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Lillith's Tails Part 3: Lillith's Eve

by Incubi

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© Copyright 2011 - Incubi - Used by permission

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Lillith’s Tails Part 3: Lillith's Eve

Edward Black was sitting at his desk trying hard to look interested in the report being read to him by his head lawyer. Vain and incredibly wealthy, ‘Eddie’ had been showing less and less interest in his business interests over the last few months spending most of his time as a virtual recluse at his private mansion with occasional forays into town to review important matters and conducting most of his business from home.

A dissolute self indulgent billionaire he had sampled most of the vices known to man and as he rapidly approached his forties his interests had become almost entirely fixated on snakes, well snakes and women. He often joked that he would do anything for the first and anything to the second.

Right now he was trying to keep his attention on the boring monologue of sue and countersue that his straight laced lawyer seemed to think so important.

"Look just how much is he suing for?" he demanded his patience finally exhausted.

"Twenty five million Mr Black." His lawyer replied calmly “however we are confident that the judge will see things in our favour.”

“Settle” Eddie snapped watching the legal vultures face blanch in disress.

“But sir…” the lawyer began to stammer but his employer interrupted abruptly.

“Pay the man and then have him blacklisted, put the word out that we no longer do business with anyone who does business with him and stop bothering me with such pointless garbage I’m fed up of hearing about this bloody case.”

 With a wave of his hand Eddie dismissed his flustered and still protesting lawyer, it was only money and he had enough to pay petty fools like that off on the daily interest of his personal fortune alone.

He was about to leave when his intercom lit up, his secretaries honeyed tones interrupting his train of thought.

"Mr Black, there’s a Miss Chase to see you, she is most insistent"

"I don’t believe I know a Miss Chase Natalie, does she have an appointment?" Eddie asked.

"No Mr Black but she says it’s about something called project Lillith" she replied waiting expectantly for her employers decision.

"Send her in, oh and Natalie this meeting didn’t happen understood."

"Yes sir" his secretary replied quietly the light on the intercom going dark.

Eddie was worried, no one knew about Lillith, he'd broken more laws in her creation than the simple ones of biology. He'd ensured only her creators knew of her and those were well paid to keep their mouths shut permanently not to mention the fact they would likely spend a lifetime in jail if the law discovered exactly what Eddie had living in his home.

Sliding open a drawer he pulled a plain but lethally efficient pistol from its hiding place and hid his hand under the desk. A moment later as the door opened he relaxed somewhat as a strikingly beautiful woman entered.

"Evelyn? I didn’t know your name was Chase"

"I changed it as per our agreement remember and the names Eve" she replied quietly her tone just barely civil.

One of the most beautiful women Eddie had ever had the displeasure of turning him down, Evelyn was tall and slender her designer suit complimented the shapely curves of her ass and accentuated her bust. Her long blonde hair was tied back in her habitual ponytail and the pair of stylish glasses she wore did not detract from her perfect face with its familiar severe expression.

"Long time no see Eddie we must talk" she said walking towards him her manner all business.

Eddie paused to think, as beautiful as she was from honeyed voice to those oh so kissable lips Evelyn was far smarter than he was and she should by their agreement never see Eddie again if she wanted to keep on breathing.

Why then was she standing in his office?

"What could we have to talk about Evelyn?" he asked his voice carefully light hearted.

"Its Eve, Eddie, and we have to talk about Lillith" she replied taking the seat opposite him without waiting for an invitation.

"Lillith? Should I know the name?" he countered stalling for time.

"No? Oh well I guess I'm mistaken must have been someone else I designed the ultimate sex toy for" she snapped glaring at him over the dark frames of her glasses.

"Evelyn my dear you know what we agreed" he replied his hand carefully aiming the gun under the table.

"Fine then I'll stick by the agreement but Lillith will be dead within the week, goodnight Eddie" she replied rising quickly and heading for the door.


She couldn’t be serious, could she? Eve had been the head of project Lillith. She had spent years on the project. It was her brainchild really, he had just had the first idea. She had promised so much more, if anyone could implant some sort of timed death into Lillith's genetics it was her.

