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The Gourmet Club - Carol's Parents

by Nightwatch

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The Gourmet Club - Carol's Parents

Carol and Kerry Ann worked well together. Carol's cooking had improved during the two months after she started working for the Gourmet Club. Kerry Ann would give her the best cuts of meat for the Club. When Carol received the cuts she would improvise on a recipe she knew or she would make one up to fit the cut or social event at the club.

Right now Carol was at home following a recipe, that she had find in a food magazine, called the Drunken Rump Roast. She had asked Kerry Ann for a good cut of meat, because her parents were coming for a visit and Carol wanted to make a good impression.

She had written to tell them about her job, leaving out the fact about the Long Pig. Her mother had called in answer to say that she was happy for Carol and to tell her that they were coming for a visit.

Her Parents had arrived when there was an hour left to add the leeks, onions and carrots and salt. They had brought a bottle of blood red California Cabernet with them. By the time they had entered the dinning room Carol finished setting the table.

“The table looks lovely Carol. Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No thank you Mom. All I have to do is bring out dinner.”

Carol brought out dinner and served her parents before she served herself. She saw that her parents really enjoyed the Rump Roast and smiled. If only they knew what it came from.

“This meat is good Carol.”

“Thank you Mom, I know the butcher.”

After dinner, Carol and her Parents went into the front room. Carol had seen that they wanted to talk.

“Mom, what is bothering you and Dad?”

“We didn't want to bother you but there are some disagreeable people who are trying to take our home.”

“Have you called the police?”

“Yes but they can't do anything until something happens.”

“Who are these people?”

“They call themselves the Dehuggo Company.”

“I think I heard that name before. They are into buying businesses and then resell them at a profit.”

“Yes, that's them. Right now they are buying clubs. You better warn your employer.”

“I'll do that right now.”

Carol called Kerry Ann and told her what her Parents had said. Kerry Ann didn't answer and Carol heard some noise.

“I've found a letter from Dehuggo. I researched them and Dehuggo is made up of ten healthy men. Did I say healthy I meant to say wealthy men.”

Carol heard a chuckle on the other in of the line. Kerry Ann must have a plan and Carol had an idea what was going to happen to those ten wealthy and healthy men.

“Carol how long will your Parents be staying?”

“They will be going tomorrow morning. Why?”

“I want to meet them and tell them not to worry. Also I have a recipe that I'll bring over that you might like to try.”

Next morning Kerry Ann met Carol's Parents. “These are my parents Mary and Frank Williams. Mom, Dad this is Kerry Ann my boss.”

“Did Carol tell you about them?”

“Don't worry about me I know how to handle men like the Dehuggo Company.”

“If you say so, Carol thanks for a delicious meal. Maybe I should start buying from your butcher.”

“Thank you Mom and I'll ask my butcher if I can get some for you.”

After they left Carol and Kerry Ann went to the kitchen. Carol set a coffee cake and then coffee on the table.

“Carol I like your parents, I also have good news. I have a Long Pig spit rotisserie pit. James and Paul made it for me.”

“That sounds great, have you used it yet?”

“No, I thought you might want to be there when I use it.”

“Yes I would, did you say you had a recipe for me?”

Kerry Ann searched her purse. Then she handed it to Carol.

Carol looked at the handwritten recipe. She read:
Deep Fried Testicles

This dish is a favorite with the ladies. The guys don't care for it so much.. It makes a perfect appetizer for baby showers and wedding showers.

8 - 10 ball sacks with testicles intact
1 egg
salt and pepper

Dip testicles in egg, drudge through flour and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Heat oil in a frying pan or deep fryer and fry until golden brown. Serve with barbecue sauce or ketchup.

“That looks like a good recipe. Do you have any volunteers?”

Kerry Ann laughed, “No but I may have some soon.”

“What are we going to do about them?”

“The letter said that two of them will be coming here the day after tomorrow. Do you think you can make lunch for us?”

“How about a Simple Southwestern Chicken Salad? I saw it in the same food magazine that I got the Drunken Rump Roast. I can cook it in your kitchen.”

“That will be fine. Go shopping tomorrow and bring it over. You can come over early and then fix lunch.”

They were sitting near the outdoor oven. The two men from Dehuggo were sitting side near the oven. Kerry Ann and Carol were sitting opposite them. Between then was the bowl where the salad had been and some rolls.

