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Lillith's Tails Part 1: Dawn of Lillith

by Incubi

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© Copyright 2011 - Incubi - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; solo-f; snake/f; drug; mast; enwrap; tease; swallow; vore; climax; cons/reluct; X

Part One: Dawn of Lillith

 “It’s no good, I have to go and I can’t get out of it” Eddie whined.

“But it’s my Birthday” Dawn protested indignantly as she glared at her erratic boyfriend, if Eddie thought she was going to let him do this to her again and not get yelled at he had another thing coming.

“Come on Dawn, do I sulk when you go on a spending spree on my credit card? I have to make this meeting or I'll lose the account I’ll be back tomorrow promise.”

Eddie found Dawns pouting face almost comical and only the thought of the retaliatory shopping spree she would no doubt launch prevented him from laughing. His ‘fiery but worth it’ girlfriend lounged on the bed sulking as he finished getting dressed, an ugly pout spoiling her otherwise gorgeous features.

Dawn was pissed and he knew it but god she looked good. Eddie stopped his frantic attempts to do up his tie and gazed down on her. Five foot five red headed and athletic almost to the point of muscled Dawn glared at him from between her perfect D cup breasts, her face framed by her expensively styled coppery curls. If this dammed meeting wasn’t so important he'd drop it and continue as planned he mused. He had met Dawn almost eleven months ago now it seemed like ten years, not just because she was the most hot tempered girl he had ever gone out with Dawn had a talent for making even an hour last a week especially in bed.

Ignoring her blazing expression Eddie turned to the mirror and returned to getting ready. It was the worst possible luck. He had planned her surprise for months and now it was spoilt just because his Japanese partners wanted only him to chair the Tomiashi meeting.

“Would you rather I lose a four billion dollar account than wait one day for me Dawn? Think of the shoes you can buy with that much money”

Eddie regretted the cute comment before he even finished speaking, dodging a hurled pillow he wondered idly how much of the stuff she would buy for that outburst before he could return. Dawn wasn’t just fiery she was a fiery shopaholic with a taste for the incredibly expensive. How she had survived without going millions in debt before she met him and his wallet he would never know.

“It’s my birthday Eddie you pig, how can you care about money on MY birthday! What did I ever see in you anyhow”

“My wallet Dawn, my wallet. Now look baby I promise when I get home I’ll give you the greatest birthday surprise you will ever have. I promise.”

Well it’s not like I’m lying Eddie pondered as he searched the wardrobe for the right pair of shoes.

“You had better if you want sex with me again in this lifetime!”

Dawn was sitting up now eyes blazing. Her bountiful bosom on display, pale pink nipples sticking out like bullets as she exploded at her long suffering boyfriend shouting every curse she could think of at his unresponsive back. How could he treat her like this? How dare he?!

Preoccupied with thoughts of the impending meeting Eddie wasn’t thinking straight or he never would have made his next mistake.

“Now baby I have to leave, enjoy yourself play with your toys, visit the vivarium’s and see the snakes or go to town and buy whatever you want."

With that last passing comment to the incensed and incredulous Dawn Eddie dashed out of the bedroom, a few seconds later his chauffeur driven limousine roared out of the driveway.

* * *

Two hours later Dawn emerged from the bedroom, dressed only in a silk dressing gown. Irritable and feeling ill used she headed for the kitchens only to find them empty. A hurriedly scribbled note on the table simply said ‘Sorry baby gave staff day off didn’t expect to be needing them, love you. Eddie’

With a shriek she tore the note up and threw the shreds to the floor.

“How dare you Eddie now who’s going to drive me to town!”

Dawn stamped out of the room and headed for bed again. Maybe a few hours playing with some of the toys Eddie had bought her would ease the boredom on her most special day.

Reaching the sweeping staircase Dawn paused. Eddie might be a sexist chauvinistic pig but his endless wallet was certainly good for some things. If she couldn’t have Eddie at least she could visit his enormous collection of snakes, starting with his most impressive specimen.

