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Mandy's Just Food Now

by Garsponlin

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Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presen'ted here as a fan'tasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

Mandy is completely obsessed by her pet snake, its enormous and far too big and dangerous too keep in the house, so it is kept in a special cage made out of a really strong clear plastic type material in the barn.

Peter her partner won't go near it he is too terrified, so she is the only one that looks after it. The snake only eats every week or so, but when it does she has to give it live food otherwise it won't eat, so she has no choice and today is the day she will feed it, she has a fully grown pig for it today, so she ties its legs together and lifts it into the cage with a Telehandler/crane, its the safest way to do it .

She watches as the pig disappears into the snakes mouth, struggling as it goes in and it doesn't stop moving, even when its fully inside, she always gets very horny when she sees that and she is still randy when she goes back to the house.

“I can see you have just fed that damn snake.”

“Yes its so erotic, I really wish you would stay with me when I feed it.”

“No it gives me the creeps, I'm happy for you to do it.”

“Ok well you can take me out clubbing tonight, I feel the need to dance.”

“Yes I feel the need to have some fun as well.”

Mandy grabs Peter by his crotch and drags him upstairs into the bedroom, throws him on to the bed and almost tears his clothes off, he loves all this and just lays there while she does it.

The sex goes on for over an hour and they are both exhausted when they finish.

“Your really are a tiger Mandy.”

“It's the snake that makes me like that.”

“That has to be the most kinky thing I have ever heard, but I'm really glad you are like that.”

Mandy and Peter have a bath together and they are still at it even though it's quite cramped with the two of them in it.

They eventually both get out and help to dry each other, she gets dressed up in the sexiest outfit she owns, he just puts on a clean pair of jeans and fresh sweater, while he finishes getting ready she walks back out to the barn to see how the snake is getting on, the pig has stopped moving and the lump in its stomach is a lot smaller now.

Mandy turns the lights off, locks the barn and goes back to the house where Peter is ready to go out.

“Ok let's go.”

He is driving as she can't drive in high heels and in a few minutes they arrive at the nightclub.

As he is with her they get let in, but the doormen makes it plain that he wouldn't be let in on his own with the way he is dressed.

If he wasn't there she would get pestered big time, but Peter is really big and muscular so she gets left alone, they find an empty table sit down and order drinks, a whiskey for her and a coke for him as he is driving.

“I think you are getting more randy every time you feed the snake.”

“I think I am, just watching him eat is so erotic.”

“Is there anything he wouldn't eat.”

“I don't know, so far he has eaten everything I have fed to him, so long as it still alive that is.”

“I bet he wouldn't eat a human.”
“Well I haven't tried so I have no idea if he would.”

“Maybe we should try it.”

“Who in their right mind would do that.”

“It would have to be someone you could drug as you say nobody would do that willingly.”

Mandy doesn't answer, she goes very quiet when she does speak its very quiet.

“I have never thought of doing that, but just thinking about it is making me feel very randy.”

“If you want to do it I'm happy to find someone for when the snake needs feeding again.”

“It will need feeding in about a week, just make sure that whoever you find has no relatives or friends who would cause a problem and it does need to be a female.”

“Why only a female.”

“I just think the snake would prefer to eat a woman, they are a lot softer and fleshier, anyway I want it to be a female.”


After an hour of chatting to various clubbers Peter finds a girl who is about the right size and has no relatives or friends who might cause a problem, he makes up a story about wanting someone to help design a website and as that's what she does for a living, so she jumps at the chance and she readily agrees to help, so he arranges for her to come over in about a week.

Mandy doesn't find anyone suitable but she knows Peter has, its quite late when they eventually go home. It's gone two in the morning before they eventually get home it's been quite a night.

When they do get back home the first thing that Mandy does is go into the barn to see how the snake is getting on, there is no sign of the pig now and the snake is curled up on its straw bed and is asleep.

The days go by quite quickly, finally it's the day that Peter has arranged for the young woman to come over, both him and Mandy are quite nervous with the waiting but as soon as the girl arrives they relax it's Mandy who answers the door.

“Hi come in Sue, Peter has told me you would be coming over.”

“Thanks, you must be Mandy, Peter has told me all about you as well, I understand you need help with a website.”

“Yes I'm not very skilled with computers, so yes we need professional help, of course we will pay you.”

“That's great, ok let's get started.”

