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The Gourmet Club - Pete's Story

by Nightwatch

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series continued from part 2

The Gourmet Club - Pete's Story

Pete was a good looking, healthy man. However that didn't help him at all. Not in getting a steady job, a girlfriend or just getting laid. The only thing he did have was a place to live and even that he had to pay by the week. He even once entered a business that advertised Tarot Readings. The medium did a three card spread and told him that soon he would find the way to serve a lot of people.

Two days later he was looking in one of those websites that told stories including the Dolcett Archives about cannibalism. However, except for two pictures, it was all about eating women. Then he saw an advertisement for the Gourmet Club. It was more of an application, It read:

Men, tired of trying to make a living, tired of living? Send in this application and find out if you are the type to serve our customers.

Women tired of your men, fill out this application and if they are accepted they will serve you and our customers.





Date of Birthday: DD/MM/YY
Height: Metric Optional

Live Weight:

Briefly describe condition of Livestock Applicant:

Briefly describe reason for submitting this application: (If involuntary applicant, person(s) nominating applicant to fill in this section. This section may be completed by submitting a separate document)






Signature of Applicant and/or Person Nominating Applicant

Pete looked over the application and decided to fill it out. He had to undress and weight himself. Then looked in the mirror to write down the condition he was in. After copying the application he started filling it out.



Name Pete Wilson

Date of Birthday: 06/13/80

Height: 5'2”

Live Weight: 120

Briefly describe condition of Livestock Applicant: I am healthy, muscular, don't smoke, drink or take drugs.

Briefly describe reason for submitting this application: I can't get a steady job, I have no girlfriend and even a prostitute I went to just laughed at me. Three weeks ago I went to a Tarot reading and the medium told me that soon I would find the way to serve a lot of people.

(Pete had to look up the three choices)






Signature of Applicant and/or Person Nominating Applicant

Pete Wilson

Pete place the application in the mail. He then walked to a deli, brought a salad and sat at a corner table and enjoyed lunch.

A week later he received a letter. The name on the letter was a Ms. Kerry Ann Franklin.

“Dear Mr. Wilson we have received your Livestock Application. I would like to personally interview you. I will come up and visit you in three days.”

Three days after that Kerry Ann was knocking on his door. Pete stepped aside and she entered the room. Pete looked out and saw a van parked in front of his room. In the driver's seat was a man reading.

“I am Kerry Ann Franklin, the man you saw is James, there is also another in the back of the van named Paul. We have another pick-up after you so I'm here to examine you. Please undress.”

Pete was a little nervous but undress and folded his clothes then placed them on the near by desk. He stood waiting as Kerry Ann walked slowly around him. Kerry Ann stopped as she reached his back. Using her fingers she felt the skin on his back, ass and legs. There was no stubble or blemish on his back or ass, there was hair on his legs but that wasn't important.

She walked around in front and did the same to the front of him. She examined his chest, stomach and groin. Kerry Ann also examined his testicles and penis.

“You are in good shape. How soon can you leave here?”

“I would have to pay for another week tomorrow. I can leave now.”

“Good I think James and Paul will need some help with the next pick-up”

“Why me?”

She handed him a paper after he got dressed it was a similar application that he had sent in but for a difference. He read,




Name: Bill Peterson

Date of Birthday: 02/25/80

Height: 5'2”

Live Weight: 120

Briefly describe condition of Livestock Applicant: Recent Doctor check-up. In good physical health. No hair on chest and back. No blemishes, beard and mustache.

Briefly describe reason for submitting this application: (If involuntary applicant, person(s) nominating applicant to fill in this section. This section may be completed by submitting a separate document) This piece of meat is too controlling and abusive,






Signature of Applicant and/or Person Nominating Applicant Mary Peterson

“I know Bill Peterson. I don't like the man and I will help you with him.”

“Good, get your things and go tell the manager that you're leaving.”

“Yes Ms. Franklin. I'll do it right now.”

Ten minutes later Pete was in the back of the van with Paul. Then James drove to Bill and Mary Peterson's home. Mary was waiting outside for them. She saw four people get out three men and one woman, the three men followed the woman to where she was standing.

“I am Kerry Ann Franklin, where is he?”

“He is in the house sitting in front of the TV and drinking his third beer. Are you really going to take him?”

“Yes, he's the kind of man that is the best kind of meat for the Gourmet Club. Let me introduce these gentlemen. James was the one driving, Paul came to help and Pete is another applicant who is helping us. Please led the way.”

Bill was sitting in his favorite chair watching his favorite football team finishing his beer when three pairs of hands grabbed him. He was pulled to his feet then stripped of his clothes. The three held him while Kerry Ann examined him. Bill was a little hairy on his chest and back but that could corrected.

“All right bitch who are you and who are these three cucksuckers?”