Leaving the stairs she headed for the lift to the basement where Eddie kept his snakes, when the door opened she was surprised to see a beautifully wrapped package on the floor in the corner

“Oh Eddie you must have planned this”

Dawn pressed the button for the lowest level and started to open the box fully expecting a grinning Eddie to be waiting at the bottom but when the doors opened though she found only a dimly lit wine cellar and no sign of Eddie.

The last of the wrapping fell from the box to reveal a glass-topped container, inside was a small bottle of perfume and a pair of brown furred slippers.

Confused and a little annoyed she opened the box and took out the unusual contents.

“Now what is he up to now?'

The slippers proved to be divinely soft Mink perhaps? No nothing so common; knowing Eddie it was probably believed extinct until the specimen her dainty feet were even now slipping into was discovered. The scent bottle was even stranger despite spraying a fine mist over herself she couldn’t smell anything at all.

Tucking the useless scent back in the box she padded off across the cellar past the door to Eddy's main collection and pulled the concealed lever that opened Lillith’s enclosure.

Opening the outer door to Lillith’s home she was greeted by a warm blast of air. Crossing swiftly to the meat store she found a skinned sheep already defrosted and indeed smelling very ripe sitting on the counter.

“Why baby the smell of this must have been driving you crazy why didn’t naughty Eddie feed you?”

Dawn tutted to herself as she hosted the dead meat by the legs and tried to lit it off the counter.

“Damn that’s heavy, oh no my dressing gown!” Dawn shrieked mortified as the stinking mutton bounced on her well-muscled thighs smearing not a little blood onto her favourite silk number. Infuriated at the fashion disaster she dropped the lamb and shrugged out of the stained robe, throwing it into the corner she dragged the carcass to the inner enclosure door. Naked as the day she was born, her cleavage bouncing with her efforts her thin strip of carrot colored fuzz making a lie of her rich copper curls she dragged the sheep’s carcass into the big glass fronted enclosure not noticing the door slide shut behind her.

“Lillith here girl" Dawn yelled into the gloom.

The computer-controlled enclosure was obviously on Dusk mode Lillith’s favourite hunting time or so Eddie said. The shadows were apparently hiding the blasted creature. She was probably laying low asleep Dawn thought

“Come out you lazy lump dinner is served!”

Nothing moved in the big enclosure. There were a lot of shadows in here not many big enough to hide Lillith but in the gloom she was well camouflaged. The chamber was huge; a piece of verdant forest hidden away deep beneath the earth in a soundproofed, computer controlled, state of the art, biosphere carved out of the solid granite bedrock. Filled with thick shrubs, trees and even a stream the place was a paradise for it's single rare and reclusive inhabitant and only the long rows of lighting rigs high above spoiled the natural illusion.

“Lillith come on where are you?”

Dawn was annoyed now here she was feeding the thing and she wouldn’t even put in an appearance, disheartened Dawn dropped the legs of the rather gruesome meal and noticing for the first time the closed door as she tried to leave the compound.


Hammering on the door she realized Eddie had always typed in a code in the control box if he shut the door claiming that Lillith might escape otherwise.

Jeez she could even hear the smug self-satisfied voice of her lover explaining his true loves enclosure to her.

Pressing buttons randomly had no effect. The door remained well and truly locked. Well she would wait for him to come home then give him hell for this!

After all she was perfectly safe Lillith was harmless, incapable of actually killing anything. She had listened to Eddie drone on about the expense of including the safeguard in his baby’s design

‘Wouldn’t want her to get carried away and hurt anyone would we?’ his smarmy voice echoed in her memory, If she had listened to his pedantic lectures harder she might have known the bloody code.

She walked a little way into the compound and found one of the large sloping rocks Eddie had put in for his baby to bask on, laid down and tried to relax.

Unnoticed by Dawn she was being watched by something decidedly hungry.

Lillith was starving, the Eddie had left meat out for a week, changing it every two days and now she was ravenous. The smell was making her ache for food and it had never been this long between feedings before, her gemlike green eyes stared unblinkingly at the Dawn. Now the Dawn was quiet had stopped calling and was resting in Lillith’s own favourite spot.

Lillith smelling the meat enticingly near moved from her hiding spot, if she was going to be teased with meat for seven dark times then why should she come to the Dawns call she thought irritably.