"Okay Eve what do you want?" he demanded.

"Simple Eddie dearest, I want to be part of the project again" she replied her voice brimming with barely suppressed distaste.

"It’s too late I've already fed her my two choices I'm sorry Evelyn but the project is over I don’t see how there is anything left for you to do” he answered smiling.

"I fixed the problem Eddie, with the proper next meal to correct the defect Lillith will continue producing for as long as you want her too, far beyond two subjects.” Eve paused smiling triumphantly “however if she doesn’t get exactly what she needs she will die within the week and what she needs dear Eddie is me."

Eddie reeled at the news. If she was telling the truth she had handed him everything he ever wanted, in time even sell the results to other rich men for a fortune and if she was lying she was on a one way trip to an acid bath.

"Why didn’t you come to me sooner" he asked.

"I intended to hold you to ransom, demand a fortune for the knowledge to save your precious pet.” She replied “had I come sooner you would have had too much time to search for my little genetic time bomb however I decided on something else Eddie dearest, I've decided I want what only Lillith can give me."

"You turned me down as I remember Evelyn now you are willing to become my…"

"Slave,” she said interrupting him “just say the word Eddie I won’t bite."

"As I recall you went to some lengths to make it clear how much you didn’t want anything else to do with me so the real question is why this sudden change of heart” he asked leaning back in his chair and dropping the gun onto the desk between them.

"My reasons have nothing to do with you Eddie and everything to do with Lillith” she snapped back angrily “Or have you forgotten just what you took from me to create her in the first place.”

If anything Eddie thought she looked even more fuckable when she looked annoyed, Eddie had grown up knowing that his vast wealth could get him almost everything he ever wanted and most of his interest in Eve was due to her being one of those rare women that turned him down. The thought of finally owning the stuck up bitch was intoxicating.

"Okay my dear either way I can hardly seem to lose" he replied finally his mind already filling with plans for the stuck up bitch.

"I will be at your house tomorrow. Ensure we will be undisturbed. Send that ridiculously large staff off home for the day and make sure you have plenty of film." without waiting for a reply Eve marched out of Eddie's office.

Eddie sat thinking for a few minutes his mouth twisting into an ugly smile, with a tap on the intercom he summoned the attention of his secretary.

"Natalie call my home and give my staff tomorrow off I won’t be needing them."

"Yes Mr Black" she replied.

"Oh and Natalie I won’t be in the mood tonight my dear can we arrange that dinner for next Saturday, we can dine at my home."

"Yes sir"

After all Eddie mused as he prepared to leave for the day, if Eve was right his secretary could be the first stupid cow to test his pets newly refreshed potential.

* * * *

Eddie was in for a surprise the next morning, when the iron knocker of his front door boomed in the silence of the great hall. Opening the door he found the expected loveliness of Eve, and…

"Hello my dear I don’t believe I've had the pleasure."

"This is Rachel” Eve replied leading the other woman into the foyer “Rachel this is the billionaire with the big snake I've been telling you so much about."

"Pleased to meet you Eddie" the girl said smirking at him.

Eddie was undecided. He should be furious she had told anyone and even madder that she had brought them here, but it was hard to be angry when someone so eminently fuckable lands on his doorstep unannounced.

Rachel was blonde like Eve but there the similarity ended, while Eve was tall this beauty barely reached her shoulder and Eve’s slim curves seemed positively bony next to this well padded and amply proportioned young lady who looked a good ten years her junior with large breasts barely restrained by a skimpy blue halter top.

"I'm sure we will think of something to do while you are, indisposed" Eddie said leering.

"Cool it Eddie” Eve snapped throwing an arm possessively around the shorter girls shoulders “Rachel isn't your type in fact she's mine, maybe that will help your ego a little. She's coming with me."

"While your perfectly welcome to try. Are you sure Lillith can handle the pair of you?" Eddie asked already picturing the two of them playing with his serpentine pet.

"She had better I injected myself with part of a little retrovirus to fix Lillith but Rachel has the other half. If Lillith eats both of us together she gets the virus which will combine and fix a tiny little defect she had designed into her" Eve replied.