“That is none of your concern and since you have a dirty mouth I'll use this Jumbo Soft Ball Gag. So you won't be able to see where we're going I'll place this Black Pig Face Mask over your head.”

Mary was quietly watching her husband being stripped, examined and silenced.. She smiled as Kerry Ann placed rubber fist mitts on him that could be fasten together. Bill was furious at being helpless. At first he didn't know how it could happen then he had one thought, Mary that stupid bitch. They all saw him try to turn toward his wife. However, because he was being held by the three men he didn't move.

Kerry Ann walked over to Mary, “If you want I'll call and tell you when he is being prepared. Have you decided which you want to happen to him?”

“I want him cooked alive on the roasting spit. Kerry Ann can I be there when you spit him? I want to watch as you do it to him. I want him to know what it is like to be raped anally.”

“You can be there also if you want you can stay and enjoy a good meal.”

“What about the police, what should I say?”

“We'll take his clothes and a suitcase. You can tell them he left after an argument.”

“Thank you.”

Kerry Ann and the others smiled. “You're welcome Mary.”

By the time they were ready to leave it was dark. Pete, Paul and James walked Bill out to the van. Paul climbed into the back of the van and helped guide Bill in, Pete entered after him. Mary watched from the door as Kerry Ann and James climbed into the front seats and drive off.

It was around noon on the third day when James drove next to the Slaughter House. Bill had never been free during the trip, Pete or Paul would help him pee into a empty bottle. Bill felt himself being guided out of what he felt was a van. He tried to fight but the first two sets of hands pulled and the third set of hands pushed him so he had to walk bare foot across the ground. As they walked he heard something being unlocked. Then he was walking across a floor until he was pushed against something metal it felt like bars. The mitts and the Black Pig Face Mask were removed. As he turned around Bill saw the woman, Kerry Ann, his bitch wife called her, locking the door.

“I head what my wife said. She wants you to spit and then roast me. That's a laugh this is all a joke and as soon as I get out of here both you and she are in big trouble.”

Kerry Ann smiled “You're not leaving here and you are going to be spit roasted.”

“Bitch, you don't have the guts to do that, just wait, the local cops will find me and arrest the four of you for kidnapping.”

“James, would you call Chief Davis please tell him that we have a small problem and to come here.”

“Yes Ms. Franklin.”

Bill saw James using a cell phone and ten minutes later he heard a car stopping. James opened the door and a man in a police uniform entered.

“What is it Kerry Ann, what is the problem?”

“Chief Davis, this Long Pig thinks I will be in trouble for bringing it here.”

“You're damn right!” He grabbed the bars “Davis I want, no, I demand that you arrest these idiots for kidnapping me!”

“I don't take orders from food.” Bill eyes widen and his jaw dropped, “Yes I said food. Kerry Ann is this the involuntary one?”

“Yes and he has a foul mouth too.”

“Why don't you clean him out and not give him food for a few days. He'll calm down.”

She laughed “Or get fouler, I could always gag him again after giving him two liters of NuLYTELY.”

Coming out of the slaughter house, Kerry Ann saw Pete Wilson looking at the largest outdoor oven he ever saw. He opened the oven door and looked inside.

“You'll have to decide how you want to be cooked. Have you?”

“No, not yet.”

“You can decide you can either be live roasted in the oven or being live spit-roasted over a fire. When Bill Peterson is cooked you can watch and decide then.”

“Yes Ma'am. Should I stay there with Peterson?”

“No, I'll call my partner Carol Williams and see if she has a room for you.”

Carol answered her phone, “Hi Kerry Ann how are the livestock applications coming alone?”

“We have two, one voluntary and one involuntary. Bill Peterson is the involuntary and he will be spitted and cooked in the rotisserie pit.”

“What about the voluntary?”

“That's Pete Wilson. He hasn't made up his mind yet. I told him that when Bill Peterson is spit roasted over the fire he could watch what happen and decided then. That's why I called could you put him up until after Peterson is cooked?”

“Yes I can, I have a spare room so bring him over.”

Half hour later Kerry Ann arrived with Pete Wilson. Carol opened the door as she parked.

“Come on in, I've got coffee brewing. Are either of you two hungry?”

“Yes Ma'am.”

“I am Carol.”

“Please call me Carol. Did you help with Bill Peterson?”

“Yes he's a foul mouth person.”

“So I've heard. Here is some coffee cake. Just made it this morning..”

“Thank you Carol.”

As Pete was eating Kerry Ann was telling Carol about him. “And he never had sex with anyone. I hate for the poor boy to die without at least experiencing sex.”

“I think I can do that, when are we going to have long pig?”

“As three days from today is Chief Davis' birthday and we'll be celebrating at the Gourmet Club. I'll start him on a fast today.”