Quickly grabbing the meat she didn’t even play just pushing it straight into her cavernous maw head first, she devoured the carcass in three distinct swallows feeling it slide to rest deep within her stomach.

Lillith would usually sleep after feeding but now something else attracted her something masked by the meat smell before but now blatantly obvious. Tempting yet subtle it called to Lillith in ways she didn’t understand, talking of mating and feeding and thoughts buried deep in her subconscious.

The Dawn smelled good, in fact the Dawn smelled unlike anything Lillith had ever scented before that somehow reacted with something ancient  and long suppressed in part of her primeval brain.

* * *

Dawn was bored already not even an hour had passed and she was growing restless and petulant, Eddie was going to get it for this of that she was certain. Angry and annoyed Dawn didn’t realize she was touching herself until she brushed her clitoris, Fire erupted up her spine as if she had been struck by lightning and blasted into her brain!

“Bloody hell!”

She croaked in amazement. Her pussy was sensitive but never that sensitive. She rubbed her clit experimentally and again she practically exploded with sensation.

It must be that perfume stuff she thought to herself as she lay there panting, never in her life had just touching herself brought her to such ecstatic highs so quickly.

Lillith watching the Dawn shake and cry out, as she drew closer she was sated yet something primeval said she was starved like never before as she watched Dawn spread her legs and began to franticly saw at her slit with her left hand, her right caressing her now super sensitized nipples that stood out like bullets from her breasts. Unnoticed Lillith was almost directly in front of the squealing Dawn now barely a yard away from her widely spread legs. Her hunger was immense and her primeval mind filled her head with memories and images not her own and unfamiliar way of hunting living meat filled her mind along with the newly remembered taste of fear and the squeals of ecstasy and terror. But no she wouldn't give in, the Dawn had fed her, the Dawn was good, she liked the Dawn but the Dawn was NOT food.

Meanwhile Dawn's sawing motions and wildly gyrating fingers were brewing an orgasm to beat all orgasms. She could hardly think, she could hardly breathe as she hovered little more than a single frozen second of ecstasy from the brink of oblivion!

Lillith began to force herself away. She would NOT, she must NOT! Her snout was just beginning to turn when Dawn's Left foot came crashing down in her wild paroxysm of pleasure and hit Lillith square upon the nose. Her Furred Foot!

Lillith’s mind went blank memories of something else intruded the feel of fur against scales fur against the back of her mouth fur sliding down her gullet fur tickling in her stomach.

Worse yet the furry footwear exuded the scent stronger than any other part of Dawn. A scent that was now burning in Lillith’s nose. The kick from the slipper clad foot slapping a superfine layer of pheromones onto her blunt snout.

Dawn was cumming, no she was CUMMMING!!! She floated on cloud nine virtually senseless as the waves of passion hit her again and again. Faintly she felt herself moving it seemed as if she was being covered by piles of Eddie's money, the cold hard cash warming against her skin.

Coming down from her euphoric orgasm she suddenly found the sensation against her skin tighten her eyes flew wide and she screamed.


Dawn was wrapped tightly in the coils of an enormous serpent her scales a metallic silvery black, her head right in front of her own, her emerald eyes meeting emerald eyes. One with soft and round with blue-grey tints the others with slit pupils and flashing with golden facets.

“Please baby, let me go?”

Dawn pleaded, half her mind trying to rationalize Eddies long talk about her harmlessness the other wanting nothing more than scream in terror.

‘She’s bio-engineered, enormous size and high intelligence, but she lacks strength to her side muscles. She has no crush pressure. Her belly is very strong to allow her to move swiftly but she can’t suffocate anyone, she’s harmless, honest.’ Eddie's words sounded hollow in her mind but even as she panicked she noticed the serpent wasn’t increasing her grip. It was uncomfortable and she had some difficulty getting air but not enough to cause her real harm. Dawns mind quickly calmed

“You scared me then Hun. Did you just want to give me a hug?”

The muscles flexed as Lillith moved position. Dawn choked as she threatened to orgasm again, the flowing muscles massaging her from her neck to her muscled calves.

