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Yummy Date

by Trash Mouse

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© Copyright 2008 - Trash Mouse - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; furry; oral; swallow; cons; X

“Can I have this dance?” an unexpected voice asked, cutting through the pounding music and flashing lights of the club.

I looked up from my drink, the third of the night, and into the eyes of a rather pretty kangaroo morph with a nice rack. She was bouncing on her long legs which sent her obviously unrestrained breasts dancing under the tight shirt. She smiled down at me the collection of rings in her ears jingle in time to the music.

“I’m sorry, I’m not a guy,” I said, the flashing lights seem to have an effect on my gray fur that made everyone think I was a guy. I was about ready to just leave the club and head home, if I could find a cab. I was a little too tippy to drive my own car.

The ‘roo giggled a bit and sat down next to be, pushing me over in the booth. “I can see that hon, no guy has breasts as nice as those,” she said, poking me right in the nipple

A blushed crossed over my cheeks as I lowered my ears. “Thank you. It’s nice to not be mistaken for a drag queen.”

She smiled and brushed her hands over my hair, pushing it up and out of my eyes. “You just need a little bit better makeup, the stuff you have looks way to heavy in this light, and it’s matting your fur. You have pretty eyes. I’ve never seen them that color before.”

“Thank you,” I said in a soft voice.

The ‘roo laughed and shook her head. “And you’re shy too! I’m Sara, what’s your name?”

“Cleo,” I replied, my eyes flicking up to hers. She had very pretty brown eyes that looked back at me with a twinkle in the middle of them.

“A pretty name for a pretty mouse,” she said, one hand under my chin, lifting my head slight. Her head came down and her lips pressed with mine.

I pulled back for a second, and she didn’t hold me in place, and then leaned back in, kissing her in return. She pressed closer to me, her lips parting and her tongue brushing my teeth. I allowed my tongue to slip free and wrap with hers as we leaned together into the kiss.

We pulled back and she smiled at me, I smiled in return. “I would love to dance,” I told her.

Sara smiled and took my hand firmly in hers. “Then let’s go!” She pulled me out of the booth. I paused only to grab my drink and throw the rest of it down, and then we were on the dance floor.

The music pounded around us, the lights swishing around in the air shining off the bodies of the other people crowding the dance floor. We made our way to the center of the floor then she spun around to face me. I pressed up close as the heat of all the people made my skin prickle.

She wrapped her arms around me, her hands dropping down to grab at my ass, my own hands did the same, stroking around the base of her thick tail. The music grew around us as we started to move, our bodies starting out against each other but soon we fell into time. We pressed close to each other, our breasts meeting through our clothing as my nose pressed in under her chin.

As the music grew strong she started to bounce as we moved, swinging me around her body as the other people on the dance floor pressed close. She dropped her head down to look at me and I kissed her this time. Her hands slipped up to my shoulders, holding me close as we moved to the music, her ears held back and her eyes half closed.

Our lips parted at the music slowed down and the lights faded around the dance floor. We pulled apart slightly and shared a knowing smile. I pressed as close to her as I could, my hands wrapping close around her back as I licked the fur on her neck. Sara ran her hands through my red hair, stroking through the strands and teasing the back of my ears.

We stayed close together as the music grew faster again. We had found a place between each other and were dancing to our own music. Even as it grew louder and faster we stayed in our slow familiar rhythm, sometimes adjusting position, sometimes kissing, but always staying together.

Finally Sara pulled away from me and smiled as she looked around the club. I looked around as well as saw that everyone around us had changed. My feet also ached from standing so long. “How long have we been dancing?” I asked.

The kangaroo giggled softly and licked her lips. “About an hour.”

“Wow, I’ve never done that before,” I said with a soft whisper.

She smiled and flicked her ears back. “Nor have I. Want to get out of here, head back to my place?”

I returned her smile then leaned up to kiss her. “I would love to,” I said, and meant every word of it.

Sara took my hand and we walked back to my table. I collected my jacket and my purse and we left the club. The cold night air sent a chill over my body and made my nipples stand out through my bra and shirt. The same was true of Sara’s fat nipple.

“Can you drive? I’m a bit too drunk?”

“I’m a couple blocks away,” she replied and started down the street, her tail bouncing with each step, than thick tip nearly touching the ground.

As we walked the cold night air helped me clear my head of the haze of the club and the alcohol. I started to have a few second thoughts about a one night stand with a woman I hardly knew, even more as I didn’t normally go for pussy, but I was in the mood. With a relaxed motion I took my phone out of my purse and sent a text to a friend, including a picture of Sara’s well shaped behind. A few moments later I got a very positive response.