Carol smiled “Don't forget the two liters of NuLYTELY Solution. He'll really love that.”

Kerry Ann laughed as she left. Carol poured a cup of coffee for herself and sat across from Pete.

“We'll be roasting Peterson in three days.”

“Okay I heard you say NuLYTELY Solution what is it?”

“NuLYTELY Solution is a laxative. It works by causing the colon to move contents along more quickly.”

“Will I have it too?”

“Yes when you are fasting she will give it to you.”

Three days later at six o'clock in the morning Carol and Peter were at the Slaughter House. So were Paul, James, Chief Davis, Sam, Glen. Mary Peterson was also there. Bill Peterson was looking weak and tired, weak from lack of food and tired from the NuLYTELY Solution. Kerry Ann walked into the room and walked over to an cabinet. Opening it she brought out a metal spit. Since it was his birthday she handed the spit to Chief Davis. Carol and Peter watched as Paul, James, Sam, Glen brought Peterson out of the cage. Both Chief Davis and Kerry Ann walked to where they were faced him..

“Hello Meat today is my birthday and you are what we're having.”

“You bastard! None of you will get away with this, someone will come and get all of you!”

“If they do we'll invite them to have lunch at the Gourmet Club. I'm sure once they know how good the food is they won't mind where the meat comes from. Chief are you ready?”

“Yes I am this is better then that pig I spitted in college.”

Peterson begin to struggle. With Pete's help Paul, James, Sam, Glen picked Peterson and placed him on the butcher block. After fastening him down, Paul and James took his left leg while Sam and Glen took his right and held them apart. Kerry Ann gave him the spit and he walked around to where Peterson's ass was waiting. Davis placed the point of the spit in his anus then he started pushing.

Peterson screamed as it entered him. He tried to fight but because of the ropes he couldn't free himself. The spit slowly moved through the stomach and Davis followed Kerry Ann's instructions in what to do. Bill felt the pointed end of the spit at the back of his throat. Before he could shut his mouth Pete pinched his nose and he had to keep his mouth open.

After the spit was out of his mouth they untied him. Kerry Ann got a large trussing need and heavy-duty kitchen twine were brought out. His body was trussed so it wouldn't fall off his bones after cooking. The excess twine was cut off so it wouldn't burn. One last thing that was added, a meat thermometer to check the internal heat. Bill could only winch and a “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” when it was stuck into the fattest part of his ass cheek.

Paul, James, Chief Davis, Sam and Glen carried him to the rotisserie pit. Mary walked over to the pit and looked at it as they placed him on the support arms. She walked around to face him “I am glad to see this day. Good by Bill you're going to be delicious.”

Pete watched as the spit started turning. Then he walked over to Kerry Ann and Chief Davis.

“Chief Davis Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you Pete. I asked for this specially, I mean I wanted meat that was a involuntary one. The fear makes the meat more delicious.”

“This is all new to me and I want to taste some Long Pig too. Twelve days ago, before I did the application I almost felt like killing myself but now I have friends and helping people. How long is the Long Pig roasting going to take?”

Kerry Ann answered, “It will be around 4 PM that the meal will be ready. I'm glad that you volunteered to help. It made everything easier.”

She gently pulled Pete away from Chief Davis, Pete sense she wanted to say something else. “Pete, you know this is voluntary for you. You don't have to be cooked.”

“I know but I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I left here.”

“You don't have to leave you can stay here and live in town. I could always use someone like you to help around the Club.”

“Let me think about it Ms. Franklin.”

She smiled, “That's fine with me and please call me Kerry Ann.”

“Okay,” and his face lit up.

All day there was games, stories to tell, mostly by Chief Davis and at lunch sandwiches made by Carol. Every hour Kerry Ann or Carol would check the meat thermometer to see how well the temperature was doing. They would then check to see if Bill Peterson was still alive.

Bill knew he was dying and could feel his muscles weakening. He was surprised how long he was still alive. However, now his eyes were not focusing and his hearing was going dim. The last think that he saw was Mary, his traitorous wife, and his last thoughts were that she should die the same way. His hearing was gone, his vision darken and then he died.

Kerry Ann brought out a large meat fork and electric knife. She made sure that the thermometer read 160°F. All the men helped remove the long pig from over the fire and placed the carcass on a large wheeled cart. Then the Long Pig was carefully removed from the spit. Then both Kerry Ann and Carol took off the twine. Then they laid the carcass on a large table. Carol decided to have the skin facing up. Carol used the large meat fork and started pulling shreds and chunks of meat off the bones.

Pete came over to watch. “Carol, why don't you just carve the pig?”

“It's nearly impossible to fine carve a roasted pig. By the time it comes off the spit, the meat is usually falling off. That's why it's called “pulled pork”.”