“Ooh baby, yeah do that again”

Forgetting her worry at the snakes immobilizing grip, Dawn became more concerned in getting the most friction between the scales and her dripping pussy.

“Oooooh yes baby make mommy cum”

Lillith was recovering her senses. The young redhead was wrapped as tightly as Lillith could get her coils to compress but far from the feeling of bones popping and the moist creaking of her ribcage the Dawn was moaning in pleasure again. It was a lie, a falsehood. The images were not real and her superior brain fought her triggered ancient instinctual memories and was winning, the scent was diminishing but when she flexed her muscles one last time before releasing her Dawn friend the scent returned with passion. The Dawn is making the scent as she becomes excited. Lillith’s logical superior mind concluded, then she paused. The Dawn enjoys the crushing, the Dawn enjoys the consuming? She asked herself, she finds pleasure in my attempt to kill her? Lillith flexed her muscles again and yet again her mind reeled under the blast of pheromones and the thick scent of the Dawns opening.

“Ooooooooh yes” Dawn moaned in ecstasy as Lillith contracted her muscles again, her scales rubbing against Dawn's supersensitive skin, every touch, everywhere on her body brought mind-blowing sensations.

The Dawn enjoys consumption? The gigantic reptile mused, her mind reeled with strange thoughts as she began to rhythmically flex her muscles, increasingly enjoying the sensation of the Dawn against her scales. The strange pheromone seeping under her own armour and doing its work quickly sensitizing Lillith’s own body to the orgasmic movements of her Dawn.

Moaning madly in uncontrollable passion Dawn was unable to think, unable to do anything but quake. Her shaking movements against her partner’s scales only further increasing her sensual overload bringing yet another earth shattering orgasm ever closer until suddenly the pressure dropped

“No, no don’t stop baby please don’t stop!”she cried out desperately writhing against the snakes gigantic coils.

Lillith's brain wasn’t working with her usual efficiency but she took Dawn's cries as a final affirmation, she was well on the way to her own orgasm something that her primeval brain flatly refused was possible. Right now she didn’t give a damn what her hindbrain thought was going on she was enjoying it and the Dawn had asked her, begged her to continue and she had no intention of giving her a second chance to make sure.

Deciding which end was first was difficult. The hindbrain said to start with the head and surely the furry feet would be a great experience to save, but she enjoyed the sounds her Dawn was making. Sounds that would stop if her head went first and besides the hindbrain giving up when it came to the new ‘emotions’ wasn’t really offering much in the way of helpful advice right now. Manoeuvring the seven foot of neck not wrapped around Dawn into position below her orgasmic friend’s toes was easy. In fact the movement increased the redhead’s frantic movements and her screams of pleasure increased to match.

Dawn was almost at yet another orgasm. Her mind was so awash with pleasure she hardly cared what was happening as long as it continued but the sudden shock of the strange wet sensation surrounding her ankles sent her over the top, reaching a plateau of transcendent sensation. That increased as her reptilian lover thrashed with her.

To Lillith the furry feet tasted beyond anything her mind dreamed possible, the thick coating of pheromones sizzling on her forked tongue, but when her sensitive prehensile organ touched the delicate ankles of her dawn her mind exploded, the taste man made chemical taste to the fur paling in comparison to the flesh thick with the secretions that now exuded from her dawns skin.

Dawn was in nirvana, one long endless orgasm that refused to end and instead increased in potency with every inch of her skin touched by Lillith's long wet tongue.

As her lover writhed in her mouth Lillith was achieving an orgasm of her own, her hindbrain giving up completely in the wake of this new sensation had been silenced completely. Her animal mind was nearly comatose unable to cope with the foreign sensory input it demanded wasn’t possible while her newly awakening smarter forebrain, the part of her mind that Lillith ‘existed’ in was also sending her racial messages less potent and clear; fragmented thoughts of Dawn and Eddy and the ‘others’ that had been there in the white place where she hatched in a strange new disturbing light. An image of herself with limbs not her sinuous form, dark hair not black scales, images of fire and hairy ‘not humans’ around her fleeting and almost undetectable but picked up and relayed by the age old memory system of her ancient reptile mind flashing like lightning through her orgasming brain!

