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Mandy's Just Food Now

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2020 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; M/f; snake; feed; sex; capture; bond; gag; shave; swallowed; eaten; voy; video; encase; cocoon; trick; mast; climax; digest; vore; soft; death; cons; nc; XXX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

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Peter sits in the barn most evenings since he fed Mandy to the snake. He is not feeling at all guilty, even though he does miss her. It's not a problem to find food for it as long as there are plenty of girls - particularly fat ones - who he can pull at the club.

The few girls the snake won't eat, because they are too thin, he keeps naked in cages next to the snake’s cage so he can fatten them up. He knows when they are ready, as the snake looks straight at them. So far there are three he is fattening up, all of them he keeps gagged, chained and locked for security. The gags are locked on as are the chains, he only removes the gags to feed them, which he does three times a day. They are all so terrified they cooperate with him.

His only problem is he can't get a girlfriend with the snake and its live food at his house, so he has to have all his fun away. He doesn't need to get food for the snake at the moment, as he will have two girls fat enough by the weekend. It's a Friday so he gets his disco gear on and drives to the main night club. He pulls straight away, she is not snake food but she is very sexy.

“You can take me home with you and shag me if you want?”

“I can't unfortunately as my mum lives at my house and she doesn't approve of all that. By the way what's your name? Mine is Peter.”

“It's Rebecca. That is a real shame I also live with my parents, so my house is a no-go as well.”

Pete really wants to have sex, so he thinks over what he can do. “If you keep quiet I think we can get away with it at my house. Her hearing is poor, so if you want, come back with me tonight.”

“You will have to gag me if you want me to keep quiet!”

“Okay, deal!”

She can't keep her hands off him all evening, and by two am both are so randy that they leave.

“I really love your car, it's so sexy,” she says.

“I have never had my car called that before!”

They get back to his house; he quietly unlocks the front door and she walks in ahead of him. The door to the barn is locked and he will keep it like that. She follows him upstairs into his bedroom and she keeps very quiet. When they get to the bedroom she whispers to him, “okay, gag me now so we can get on with it.”

Not only does he gag her but he also ties her up. She makes it plain she likes that and gets even more horny. Rebecca is even more sexy than Mandy, so he shags her for over an hour. Finally he is so tired he unties her, removes the gag and is soon as asleep as she is.

It starts to get light at five and the snake is beginning to get hungry again, and starts looking at the girls in cages who are all asleep. Rebecca wakes at seven, well before Peter, so she gets up. As quietly as she can so she doesn't wake his mum, she gets dressed and goes downstairs. When she got here last night it was pitch black, now it's light she can see how big the house and land is. She quietly opens the back door and walks outside. The barn is about thirty feet from the house but locked, but she finds a set of keys on the key rack and opens the main doors. Straight away she sees the snake, and then the cages with the girls in. To say she is shocked is a bit of an understatement! She is reluctant to go in at first, but does eventually. The snakes eyes follow her as she walks across to where the cages are. She really can't believe what she is seeing.

“You are a really naughty girl.” Peter is standing by the door looking at Rebecca.

“I'm naturally curious, so when I saw the locked door I wanted to look.”

“Well now you know my secret, I have a real problem.”

“You mean doing me in don't you? Don't rush into this. I'm a very kinky person and I love all this. I won't tell anyone, so long as you let me watch whatever you do!”

“Anyone can say that, when they are caught and frightened.”

“Not me, I will show you if you want. I'm guessing these girls are being fattened up as food? Let me feed your snake, so I can show you.”


Using the bunch of keys she unlocks the cage of the fattest girl, ties her up and removes the chain from round her neck that is holding her to the floor. “I can't carry her in, it’s obviously too dangerous. So how do you get her into the snakes enclosure?”

“I will show you.”

He gets the Telehandler from outside and drives it into the barn up to where the girl is struggling on the floor. “Okay, lift her into the bucket.”

Rebecca does that, and stands back as Pete lifts the bucket over the side of the snakes enclosure. He lowers it down and tips the girl onto the floor. The girl is really struggling now, which makes the snake really active. He raises the bucket back up and drives the Telehandler back outside before joining Rebecca inside to watch.