"You always were the smartest woman I've ever met" Eddie quipped ushering them inside.

"In the circles you move in Eddie I'm not surprised" Eve snapped back sweeping past him into the house.

Ouch he thought, that’s hitting below the belt a little. Sure he liked them more beautiful than smart but considering the one truly smart woman he was ever interested in was apparently a lesbian he might as well stick with the bimbos at least then he would get laid rather than insulted.

"I designed the virus to fix some of the problems we never sorted out” Eve continued “once infected Lillith should be perfectly capable of handling one woman a month but I wouldn’t advise more than that, and she will need triple the original supplements from now on.”

"Excellent my dear as always you continue to astound me.” He replied already seeing the vast wealth his pets rejuvenated abilities could bring him.

"Hardly a difficult thing to do with you Eddie” Eve snapped back before continuing “shall we do this now or are we going to wait here all day while you look for your brain?"

"By all means my dear follow me" he replied ignoring her jibes, when she was his she would pay for every bad word she ever said about him.

Eddie led them into the lift and down to the basement, he half hoped the concealed door behind the wine rack might impress them but they didn’t even say a word. In fact Eddie was getting the distinct impression they would rather he wasn’t there.

"This looks bigger than the original plans you made." Eve said taking her attention off Rachel to look into the great underground enclosure.

"I expanded” he replied proudly “Lillith also has a nesting chamber over the far side she's probably asleep wrapped around her eggs."

"Don't play dumb Eddie I know what she's like I was the one who raised her for the first year remember” Eve said peering into the forested gloom “She's probably already watching us"

"Yes well maybe” he conceded  “She spends all her time with the eggs, doesn’t even come out when I'm inside anymore. I had the other chambers built to my original specifications but of course they are still closed off until the eggs hatch.”

"Not long now though Eddie “Eve replied “You should expect each successive birth to occur three months after the feeding from now on."

"Then I'll hopefully see the fruit of tonight in mid May" he said completely missing the look that passed between the two women.

"Perhaps" Eve whispered.

Had Eddie been paying more attention to her he might have worried at the expression that crossed her face just then, but Eddie was hopelessly uneducated when it came to women smarter than he was and he missed the warning.

"Open the door and then get out" Eve said her tone turning businesslike again “ I don’t need the chemical pheromone so why don’t you just go jack off over a monitor somewhere."

"Fine, goodbye Eve” Eddie replied shooting her an evil grin “Rachel it was nice to have met you, alas that we had no time for anything more."

"You never had any chance of anything more Mr Black you're not my type." The girl replied giving him a distinctly cold look.

Almost as bitchy as her lover, fucking bitchy women are everywhere these days, Eddie moaned to himself as her left for the camera room.

Once Eddie had made his way out of sight Eve embraced her lover and they kissed passionately. As one they stepped through the doors.

Lillith had indeed been dozing her eggs needed her and she was loath to leave them just for Eddie who seemed less like a master and more an irritating voyeur as the days progressed. The sound of female voices however awoke her from her slumber. One sounded a distant memory within her, a scent of sterile rooms and bright metal; and yet a sense of love, or what Lillith's new and even more efficient brain decided felt like love.

"Where is she?" Rachel asked a little timidly.

"Don't worry baby she will make her appearance soon enough" Eve replied gathering her partner in her arms for another passionate kiss.

 Scanning the low bushes for movement Eve was grudgingly impressed as this seemingly wooded paradise over a hundred feet below the surface.

When Lillith didn’t make an appearance she decided to entice their dinner date out into the open and slipping out of her simple dress and kicking off her shoes she stood naked on the soft mossy soil, she had worn neither a bra nor panties in expectation of her imminent end.

"Mmm I see what that lecherous toad saw in you" Rachel joked as she quickly removed her own clothes and added them to the heap on the floor.

"So come here and show me" Eve said smiling and opening her arms towards her lover.

"Gladly" the shorter blonde replied stepping into the embrace.

