Beth and Tina in Hyperspace

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The two teenage girls discovered the spacecraft in the lower field behind old Doc Clark's tractor barn, on their way home from school. This was their favorite detour, a winding dirt path through the fields and knolls. They'd made this walk together hundreds of times, but this was the first time they encountered advanced technology from a distant star. They stopped immediately and took in the gleaming white saucer. "Holy moley!" gasped Beth. "We... we better get out of here!" But she was frozen to the spot.

Tina chastised her friend, "Don't be a chicken. If that's what I think it is, this could be a great opportunity for the world!"

Beth was overcoming her shock and getting ready to sprint for home. "You can't be serious! You've been watching too much Star Trek." The fact was, they both had. It was only on the air about 3 times a day, and living in Nebraska there was nothing else to do than watch TV or go for a walk. Going home and watching TV was beginning to sound better and better to Beth.

Tina pointed at one side of the craft which was blackened and appeared damaged. "Look! They landed here for repairs or something. Maybe we could help them!"

Beth rolled her eyes. "What are you gonna do, re-ionize their dilithium chamber?" Tina was such a geek sometimes.

"Well, you never know what an alien might need. Maybe we could be of use in some way. And just think... nobody ever comes out here. That means nobody on Earth except for us knows about this."

"And that's why," insisted Beth, "I'm going to go home and tell the FBI about this!"

"Don't be silly. They'd launch a cover-up. Face it, Beth. It's up to us to make... first contact!" While she was speaking, the craft emitted a low whir as a hatch opened and a boarding plank lowered to the ground.

Beth was aghast as Tina began walking toward the craft. "No, Tina! This is too weird."

Tina looked back, irritated. "I'm surprised at you Beth. Why do you assume they're evil? That's so out-of-date. The universe is a friendly place, filled with billions of intelligent life forms. I'm sure any race smart enough to cross the stars to get here would have outgrown the need for weapons or war. We can exchange information with them." She gestured to the book-bags each of them carried. "We've offer them our textbooks: History, Biology, Literature. Who knows what we might receive in return. Come on, come with me. I promise you nothing bad will happen."

Beth smiled at her own trepidation. "I guess you're right. I guess this is my big chance, huh? If they were going to zap us they'd have probably already done it."

Hand in hand, the girls walked right up to the ship, through the sun-drenched meadow. It was a little larger up close than it had seemed.

"Wow," said Tina. "This is not your father's Oldsmobile."

Beth giggled. They each took a deep breath and walked up the plank into a starship from a distant world.

Zarg studied the readouts and holo-screens carefully. "Yes, good! Good!" the alien smiled, watching the girls ascend the platform and proceed down the only corridor available to them. A thick alien finger punched a button, silently sealing the entry hatch. Then the creature turned to around to greet the earthlings who would soon arrive in the command center.

The alien was an oddly-shaped, bloblike creature, with most of its body in the form of an oblong mass in contact with the floor. From that rose a curled, ten-foot "neck" from the end of which protruded a bulbous head with large, round cartoon-like eyes. Two thin "arms" emerged from each side about halfway up the neck. All over, it had a smooth, shiny orange surface. It moved around like an inchworm, flexing its lower mass.

The girls stepped into the command center on cue. They stood in the entry hatch and looked at the cartoonlike extraterrestrial, which eyed them expectantly. Tina stepped forward.

"I am Tina of Planet Earth. I greet you in the name of the human race." Sometimes Beth wondered if Tina was on drugs or something.

<<Eefo mikkie zoop chondra>> responded the unusual shape, then turned and began working a computer panel.

"He's cute!" whispered Tina into Beth's ear. Beth just wasn't so damn sure. The alien was replaying what Tina said and pressing buttons. "I bet he's got a universal translator," Tina noted confidently. After a few seconds the alien seemed to be finished with the machine.

"Greetings. The universal translator will allow us to speak."

Beth smiled at her friend the smarty-pants. "I am Tina and this is my friend Beth. What are you called?"