Neither speak, they just watch as the snake bends down and picks the girl up by her head and slowly swallows her. All they can hear are gurgling sounds from the girl, and slurping noises from the snake. It raises itself up so it can swallow it's meal, and within a couple of minutes the girl has disappeared inside its mouth. Now all they can see is the lump which is still wriggling as it slides down into its stomach.

“That was so erotic! I need shagging now.” Pete complies, there and then. The snake settles down to digest its meal which has stopped moving now. Rebecca makes Pete shag her for an hour, when they do finally stop, she sits so close to him that he gets another hard on.

“That has to be the biggest snake in the world.”


“Hopefully I have I saved my life now?”

“I guess you have.”

“And your mum living here was a lie wasn't it?”

“It was.”

“I don't regret the gag and the ropes though. You can do that as many times as you want.”

“I might feed you to the snake if you are tied up.”

“I will take that chance. I don't think there is enough meat on me for it to be interested.”

“You are probably right, but my girlfriend wasn't fat and she got eaten.”

“Wow, tell me more!”

Dave tells her everything about what he did to Mandy; every tiny detail, even the pigs bladder and the honey.

“I knew there was something about you that attracted me. What you have just told me confirms that.”

“I reckon you are as sadistic as me!”


They stay in the barn for several minutes watching the snake then they go back to the house and have some breakfast.

“Welcome to my very kinky world Rebecca.”

Rebecca is quite an asset to Peter, she gets girls a lot easier than he does. They seem more relaxed when they are with her, and he keeps his cages full all the time. He has had to install two extra cages to accommodate the extras she has gotten for him.

“The snake has so much food now that we can afford to take time off.”


Feeding time is now weekly, and Rebecca makes sure she is the one doing the feeding, even though Dave really wants to do it. “In a strange way I'm quite jealous of the girls being fed to the snake. It must be so erotic.”

“I guess you will never know.”

“What if you pretended to feed me to the snake? That would be quite erotic.”

“What are you saying?”

“I would love it if you did everything, up to actually feeding me to the snake, like you did with Mandy. Apart from actually doing it that is.”

“You kinky devil!”

“I am, I will admit that. What do you think?”

“If you want to do it I will help, of course.” Rebecca is making a huge mistake but she is so turned on by everything she doesn't realize how sadistic Peter really is. Over the next few weeks he feeds Rebecca extra food, so she is getting quite plump now.

“If I didn't know differently, I would think you where fattening me up.”

“I just prefer my women to be more voluptuous.”

“The snake certainly likes its food like that.”

“Yes it does.”

“Talking about the snake, when are you going to pretend to feed me to it?”

“What about the weekend? The snake will be hungry by then so it's a lot more realistic.”

“Okay, the weekend it is then. And afterwards I can feed it properly.”

“Yes, good idea. We don't want to piss it off, do we.”

While Rebecca is out doing the weekly shopping Pete is making bladder bags to put her in. It’s four layers this time so she will last longer than Mandy did. Saturday dawns, and Rebecca and Pete have their usual sex before getting up.

“Don't have breakfast this morning, just in case you want to go when I have you tied up. That would really spoil it.”

“I had already decided that.”

Rebecca is a really good cook and he really enjoys his breakfast. “That was wonderful you really are quite a cook”

“Thanks, hopefully if i'm not too randy I will be able to eat breakfast tomorrow morning!”

“Yes, you will.”

“Okay, let's do it. Can you video it so I can see it tomorrow?”

“Yes, of course.”

Peter gets his video camera clips a new battery to it bolts it onto a tripod points it at the kitchen table and turns it on. “Okay, it's recording now. So get undressed and climb onto the table.” She does that and he gets everything he needs from the garage.

“I'm going to do this exactly the same as I did with Mandy.”

“Apart from actually feeding me to the snake.”


Rebecca puts her fingers in her pussy and within seconds has an orgasm.

