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The Gourmet Club

by Nightwatch

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© Copyright 2009 - Nightwatch - Used by permission

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It had been six months since Kerry Ann and Carol had Paul for dinner. They had talked about the butcher business and that Kerry Ann was thinking about acquiring a partner.

One of Kerry Ann's customers had a job of building outdoor ovens. In payment for several future dinners, James built her a oven the largest oven in his career. The front door even had a window in it so at a party people could watch the long pig being roasted.

Carol came over to watch the installation of the oven. Being a cook herself she marveled and was a little jealous at the size and the newness of the oven.

Kerry Ann watched her from the the kitchen doorway. Watching the emotions that cross Carol's face Kerry Ann knew that she would be the partner.

She invited Carol in for coffee and a talk. As she waited for the coffee Carol looked around the spacious kitchen. She smiled as she imagined cooking a large dinner for dinner guests in that kitchen.

After sitting Kerry Ann spoke “Carol, you know what type of meat I butcher and sell. I would like to start a private gourmet club for my clients, catering to their particular taste. I know you cook very well and I am asking you to become my partner in this club.”

Carol's eyes widen and she leaned forward “You mean you want me to do the cooking for your Club?”

Kerry Ann smiled. “Yes, you will be using the outdoor oven as well as this kitchen. c, for now, will be open once a week. The rest of the time will be getting the Long Pig for the meal also I need, of course if you accept it will be we that plan everything else.”

“Yes Kerry Ann I will accept the position of being your partner. When do we start?”

“I have a long pig that I'm going to butcher all you have to do is decide how to cook it.”

“Do you mind if I look at the Long Pig?”

“Of course, we'll go now.”

The man being held in the slaughter house looked up when they entered. As the man stood Carol saw that he was naked.

The cage he was in had bars on all four sides and just big enough so he could lay down on a cot that was there. Carol walked around the cage and looked the long pig over, she saw that he was young and in good condition.

“I've decided that this long pig should be oven roasted and have a dried fruit stuffing. When do you want to have the first meal for the new Gourmet Club?

“That meal sounds good. As for the first meal I have to make sure that the long pig has no food for 48 hours to flush the system, purging stored toxins and bodily wastes. Then after that I can fix it. What do you have to do.”

I have to figure out how much stuffing I need and figure the time for cooking. Much sure you find out how much this pig weighs.”

Carol went back to the kitchen. She checked the cabinets and drawers to see what was there.

“Let see,” she murmured. “she has onions, garlic, gated lemon rind, chopped parsley, Salt and freshly ground black pepper. I need to get dried apricots dry white wine.”

Little while later Kerry Ann entered the kitchen. Carol was writing a list of things she needed.

“He weights 125 lbs.”

Carol did some math, “It will take two and a half days to cook him.”

“Okay then I'll start not feeding him.” Kerry Ann went to a calendar. “That will mean that the Gourmet Club will have it's first meeting Friday.”

The ten people who were invited to the opening of the Gourmet Club came a day early to see the Long Pig roasting in the outdoor oven. Looking thought the window they saw the thermometer in the thickest part of the thigh and saw the drippings rolling off the Long Pig into the pan.

Carol came out and passed out a menu of what they would be having the next day. The Menu said Roast Long Pig with Dried Fruit Stuffing, Potato salad, Corn on the Cobb, Rolls with butter.

“Come early and some of you can help getting the Long Pig ready.”

They were there at ten thirty. James and another man lifted the Long Pig out of the oven. They moved the Long Pig to a large platter and skimmed off the fat. Then Carol fixed the drippings so she could use it as a sauce.

The Long Pig was allowed to rest for 20 minutes to let the juices set and to make carving easier. The meat thermometer, trussing strings foil ball and foil covering were removed.

Kerry Ann placed a small apple in it's mouth, cherries were inserted in the eye sockets and parsley were placed in and around ears. Carol draped a garland of fruit around the neck. The Dried Fruit Stuffing decorated the platter.

Jame and the other man brought the Long Pig out so everyone could see it. Then everyone started clapping in appreciation of the meal to come.

The Potato salad, Corn on the Cobb, Rolls with butter were already on the tables. They watched as Kerry Ann separated the skin from the body. The skin crackled as they chewed on it.

Then came the carving of the Long Pig. Shoulders from body then legs and so on. By the time they were done most of the Long Pig was gone. What was left was portioned of amount the customers even Carol had some left over.

Next day Kerry Ann entered the kitchen where Carol was clean the mess she had made. Getting a cup of coffee for each of them they sat at the table.

“Carol we made 200 hundred dollars yesterday. I thing that people will come to our Gourmet Club.”

“What if the police decide to investigate us?”

“Don't worry the local police are our customers and will help in case that happens.”

Over the next few days they started to plan the next meal for their customers. So if you want to have a good meal go to Kerry Ann and Carol's Gourmet Club, however, if you want to live to eat the meal stay away until they know you better.


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