"Zarg." The one-word answer caused an awkward silence, until Tina held out her book bag.

"We have brought you a gift," she said. "Basic knowledge of the history or our planet and its life forms." She winked at Beth who offered her books over too.

"Excellent," smiled the surreal alien. "I shall enjoy them." The girls placed their book-bags down by the door. The alien kept its attention on them, however.

"You are females, are you not?"

Tina lifted her head proudly. "Yes, we are! Are you male or female?"

The creature smirked at the question. "Our species does not differentiate, as our shapes are flexible. However, you pose an interesting philosophical question. In your species, the male penetrates and the female engulfs. Therefore, if anything, I am female."

Yeah, whatever, thought Beth. She hadn't exactly done much "engulfing" yet. Tina, the Impromptu Ambassador of the United Nations, pressed on with her welcome shtick. The alien explained that his craft was stranded. Apparently his hyperdrive unit had collided with "quantum ice" in the tenth dimension.

"If we help you fix it," beamed Tina, "would you take us through hyperspace??" What a space cadet!

The alien smiled wide. "I promise you a trip through hyperspace you will never forget. Unfortunately, your primitive earth technology cannot repair quantum ice accumulation. Truly, your mammalian nervous systems, because they cannot be rearranged for specific tasks, are unlikely to ever grasp the nature of faster than light travel. At any rate, a rescue craft will arrive for me in two zurls. My main concern is not to starve to death before then."

Tina was a natural born diplomat. She ignored the condescending remarks about human intelligence. "We'd still like to help in any way that we can."

"You couldn't possibly help me, unless you can replace this metahydrogen displacement coupling." The creature held up a small, blackened object.

"Looks like a regular old spark plug to me," noted Beth. "Maybe Doc Clark could help you?" Tina grimaced. Oh, like, I'm so sure it's just a standard spark plug. It sure did look like one though. If anyone had an extra, it would be the old doctor who had retired to a quiet life of farming in the middle of nowhere.

The alien looked irritated. "I encountered that being when I first arrived. A quick analysis of his bioscans showed that he was of minimal use, so I vaporized him."

The girls let that word, "vaporize" roll around in their minds for a while. They glanced at each other and decided they might be in for some trouble here.

Beth spoke first, "Sorry, I guess we're in over our heads here."

The alien smiled. "You will be, very shortly..." The creature held out what looked like a ray gun. "...thanks to my vaporizing plasma-caster."

"But, we came to help!" Tina didn't like where this was going.

"Ah, but you will be of great help to me." The extraterrestrial scooted a little closer and took aim.

"What... what did we do wrong?" asked Ambassador Tina.

The alien made some sounds which the universal translator took a few extra moments to process into English idiom: "You woke up this morning, babe."

A blinding flash of light cascaded over the shrieking teenagers. They felt powerful rays of energy flow around and through them. They thought they were being vaporized. When the ray gun stopped firing, the girls cautiously opened their eyes to find that they were now completely naked.

Beth looked at Tina, who may have been pretty gorgeous standing there nude, but was for once at a loss for an explanation. Beth took the initiative. "Why are you doing this?" she asked.

"I found your garments unpalatable and an interference with my bioscans." Their bizarre host was tapping away at a brightly-lit console.

"Oh, I get it!" Tina chirped. "Don't worry, Beth, he's just scanning us. This is standard alien procedure."

Beth was nonplused, "I say he's a goddamn pervert!"

"She!" Tina corrected.

Beth tried to cover her crotch and nipples with her hands. "Even worse, then."

"Oh, stop it!" hissed Tina. "I'm sure that he'll find that we are harmless and that we'll be helpful to him. He said we would be!" Some people just have no vision, thought Tina. "You fear what you do not understand. This alien likes us, I can tell. You and me are gonna make history, today, Beth."