Lillith watched the two women with growing hunger, they didn’t exude the scent that drove her wild, but their intimate embrace and their deep kisses stirred something in her forebrain, something human. Lillith was aware now that she gained intelligence from her feasts of woman flesh that her willing partners had both expanded and filled her mind. And apparently one or both of them would have found the two women teasing each other's breasts scant feet away a serious turn on.

"Oh gods there she is!" Eve whispered and Rachel gave a little squeal biting down gently on Eves nipple, turning she almost missed the gigantic bulk of the vast serpent were it not for the Emerald green eyes that bored into her own.

"She's beautiful" Rachel breathed and indeed Eve couldn’t disagree. When she had last seen Lillith she was scarcely fifteen feet long but growing by the day, her jet black scales were now highlighted with dark silver and her thick body must be well over 2 feet wide!

"Remember me lover?" Eve said quietly watching the huge reptile, for an instant she swore she saw recognition kindle in those gold flecked eyes so green they seemed to suck the colour from the rest of her vision. Then Lillith was gone, in a heartbeat she swung her head back into cover and slithered away.

"She's going!" Rachel said sounding disappointed.

"Don't worry she's still close we just have to get her into such a state she will want to eat us" Eve replied.

"How?" the shorted blonde asked.

"Well that injection did more than one thing to your biochemistry" Eve said smiling and with that she kissed her lover silencing her questions and laid her down on a bed of thick grasses. Straddling her face she brought her dripping snatch to her lover's lips and was rewarded by a probing lick that sent shivers down her spine. Smiling she laid herself down atop her lover and with her tongue and fingers penetrated her most intimate folds.

She wants me to eat them? Both of them? Lillith had heard every word and was entirely willing to oblige. Her departure had only been to investigate the smells coming from a pile of shed clothing. But both of them? Lillith knew her last prey, her last love had been little trouble to her but two women no matter how delectable was likely to stretch her almost to bursting.

Lillith's decision was made for her by a now familiar scent, the musky sexual aroma of arousal coupled with the telltale synthetic taste of the pheromone attractant. Lillith's expanded mind had long since realised the cause of her insatiable desires was not natural. Tasting deep the heady flavour she found her arousal growing, if they had taken whatever made them produce the pheromone their intentions were totally clear.

Rachel gave a squeal of surprise as they were swept effortlessly into midnight coils, her lovers moan of pleasure was muffled between her thighs as Lillith's muscled bulk ground their bodies together the unique injection Eve had given her sending waves of enhanced pleasure throughout her body.

Eve was in rapture, Lillith's coils rubbing against her back. Rachel's tongue playing with her exploding clit, all her dreams for the past few months were becoming reality around her, her desire to become part of her baby overwhelming the last nagging doubts. Sensations of ecstasy raced up her nerve ending, shooting through her brain like liquid lightning.

Lillith was almost panting with desire, the sensations of pleasure seemed even more intense than ever before. Lowering her blunt snout to Eve's dainty feet she let her thick black tongue snake out to entwine her lover’s legs tasting rapture leaking from every pore.

Rachel felt Eve's entire body stiffen and shudder in orgasm her partner’s teeth making almost painful indentations in her delicate flesh as she bit down in ecstasy, bringing her own head back to moan at this mixture of pleasure and pain. She saw Lillith feeding Eve's calves into her cavernous maw. Part of her mind rebelled in terror for an instant at the sight, it was really happening in a few more minutes her own head would enter and soon she would be swallowed whole. The very thought was enough to send her toppling over the edge into orgasm, Lillith's rippling scales caressing their entwined bodies felt like a thousand mouths kissing her at once with razorblade lips. If she wasn't ready it was far too late now she thought as she regained her senses, throwing away her fear she embraced the moment and filled her mind with thoughts of Eve, thoughts of love and trust and she knew no more worry.

Lillith knew ecstasy again, she tasted love with every breath, lust with but the barest touch. Quickly, almost greedily, she carefully slid long delicate legs into herself, reaching out her tongue wrapped its tip about Rachel's neck and drew her further in. She felt golden tresses rich in taste fall into her waiting mouth tasting sweat and fragrance mixed with the faint bitterness of hairspray.