Mandy makes Sue a coffee and shows her where the computer is, Mandy needs to keep Susan relaxed so she has invented a fictitious company name and sits next her while they work, an hour goes by and the web site is starting to form.

“I'm amazed how quickly you have constructed the web site, it's looking really good so far.”

Mandy carefully looks Susan over making sure she doesn't see her, but she is so engrossed in her work that she doesn't notice.

“Is it ok if I leave you to it for a while, I need to check on my pet snake.”

“You have a snake? Do you find them very frightening, but I can see why people have them can I see it sometime?”

“Come with me now if you wan't.”

“Great, I need to stretch my legs so lead on.”

“The snake is very big so don't get frightened, its pen is very strong so you aren't in any danger.”

Susan follows Mandy outside and into the barn, as soon as Susan sees the snake she lets out a gasp, she has never seen anything as frightening as this.

“It's so big and scary I didn't expect that.”

“It is but there is no way it can get out, so you are safe.”

The snake is fascinated by Susan and it raises its head up so it can look at her.

“It’s looking at me like it wants to eat me.”

“Don't worry it's never eaten a human.”

Peter joins them in the barn and they watch as Mandy refills it's water bowl from outside its pen.

“Stand close to the grill in the cage so it can sniff you.”

Even though Susan is very frightened, she does that and the snake puts it head close and sniffs her, it somehow knows she is its next meal.

“That was strangely sensual and I have no idea why.”

“I do know what you mean, I get quite horny when I'm close to it.”

The snakes eyes follow them as they leave the barn, it's getting very hungry now so it's hoping it won't be too long before Mandy feeds it.

Susan spends the next two hours constructing a web site, while Peter and Mandy get everything ready for the feeding.

“Would you like a cup of tea or coffee Susan?”

“Yes please I would love a coffee, milk with two sugars.”

Mandy makes the coffee, adds the rohypnol to it and brings it into the office where Susan is working.

“I hope that's ok and not too strong.”

“Thanks I'm sure it's fine.”

Mandy watches as Susan drinks and is ready when she falls off the chair, she catches her and lowers her carefully on to the floor.

“That went well Mandy, ok let's get her ready.”

Mandy removes all Susan's clothes, earrings and shoes, then she washes her, she also cuts all her hair and eyebrows off, then Peter shaves her head all over to remove every last bit of hair.

The ropes and gag are made of an organic material and they will start to degrade very quickly once the snakes digestive juices get on them, and while Mandy gags her Peter ties her up using lots of the organic rope, she needs to be very compact so the snake can eat her easily.

“We need to wait till she comes to so we can tell her what will happen to her so she doesn't panic and damage the snake inside.”

“Ok I never thought of that, but won't that make her panic even more?”

“Maybe but I'm hoping she will recognise the inevitability of what is going to happen to her and keep calm.”

It's over an hour before Susan starts to wake and it's only a few seconds before she realises that she it tied up and gagged, she does start struggling even though she quickly realizes that it futile by now. Peter has carried her into the barn and layed her down in front of the Telehandler's bucket..

Mandy kneels down in front of Susan so she can talk to her.

“Hi Susan, I guess you know by now that you are tied up and gagged, what's going to happen shortly is that we will feed you to my snake, it's the first time he has eaten a human so we have no idea if he will like you, hopefully he will. It's pointless for you to struggle, so you might as well enjoy it. I'm actually quite jealous you are going to have a quite unique experience. Ok will you cooperate or do we have to drug you again, either way you will be fed to my snake.”

Susan is almost rigid with fear but she is intelligent enough to understand that she is about to be fed to a giant snake and she does as Mandy asks and stops struggling.

“Perfect, ok let's get you into its cage.”

The snake watches as Susan it lifted by the Telehandler over the high sides of its cage and lowered down, Peter tips her out of the bucket on to the floor of the snakes pen right in front of it. It spends several minutes sniffing her before it gets hold of her head in its enormous mouth.

The last thing that Susan sees is the snakes mouth opening as it starts to swallow her head first, she is alive long enough the feel herself slide into its stomach then it all goes black.

“This has to be the most erotic and kinky thing I have ever seen, he seemed to really enjoy eating her.”

“He really does, I think we need to find some more live human food for him.”

“Yes definitely.”

The bulge in the snakes stomach stopped moving within seconds and it lays on its hay bed to digest it meal and sleep.

Mandy watches for some hours till the bulge in its stomach has completely gone, she was quite worried about the bones in a human as to whether the snake can digest them, but it obviously can so she is really happy about that.