Zarg ignored the nattering teens as "she" looked over the preliminary readouts. A quick scan revealed that these girls were very different from the elderly man it had encountered earlier. Their cells were healthy, their organs strong, their skin vibrant and their bodies sheathed in glistening fat. All suspicions were correct. The crisis was over.

"My bioscans show that you are both likely to be extremely useful to me," announced the space creature, "unlike the being you mentioned earlier."

Tina smiled, "Oh, thank you, Mister Alien! We'll do everything imaginable to help you out in any way you need."

"Unfortunately, there is only one way to determine your overall suitability. Which one of you would like to volunteer for this historic occasion which could change your world forever?"

Beth jumped before Tina could. "Me!" she piped. Ha! Call me a chicken, will you? She stuck her tongue out at Tina.

"Come here to me, Beth. You shall be the first of your species to experience oneness."

Nervous but excited, too, Beth walked up close to the alien. Jealous to the bone, Tina watched as Zarg looked Beth in the eye and placed its two hands on her shoulders. They're gonna mind-meld!

"Galactic Code requires me to inform you of several things," the creature explained almost conspiratorially. "You will find this process most disturbing, and it is your right to express that and to resist to the best of your ability. Know that the process is painless and gradual. I am guessing that you will be absorbed in one zurl. Reasonable considerations will be given to your comfort during this time span. As of this moment I claim you as my property."

"Oh my God!" whispered Beth, beginning to suspect the worst. "What are you going to do with me?"

The alien smiled wide. "I'm going to swallow you alive."

The high school junior's eyes widened in shocked disbelief as the alien's mouth yawned open in front of her. "No way! NO WAY!!!" she screamed. "This can't be HAPPENING!!!" Within moments, her face and shoulders were being slathered with saliva by the creature's long, slippery tongue. Its hot, dank breath blew in her hair. She trembled uncontrollably in the creature's grip, and felt her knees beginning to give out.

"Tina!" she cried, her eyes not looking away from the giant eyes of the monster that was now french-kissing her entire torso. "Stop her!!"

Tina asked herself what Jean-Luc Picard would do in a situation like this. She found her voice. "Please, we know that your species is different from our own. But we want to be your friends. Think what great exchange of knowledge our people could have."

The alien's tongue retracted from Beth's ginger breasts and the creature closed its mouth. Slowly peeling its eyes away from Beth's terrified gaze, it turned to look at Tina. Its giant spherical eyes regarded Tina with wonder.

Then it spoke. "You've been watching too much Star Trek, earthling!" Throwing its mouth open once again and turning to Beth, the creature lifted the girl up off the floor, bringing her saliva-covered face to its lips.

Beth was no longer looking at the creature's eyes... she couldn't, from this angle. Instead, her vision focused on the dark, wet funnel that was opening wide behind the alien's tongue. She screamed incoherently, long and loud, her head shaking from side to side in terrified denial.

Repulsed by the surreal sight of her friend about to be eaten alive, Tina began unconsciously to step backwards. The chamber was small, however, and soon she was up against the bulkhead. Her bare foot brushed something soft. She looked down and saw Beth's bookbag at her feet. The textbooks it held seemed so useless now.

"NooooooooooMMMMMPPPHHHHH!" Beth's protest was suddenly muffled as her face disappeared into the opening to the creature's throat. Swinging her fists frantically, she tried to beat her attacker away. But it was useless. The creature tilted its head back and lifted Beth high overhead. It happily began sucking the girl deeper into itself. Its neck bulged as Beth's head, shoulders, and chest sank through the slavering maw.

Inside the alien esophagus, Beth gasped in the thick air, her heart pounding faster than she could ever remember it doing before. There was a little bit of light in the dank tube. Inches in front of her nose, she could see the slick velvety pipe twitching with hunger. She felt powerful muscles rippling all around her, pulling her in. Her upper arms were pressed to her sides, but from her elbows down they were free. Her belly button was just now sliding into the alien's lips.