“This Chicken Salad is good.”

“Thank you Mr. Williams. Can you tell us why the Dehuggo Company wants my club?”

“The Gourmet Club has potential.”

“And you think that the Dehuggo Company can bring the Gourmet Club up to that potential.”

“Yes, I believe we can.”

“The Gourmet Club is a peculiar club unlike any other club. I doubt that you will have the same results as I do.”

“Maybe we should talk to your employees.”

“I am her only employee,” Carol said. “And I am on Kerry Ann side.”

The two men pushed their empty plates away. Standing, they looked around the area and then walked over to the large outdoor oven. Kerry Ann laughed as one of them stepped into the rotisserie pit.

He was luck that the pit was still lined with dirt and not the gravel she had planned. He stood and brushed off his knees and lower legs.
Williams helped him out of the pit.

“How about him being the first Long Pig for the pit?” whispered Carol.

Kerry Ann looked the man over. The man looked to be in excellent condition plus when he had fallen it had been lengthwise and he fit just perfectly.

“Yes, he can be the one that christens our knew rotisserie pit.”

“Mr. Johnson I'm sorry about that. I should have covered that rotisserie pit.”

Mr. Johnson looked at her not sure how to take her apology. He then decided to take it on face value.

“I should have watched where I was going. That rotisserie pit and the outdoor oven seem very large just to cook meat.”

“My Gourmet Club is popular. They have to be large so a lot of meat can be cooked at a time. There will be times when Carol will use the outdoor oven and I use the rotisserie pit at the same time.”

“How are you going to spin the rotisserie? By hand or by motor?”

“I'm planning to have an automated crank and pulley. It will be hooked up to a slow-moving motor.”

“We are going back and talk to the others of our company. We will tell them how you feel.”

Carol whispered to Kerry Ann about them inviting to a meal. She nodded and then smiled.

“Gentlemen, why don't you invite the rest of the Dehuggo Company here for a meal. We can try to convince you we don't want to sell and you can try to convince us to sell.”

“That is fine with me,” Mr. Johnson replied. “We will leave now. When we decide on a day I will call you and make an appointment to eat at the Gourmet Club.”

“That is fine with me see you then.”

After they were gone, “I can't believe that we are going to have that much meat.”

“Don't forget Carol we have to catch them unaware. We might be able to get the police in on this. They can keep most of them in the jail until we are ready for them.”

“I agree. I can give my mother some of the meat, maybe a rump roast or two. Also I can make that Deep Fried Testicles you gave me the recipe for.”

Kerry Ann laughed and Carol joined her. They walked inside and while Carol was getting the coffee Kerry Ann called the Police Chief.

Chief Davis hang up the phone. He knew about the Dehuggo Company, so has half the Police in the county. No loyalty to the companies they buy they were just in it for the power and money. Ten men, one for the rotisserie pit and the others nine for whatever Kerry Ann and Carol could thing of serving.

He walked out of his office and turned left. He passed two doors, one on the right and another on the left, before he reached the door down to the basement. Unlocking the door he entered and walked down the stairs. Coming to another door he unlocked it and turned on a light.

Chief Davis had just entered the basement jail. It hadn't been used for about ten years not until he had met Kerry Ann and had lunch with her. Now the basement jail had a new name, The Meat Locker.

He checked all the cells and then walked back upstairs. Kerry Ann had a plan and just needed a storage unit for the Long Pig before she butchered them..

A week later Mr. Johnson called Kerry Ann. “The Dehuggo Company would like to have lunch at the Gourmet Club.”

“When should I expect you?”

“A week from today at one o'clock. We want to make sure that you have plenty of time to cook a good meal.”

“Thank you I'll start planning it now. See you in a week.”

A day later, Kerry Ann was in Carol's kitchen. They were planning the Luncheon. Carol was looking through an old cookbook.

“How about Beef Wellingtons? The way I figure the recipe change I would need 10, 4 ounce, beef tenderloin filets.”

“My business has been doing exceeding well as of late. I have the tenderloin filet you need. How long does the recipe call for cooking?”

“That is good, I need one hour and five minutes for it to be cooked..”

“They will be here at one o'clock.”

“I can be ready by then. What are your plans to get the main ingredients for that Deep Fried Testicles recipe?”

“Don't forget Carol I just need one to be left on for the rotisserie pit.”