“Stop that! And lay on your stomach.” She does, and Peter pulls her arms behind her, tying her wrists and elbows together with organic rope. She does make a grunting noise as he ties her elbows together so they touch.

“Okay, time to shave your hair off.”

“Go for it!”

He enjoys doing this and as her long blonde hair is removed he lays it on the table next to her. She has very beautiful long hair, so it's going to be made into a wig. He has already found someone who can do it. His next job is wet shaving her head, fanny, and eyebrows.

“I can see you are getting horny, Peter.”

“I am!” He gets a breathe through gag out of the draw and shows it to Rebecca.

“Wonderful, put it in, before I change my mind!”

“Don't do that.”

“I wouldn't, so just put it in.”

Peter pushes it in and does the strap up as tight as he can. Rebecca makes that noise again.

“I know it's painful, but this is how I did it to Mandy.” Rebecca nods to show she heard so Peter gets on with tying her ankles and knees with more organic rope. She doesn't make any more noises, even though he has done it really tight.

“Okay, it’s the pigs’ bladders now.” He has to go upstairs to get the bladders, leaving Rebecca tied up on the table. He is relieved to see she hasn’t moved when he comes back downstairs. “Nearly done, just the breathing tube and the pigs bladders to go. Then the really fun part starts.”

He slides her into the first bladder and sews her in. Even though it’s very tight he still hot shrinks each one on. She can’t really breathe while he is doing that, so he cuts a small hole in each of the bladders for the gag tube. He needs to seal each layer to make sure the snake’s stomach acid doesn't leak through. He sews and heat shrinks them on, then waits for her breathing to get back to normal, before he fits the long organic breathing pipe onto the gag tube. He secures it on with a jubilee clip. She can’t see much and can hear even less; Peter has to almost shout for her to hear him.

“Okay, it’s snake time!”

She barely heard that, but she already knows what’s next. He picks her up, carries her out to the barn and puts her on the floor in front of the snake enclosure. It was sleeping when he came in, but it’s not now. She is not aware of Peter painting her feet and lower legs with honey, she is so busy having orgasms.

Rebecca has told him she wants to be lifted right into the snake enclosure and lifted back out before the snake gets to her. He lifts her into the bucket, gets in the cab, starts the engine and lifts her right over the side before lowering her down right into the enclosure. She knows she is in there, because she can see the faint shape of the snake. It doesn’t come towards her till Peter has tipped her out of the bucket. Even though she can’t hear much, she can hear the rattling noise from the bucket getting fainter as it’s lifted out. Even then, she doesn’t realize she’s in real trouble until she feels the snake’s mouth on her feet. Then she panics, but by then she is inside the snake’s mouth and throat up to her thighs.

He has a video camera permanently pointed at the snake and can control it with his smartphone. He zooms it in to the snakes head, and sets it to track so it automatically moves as the snake goes back down. All this time Peter is watching with his penis in his hand. The snake raises itself up and Rebecca slowly slides in; just as her head disappears Peter comes.

She can feel herself being drawn into the snakes throat. She doesn’t stop sliding till she reaches its stomach. Within minutes the snake’s stomach acids have started to dissolve the first layer of pigs bladder. All that Peter can see now is a moving lump inside the snake as Rebecca struggles. He has worked out that she should stay alive for at least two hours and he will stay watching till there is no movement.

After two hours, Rebecca is still struggling; it’s another hour before she stops. Slowly over the next few hours the lump in the snakes stomach gets a lot smaller. By now Peter is shattered so he goes back to the house, leaving the video camera recording. In a way Peter regrets what he has done, but it was so erotic he just had to do it. Now he needs to find a replacement. It's going to be hard to replace Rebecca, but he will just have to get lucky again.

After an hour he comes back and the lump in the snakes stomach has completely gone and it's asleep on it’s straw bed. It's also swallowed the air pipe. The only sounds now are coming from the cages as the snake food saw everything, and they know it won't be long before its their turn. He hates the sounds they are making so he turns the barn lights off, locks the door and goes back to the house. Eventually all the snake food goes back to sleep.

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