"No!" she howled, her scream ringing in her ears. "No farther, no farther!" She bent her arms at the elbows, hooking them around the monster's jaws. If she could just hold them!

She felt the alien make several attempts to swallow her deeper. It tugged at her elbows, but she held on tightly. Suddenly she felt the neck muscles relax all around her, and for a few lunatic seconds she actually thought the beast might let her go. "Please, God, please, please please!!" she whispered.

Suddenly, all around her, the creature's muscles tensed. A gulping sound seemed to come from everywhere. In an instant, her elbows gave out and her arms were pinned flat against her body. Her belly slid neatly into the monster's throat. She felt its hungry wet lips wrap around her tender ass. And she knew, looking at the gaping esophagus beneath her, that she was definitely going all the way in. Her hands were the only part of her arms still outside the neck, and she felt them being coated with saliva. The voracious alien tongue stretched up and began to lick her where no one had ever touched her before.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" noted the creature, as its tongue curled around and into Beth's pink pussy and butt. Maybe it WAS male! Beth twitched and struggled even more ferociously and the hot alien tongue lapped between her legs.

Tina watched as the lump which was her best friend wriggled helplessly, being sucked down farther and farther into the monster's throat. It gulped again, sucking in Beth's pert ass and most of her legs. "I'm so sorry, Beth," she whispered. "Forgive me, I just didn't know."

Beth concentrated all her wits on the feeling of cool air against her toes. She wondered if Tina could see them, wiggling hopelessly. The air around her feet became still and she sensed that the monster had closed its mouth. The muscles around her relaxed, the tunnel ahead of her quivered with anticipation. This is it, she thought. And she was right. The swallow tensed around her legs, forcing her rapidly downward. Her smooth flesh glided effortlessly through the alien's neck. Before her face, the thin passage suddenly opened into a rounded empty chamber. Beth had imagined a cavernous gullet awaiting her, and was puzzled by its tiny dimensions. But as her glistening body filled the space, it stretched to accommodate her. A truly spiritual moment for all concerned. Her belly, legs and feet arrived in seconds and the upward opening closed tightly over her. Her body was on full alert. She waited for something else to happen. But nothing did. There's no way out of here, she ! thought. Her mind flashed with anger at her friend for getting her into this mess. But she wasn't going to go down without a fight. She took a deep breath of the hot stale stomach air and began kicking and thrashing with all of her might.

"Struggle all you like, earthling." The alien's translated voice was bemused. "I will never let you go." Of course, Zarg knew Beth couldn't hear what was being said. The creature turned to look at Tina, who stood white as a ghost, her back to the wall. "Your species is quite delicious. Savory, with innumerable accents of taste which vary with your arousal and fear levels. And feisty to the end. Nothing's worse than swallowing someone who just gives up and lets it happen. I hope you will follow your friend's valiant example."

I hope I don't! thought the lone teenager frantically.

The bloated alien scooted over to a communications panel and flipped it on. "Zarg to Fleet Command. Food here is more than suitable. Intelligent species is hairless mammal two-gender type. After sampling, recommend young adult stage female of species for mass consumption. Advise immediate invasion force of no fewer than one million craft. Cancel emergency rescue request, situation abated by unanticipated opportunity to consume two live specimens. See file attachment." Zarg pressed another key and the screens lit up with holographs and x-rays of herself and Beth as they approached and entered the ship. "Initial anatomical data transmitting now." The report ended with graphic footage of Beth being swallowed, and what looked to Tina like an ultrasound image of her best friend thrashing around helplessly inside the alien's stomach. As Beth kicked on the screen, Tina noticed a movement ripple across the surface of the alien's belly... what she was seeing was a live image!!

"End transmission. Next report in 50 yurls." Zarg switched off the comlink, and most of the screens went blank, but not the live image of Beth. Beth's face was clearly visible from her current angle, framed by wildly swishing hair, as her mouth moved in an almost completely muffled scream: Help me Tina.