After today the snake won't eat animals any more, it will only eat humans so over the next few weeks Peter and Mandy have to find several more girls for it, which they do, and Mandy gets even more horny the snake needs feeding every few days now, so they have to spend a lot more time at the fetish club finding more live food for it.

“I think this extra feeding has come about because there isn't a lot of meat on its food now, maybe we should find some fatter girls for it.”

“Yes I think you are right but the club isn't the place to find them, all the girls in there so far have been very slim.”

“I think you have hit the nail on the head with that one.”

Mandy is very wealthy but she doesn't share it much with Peter, he does resent that quite a lot as he could really do with a new car and she has made it very plain that she won't give him the money for it.

Over the next few weeks they get more girls for the snake, fatter ones this time and it seems to be working, they don't need to feed it more than once a week now.

Peter has got over his fear of the snake and he now deals with most of the feeding, Mandy does help with the preparation but he is the main one.

Mandy lets Peter deal with her bank so he has all the pass codes, although she does keep a strict check on him to make sure the money is kept safe.

He has been thinking about what to do about his lack of cash and slowly he works out a plan to rectify it, she is a very tough woman so he will need to be very careful if, she finds out what he is planning she would throw him out.

Over the next few weeks his plans get a lot firmer.  What he wants to do is feed her to the snake and over the last few weeks he has encouraged her to let it sniff her and its definitely very interested.

“I love letting the snake sniff me, it makes me really horny thinking about him wanting to eat me, of course that won't happen but it is a lot of fun.”

Peter doesn't let Mandy seeing him smiling to himself.

Mandy has bought herself lots of very sexy latex dresses and high heeled shoes as bait for snake food and they go to the fetish club regularly, all he gets to wear is jeans and sweatshirts, she definitely wants to be the centre of attention

So far they have fed seven women or girls to the snake and its getting a lot harder to find suitable victims.

At the fetish club Mandy gets to talk to a very voluptuous girl in a leather dress, she looks perfect for snake food and she is on her own. Mandy tells her that she wants to promote her as a fetish model and she is so flattered she agrees to go the her house the next day, the snake is due to be fed soon so its perfect once it has eaten her it should be ok till next week.

“I think I have found my snakes next meal.”

“I think you have, I saw you talking to her the only problem I can see is can the snake get her into its mouth she has enormous breasts.”

“The snake can dislocate its jaws so there is no problem with him eating her.”

Its very late so Peter drives them both home and even before the front door is shut Mandy has jumped him.

Every time they find another girl to feed to the snake, Mandy gets more horny and tonight is no exception even Peter struggles to keep up with her she is so insatiable.

Peter is exhausted but if anything Mandy is wanting even more sex, but he can't handle that so she throws a dressing gown on and walks into the barn, the snake is awake and as soon as it sees her it puts it nose up against the grill in the door so it can sniff her, and she lets it while playing with her fanny, she is so turned on she comes straight away.

When she does eventually go back to her bedroom, Peter is in a deep asleep she doesn't wake him even though she is still very randy and she gets into bed beside him and fairly quickly she falls asleep as well.

In the morning they both wake at about the same time and even though he is still tired, she gets on top of him and he reluctantly has sex with her, he doesn't want to upset her so he cooperates.

“That girl Jenny is due this morning so we had better get up.”

Its nearly ten so they both have quick showers and get dressed and its only a few minutes before the door bell rings.

“I hope I'm not too early Mandy I'm so excited about all this.”

Jenny has an incredible figure even though her breasts are really big, they don't sag and she dresses to show them off in a very tight black latex dress. Mandy gets her to pose in front of a screen in her clothes and in the nude as well while she takes plenty of digital pictures, when its done she loans her a wrap to cover herself with.

“I'm going to make you into a star.”

“Thank you so much, I owe you big time.”

“That ok you can pay me when you have made it, just one thing have you ever done any bondage modelling?”

“I have but just for friends not professionally.”

“You have such an erotic body, I think you would quickly become a legend if you did it.”

“Do you think so? I do love being tied up, so that would be a really good way to earn some money.”

“If you want I will do some bondage pictures for you so I can show you round to my clients.”

“Go for it, you can do whatever you want to me.”

“Ok what I would like to do is shave all your hair off, I know its a bit extreme but I promise you will look so erotic and it will grow again if you don't like it.”