Giggling I put the phone away as we walked into the parking lot of an apartment building. We started up the stairs to the third floor. As we neared the top she started to take them two at a time, her natural bounciness taking over. I managed to keep up with her, but it was only at the door to her apartment.

She had it open in a moment then we stepped inside. Closing the door she took me by the hand and walked back to her bedroom. It was large with a king sized bed and a wall full of pictures. Once inside she let go and smiled at me. “Want a drink?”

“No,” I said, dropping my jacket to the floor and pulling my shirt off over my head.

Sara smiled at this and grabbed my breasts in her hands, rubbing them through the plain white bra. “If you wear sexy panties you’ll feel sexy,” she said.

I giggled and shook my head. “The lacey things pull at my fur.”

“You can find ones that don’t,” she said pulling back and taking her own shirt off. Her breasts bounced free against her chest, larger then I had first suspected. She was at least double my side. Her nipples hard and stuck out nearly an inch and was about half as thick. I could easily see the dimples of her milk ducts pucking the top of them.

I leaned down and took one of the inviting nipples into my muzzle, sucking softly on it as I teased it with the tip of my tongue. At the same time Sara reached down and unhooked my bra then slowly took it off me one arm at a time.

My hands ran down her back to stroke at the top of her pants right over her large tail. I opened the button in the back, and then slipped my hands around to the front, undoing the button there and pulling down the zipper. With a flump of falling fabric her pants fell away and reviled a pair of pink panties with red hearts on them.

Pulling her nipple free of my lips I leaned back and giggled. “Those are so cute!” I said, reaching a hand down to rub her crotch, the fabric was rather wet.

Sara blushed and covered her face. “Sexy panties make me feel sexy, cute panties make me feel cute,” she said.

I nodded and took a step back, wiggling my way out of my own pants before kicking them off. My panties were the same bland white as my bra, but the front of them was soaked through with my juices. I hooked my fingers in the waistband and pulled them down, giving her a perfect view of my sex.

The kangaroo smiled and licked her lips. “Now that is the perfect pussy for a perfect mouse, come here,” she said, then pulled me to her, kissing me firmly for a moment before turning me around and throwing me down onto the bed. I landed on my back, bouncing a bit and catching my tail. Wiggling back slightly I got my tail free then spread my legs.

She crawled onto the bed, moving slowly over the fabric with a smile on her long muzzle. Then without a word she rushed forward her head giving down between my legs. Her nose rubbed at my clitoris as her tongue flicked out to part my neither lips.

I cried out at the suddenness of her attention, which then grew as her long tongue started to work around inside of me. She knew exactly what she was doing as her tongue touched and twisted in placed that very few reached so early. One hand was stroking at my hips while the other slipped up under her tongue to stroke just inside of my twat.

Biting my lip I reached down to hold her head, stroking over her long ears and teasing her earrings. With my other hand I started to rub my own breasts, rolling and teasing the flesh in time with her talented tongue.

In what hardly seemed like any time at I was fell over the edge. Letting out a low cry my body tensed up as the rush of an orgasm crashed down over my body. My pussy clenched around her tongue as my juices gushed out over her face.

Sara held herself in place until the rush had past then slowly pulled away, licking a few times to catch a few more drops. She climbed up over me, kissing along the fur of my belly, up between my breasts then kissing me full on the lips.

I wrapped my arms around her, our nipples rubbing together as did our tongues. Her body trapped my hand between us so I started to stroke my way down the fur of her belly with aims to get to her pussy. I was brought up short when my fingers slipped into something under her belly button.

The kangaroo burst into a giggle fit as she pulled away from me. “That tickles,” she said between laughs.

Looking down I saw that my fingers had slipped down inside of her pouch. It was warm and clean around my fingers. I wiggled them a bit and pressed down, but I didn’t get very far inside.

She laughed again and batted at my breasts. “Stop that! It tickles!”

I pulled free and stroked my finger over the lip of the pouch. “I thought it would be deeper,” I said.

Sara smiled a bit and shook her head. “It stays tight when I’m not pregnant, otherwise it can get dirty.

“That makes sense,” I replied, kissing her this time as my hand slipped under her panties to finger at her very wet sex. She wiggled in response as I teased and twisted, our tongues working together as one.

She started to grind herself against my hand, rocking against it as she worked her breasts over mine as we continued to kiss. Her hands reached up to rub at my breasts, working a thumb over each nipple.