She then wielded the electric knife to remove larger portions quickly. However she knew that the meat would still have to be pulled apart. Chief Davis wanted some ribs so he used a sharp knife to cut them away. Even with all the cutting the skin was left on. They all wanted to snack on the skin because of the skin was crispy and full of flavor.

It was after eleven P.M. when everyone left. Each carried leftovers from the Chief's birthday, he took home the ribs he hadn't eaten.

Arriving home, Carol put her and Pete's leftovers in the refrigerator. Carol heard Pete going to the bathroom and then to his room. She felt that he had something on his mind so she walked down the hall to the room he was using.

He heard the knock, “Come in Carol.”

She entered and moved a chair to where he was sitting on the bed. Carol sat waiting for him to speak.

“Ahmm, Kerry Ann said that she was glad that I volunteered to help. It made everything easier. She also said that I have a choice that I don't have to be oven roasted if I don't want to be. She also said that I could stay and live in town and help around the Club.”

“I'm glad that you volunteered to help too. Kerry Ann is right it is your choice to be eaten or to stay alive. It would also make things easier for James and Paul because they have jobs.”

“Ms Franklin said, “You don't have to leave you can stay here and live in town. I could always use someone like you to help around the Club.” He smiled “I said that I would think about it Ms. Franklin and she said smiled and said, “That's fine with me and please call me Kerry Ann.”

Carol smiled too. “That means she likes you. Mind you, she would cook you if you desired to be cooked but she still likes you. Kerry Ann helped me out, she got rid of my ex-husband.”

“You were married Ms Williams”

“Yes, but not for long, he was a pig of a husband who was verbally abusive. I proved it in court and got a great settlement. Kerry Ann came to me and offered to get rid of Paul and in a way he was a good ex-husband and provided for me. I was a little started when she showed me the slaughter house and there in the cage was my ex. I changed back to my maiden name and please call me Carol.”

“Did she used the two liters of NuLYTELY Solution?”

Carol laughed, “More like four liters. He was miserable. Now go to sleep we left a mess at the Gourmet Club and everyone helps in the cleaning..”

“I will Carol.”

Next morning everyone had a part in the cleaning. Since the spit was soaking in water all night it was easy for Pete to clean it. Then he helped Kerry Ann with the bones. Pete picked up one of the bones and studied it. He remembered lessons he had as a ten-year-old from a neighbor who was a hunter as well as a bone carver.

Chief Davis saw him and walked over to where he was standing. “What's the matter Pete something wrong with the bone?”

“As a ten-year-old I learned to carve from a neighbor. In fact he even brought me a good set of tools.”

“You mean like jewelry and scrimshaw?”

“Yes sir. He taught me how to do both.”

“Do you still have the tools?”

“It was one of the few good things that happened to me. These tools are special to me.”

Chief Davis looked around trying to find Kerry Ann. Not finding her where they were he decided she was in the Slaughter House.

“Come on Pete I want you to tall Kerry Ann what you told me.”

Finding Kerry Ann mopping the floor Pete told her about the bones tools and the carvings. She liked the idea about using the bones to make jewelry and scrimshaw.

“You can use the bones to make scrimshaw, jewelry and carvings then you can sell to the Gourmet customers.”

“You think I could do that Kerry Ann?”

Carol who had been helping Kerry Ann said “Yes you can Pete, I have a workshop out back that I don't use. You can set up shop out there. With the Gourmet Club flourishing you can get all the bones you need.”

Returning home Carol showed him the workshop. Pete liked the place, Carol had kept it clean and neat. Pete went to his room and looked at what he had. Fret saw, Gravers, (small engraving chisels), Etching knife, Scrapers, both round and triangular coarse files, Sandpaper, Small hand drill, Safety goggles and mask and a Leather mat. He called Kerry Ann and asked her to save the bones so he could see which one he wanted. She agreed and that he could come over anytime to get the ones he wanted. He walked over the next day and looked through the bones and picked the ones he wanted.

Over the next week Pete sat drawing designs on paper. He was doing it in a 3-dimensional work so he could see different views and perspective of his design. Pete decided to to a stylized pendant in a flower shape. He was giving it as a thank you gift to Kerry Ann for helping him and being his friend.

“Pete, how are you doing?”

“I'm doing fine, it's just been a while, why?”

“You've missed dinner everyday for the last two weeks,” she stopped pacing and looked at him.

Pete put the piece down. “I'm sorry Carol like I said it's been a while and I've been thinking a lot. I've been having second thoughts about the application. I know that she said that it was voluntary but I don't think I want to be cooked I know what I want to do with my life. Do you think Kerry Ann would mind if I decided not to do it? Also I can't decide where to live, in town or here?”

Carol smiled, “No Pete, I don't think she would mind. Give it time and the answer will come to you.”