“That's fine with me. Call when you need me to go shopping for the ingredients for the Beef Wellington.”

Two days later Carol's mother called. Carol could tell that her Mother was worried because she never called on Sunday.

“Mom what is wrong, is it Dad?”

“No it is the Dehuggo Company. They took our home and gave us three days to get out. Tomorrow is the last day, we've put most of our things in storage but we need a place to stay.”

“Mom, you and Dad move in here. You can live with me until we can find a place for both of you.”

“Are you sure Carol?”

“Yes Mom I'm sure. Bring what you have and come here. I'll ask Kerry Ann to help look for a place for both of you.”

“Thank you. See you when we get there.”

Carol hang up and then dial Kerry Ann. After the fourth ring she answered.

“Kerry Ann, they got my parents' home.”

“Carol don't worry we'll get them. Those sons-of-bitches will get whats coming to them. I know a place that your parents can rent.”

“That is good. When my parents come I'll call.”

Three days later Carol's parents arrived following a moving vine. Kerry Ann had rented a place for them and by nightfall they had moved in.

“Mom, I brought some food so you don't have to cook tonight.”

“Thank you Carol. What about the Gourmet Club?”

“Don't worry Kerry Ann knows what she doing.”

The days passed and soon it was the day before the luncheon. Carol did the shopping and brought the supplies over to Kerry Ann's house.

“How are your parents?”

“They are doing fine. In fact they like it better here then they did in their old home. Kerry Ann how are you going to deal with those men once we have them?”

“The Police Chief will help us. He has a place to store them until we are ready to butcher and cook them.”

The next day the Dehuggo Company arrived on time for luncheon. After sitting both Carol and Kerry Ann served the Beef Wellingtons. After tasting it everyone was quiet enjoying the meal. After finishing the meal Kerry Ann brought out ten Brandies for the Dehuggo Company.

“That was a good meal.”

“Thank you Mr. Johnson. Now lets get down to business I will not sell the Gourmet Club.”

“Ms. Franklin you would be rich by sell. Why don't you want to sell?”

“The Gourmet Club means a lot to me and the people that live here. It is more then just a eating place the Gourmet Club is family.”

The Dehuggo Company talked among themselves and continued to drink the Brandy. One or two started to yawn, another three seem to be having trouble keeping their eyes open.

Mr. Johnson who was not drinking as fast as the others noticed that they were getting very sleepy. Then he found himself yawning and feeling sleepy.

A voice beside him said “Pleas relax Mr. Johnson. Let the sleeping powder work.”

“Sleeping powder!” He poured what was left of the Brandy out onto the ground. But Mr. Johnson had drank most of the Brandy and it was still affecting him.

He watched as Carol helped the other men to lay on the ground. He tried to stand but all his body wanted to was to keep sitting.

“Just relax Johnson you will soon be asleep.” Kerry Ann stood in front of him. “Allow me tell you what we serve here as the main course at the Gourmet Club. We serve Long Pig.”

“L... L... Long Pig?”

“Human meat Mr. Johnson. For now we eat male humans and you have the honor to be the first to be cooked on the rotisserie pit.”

Johnson looked at the pit and saw that it was lined with gravel. He also saw a spit and the slow-moving motor.

“You will be spitted alive from anus to mouth. We will cover your testicles, penis and ears so they won't burn. Your hands will be tied behind your back and your legs will be tied to the spit.”

Johnson had no control over his body now. He saw that the others were asleep and he would soon will be.

“The police will know something is wrong!” He yawn for a fourth time.

“No Chief Davis is one of my best costumers. So is the police force..”

Johnson felt himself being slowly lowered to the ground. He didn't feel the ground when he reached it.

When he awoke Johnson found himself naked and in a cage. He looked around and saw a large butcher block and knifes. Hearing a sound he turned around and saw both women entering the room.

“This is where I have Johnson, the rest are in the Meat Locker under the police station. Have a good sleep Johnson?”

He grabbed the bars, “The others will escape! Someone will hear them!”

“No, the Meat Locker is sound proof. I hope you enjoyed your last meal because for the next two days you'll be fasting also you'll have two liters of NuLYTELY Solution will leave your intestines sparkling clean.”

“What are you going to do with me?”

