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The 'B' Grade Lingerie Model Part 2

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2011 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; Solo-F; captive; encased; cocoon; snake; swallow; vore; toys; torment; wrap; climax; soft; nc/cons; X

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Continued from Part One.

Part Two

The woman lost track of time as she was rolled around by the giant snake's stomach muscles in total darkness. She felt the giant sausage casing beginning to break down in spots and stomach acids entering her protective sheath. Her arms were almost free from her sides with the aid of the slimy mucus, but held as she was in the belly of the beast it did her little good. She could feel the snakes heartbeat, and the blood rush through it's arteries, and she thought that soon she would be forever part of it...

The woman felt the familiar tingling from inside her, and stiffened as still another orgasm rolled over her body. She thought that this one came from the thing buried inside of her though, unlike the many she had experienced in the last hours on her own. That could mean only one thing to her, that somebody was operating the remote device from the outside. She resented the intrusion on what she thought was her last hour or so, she had no real way of knowing how long she would last without the benefit of the protective sheath, and just wanted to be left alone. She thought it should have been enough for the men to witness her embarrassing demise without tormenting her further.

When the orgasm subsided she was hit again by the thing inside of her. The man who betrayed her was standing next to the giant snake in his slippers and long silk sleep pants, with the remote unit in his hands. He found it incredible that she was still alive within the beast after his entertainment of the two women up in his chambers. He had snuck down to torment her one more time, and if she were still alive to try out the higher power settings on the remote. He decided to jump right to number nine, and when he pressed the button this time the beasts stomach rippled and the woman could be seen thrashing around inside of it. He even heard a kind of muffled screaming noise coming from her breathing tube that was still laying on the ground outside of the snakes mouth.

The woman was expecting still another forced orgasm, as she didn't know the device inside of her could cause pain as well. It only took her the briefest moment to realize that she was now being tortured while inside the great snake. She could have understood if she were tortured for information, but this was just for the fun of whoever was in control of the remote, and pointless from an information point of view. Her muscles were out of her control and her back arched painfully as she screamed, and that action dislodged the device inside of her. Her clenching muscles shot the slippery thing out of her as the tape on her thigh was no longer stuck, and it went through one of the many soft spots in the sheath. Her relief was instant, but the poor snake had this device now laying on it's sensitive stomach lining and still emitting a potent electrical charge.

To the shock of both humans, and the snake, the woman was thrown up and out of the snakes stomach and she landed hard on the ground still somewhat inside of the sheath. She was dazzled by even the low lighting of the snakes cage, and unable to see for several seconds. She wiggled her arms free with the aid of the slime and broke out of the sheath, and couldn't believe she was still alive. Her betrayer couldn't believe it either, and other than her obvious dehydration, and many bruises she looked like she would live. She ripped off the gag so she could breathe better, and just fell back down on her back, exhausted and panting. Her betrayer knew she couldn't be left alive, and made his way the thirty feet to where she lay to finish her off.

He never made it!

The giant snake was pissed off that it's meal was spit out, and it was again instantly hungry. It had two choices, it could re-eat the thing that upset it in the first place, or it could grab the man that was walking over to it's pile of vomit. The man forgot that the snake was only docile when fed, and that would prove to be his last mistake! The snake tasted the air and grabbed him head first to the waist as he was nearing the prone woman, and gave a great shake that not only caused all his clothes to fly off, but instantly stopped his movement in one sickening crackle of bones. She lay there as motionless as possible as the beast swallowed it's new meal... She was forgotten soon by the snake, and she escaped from the rest of her bonds and found the snakes running water supply. She first drank of it, and then bathed in it to remove any acid that may have been on her. She was bald and didn't have to bother with her hair now, but she still wanted to escape with her life.

She found the sleep pants and boxer shorts her betrayer was wearing, and it disgusted her, but she put the long silk pants on and ripped the crotch out of the boxers to make a tube top. She wouldn't win any fashion contest, but it would be less conspicuous than her walking into town nude and bald looking for help. His slippers completed the outfit and she found her way out of the back part of the snakes cage where it was sleeping before it attacked her. As an afterthought she grabbed the long black tube from where it lay next to where she was thrown up, and the remote control. The door could open large enough to let the beast escape, and was probably how it was brought in when it was caught. She left the door open and she hoped the old blind snake would escape...

...Several weeks later she was back in the states and she had quit her job, she kept most of what happened to her secret except the identity of the man who betrayed her. She was relocated and started wearing a dark wig to further hide her identity, and she did her best to blend back into society. After a particularly stressful day she found herself looking at the long black tube she stole from the palace, she had cleaned it previously and found it took ordinary batteries, and she had an idea...

The woman went to the corner store and bought the three rolls of Glad Wrap they had, and with the roll she already had she thought it would be enough. She wrapped her naked self from her toes as tight as she could with the wrap and worked her way up her sexy legs. Before she got too high she inserted the long black tube and laid down on her bed to continue wrapping. She wrapped all the way to her breasts and smashed them as flat as she remembered them being in the giant condom sheath she was wrapped in. She was immobile on her bed and had plenty of wrap left for next time as she pushed the button on the control for power level one first. She progressed through number three and pushed the button multiple times until she passed out with her hands tucked into the wrap near her perfect ass. It wasn't perfect self bondage, but was as far as she was willing to go by herself.

She knew it would be hard to find someone she could trust enough to wrap her completely, and at the same time have control of a device that could torture her. She thought she would start looking in the morning, after she used up the rest of her plastic wrap...




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