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The 'B' Grade Lingerie Model

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; capture; bond; shave; insert; encase; cocoon; display; snake; swallow; vore; toys; climax; soft; cons/nc; X

Continued from Reporter In Peril.

The young woman was a spy, although they only called them that in the movies now. She was in the information business and in the employ of her government, and she was here because she was ordered to be. If she were a movie "spy" she would have several secret gadgets, and maybe a Walther ppk to bail her out of whatever jam she found herself in. She had none of those things with her on this trip, and if she had she would have found concealing them under the skin tight dress she was hardly wearing impossible. Her impressive body first got her noticed by her present employer, but they quickly found that it came with a very sharp mind.

She was covered as a "B" grade lingerie model this time, and that made it easy to explain why she traveled so much, and helped to get her invited the party she was now at. The hardest part for her was maintaining her perfect "dumb blond" look, complete with her vacant stare when she overheard things in one of the four languages that she spoke. The irony of the situation for her was this "lingerie model" was wearing a dress that was so thin and form fitting that it would be impossible to wear with lingerie.

The young woman was circulating around and talking to various men, and of course listening to anything of importance that was said. The thug running the country was there, it was his palace after all, and he was acting just as nice as pie with all these people around. The party, the great hall, and the food were perfect, and she thought if it weren't somebody would likely not be going home to their families. She knew he could be ruthless, and there were rumors that were strange enough to be real. In one he had fed some of his own family to the local animals for spying on him.

This was only supposed to be a recon job, and she was supposed to try to hear if he, or his men mentioned an oil deal in the works. She heard nothing, his men weren't that sloppy, and she decided she would get "lost" looking for a private ladies room on the residential floor. Two of the thugs trusted men saw her and redirected her to a private wash room, and locked her inside until the dictator could be told. They were told to expect somebody to try to gain access, and their security was on high alert.

A half hour later the guards apologized for "accidentally" locking her in, and they told her to follow them to the presidents quarters as he would like to personally say he was sorry as well. She knew it was likely bullshit, but she wanted a look on the residential floor, and she thought she could always play the dumb blond part to get her out. The president, or thug as she thought of him, was charming and the security men stayed right behind her in his sitting room. She decided to let her already short dress ride up when she sat down opposite him, in an apparently innocent way. He had the reputation of a man that enjoyed women, whether the women enjoyed him or not was probably not important to him.

It took all her self control not to advert her eyes, or even snap her pretty head around to see over his shoulder a beautiful nude woman in a freezer case turning slowly on a display rack. She felt a sharp jab in her sexy ass, and then each of the security men held each of her arms pinned to the arms of the antique chair she was sitting on. The dictator told her, as she felt her consciousness slipping away, that he knew she would be coming. Her dumb blond routine was forgotten when he held up a copy of her agency ID photo, and asked if she liked his favorite frozen display as he turned his own head to look. All she could think was that they have still another well placed informant inside her agency as everything went black for her!

She woke later, although she didn't know how long she had been out, to find herself strapped naked to cold steel table in some basement. There were prison cells there as well and she was given a drink of water for her dry mouth without asking for it. As she woke further she remembered how she got where she was, and became more fully aware of her nudity. The men in attendance acted like this was an ordinary occurrence, and she noticed one of the men sweeping up a bunch of hair off of the floor. A moment later she realized it was her's and she was now bald!

The dictator was called when she was fully awake, and he told her, while staring at her body, that it was unfortunate they didn't have more time to play together. He said he bet his men would have liked that as well, and their look was all the answer she needed. The men were preparing her body for something as the dictator talked to her, and her body was lifted and her feet were slid into a transparent bag that looked like a giant condom. The dictator was gloating when he told her his source was well placed, and she said he was apparently more so than theirs. The smile never slipped from his gloating face, but she had to take her best shot before she had done to her whatever they were going to do. She never expected to get caught, but if she did she realized the potential for torture. Whatever they were going to do to her, she just hoped it was quick.

The men continued their preparation of her body after the dictator left, and she had a gag pushed into her mouth that locked behind her teeth with a long breathing tube attached. The transparent condom looking thing was stretched and rolled up her legs, and they were still strapped together, as were her arms to her sides. Before the men went further they held up an evil looking black tube, and lubed up the rounded end before pushing the thing into her as far as it would go. There was at least as much outside of her body as was inside, and the remaining part was taped to her upper thigh. The breathing apparatus prevented her screams of indignation from being heard, and was now the only source of fresh air for her as the condom was rolled up her sexy body.

She was compressed by the transparent sleeve, and a hole was made for her breathing tube as it was sealed over her bald head. Her breasts were smashed flat on her chest, but other than that her figure looked much the same through the transparent material. She tested her motion and found she could not move her arms or legs independently, but she could wiggle like a worm if she tried hard enough. The men already knew this, they did this all the time, actually about once a month. The casing she was in was like a giant sausage skin, and she was sweating to death inside it already. The sweat only made the casing more transparent, and anybody who could see her could do it clearly.

She was wheeled out on the metal table onto a field easily the size of a soccer field. The entire perimeter and top of the field were enclosed with heavy bars, and she felt like she was inside a giant bird cage. The men picked her off of the metal table and laid her on the grass, and hastily left. She rolled onto her back and noticed the president, and about twenty of his friends who all turned out to apparently see her humiliation. The men had women paired with them, and their body language implied they were servants and not companions. She recognized a man standing next to the dictator as one of the guys from the front office of the agency, and she assumed he was the security leak, and her betrayer. Apparently he was to watch her humiliation as she rolled around naked on the grass of this enclosed field, but she sensed there was more to come than just being mummified in a giant sausage case. She thought this was likely retaliation for her rejection of his unwanted attention.