"Oh my God, what have I done?" screamed Tina, her mind overwhelmed by the sight of her friend being sloshed around in that alien stomach and the thought of a million spaceships just like this one, descending all over the Earth. "You're going to destroy the world!!"

Zarg turned to her. "We won't eradicate your species. That would be terrible ecology. We will merely land every 50 zurls or so to harvest a segment of human females of the appropriate ages. We wouldn't dream of taking more than 1% of your population at any given time."

Tina was a math whiz. "That's thirty million girls....."

"Yes, and we will probably only be able to harvest seven or eight million of them on our first visit. Your cultures will simply adapt to the periodic claimings. Now, if you don't mind, we have something important to do."

Tina felt the sweat running down her brow. "You're going to e-eat me now?"

"No," said the creature, pressing another button. The room around them quickly transformed into a laboratory, complete with examination table. "First I must make a thorough anatomical report on you for my people. Standard alien procedure."

The last day of Tina's life on the outside of the alien was spent as the subject of innumerable tests and experiments. Zarg asked her very few questions as he pressed buttons and reviewed readouts. The alien took hair clippings, nail clippings, membrane and blood samples. Sophisticated instruments glided effortlessly in and out of all of Tina's bodily orifices, scanning her from within. Under the ministrations of a vibrating probe, Tina's body shook with a major orgasm, which made the machines react with greater curiosity and sent even more dangerous-looking equipment snaking her way. This went on for many hours.

The external monitors showed that it was now night-time. She knew that just down the road, her and Beth's parents were up worrying where the girls had gotten to. Sorry, mom, thought Tina irreverently, I wanted to get home by midnight but I had this alien speculum dilating my asshole and a microwave probe up my butt while my tits were being analyzed for nutritional value. She giggled nervously, but tried not to move too much. That microwave probe was getting pretty deep.

Tina's vision blurred, her brain affected by the invasive memory scans. She could feel cybernetic instruments inside and outside of her, leaving nothing untouched. Dimly, she wondered at how easily she had been captured by this alien predator. I did it to myself, she mused. And Beth paid the price, too. How long ago had they walked up into the ship? Was it an hour or a week ago that Zarg had eaten Beth? Tina couldn't be sure of anything. She was only vaguely aware of the exact moment when the scans ended. All of the probes that had gone into her body were gently retracted. Left alone on the table, the girl sighed and drifted to sleep.

"Wake up, Tina."

The girl's eyes fluttered. What a terrible nightmare. She was sure she had overslept and would be late for school. She stretched and took a breath. But something wasn't right. This wasn't her bed. And whose voice was that? Her eyes snapped open to discover the reality. She was still on board the saucer. Her body was sore from what she now remembered was a thorough biological examination. The alien's face was close to hers, its cartoon-like eyes examining her intently.

"My scans are all complete. Your time has come."

"No... wait..." Was her voice really so weak?

"Galactic Code requires me to explain that you will find what is about to happen extremely disturbing. You have the right to protest and resist to the best of your ability, although I will not allow you to escape. As of this moment, I claim you to do with as I wish. I am going to absorb you completely."

"Don't. Stop it. I'm not ready." Tina knew she was going to be eaten, but hoped that maybe she could put it off for a while.

But the alien had as little interest in her pleas for mercy as it had shown for Beth's. It scooted around to the end of the examination table where the girl's feet were. "If you relax," promised the creature, "this will not take very long at all."

Tina couldn't decide which way she wanted: the long way or the short way. Maybe I should just get it over with, she sighed. She felt the strong alien hands around her ankles, and extraterrestrial breath upon her toes.

"Tell your friend I am thankful for the gift of her body. I trust that you will provide me the same pleasure. Without your help, I might have perished here, and my species would never have known to invade your planet. Therefore you will always be remembered fondly. Do you have any final questions?" To reinforce the word final, the alien tightened its grip around her feet and licked its lips hungrily.

