed tightly just over her nose. She could feel the lower jaw on the back of her head.

She tentatively felt with her feet. She didn't think she had reached the stomach yet, so she may yet survive this! If she could find a way to get back out again.

Then she heard a door slam. George!

"George! Help!" she shouted, trying not to move her right shoulder too much. "I'm in the bathroom!"

She heard rapid footsteps as he came up the stairs and then George burst into the room crowbar in hand, probably prepared for a burgler. When he saw the snake's head sticking out of the overflowing bath with his wife's head and left breast held in it's maw his jaw dropped.

"Look, George. I think I'm pretty stable at the moment. It can't get over my breasts, well, my left anyway." she said glancing at the life saving mammery. "Can you think of any way to get me out of here?"

George just stared at the snake, and at his wife. As he watched the snake gulped again trying, without success, to finish it's meal. Diana gasped out loud as the ripples travelled down her entire body. She saw George's eyes follow the ripple downwards. Then dart back up to her.

"You seem very calm about this" he said, obviously scared at the sight of the thing "What happened to your phobia?"

Diana managed to recover from the wash of feelings the gulp had wrought and managed to reply.

"Yeah.. gasp!.. I guess I've gotten.. pant!... over that fear.. ungh!" she realised her pleasure at this must be obvious to George and he seemed to be losing his initial fear of the snake. "Look, this thing arrived by special delivery.. phew!.. I thought you'd bought it."

George was still gazing at the snake, although from the motions of his eyes she thought he was tracing out her figure as visible through the snakes body. She found that curiously arousing. Obviously he felt the same. When Diana coughed meaningfully he suddenly jerked his eyes back to look at her and answered her.

"Oh.. No I never liked snakes... before." He didn't seem to notice that he'd added the last word on almost unconsciously "I certainly didn't order one, and definitely nothing this big." His stare had strayed back to the snake's body with Diana's shape molded into it. She could see the bulge in his pants and knew what he was feeling.

"Erm look I don't think this is a good time for anything" she said pointedly staring at his groin and then his, now blushing, face "It almost couldn't manage my hips, and now this seems too much, at the moment. My right shoulder is very close to the throat. If that slips in, well, no more wife!" She giggled a bit then her voice caught as the snake swallowed again.

George gazed in obvious wonder as the ripples travelled down the snake and Diana's body inside. Diana hit the roof. She couldn't hold back the orgasm but managed not to move her shoulders too much as she screamed her pleasure. George smiled broadly.

"Whoah! You really like that don't you?" he said still grinning

"Just.. gasp!.. get me out... ungh!.. of here!" She said trying to avoid her sweat dripping in her eyes.

Both Diana and George thought about it for a bit then George snapped his fingers.

"Got it!" he said "How much does it weigh do you think?"

"What? What does that matter?" when George just tapped the side of his nose she almost shrugged but caught herself in time "Well, not including me inside it I'd say about 400lbs plus... or near that."

He went over to the bathroom cabinet and got out a bottle of sleeping pills. Then measured out three times the normal dose and put the bottle back. He gingerly approached the bath avoiding the length of snake still on the bathroom floor.

"Just lean back a bit hon." he said as came closer. she did so but could go much further without ducking her head under the water.

As George leaned over the bath the snake slid down a bit in the water. It tipped it's head back so only it's nose and eyes were above the surface. This brought Diana down so only her nose stuck fully above the water, her eyes closed tightly. George thought for a bit then she saw him reach down and carefully pull the plug out of the bath. This movement caused the snake to move again and it started drawing all it's coils into the bath. George backed away and as an after thought closed and locked the door.

As it finished gathering itself in the rapidly emptying bath it gulped several times and twisted. Although it still couldn't get her into it's throat it twisted her to her left inside it so her mouth was no longer held by it's upper jaw. It then curled its body around in the bath further bending her legs over inside it. This combined with the gulps pushed her over the edge again and she screamed as another orgasm hit her.

Once the water had drained mostly away he approached the bath again. She could see his face, slightly worried until he saw she was still there, but mostly still hot and flushed. He was enjoying watching her in this predicament almost as much as she enjoyed being in it.

He leaned over and although the snake moved about a bit it didn't have much room and it's mouth was full so it couldn't do much. First he reached down and slowly patted it on the head. Diana could feel the vibrations tightly against her right breast. The snake seemed to lose some of it's tension but still held it's defensive position coiled at the bottom of the bath.

George then reached slowly down, holding the pills, towards Diana. Quietly he spoke, trying not to spook the snake.

"Now could you lean back wards again hon so I can get these in it?" he leaned closer slowly as she complied, leaning her head back as far in it's mouth as she could.

She felt his warm fist press against her breast and push. He forced his hand slowly into the throat and past her right breast inside the snake. It felt most exhilarating as she felt his arm slide against her. Once it was in up to the elbow he stopped, with still no reaction from the snake. Then he opened his hand, straining the fingers against the soft, resilient mass encompassing it.

She could feel the pills falling against her and coming to rest in it's throat. Slowly he tried to withdraw his arm, and found he couldn't. The snake had tightened it's throat muscles around him pinning him there.

"Great!" he said pondering the situation. Then he pushed the thumb of his other hand into the edge of the snake's cheek to get a grip. "Now I'm going to try to hold myself out. Can you make him swallow a few time, to get those pills into his stomach?"

Diana grinned "If you can hold out, no problem!" and she started wriggling her hips deep within the snakes embrace. The familiar response came back and George had to strain to stop his arm being swallowed, but managed it. He was still there pressed tightly against Diana as she came the first time. She could feel the pills traveling down and continued her movements.

It took four more orgasms before she thought she could feel the last pill drawn past her feet. She gave it two more for luck and collapsed in the snake's mouth, exhausted.

"I think that's it" she said in between puffs.

George smiled at her and they both waited.

After a few minutes it's motions became less apparent and eventually they could feel it's muscles slackening off inside. They waited till they were sure then George pulled his arm free. With George's help (and a lot of pleasure for her) Diana managed to slowly draw her body out of the unconscious beast's maw.

Once they were both standing by the bath (Diana a little shakily, and dripping with saliva) looking down on the sleeping snake Diana noticed the dark patch in George's trousers. Well at least he'd enjoyed himself as well, she thought to herself. Then she thought further.

"You know George" she said peering sideways at him slyly "If I had some sort of large ring, perhaps a plastic disc, under my breasts, or maybe a larger one around my neck it could gulp all it wanted and never be able to swallow me fully! You might even like to try it, I can definitely recommend it!"

George blushed, then grinned, then laughed out loud. Diana joined him as they stood gazing at their new pet and thinking of the possibilities. They never did find out who the snake was meant to go to, but they certainly didn't care!



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