A heavy door could be heard and felt opening at the end of the field, and for some time nothing happened. She could see up into the viewing area and the men were expectantly waiting for something to happen as she laid there conserving her strength. The eyes were the first thing she saw, great cloudy white slits that could only belong to a giant reptile of some kind. The eyes didn't work anymore by the look of them, but a long thin tongue tasted the air and pointed her way. The tongue belonged to a giant snake, a constrictor of some kind she guessed, and it looked very old and feeble. It was however, more than a match for her in her present condition as it advanced slowly onto the field. She thought she had wasted valuable time in not slithering as best as she could to the other end of the field. She forgave herself however, for being overwhelmed at the sight of the monster, but got to work slithering and rolling as best as she could away from the giant snake...

She knew she was only prolonging the inevitable, and providing a macabre entertainment for the spectators, but her desire to survive over rode those concerns. Had she the advantage of the spectators view of things she would have realized she looked like a naked meal worm trying to crawl away from her pet lizard back home. Her body was sweating badly in the sausage case, and she made little progress down the field and away from the snake. Many of the men thought it a waste of a fine body like her's as mere snake food, but didn't dare voice their views to their host either. They were willing to give her to the snake after they had their fun with her, just not first. The president was in charge here though, and sometimes did these things to remind people he was.

The man who betrayed her asked the president why she was wrapped like she was, and why her head was shaved. The president told him, the others knew this already, that the great snake is very old and now blind, and if she eats something with a lot of hair she will throw up as it upsets her delicate stomach. The man looked like he had been told a joke, but had the good sense not to laugh at his host, less he become the monster's next meal. The president said the snake developed a taste for women years ago, and when they were wrapped in the casing she could more easily digest her meals without a arm or a leg poking her in the stomach. The president also told his "friend" that the snake's meals could live for several hours in her stomach before her stomach acids broke down the casing, if the long breathing tube didn't get damaged. When the man said he would like to see that, the president said he would show him later.

The woman found a way to crawl faster by imitating an inch worm, but had to be careful not to crush or pinch her breathing tube as she did it. The show the men were treated to was magnificent, at least from their point of view, the woman hated the entertainment she was providing for them, but had no choice. Their lust was obvious, even from that far away, and her conclusion was that they were getting off on this. The snake was in no hurry, and the woman got the feeling that it didn't like this "show" any more than she did. The woman found the best hiding place she could near a larger plant, and when she looked into the stands again she saw some of the woman serving the men. They were either on their knees or sprawled over the tables in front of them. The ones that were facing her looked at her in a sorrowful way, and in a way that said one day that will be me.

The blind snake had temporally lost the scent of it's dinner and the woman tried to hold as still as possible. The president never stopped screwing the woman in front of him as he picked up a small remote unit and turned the dial on it's face to three. He then handed it to his friend who was next to the president and getting serviced by his servant. The president told his friend to press the red button and to watch when he did. The woman was watching as well and when the button was pressed she felt the device inside of her come to life and stimulate her with an electrical charge from it's many electrodes. She was unprepared and her back arched instinctively as she reluctantly gave into an instant orgasm, provided by the device inside of her. The snake sensed the activity in front of it and continued it's approach on the reacquired meal.

The device finished it's cycle, but the damage was done and the great snake found her again and grabbed her legs in it's toothless mouth. It picked her up to swallow her, and the woman couldn't find it in her heart to be mad at the snake, it was just trying to survive like she was. The snake unhinged it's jaw and the woman started her slow progress down it's throat. The women in the stands looked on without blinking and the men behind them started thrusting savagely as she was swallowed. The man with the remote pressed the button again, and this time he held it and her body instantly orgasmed again, but in the monsters mouth.

The snake interpreted this as an escape attempt and held her tighter in it's jaws, and the feeling of being held in an enveloping warm grasp of rippling muscles did nothing to lessen the intensity of her second orgasm. That lasted for several minutes, and she could hardly get enough air through her little breathing tube trailing behind her. The feeling of being enveloped and swallowed was indescribable and the throat muscles manipulating her down into the beast pressed on her from every angle. When her orgasm finally subsided she found herself with only her head and shoulders outside the large snake, and she orgasmed again, but without any outside stimuli this time. This wasn't missed by the men in the stands, or the fact that SHE was now getting off on being eaten alive. After she settled down the snake finished swallowing the woman, and all that was left of her was her breathing tube hanging out of the snakes mouth.

The men finished with the women that they were paired with, and that was the conclusion of the show for most of them. The president then took his new friend with him into the giant cage where the snake had just fed. The snake was docile after feeding, and safe to approach as long as it had the large lump of flesh in it's belly. The two men were only three feet away and saw that there was air moving in and out of the breathing tube hanging out of the snake's mouth, and that meant that the woman had survived the first part of her ordeal. The president would have been surprised if she hadn't survived his sadistic show, at least the first part of it. The president handed the remote unit he brought down with him to his friend, but told him not to turn it up as any number over three should be considered torture. He told him number ten was for mercy, and had never been used by him. The man pressed the button and the snakes extended belly could be seen rolling around as the woman entrapped did much the same with her intense orgasm. The men left together, and the remote unit was left by the door as each went to bed to be further entertained by the women of their choice.



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