Kerry Ann was reading another Livestock Application that had just come through the mail. It read:



Name: Don Johnson

Date of Birthday: 06/12/90

Height: 6”

Live Weight: 170

Briefly describe condition of Livestock Applicant: I sat at a desk all day then I would walk in the evenings. Eating at restaurants is one of my favorite hobbies.

Briefly describe reason for submitting this application: (If involuntary applicant, person(s) nominating applicant to fill in this section. This section may be completed by submitting a separate document) I got fired from my job and I lost my apartment. I have no skills except knowing which close-by what restaurants have good food. Also, ever since I read a book about cannibalism I have had this fantasized about being eaten by being boil alive, cooked alive over a fire or roasted alive in an oven.






Signature of Applicant and/or Person Nominating Applicant

Don Johnson

“Hmmmmmmm, Johnson, he has the same last name as the man from the Dehuggo Company we roasted.”

Two days later, “Hello Mr. Johnson?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“This is Kerry Ann Franklin and I have your Livestock Application. I've read it and read about your fantasy about cannibalism and you being cooked alive.”

“Yes, yes I do. I'm glad you called.”

“I and some others will be there in five days. I want you to pay all your bills and close any accounts you have. Do you understand me?”

“Yes Ms. Franklin. See you then.”

Don hung up and walked over to where he kept the letters he had received from his cousin Sam Johnson. He returned to the last letter one telling him about the Gourmet Club and read if for the fourth time.

“Hi Cousin,

The Dehuggo Company is doing very well. Each of us has plenty of money.

As for joining the Company as soon we close the dear on the Gourmet Club.. I'll talk to the others about you joining.

I am confident that we'll get the Club. It is owned by a middle aged woman doesn't know how to run a business.

The Dehuggo Company will be going to lunch at the Gourmet Club in three days. I will contact you after the deal is closed.

Your cousin
Sam Johnson”

Don was sure that Sam hadn't known what Franklin served, so he decided to use the letter as blackmail. He was going to do what his cousin couldn't, own the Gourmet Club.

Kerry Ann hung up the phone. She feels that there is something wrong. She dials Chief Davis' number and a minute later he answers.

“Chief Davis.”

“Hi, this is Kerry Ann Chief. I need you to do some investigating for me.”

“Anything for you Kerry Ann.”

“I have an application from a Don Johnson and I would like it if you could see if he's related to the Johnson from the Dehuggo Company we roasted.”

Don paced thinking about the letter and the need to get revenge. Sam was the only family he had and Kerry Ann killed him. After receiving the letting and finding out that Sam had disappeared he started collecting information which pointed to the fact that the Gourmet Club was serving human meat and Kerry Ann buys the meat.

Five days later Kerry Ann, James and Paul arrived. Don was ready to go, so giving back the key to the Landlord they left. They drove to a motel in town. Kerry Ann didn't want to take him to the Slaughter House because she still didn't trust Don Johnson.

“Is this where it's going to happen?”

“No Mr. Johnson. We like our meat to enjoy themselves before being cooked. Your application said that you walk in the evenings and that eating at restaurants was one of your favorite hobbies.”

“Yes it is, I like finding new restaurants that have good food.”

“Well our little town has several Cafes and Restaurants within walking distance of the motel. Just tell them that I sent you and you can have anything to eat you want.”

“Thank you very much Ms. Franklin. How long do I have?”

“One week Mr. Johnson. I have things to do to get ready. I want you to enjoy yourself during this week.”

He smiled, “Oh I will Ms. Franklin I will enjoy myself this week.”

James and Paul returned to their particular jobs and Kerry Ann walked over to the Police Department. Chief Davies just hung up the phone when she entered his office.

“Hello Kerry Ann you're look fine today.”

“You just want me to invite you to the Gourmet Club again.”

She laughed. He pointed to the chair across from him and she sat in it placing her purse beside her.

“Well, what did you find out?”

“He been collecting information which point to the fact that the Gourmet Club was serving human meat and you are somehow buying the meat.”

“He'll probably try to blackmail me into doing something. He took advantage of the application as an excuse for being here and talking to me.”

“How long before it happens?”

“I just don't trust what Don Johnson told me. So I told him one week.”

“If you say so Kerry Ann. I'll have Sam and Glen watch him, they can be discreet about it.”

“That is fine with me, Sam and Glen are good men. I'm going to have to warn Carol and Pete about him because he will talk to them about me and what happened with the Dehuggo Company.”

It had been a long trip so Don took a afternoon nap. Three hours later he awoke hungry, so he walked to the cafe, which was named the Grub Steak, across the street and ordered a Renegade Top Sirloin with mixed Vegetables and Baked Potato. For dessert he had an Apple Pie A La Mode.