Dawn's thighs were slowly slipping inch by inch into Lillith. An observer had anyone been there, or had Eddie turned on the carefully prepared camera system would have witnessed the tightly wound mass of coils slowly unwrapping the gigantic serpents meal as it was fed into the loving embrace of her waiting mouth.

The snake’s maw reached her upper thighs then closed about the firm waist the whole mass of coils writhing as the two foot tongue explored her willing victim’s pussy sending both off into an even higher state of ecstasy.

Lillith's brain was melting. Her fore and hindbrain merging together, fusing in a way no geneticist would have dreamed, her Dawns openings pumped pheromone rich fluids like some bizarre chemical factory and her long prehensile tongue tested them both, disappearing deep within the openings as she explored her wildly bucking lover.

One opening was wider yet only half her lapping tongue could enter before it bent back upon itself. The other, smaller tighter was deep and filled with strange rich tastes but not nearly as much pheromone thick fluid. The forked tip of her tongue found a third tiny opening and Dawn almost bit off her own tongue as her serpentine lover probed her urethra before returning to lap deep within her pussy.

The missing watcher would have watched as the well muscled woman’s belly was sucked deep into the waiting maw, to join her lower body in the serpents caressing throat, her taught belly showing a faint tracing of muscles under the thin layer of fatty tissue. Teased by her partners tiny, blunt and useless teeth as her breasts came to rest against the scaled shovel-like snout.

Dawn was panting now still on an orgasmic high as her body was fed deep into her Lillith. She was aware of her predicament but in her mental state she didn’t actually give a damn, indeed feeling her loving partner’s gullet contracting around her legs pulling much harder than the weak muscles of her lovers outside she actively welcomed her fate. She wanted more and to hell with consequences, she was hooked and her body driven to an unbelievable high by the snake's seductive ministrations.

Lillith was almost dreaming. While some part of her mind controlled her actions, keeping her last loop contracting about her lover’s chest and slowly drawing her lover into herself while the rest of her mind floated in a euphoric daze; memories, emotions and new thoughts were cascading through her mind. Most were coming from some newly accessed well of information, even had she wanted to stop she was incapable of controlling her own actions she was in a state of orgasmic bliss; her meal, her lover, her Dawn driving her to highs neither of her minds could comprehend.

Dawn felt the tongue slip almost unwillingly from her pussy her serpentine sister almost swallowing her own tongue rather than releasing her most intimate of organs, Dawn sighed then gasped anew as the prehensile limb wrapped itself around her left breast and squeezed pulling her downward.

The absent watcher would have seen the last coil fall away. The woman’s copper curls falling in waves from the mouth of the gigantic reptile, would have seen the great head lift ten feet off the ground rising vertically sliding the willing meal into herself.

Dawn barely knew where she was now. Her mind was confused. The world tilted crazily, her body came again and again as the great tongue slid into her waiting mouth, giving her the taste of her own body filling her mouth and sliding down her throat as she swallowed wildly!

Then she was sliding further deeper the tongue slipping out of her throat like some enormous penis carrying with it the tastes of her own stomach.

She looked up and saw the last light fade her lover closing her great jaws as Dawn slid deeper into paradise…

* * *

Eddie was furious he had been sitting at the meeting when he realized his mistake and losing a multibillion dollar account was nothing to losing his fantasy. His limo driver had never seen him in such a hurry designer suit flapping wildly as he ran to the car.

“Home and step on it if you go less than twenty above the speed limit I'll see you dead!!”

With a scream of protesting tires the car tried to achieve takeoff.

An hour later he sat beside himself with dismay all his work; his long hours, the eleven months of putting up with Dawn and he had missed the great event.

“I don’t believe I could be so stupid how could I miss it”

Eddy sat on Lillith's sloping rock, watching his great serpents breathing. She lay curled about herself. Her massive length piled atop a large bulge in her belly, every few seconds she convulsed slightly, rubbing her scales together over the bump creating a dry scratching noise.

“Why did she have to do what I said for the first time in weeks”

Eddie was furious with himself. He had missed stage 1. Well he would set the cameras to 24 hour record there was no way he was missing stage 2…



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