“Ok, do that I have always wanted to do that but never had the courage.”

“Great I will do that.”

Mandy sets to removing all her hair with electric shears and finishes off by shaving her head and eyebrows.

“Have a look in the mirror, I think you look great.”

Jenny walks up and down in front of the mirror looking at herself

“I love it I think I may keep it like this.”

If Jenny knew about the snake she wouldn't do this, but fortunately she doesn't so she does everything that Mandy asks.

“Ok stand with your back to me with your arms behind you and I will tie you up, it will be very tight so try not to cry out.”

Gradually as the organic rope goes on Jenny's movements get less and less, Mandy also ties her ankles and knees really tight, then she tapes over her whole head with organic tape so she can't see anything, she gags her as well so now she can only hear very loud sounds.

When she has done that Peter comes into the room, Mandy puts her fingers up to her lips to make sure he doesn't speak she does but only in a whisper.

“Can you carry her out into the garage for me.”

Jenny has no idea what is happening, she just knows she has been lifted up.

Peter carries Jenny into the garage and lays her on the floor, she still has no idea what is going to happen Mandy whispers to him.

“I can't be bothered to explain what's about to happen to her, I have lots to do today so lets get the snake fed and then I can get on.”


Peter lays Jenny into the Telehandler's bucket and lifts her over the walls of the pen and gently lowers her on to the floor inside the pen, then he tips her out of the bucket right in front of the snake it is hesita't to eat her as she looks a bit too big but that only last for a few seconds before he starts gulping her down his throat. As Mandy predicted the snake dislocates its jaws to get Jenny in, she instantly knows something's very wrong and starts struggling but its too late and the snake quickly swallows her in up to her waist, she keep struggling but soon she disappears down the snakes throat, now there is no sign of her apart from a large wriggling lump in the snakes stomach, but the movement only lasts for a few seconds.

“That went well hopefully the snake will be ok till next week.”

“It really did I can't imagine a better result than that, how on earth did you persuade her to let you tie her up?”

“She was into bondage anyway so it was easy, I just told her that she would make an excellent bondage model and the rest was simple.”

She wastes no time in unzipping his trousers pulling his penis out and sucking it, he really loves this she has never done this to him before, and he is already having has second thoughts about feeding her to the snake. Mandy lets him come into her mouth then she leaves him while he recovers and walks back into the barn to see how the snake is getting on with its latest meal

It's resting now while it's latest live meal is digesting, it's stomach has gone down quite a bit and there is only a small lump now.

She takes a chance unlocks the cage door and walks in, the snake is very calm and quiet and even though it sniffs her she isn't frightened of it.
Peter doesn't know Mandy is in the snakes cage and when he finds her in the garage he is really shocked to see her cuddling up to it, he deliberately keeps quiet so as not to agitate it.

She sits with it and all it does is look at her she strokes its head and it just flicks it forked tongue out and sniffs her, she plays with if for about an hour then she comes out of its cage and locks the door.

“Wow Mandy that was amazing you are so brave.”

“Not at all it wouldn't have harmed me, at least it wouldn't when it had just been fed, I wouldn't do that if it was hungry.”

He broaches the subject of the car again and he gets a very aggressive answer and at that moment he decides she has to be snake food, when she has gone to bed he sits down in the lounge and goes through how he will do it, he has lots of ideas so he writes them down in his diary, some he will, do some he won't.

The snakes digestive juices are really powerful so it's not long before Jenny's bones have dissolved completely.

Peter has basically worked out how he will do it, so tomorrow he needs to go out and buy a few things. Mandy has a sewing machine so he needs her to go out so he can use it, he has about a week before the snake needs feeding again. When he does go to bed Mandy is fast asleep, he won't wake her as she needs her asleep he will shag her in the morning.

They both sleep very deeply and it gone ten when they both wake, Mandy is really horny this morning again and he shags her for hours when they do get up its nearly one o’clock, he needs to go shopping and she also needs to go out. She has a nearly new top of the range BMW while he has an old Ford Mondeo, to say he is jealous would be an understatement, he has quite a list of stuff to get and its gone five before he gets back home, she arrives a few minutes later.

He will have to wait till she goes out tomorrow to use her sewing machine, so for now he gets himself a glass of whiskey and sits out in the conservatory, she joins him and they sit out there till late.

“Do you realise we haven't eaten tonight Mandy.”