“First I'll make sure all your body hair is removed and as I said before you will be spitted alive, from anus to mouth. The Police Chief and two of his men will escort you out to the rotisserie pit. Once there you will kneel on your own or be forced to kneel. Then you will bend forward so your chest will rest on a small table. Of course you will be held down, I will take the split” Kerry Ann walked over to a cabinet and open the doors. Johnson saw long silver metal polls that had points at one end.

“Then I'll place the split in your anus and slowly start pushing. I will guide it through your body so I won't hit a vital organs. You will feel it as it travels through your body. It will be cold at first but your body heat will warm it.”

Closing the cabinet doors she walked to the cage. He tried to grabbed but couldn't reach her. Kerry Ann just smiled.

“One out of your mouth I'll have the split placed between two tables and then I'll cover your testicles and ears so they won't burn. I'll tie your hands behind your back and then tie your legs to the spit.”

“After I'll done they connect you to the motor. Of course the fire will be started and you will start to cook. I don't know what you will feel because I haven't done this before and I don't think you'll be in any condition to tell us.”

At the Meat Locker under the Police station. The nine Dehuggo Company men were waking up. One of them felt something at his groin and he reached down and scream. There was a bandage where his testicles had been. He heard the others reacting the same as he did.

They turn as the door opened. Police Chief Davis walked into the room.

“Good evening meat.”

“What do you mean meat we are men.”

“Not anymore you belong to Kerry Ann. She will decide what to with you.”

“Where's Johnson?”

“That Long Pig will be cooked on the rotisserie pit in about two days by what she said.”

“Let us out and we will pay you well. We are very wealthy men.”

“More like healthy men. The coroner said that all of you were in good health. Also he was the one that removed your testicles. At the picnic we'll be having soon Carol will be serving Deep Fried Testicles. The two men that will be helping me with the long pig will have a taste of testicles.. I hope that they are good.”

Williams started shouting for help. Chief Davis walked over to where he was caged and waited until he stopped.

“Won't do any good the Meat Locker is sound proof.”

Chief Davis walked to the door. Just before he opened the door he turned around.

“Goodby meat you all look delicious.”

He then left the room. All heard the door being locked and the light was turned off.

Carol had her parents for lunch. Kerry Ann had suggested since her parents were going to living there she tell them about her work.

“Mom, Dad I have something to tell you.”

“It's about my work. You know I'm the cook at the Gourmet Club. They specialize in a particular type of meat, Long Pit.”

Her Mother looked at her. “Carol what is Long Pig.”

“Mary, Long Pig means people. Carol cooks people”

Both of them look at her. Carol hoped that they wouldn't reject her.

“Carol was the Drunken Rump Roast that you served us Long Pig?”

“Yes Mother.”

“Well I said it was good meat and I did want more. Was it Kerry Ann that gave you the meat?”

“Yes, she's the butcher.”

Frank turned to his wife, “Mary, I hope you aren't getting any ideas about me.”

They all laughed. “Well since we have already eaten some Long Pig I don't see how we can complain about it now. What about the Dehuggo Company?”

“We've taken care of them. If fact the Gourmet Club will be cooking Long Pig starting tomorrow. He weights 125 lbs and will take eight to ten hours to cook. We start cook tomorrow morning and it will be ready around four o'clock. We have seven people would you two want to come alone?”

“Yes, instead of them taking a bite out of us figuratively we will be taking a bite out of them literally.”

The next morning Kerry Ann, James, Paul, Chief Davis and two deputies brought Johnson to where the rotisserie pit had been prepared. He was forced onto his kneels and then his chest was resting on a small table.

He could feel hands on his back holding him down. He couldn't see Kerry Ann in front of him so she must be behind him with the spit. Then another pair of hands opening his ass cheeks so the split could be pushed in.

A voice said. “I'm going to grease your anus and the split so it will go in easier.”

He felt one then two cold greasy fingers entering his anus. Johnson then felt them move in and out and around. Then something cold greasy and hard slipped into his ass.

He grunted as pressure was placed on the split. After a few seconds Johnson found that she was right it was getting warm. He could feel the steel split slowly moving into his anus. Johnson felt the split seem to spin as it entered his body.

When it stopped he could feel pressure being placed on the split. After about five minutes he felt the pointed end of the split at the back of his throat. Two sets of hands kept his neck straight and when he refused to open his mouth someone pinched his nose then he knew he had to open his mouth so the split could come out.

Kerry Ann came around in front of him. She kneeled so he could see her face..

“The split is hollow so you will be able to breath for a long time.”