Walking back to his room Don opened the briefcase he brought with him. Don numbered the pages as he placed them in order of information he received from Sam and what he found from different sources.

“Tomorrow will be the day I'll inform Kerry Ann Franklin who is the senior partner of the Gourmet Club. Once I'm installed I'll check the records and get the information to give the Police Chief here to have her arrested for the murder of Sam and the others of the Dehuggo Company.”

Stopping by Carol's home Kerry Ann found them in the workshop. Pete was showing Carol the pendant he had just finished.

“Am I interrupting anything?”

“Kerry Ann we were just taking about you. Pete has something for you.”

Pete handed the bone flower pendant to Kerry Ann. “It is a thank you gift for helping me and being my friend.”

Taking the pendant she looked at it closely and turned it around in the light near a window. “Oh Pete, it's beautiful! Thank you. I'll have to find something to put it on.”

“Kerry Ann I have some jump rings and a chain I'll fix it for you.”

“Thank you Carol. I came here to warn you about Don Johnson.”

“The new application?”

“Yes, he is the cousin to the Johnson from the Dehuggo Company. He'll probably try to blackmail me into doing something. He took advantage of the application as an excuse for being here and talking to me.”

“We'll be careful. Thanks for warning us.”

Next day Don called Kerry Ann and asked her to the Grub Steak Cafe across the street. She realizes that he is going to try something and told him she'll meet him at noon.

Kerry Ann walks into the Grub Steak Cafe and sees Glen and Sam seating at a corner table. Glen nods in the direction where Don Johnson is siting. She nods her head and then walks toward Johnson.

“Hello Don, enjoying yourself?”

“Yes I am, the food here is good. I haven't tried the other places yet but this would be a good place to talk. Do you want to order or shall we get down to business?”

Kerry Ann leans forward and with a straight face she said, “Lets get down to business Johnson, why are you wasting my time?”

“Somehow you made my cousin Sam Johnson and the Dehuggo Company disappear. We can be civil about this and all you have to do is make me a senior partner in the Gourmet Club or. . .”

“Or what Johnson?”

“Well that depends on your employee,” he looked at a piece of paper. “Your employee Carol Williams.”

“You don't know about Pete Wilson. He's my employee now too.”

“No problem I'll just talk to both of them and see what they think about what you do.”

For the first time since she sat Kerry Ann smiled. Both Glen and Sam saw the smile and relaxed, Kerry Ann had things under control.

“Go ahead Johnson. I will not make you my senior partner but I won't stop you from talking to my employees.”

Kerry Ann stood then after taking a last look at him she turned and walked away. Don shook his head, she had refused him. She didn't seem to be afraid of him, he'll just have to talk to Carol William and Pete Wilson and tell them about Ms. Franklin. They'll help him, they will be happy to help him to be sole owner of the Gourmet Club and as soon as he is Ms. Kerry Ann Franklin will be arrested for murder. What Don didn't see was that the waitresses, cashier and the customers had been watching them. Even the Cook had come out of the kitchen to watch what happened. Don ate lunch but he neither saw or tasted what he was eating. He was going over in his mind on what he would say to Williams and Wilson. Don smiled to himself on how he would convince them to join him.

“Thank you for eating here at the Grab Steak. Have a nice day.”

He smiled, “Thank you I will. Oh could you tell me where I could find a Carol Williams?”

The Cashier told him and he left. Don decided to take a taxi to Carol's house. As he got into the taxi the Cashier called Carol to warn her that he was coming.

Don waited to the next morning before visiting them. He decided to find out how satisfied they working for a woman like Franklin.

Carol heard a knock on the door. She and Pete were drinking coffee in the front room. She turned to Pete, he nodded and placed his cup on the table.

“I'll get it Carol.”

“Don't start anything before we hear him out Pete.”

“But Carol he is trying to blackmail maybe hurt Kerry Ann!!”

“Pete, you have to trust her to know what she's doing. I don't like it either but we have to be patient.”

He stood still trying to calm himself. Pete knew she was right but now that he had friends he didn't want to lose any of them.

Finally, “Okay Carol I won't start anything and I do trust Kerry Ann.”

“Thank you Pete.”

“Come in Mr. Johnson. Have a seat.”

“Thank you Mr. Wilson.” Pete pointed to a chair that Carol had just set across from them. “I wouldn't come here if I felt it wasn't important.”

After he sat, “What is so important Mr. Johnson?”

“Well Ms. Williams it's about Ms. Franklin. I believe she murdered Sam Johnson and the Dehuggo Company.”

“How can you be sure of this Mr. Johnson? Kerry Ann is a good person she has helped me find a place to live and a job I can do.”

“You see Mr. Wilson Sam Johnson sent me information about the Gourmet Club. You see it serves Human Meat which Ms. Franklin acquires by means of murder. I believe that somehow she imprisoned the Dehuggo Company killed and then cooked them.”