Eve was in paradise she could feel Lillith gently pull her bottom up onto her broad lower jaw, as the three of them writhed together in bliss. She could feel Rachel shuddering through another orgasm and realised her lovers head must be inside the giant reptile’s mouth by now.

Rachel moaned as Lillith's tongue wrapped around her throat and temporarily closed her windpipe, gasping in air as the slippery member relinquished its hold she was unprepared for its forced entry into her mouth sliding quickly down her throat to taste deep of her stomach. She was almost unconscious when the thick muscle withdrew bringing with it the bitter taste of her own throat. Whilst Rachel struggled to recover Lillith buried her probing organ deep into Eve's dripping quim receiving a strangled moan from her lover.

Recovering her breath Rachel quickly joined the ebony member lapping at Eve's clit feeling the rough texture of Lillith's tongue rasping in and out of her slit against her face. Suddenly Lillith shivered violently and went into deep spasm shaking and contracting wildly and she experienced the wildest orgasm of her life. The sudden writhing drove all three to orgasmic height exploding together as the willing women slid deeper into their reptilian partner.

Withdrawing reluctantly Lillith slipped her tongue momentarily into the tight confines of Eve’s ass before winding between sweat slick breasts and tasting all four in turn before wrapping them tightly and pulling her lovers in up to Eves shoulders.

Eve gasped as her head bumped against Lillith's upper jaw, the last coil falling away to leave them encased in folds of tight binding flesh. She dimly felt Rachel fall quiet, her fierce lapping easing to an exhausted suckling at her clit as her air supply grew limited and the constriction made breathing difficult. Her lover still managed to buck wildly as Lillith's tongue penetrated her virgin asshole a pleasure she had never convinced her lover to try.

"Swallow me baby, swallow your mother" she gasped her own breathing coming in short exhausted bursts as she barely managed to pant the words out.

Lillith barely heard, her mind was awash again her empathic link strengthened by practice was forging yet more pathways in her mind linking primitive with the newer more complex mind as she was inundated with a thousand images. Clinical rooms and images of dead black snakes in jars warred with thoughts of naked breast against breast and the ever-present images of fire and non humans, humanities ancestors she realised. Her primeval mind releasing memories imbedded deep inside the human memory that was locked inside her own. Lillith felt the minds of her fragile lovers, so near to exhaustion so fragile to hold, she caressed them with mind and body both and felt their tired recognition.

Eve felt her world tilt under her as Lillith raised her head, she just had time to plant a kiss against the outer lip of the lower jaw before she was sliding backwards, drawn in by the muscles of the throat and the flexing tongue still buried in Rachel's ass. It withdrew slowly as it was forced almost back upon itself, giving her one last parting caress before the mouth closed over Rachel's twitching toes and her world fled to liquid darkness.

Eddie was spent, he lay back exhausted in his favourite leather chair. It was the most erotic thing her had ever seen, and in a little while he would have the proof of Eve's tale. Cleaning himself off with one hand he reached for the phone with the other tapping in a barely remembered number.

"Natalie? It’s Eddie, looks like I'm not as busy tonight as I'd thought I'll send my limo to pick you up in half an hour".

He waited a few moments listening to her pleased prattle.

"I’ll see you then my dear, oh and Natalie, don’t bother to change into anything special I don’t think we will be going anywhere tonight."

Putting down the phone Eddie grinned to himself, after a show like that he could do with the company, and in a few days if Eve wasn’t lying he could make her the first of many new bitches to join his unique collection, after all it wouldn’t be long now…

Lillith wrapped herself about her eggs again, their leathery skin was tight and they no longer felt so smooth. Her protesting stomach eased as her new loves settled into another entirely different organ, occasionally one would give off a faint twitch and idle she wondered if she was soon to give birth to one egg or two. Suddenly her senses sharpened the quiet noises of her belly and the faint sounds from her eggs had been disturbed by something, there it was again! A creaking noise, then suddenly a wet rip followed by a liquid gurgle. In wonder she inspected her eggs. One was torn and through the tear she could see movement. It was time…


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