She stood, he then saw hands on the split from his mouth and then he was in the air. Johnson saw they were heading to the tables and he felt as well as saw them putting him down.

Kerry Ann sang to herself as she covered the meat's ears, penis and testicles. She then tied his hands behind him and then she tied his legs to the spit.

He was then picked up again and was placed on the support arms. The split was juggling and he knew that they were connecting him to the motor.

“Who has the Long Pig Roast Barbecue Sauce.”

“Sam and Glen do. They offered to baste the Long Pig for you Kerry Ann.”

She turn to the two deputies. Sam place a large bottle of Barbecue Sauce on nearby table.

“Sam, Glen thank you for offering to do it. Just be sure that he lives as long as possible.”

“We will Ms. Franklin.”

Johnson could feel the heat from the fire on his face and front. “Why don't they start the motor,” he thought. A few seconds later he heard the switch click and then the split started turning.

“Thanks for calling I'll tell my parents now. Yes I told them and they are with us.”

Her parents came into the kitchen when they heard the phone ring. They got some coffee and sat at the table to wait until she finished.

After hanging up she poured one for herself and sat with them. “The Long Pig is cooking now. Kerry Ann will call when he is ready. I'm going to cook the Deep Fried Testicles now. We'll have them tonight at the Gourmet Club dinner.”

“Do you think Kerry Ann would mind if I brought some bottles of red wine?”

“No she likes red wine, how about some bottles of blood red California Cabernet we had when you were first here?”

“I know where to get some, just tell me when Carol.”

At five o'clock nine people were at the Gourmet Club. Sam, Glen, James Paul, Carol's parents, Carol, Chief Davis, Kerry Ann.

Carol with her parents walked over to where the Long Pig was rotating on the split. Kerry Ann been talking to Sam and Glen giving them instructions on how to curve the Long Pig.

After she finished Kerry Ann turned to them. “Thank you for coming. Dinner will be ready soon.”

Frank handed her the bag of wine. “Thank you for the wine. I'll get the glasses.”

With the help of Chief Davis, Sam, Glen, James and Paul moved the split from the pit to a huge plate on one table. As the Long Pig was carved Carol walked through the guests holding a plate of Deep Fried Testicles.

The six men looked at the appetizer and shivered. Each took a bite and then smiled because it was delicious. Kerry Ann gave each guest a glass of wine and then took one for herself.

“Carol, the appetizers are great.”

“Thank you Kerry Ann. How long did the Long Pig last?”

“It lasted most of the day. Sam saw it die.”

There was a bell and everyone turned to the sound. Glen put down the bell and said, “It's ready everyone come and get it.”

They each took a plate of basted Long Pig and walked to another table to eat. Each were quiet and in their own thoughts.

After a few minutes Mary spoke, “Kerry Ann I would like to order some steaks and rump roast from you. Do you have any meat.”

“I've got plenty. If you don't mind waiting for a week or so I'll pick the best cuts for you when I butch the next Long Pig.”

She smiled, “Yes I can wait.”

A week later, what was left of the Dehuggo Company looked toward the door when they heard the door being unlocked. Each stood as the door opened and all recognized the Chief of Police and Kerry Ann. Each tried to cover their balls forgetting they were gone.

“You're right Chief Davis they are healthy. I have two cages and I will take two Long Pigs with me. Paul will help me when it time to butcher them.”

“Please Ms. Franklin release us we'll pay, just release us.”

“Yes you will pay for what you've done to the people that worked for the companies you brought and sold for profit. Mary Franklin, the woman whose house you stole, will be getting some rump roast and some steaks in a few days thanks to you.”

Pointing to the man that spoke she said, “Chief this pig will do and,” as she passed the other cages the men backed away and tried to make themselves smaller. Kerry Ann stopped in front of the last cage. “Hello Williams, Chief I want this one too.”

The long pigs had no fight left in them. The Chief had told them what happen to Johnson and they had been shocked, however, with the days passing they knew that they had no choice in the matter anymore. They were meat and not humans.

The two she picked followed her meekly up the stairs and into the van that was parked at the back door. Paul was waiting in the driver's seat and when Kerry shut the door he started the engine.

“How many?”

“Two healthy, luscious looking pigs. With the meat we have the Gourmet Club will have a good supply of meat. For the next few weeks we are going to be busy. All right Paul lets go home.”


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