“Mr. Johnson I'm the cook at the Gourmet Club I would have known about it if it happened the way you say.”

“What about you Mr. Wilson?”

“Kerry Ann is my friend and I don't believe you when you say that she murdered anyone.”

Don shook his head. They didn't believe him and it seems that they are refusing to help.

“Does this mean that you won't help me?”

Carol said “That is right Mr. Johnson.”

“I agree with Carol and I think you'd better leave.”

As he walked back to the motel Don thought about what happened. “I can't believe they are so blind about what is happening. I will have to go see the police chief and tell him everything. At least I can stop her from killing and eating anyone else. I wonder who else she is serving the meat to?”

He spent the rest of the day going over the papers. Don decided to go over just after breakfast and see the Chief of Police. He looked for a different place to eat, one that was close to the Police Station.

Next morning at Mother May's cafe Don ordered a Breakfast Burrito and a cup of coffee with cream. After paying he walked two blocks north to the police station. Entering the station, Don Johnson saw a lone cop sitting behind a desk. Walking up to the desk he waited until the cop stopped writing.

“How may I help you sir?”

“My name is Don Johnson, my cousin told me in a letter that he and the men he works with would be coming here for a luncheon with Ms. Franklin and I haven't heard from him since. Who do I see to help me?”

“That would be Chief Davis. I'll take you to him.”

“Thank you Officer. . . .”

“Post, Glen Post.”

“Thank you Officer Post.”

“My pleasure sir,” as he turned toward the hall Glen Post smiled because soon the Gourmet Club would have fresh meat.

Chief Davis had seen Don Johnson enter the building. So when he heard the knock on the door he wasn't surprised when Glen walked in followed by Johnson.

“Chief, Mr. Johnson wants to speak to you about his missing cousin.”

“Okay Glen thank you for bring him here. Please have a seat Mr. Johnson. How can I help you?”

”Chief Davis my cousin Sam Johnson wrote me that he and his business partners were coming here to meet a Ms. Kerry Ann Franklin for a luncheon. They were planning to make her a good offer for her business the Gourmet Club. I have not heard from him since the last letter he sent me.”

Don handed him the letter. The Chief read the letter and Don heard him muttering something that sounded like good and a word that sounded like delicious.

Putting the letter down. “Are you telling me that Kerry Ann Franklin is involved in your cousin and his associates disappearance?”

“Yes sir. I have been investigating his disappearance on my own. I have evidence that Ms. Franklin is responsible for my cousin and his associates disappearing. I believe that she butchered them and served them at her Gourmet Club.”

“May I see your evidence?”

Don gave him the evidence and then waited until Chief Davis was done. On his part Chief Davis read every page and wasn't surprised how thorough in his research he'd been.

“You are very thorough Mr. Johnson.”

“I have a knack for putting things together. Do you believe me Chief Davis.”

“Yes I do believe you Mr. Johnson,” Chief Davis pushed a button that was underneath the desk top. Glen saw the light flash and nodded to Sam. Then they walked down the hall.

“There are three reasons that I believe you, one is the evidence you gave me and another reason is that I know Kerry Ann.”

Don heard the door open behind him. “Did you want us Chief?”

“Yes I do, the third reason is Glen, Sam and I were there when your cousin was spited and placed on the rotisserie pit. Cuff him.”

“Chief Davis you mean that you are in on it with Franklin?”

“What didn't you understand boy? Now we are going for a little walk down to the basement. You are going to be locked up in the Meat Locker where the nine Dehuggo long pigs were stored.”

Don Johnson fought but they simply dragged him down the hall and down the steps. Stopping for a second to unlock the door they allowed Don to stand.

“This is it Johnson, the Meat Locker.”

Don shivered. Out of fear yes, but like all meat lockers it was cold in the room. Davis opened a door and Don saw a closet. In the closet he saw a mop, pail and a shelf with something flat on it. The Chief brought out the flat thing. Don pulled back when he saw it was a huge, to him, hunting knife.

“No, no, no, no, I won't tell please don't kill me,” Don kept pulling away but he was held firm by the two deputies.

“Don't be a fool, all I'm going to do is confiscate your clothes.”

Davis was good. Don Johnson didn't receive a scratch and when the placed him in the first cell Sam took the cuffs off.

He grabbed the bars, “Chief please, I won't tell anyone don't tell Franklin I don't want to die!”

“Then you shouldn't have filled in the application. Also you could have told Kerry Ann you changed your mind. Kerry Ann showed me Pete Wilson's application and he wanted to be alive roasting in oven. I think I'll suggest that to Kerry.”

He watched them leave. After the door shut, Don looked around at room, gray everywhere. “At least they could have painted the Meat Locker,” he softly murmured.