“I had to be honest we both need to lose a few pounds, so it's not a problem at least for me.”

“I'm ok with it as well, shall I take you out for a meal tomorrow evening, we haven't been out to a restaurant for some time have we.”

“Yes, why not it's time you spent some money on me.”

They spend the rest of the evening chatting and cuddling and they go to bed at nine so they can have some sex, before she goes upstairs she visits the snake just to see how it is, but she doesn't go into its cage this time she knows it's far too dangerous now, the way the snake looks at her with its black eyes sends a shiver down her spine but it makes her feel very randy as well.

“I know you have been in the garage, I hope you haven't been tempted to go into the snakes cage.”

“I'm not silly, I know it's only just after it's been fed that it's safe to do that.”

“Excellent I must admit I was worried.”

“Don't I can look after myself, but I do love being near it, it's a real a turn on for me with it being so big and powerful.”

The snake is already thinking about its next meal, it  knows exactly who it would like to eat and its getting a bit bored with its usual food, it now wan'ts to eat something more interesting.

Mandy is still feeling really horny and she almost rapes Peter, he loves it and just lays there while she ravages him.

“I need to be tied up, I want to imagine I'm snake food, will you do that for me?”

This is so perfect, Peter hadn't worked out how to get control of her without drugging her when it comes to feeding her to the snake, now he will just have to suggest bondage to her, he gets the organic rope and ties her up really tight, she opens her mouth so he gags her as well.

“Do you realize I could feed you to the snake now and you couldn't stop me.”

Mandy knows the snake wouldn't eat her now as its not hungry enough, but she still gets very randy.

Peter covers her up with the duvet and lays down next to her, she is in a world of her own now, so he turns over and goes to sleep.

Over the next few days Peter gets to tie Mandy up regularly and even during the day, so he can spend as much time as he needs to get everything ready for the feeding. Mandy really has no idea what Peter has in mind for her.

He deliberately waits till the snake is extra hungry, he has to lie to Mandy about having a girl ready to be fed to the snake, but she is so horny now that she doesn't think much about it, anyway she trusts him. Its been over a week since the snake was last fed and it is ravenous, so Peter decides to do it today, Mandy is in her office working when he goes in.

“Time to tie you up again Mandy.”

“Let me finish what I'm doing, then you can do it. I want you to carry me out to the garage this time, I want the snake to see me as food.”

“Ok you kinky thing.”

Its about thirty minutes before Mandy has finished, so she finds Peter who is sitting in the conservatory.

“Ok I'm ready.”

“Why don't I cut all your hair off this time, if you want it to be more realistic that will do it.”

“Yes do it, I really love that idea, don't feed the new girl to the snake yet, I want it to be still very hungry when you carry me into the garage, by the way where is she.”

“In my boot, its the best place to keep her.”

“Now that is kinky.”

Peter gets the electric shears and removes all Mandy's hair, then he wet shaves her head and eyebrows.

“Let me see what I look like before you tie me up.”

She walks over to the long mirror and looks at herself.

“I love it.”

“You do look sexy.”

Mandy knows exactly what to do, so she takes all her clothes off and stands by her bed with her arms behind her, this time Peter ties her arms extra tight, she has never been able to touch her elbows together but she does now.

“Wow that is so tight.”

Peter carries on and ties her knees and ankles even tighter with more organic rope.

“You are really good at this, ok you can gag me now.”

David forces a large breathe through ball gag into her mouth and secures it behind her head, she is a bit puzzled by that.

“I know the gag is differen't, but it will become clearer as we go on.”

She can't speak now, so she just nods, he leaves her standing there while he goes out to his car, opens the boot and get the rest of his stuff out and carries it upstairs, Mandy is still where he left her.

“Ok I wan't to do a few extras, so bear with me I think you will enjoy this.”

Peter has bought a whole load of pigs bladders and sewn them together into her body shape, he has two identical ones so he carefully slides her into the first one and gets on with sewing it closed she has no idea what he is up to so all she can do is lie there and wait.

He finishes sewing her into the first pigs bladder, making sure its as tight as possible now he can barely see her and he gets another shaped pigs bladder and does the same again.

The breathing tube on the gag is sealed inside so she is struggling to breath now, so he carefully cuts a small hole through the two layers for the tube to come through, then he glues the pigs bladder to the breathing tube using organic glue so she is now completely sealed inside.