We started to move in time again, our tongues, her hands and my fingers. I would tease her then she would tease me in return. Soon we shifted a bit so I could work more fingers against her as she curved her thick tail down and slipped it between my legs. The thick width and rough fur sending new jolts of pleasure though my body.

I started to grind at her tail as I worked more fingers inside of her, twisting my paws as I stroked around in every place I could reach, inside and out. Started began to buck in return, which was added to as my other hand moved up to start rubbing and teasing her full breasts.

Then it was her turn to go over the edge. She seemed to go limp under me for a moment then threw her head back and screamed. Her cunny pulled tight around my paws as her juices gushed like a fountain soaking my fur, her panties, and even down over my belly.

Finally she dropped down over me and broke the kiss, gasping in excitement. “Oh gods, that was fantastic.”

I smiled and licked at her cheek. “I agree,” I replied.

The kangaroo rolled off of me and snuggled up on the bed. She pressed her nose against my neck and licked at the fur. “I would love to eat you all up,” she said as she regained her breath.

“I don’t see why you wouldn’t,” I said, licking at her ear.

She lifted her head and smiled at me. “No dear, I mean actually eat you. You taste wonderful and I would love to have you all. Every single bite.”

I turned my head slightly. “Could you do that? I mean, really do that?”

Sara blushed deeply and nodded her head. “I have a bit of magic. I can do it if I like.”

Gulping I looked at the kangaroo in a new light, suddenly very worried about my safety. “I see.”

She blushed a bit and smiled. “Oh, it won’t be permanent. You’ll be reformed in a couple of day, all good as new, and maybe a bit healthier.”

“You’ve done it before?”

“Yes, though I would rather spend the time with you.”

I blushed a bit and looked down over her tight body with hardly any fat, but there was the hint of stretch marks under the fur. I looked back up and leaned in, kissing her again. “I think I would like to spend a lot more time with you. I think it would be fun to start inside,” I said, running my finger down her neck to her belly.

“Really?” she asked in surprise.

I nodded. “Really.”

A smile crossed Sara’s face as her ears perked up very high. “Thank you,” she said, kissing my nose and then she rolled of the bed. She crouched on her knees at the edge of the bed and motioned for me to lie down in front of her.

I moved over the bed and pressed my nose to hers. “I’m ready,” I said. It wasn’t true but I was willing to give it a try.

She reached up and took my earrings from my ears, setting them on the night stand. She then kissed me again. “Take a deep breath,” she said, then started to open her mouth. Her jaw stretched wide, dislocating like a snake as her maw filled my vision.

Taking in a deep breath I moved forward, pressing my head into her mouth. It fit in so very easily, her breath hot over my fur. She closed her muzzle, her lips pressing over my head and her nose against my shoulders.

I felt her hands stroking over my shoulders, then a moment later she swallowed. I slid without any problem, my head searching out her throat as my shoulders pressed into her muzzle. I kicked a little bit, but didn’t truly fight. Her hands stroked my side as she gulps again and I felt myself siding even deeper inside. I could even feel her tongue playing over my breasts.

Her hands gripped at my hips and I felt myself start to move, my legs lifting into the air as she held me above her. The next swallow was a big one; bringing her lips up even with my ass and the base of my tail. Her tongue teased at my cunt.

I shook a bit as she teased my sex with a few well placed flicks of her talented tongue. I wiggled at the teasing, gasping out a little bit of the air I was holding in my lungs. She must have felt this as she swallowed once more, taking me up to my knees, her hands reaching up to tease my feet.

Kicking my feet I felt my head popped free of her throat and into her stomach. It was warm around my face and hair, a strange tingling that teased over my fur and down to my skin.

The hands on my feet started to push as she swallowed one more time. More of my body pressed into her stomach as my toes slipped past her lips and down her throat. A second swallow followed, sending my body down inside of her as I curled up into her belly. The walls were tight around me and the acids were warm against my fur, and growing warmer.

Sara gulped one last time and I felt a rush of hair rush over me. I took in a deep breath smell the acid that was all around me.

“You okay in there?” she asked, patting her belly and me through it.

I nodded my head and nuzzled at her hand through her tight skin.

“See you in a couple of days,” she told me as I felt her lay down on the bed. I nodded and curled up tighter, feeling very warm. The air was growing thin but it was peaceful, and I knew she would bring me back. I never thought being eaten alive would feel so nice, but it did.

Then letting out a soft gasp I felt nothing else but the enjoyment of being part of her, at least for a short time.


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