Back in his office he phoned Kerry Ann. “I was thinking that you could roast him in the oven. Could Carol make Creamy Hawaiian Salad, Acorn Squash Baked with Pineapple and Peach Crisp for dessert?”

“You've change a lot since I've started the Gourmet Club Chief. I'll ask Carol and I think she will make them. I'll take care of cooking Johnson. Thank you for what you've done Jim.”

“I can't help myself Kerry Ann I love the way you do things.”

“Thank you, I'll pick him up tomorrow.”

“Do you think you could give him four liters of NuLYTELY Solution like you did Carol's ex?”

Kerry Ann laughed, “Chief you are a nasty person.”

Jim Davis laughed. Glen walked in and he held up one finger, “see you tomorrow.”

“Yes Glen?”

“I “confiscated” his personal effects from the motel.”

“Thank you. Put them in storage for now. We'll get rid of them later.”

Carol and Pete helped Kerry Ann prepare the Slaughter House for its newest occupant. Pete stopped sweeping and looked at his two friends, his life had changed since he sent in the Livestock Application.

“Kerry Ann do you date Livestock Applications?”

“Yes, why Pete.”

“That was the date my life changed and I want to frame mine and hang it on the wall of my room.”

Both Carol and Kerry Ann smiled. Pete had changed since he arrive here.

“I'll frame it for you Pete.”

“Thank you Carol.”

Kerry Ann, Pete, Paul and James entered the Meat Locker. Don Johnson stood and watched them walked over to the cage door.

“I don't see any remorse Don. If you had showed any kind of remorse I might have let you go but you are just like your cousin Sam. He showed no remorse either.”

“That didn't mean you had to kill him.”

“He and the Dehuggo Company made people's lives miserable. They even took Carol's parents home and threw them out just to make money.”

“What's wrong with making money, even you make money by selling human meat.”

“People matter Don, even you matter. Sure I sell human meat but I don't try to get rich from it. I want people happy, not miserable.”

“It's my time isn't it?”

“Yes and we're not going to chance you trying to escape. You might damage the meat.” He had planned on escaping but when he saw the handcuffs and leg chains Don wilted. They easily placed the chains and handcuffs on, walked him up the steps out of the police department and into the van.

Carol was waiting when they arrived. She opened the cage door and Don slowly walked in. James removed the leg chains and Pete removed the handcuffs. Then Don walked into the cage he turned as Pete shut the door. He looked around the cage and then stepped to the door. Kerry Ann was watching him then, “This was the same cage that held your cousin. For three days you will fast and have four liters of NuLYTELY Solution. Then we'll have Creamy Hawaiian Salad, Acorn Squash Bake, Oven Roasted Long Pig and Peach Crisp for dessert. When there is nothing left but bones, Pete will make jewelry.”

“What will the four liters of NuLYTELY Solution do?”

“It will clean your insides out.”

Don turned his back. He couldn't think of anything else to do or say, he heard the door close and knew that he was alone. Three days passed slowly for Don. They would visit to give him the solution and to let him piss in a bottle. Also with the help of the men he was shaved of all hair. On the third days Kerry Ann, James, Paul, Chief Jim Davis, Sam, Glen, Pete and even Frank Williams Carol's father came. They placed a large heavy-duty foiled shallow roasting pan on the butcher block. The Long Pig walked out of the cage and the men helped him into the pan.

Before getting into the pan Kerry Ann brushed oil on the entire surface of the prepared pig. The foil was turned up loosely around the pig. A meat thermometer was inserted in the pig's ass. Don squirmed because it was cold then it slowly warmed up. The roasting pan was carried out to the outdoor oven. A large foil ball was placed in it's mouth. The oven was hot when Don was placed into it. When he moved his eyes toward the window in the door he could see out but couldn't hear what was being said.

He felt his muscles start to weaken and the heat was becoming unbearable. He felt himself slipping into unconsciousness, however, he could feel it when cool air entered when they opened the door for some reason he would never know. Kerry Ann would check the meat thermometer. When she saw it at 170 degrees F she decided that the Long Pig was done. Carol poured the drippings into a saucepan and skimmed off the fat. Then she reheated and serve it as a sauce. After the pig rested at room temperature for 20 minutes they removed the foil ball, meat thermometer and foil covering.

Carol placed a small apple in the mouth parsley in and around ears; draped a garland of greens or fruit around neck; decorate platter with greens and fruit.

“This is a good Long Pig Carol.”

“Thanks Mom.”

After dinner everyone helped in cleaning up. Pete was helping Carol and Mary Williams, Carol's mom, with the plates.

“Everybody, I have something to say. I've just asked Carol to marry me and she said yes.” Everyone saw Carol turn red and smile. They applauded the happy couple.


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