Finally he has made a nylon bag out of one of her sexy catsuits that so the snake recognises her scent, so he slides her into it and zips it up it covers her completely even her head, he does need to cut a small hole in it so the gag tube is in the clear, he does put more organic glue round the tube to seal it.

Now she is really confused, Peter has to talk very loudly for Mandy to hear him now.

“I bet you never expected this did you, I need you to keep calm while I carry you out to the barn.”

Mandy is enjoying all this even though she didn't know he was going to do this to her.

Peter picks her up of the bedroom floor, lays her over his shoulder and carries her downstairs and out into the barn, the snake perks up as soon as he sees them he knows its feeding time.

Peter lays Mandy on a blanket on the floor and pushes the long organic breathing pipe over the gag tube, he doesn't need to secure it on as its very tight already, she can hardly see anything through the pig bladder and nylon, so she can't see him driving the Telehandler up to the snakes pen, she can hear the engine though.

She knows now what he is going to do and she feels really excited, he is going to put her in the Telehandler bucket, she really hopes he will lift her up so she can have the experience of being snakes food without the risk, so she doesn't struggle when she feels him lifting her into the machines bucket, she orgasms straight away when she feels herself being lifted up but she is very perturbed when she feels herself being lowered down into the snakes pen.

Peter is really enjoying all this as he carefully lowers the bucket close to the snake, he has painted her feet and lower legs with honey so hopefully that will encourage the snake to start eating her feet first, to help he carefully tips her out so her feet are close to the snake's mouth.

Mandy can her the sound of the Telehandler get less as Peter brings the bucket back up, as soon as its high enough he retracts the boom drives it outside and parks it.

She is a bit confused as to what he has done and she can't see much, all she can make out is a dark thing in front of her and it seems to be getting closer then instantly she realizes what is, now she starts struggling, that movement makes the snake more hyper, it closes its mouth on her feet and starts gulping her into its mouth, the more she struggles the tighter it grips and slowly, relentlessly she is gulped in, when it has swallowed her up to her waist, the snake raises itself up and tilts its head back so Mandy will slide in easier, and after a few minutes her body and head have disappeared, now its just the breathing pipe and that gradually disappears inside till there is only a few inches sticking out of the snakes mouth, Peter is so pleased that his plan has worked so well.

Peter takes a chance unlocks the snakes pen and goes in with a hand held video camera, he reasons the snake will be fully preoccupied by Mandy and he is just in time to see the snake start to eat her and he gets plenty of close up video of her being swallowed,  he stays in there videoing till the breathing pipe has stopped moving, then he comes back out and locks the door.

Mandy is still very much alive even though she is now right inside the snakes stomach, but now she can't move hardly at all, she had no idea what Peter was planning she knows she will be dead soon and now she realizes why he sewed her into the pigs bladder, its obvious he wants her to stay alive for longer so he can pleasure himself. Its dark now so all she can do now is wait but she does keep trying to wriggle, its her way of fighting till the end.

The main video is still running and he will leave it on till the snake's digestive juices have dissolved everything, he watches fascinated as the snake settles down to digest its meal. Mandy is still moving inside the snakes stomach, he has calculated that she will survive for over an hour before the snakes digestive juices dissolve the pigs bladder, he is getting huge pleasure from watching her move and he comes into his hand, he decides he won't stay till the end as he will be able to see it on the DVD eventually.

Now its done he can order a new car, so he goes back into the house and sits down in front of Mandy's computer, switches it on and goes online to look for something suitable, after looking for some time he realizes that with Mandy gone, he can have her car so he closes the computer down again goes outside to where her car is parked, unlocks it and sits in it playing with all the gadgets and its a couple of hours before he goes back into the barn, and he is amazed to see that Mandy is still moving inside the snake, although its a lot less than before in another few minutes she stops completely.

Its still quite early so he gets a camping chair and a glass of whiskey and goes back into the garage and sits down in front of the snakes pen, the lump in its stomach is a lot smaller now and after another two hours its practically gone so he stays watching till the lump has completely disappeared.

“I bet you enjoyed that snake.”

The snake knows what he has just said, but he doesn't know that it is really hoping he will prepare its next meal the same as this one, it loves its food to struggle.

“I have a few ideas about your next meal, so enjoy and I will see you in about a week for your next feed.”

All the snake has to do now is swallow the remains of the breathing tube, so it does that curls up on its straw bed and goes to sleep, and after a few minutes Peter turns the video camera off.



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