Tina was trying not to think about the question that had been going through her mind when Beth was swallowed. "You... you told Beth she would live for a zurl inside you. How... how long is a zurl?"

Having scanned Tina's brain to the point of trivia, Zarg knew. "A zurl is a unit of time based on universal rhythms in quantum gravity. Relative to your primitive, orbit-based time units, a zurl is 13 months."

Tina woke up a little more. That was a long time!

"Because the two of you will reinforce each others' biocharges, you should take approximately 2.7 zurls to absorb." If Zarg had been a pure scientist, she would have swallowed the girls into two separate stomachs, in order to observe any notable differences in their absorption spectra. But these girls were friends, and had served her well. This way they could keep each other company for the long zurls to come. Although truly Zarg did not have a heart (other than Beth's), the alien considered itself civilized and generous to those it captured for feeding.

"We'll be alive that whole time?" Tina was trying to imagine three long years inside that thing's belly.

"Yes." Zarg didn't want to go into the details. In time the girls would simply unravel into pure energy currents and fuse with her substance. Until that time, she would derive sustenance from their every motion, thought and sound. Zarg's race did not depend on primitive and inefficient chemical digestion. Their absorption process was a 100% conversion which left no trace or bodily wastes behind. Zarg could not help but feel if more species grasped the beauty of this process, they would gladly volunteer themselves for the experience. "Now prepare yourself, earth female. My dark insides ache for your body."

The alien threw its mouth wide open and pulled Tina's feet inside. For a moment, the tongue tickled them, getting them wet and slippery. Before she knew it, her ankles had both sank into the dark tube of the monster's throat. Its hands were now around her hips, pulling her slowly off the edge of the exam table, into the alien's waiting lips. Tina felt a strong, sucking sensation on her feet. Here I go, she thought, feeling herself sliding steadily up to the knees into the creature's throat. The alien relaxed for a moment and then, with a gulping sound almost as loud as the girl's sudden scream, swallowed her up to her butt. The opening to the throat stretched to accommodate the ample hips. Tina's heart was pounding. She was now fully awake. She looked down and watched her virgin pussy disappear into the monster's esophagus. Her middle was being slathered with saliva; the tongue and lips rubbing and caressing her.

Tina craned her head around and saw that this was all being recorded on the screens and transmitted across the galaxy. A sudden defiance came over her. Maybe someone could hear her words and intervene. Difficult as it was, she looked away from the alien's mouth. "Citizens of the galaxy, if you can hear me, please listen. My name is Tina of Earth! My planet is being invaded by creatures who mean to feed off of my species. We are not stock animals. We are sentient beings. If there is a federation of planets which can come to our aid, please help us. I know that I cannot be saved, but please help us so that millions do not suffer the same fate as myself and my friend. We... yiiiikes!"

Her speech was cut short by another hard swallow, which sucked her in up to her ribs. Firmly, the alien reached out and took hold of her arms, placed her left hand over her right hand, then pressed her hands into its throat. They fit nicely into the triangle between her legs. She could not get them free.

She now had a close-up look at the creature's mouth. It was literally dripping with moisture, its cool tongue bathing her upper back in slick lubricant. The alien's hot breath filled her nostrils. Was it her imagination, or did the creature's breath have a hint of Beth's perfume?

Suddenly red lights started flashing. "Incoming Message: Urgent!" said the ship's computer. My plea! Tina thought. Someone is responding! Tina's mind was racing a mile a minute. Maybe she hoped to hear the captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, demanding that Zarg put her down immediately.

But the comlink dashed her hopes, not just for herself, but for the girls everywhere: "Fleet Command to Zarg. Recommendations accepted. Fleet of one million collector craft departing for Earth immediately through priority hyperspace conduit. Ships will arrive 2.9 zurls. Study the humans until then. Gather more specimens if possible. And enjoy the one you are working on now... she sounds like a mouthful. Transmission complete."

Tina's world was collapsing. The alien had stopped gulping while the transmission was played, but now its attention was back on swallowing her. Tina tried to kick her legs, but they could barely move in the monster's tight throat.

"You can do what you like with me, Mister Alien!" spat Tina defiantly. "But we earthlings are resourceful. We'll find a way to stop you from feeding on the innocent girls of the earth. You may swallow my body, but you can't swallow my spirit."

The alien gave another little gulp. Tina felt herself pulled three more inches into the creature's soft innards. The bottom of her young breasts were now rubbing against the opening at the back of Zarg's mouth. Her feet felt the muscles around them release and suddenly they touched something... something moving, which reacted to her touch. It was Beth! Her feet were sliding into the alien's belly where her best friend had been for over 15 hours.

Her head was cradled on the creature's tongue, watching the throat opening wider to be able to take in her pink tits and soft shoulders, smelling the steamy breath of the creature that was about to consume her. Fine, goddamn it, she thought. At least it's painless. I'm going to face this like a Starfleet officer would. Calmly. With pride and dignity. But then her face turned slightly and she got a glimpse of the live ultrasound feed.

It showed a see-through image of the alien, its neck engorged with her body. She could see her head and shoulders being licked methodically in the mouth. She could see her arms pinned to her sides in the S-curve of the creature's neck, which bulged widest where her ass was. Her feet were emerging into the stomach, which was expanding slightly. She saw on the monitor that Beth was moving around and trying to make room for her down there. The screen displayed this gastronomic ballet in vivid detail, while next it it lights were flashing which meant this image was going out for the whole universe to see. Tina lost any semblance of her resolve.

"We're human beings, we have rights!" She felt the neck muscles relaxing again, preparing for another swallow. "Jesus Christ, don't do this to me, please!!!!" But the swallow came. In a heartbeat, Tina's tits and shoulders were sucked into the throat, leaving only her head outside, sopped with Zarg's spit and her incessant tears. Now she couldn't see the readout, but she could feel her lower legs falling into the open space of the belly. She could feel them sliding against Beth's skin. Tina fantasized for just a moment that perhaps if Beth would push on them with all her might, the alien would not be able to swallow her any farther.

Suddenly Zarg became a raging beast. Throwing its mouth open wide and waving its head to and fro in the air, the creature let loose what sounded like a low, happy gurgle. It was quite a sight, with just Tina's head sticking out. Tina felt her body being twisted this way and that as the neck swung around. Finally the alien quieted its celebration, becoming quiet and still, savoring the moment. Very slowly and deliberately, it closed its mouth over Tina's head. The muscles in its neck relaxed, preparing for the big gulp.

As the girl saw the lips coming together, she begged for her life with all the fervor she had. "Oh God, no! Please don't eat me, I'm just 16!!! I'll do anything you want, just let me go-ooooooo!" As always, the monster was unconcerned with her opinions of this process. When the lips pursed together, Tina instinctively drew in a deep breath and held it. She closed her eyes tight in the darkness. Here I come, Beth, thought Tina, accepting her fate.

The alien swallowed hard. In one silky-smooth motion, Tina was sucked down the throat. Inch by inch she emerged in the tight confines of the creature's stomach. On one side of her was the stomach wall which stretched to accommodate her, on her other side was her best friend, Beth. Everything was hot, wet and slippery. The air was sweaty and stale.

They slid around until they found a comfortable position, sort of a dual fetal position with Beth behind Tina. They knew they'd be in there for years to come, and it was clear that they would be alive for most of that time. Their heartbeats and their breathing was the only sound for a long time. Soon Tina began to cry, soft and low, her energy drained, her dreams shattered. She knew that even now the fleet of alien ships was leaping into hyperspace, and that because of her foolish bravado, millions upon millions of other girls would suffer the same fate as she and her friend.

"Tina?" whispered Beth, her lips barely a centimeter from her best friend's ear.

"Y-yeah?" Tina answered through her sobs.

"Do you still think the universe is a friendly place?"

The End :P

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