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Mandy's Just Food Now

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2020 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: FM; snake; feed; sex; capture; bond; gag; heels; swallowed; eaten; voy; climax; digest; vore; soft; death; cons; nc; XXX

Warning! Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death

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Peter can't stop feeling horny whenever he thinks about Mandy and Rebecca, he feels the same every time he feeds one of the snake food girls to the snake which happens once a week, he has to go out clubbing more than that to find suitable girls to feed to it so far he has managed to do that.

He does miss Mandy and Rebecca though, but so far he hasn't found a replacement, she would have to be like them ie beautiful and very sadistic so far he hasn't found one who fits the bill.

It's a Saturday and the fetish club is always heaving so he gets dressed up in his club gear and orders a taxi so he can have a few drinks, he has just fed the snake so he is already randy, while he waits he sits on the sofa and plays with his penis he is really hoping tonight's the night when he will pull the right one.

The taxi arrives just after nine he locks up gets in and is walking into the club a few minutes later. Peter doesn't need to get snake food tonight as he already has every cage full in fact he has had to double three of them up as he has more food than cages.

He looks round the club to see if there are any suitable unattached girls in the club tonight, he finds one on the dance floor she is a real stunner so he walks over and joins a crowd of guys ogling her, now he is close to her he is even more impressed and he joins her on the dance floor, he is a really good dancer unlike most men so the guys looking at her soon give up and walk off.

When the music stops for a few seconds they both leave the dance floor together.

“You are quite a mover, What's your name?"

“Peter and yours is?"


He gets them both a drink they go outside to the patio area and sit down at an empty table.

“You are really beautiful Maria."

“You are pretty tasty yourself and an amazing dancer. Most guys can't dance at all."

“I enjoy dancing, particularly when I can dance with such a looker, and how can you move like that in such high heels?"

“I always wear very high heels, so it's easy for me. The only time I take them off is when I go to bed."

“I bet you couldn't dance in ballet heels."

“I can, I have several pairs at home; boots and shoes."

“That I would love to see."

“Come to the club next Saturday and I will show you."

“I might just do that."

“You can take me out before that if you want."

“I would love to. Are you up for a bit of hanky panky?"

“If you mean sex, definitely."

“Come home with me tonight then."

“Okay just one thing I'm only into very kinky sex, so I have a need to be tied up and gagged."

“Wow really, that's perfect."

They stay at the club till three in the morning dancing chatting and drinking, Peter already thinks she may be the one to replace Rebecca, by the time they leave the club they are both quite drunk, the taxi driver has to help them into his car and they get taken to Peter's house.

Maria is more drunk than Peter so he has to help her into his house. He gets her sat down in the lounge and makes them both a coffee.

“That was quite an evening Peter, I hope you still have the strength to shag me?"


When they have finished their coffee, Peter shows Maria up to his bedroom, ties and gags her and gives her a really good shagging. She writhes and moans as he fucks her and it's not till five before they go to sleep, she is still fully dressed tied and gagged with her heels on but Peter is too tired to undress and release her.

Neither wake till gone two in the afternoon Peter leaves her tied and gagged and goes downstairs to make them both a hot drink he brings them upstairs and removes the gag from Maria’s mouth.

“Shall I untie you?"

“No, leave me like this for a while. You can put the gag back in when I have had a drink if you want."

He holds the cup up to her lips so she can drink then he puts the gag back in. It's late in the afternoon when he releases her then he carries her downstairs into the conservatory and sits her on the sofa.

“That was amazing, you have such a big cock. I have never had sex as good as that before."

“You are quite something as well. So what really turns you on, apart from bondage then?"

"I'm not sure I want to tell you that."

"Tell me, I promise it will just be between us."

"Okay, but if you laugh I will hit you. I have never told anyone this before so you had better keep it to yourself."

“I promise, everything you tell me will never be divulged."

"Okay I have five snakes at home, in display cages, and my fantasy is to feed a beautiful woman to one of them. I know it's not possible but I can't stop thinking about it."

“I think that is really bizarre, but it's not impossible. All you need is a really big snake."

“Even an anaconda couldn't eat a human, and they are huge."

“Mine can, and it only eats humans."

Maria is very confused now, she looks at Peter as though he is a bit mad.

“Don't look at me like that. Shall I show you?"


They walk out to the barn he unlocks the padlock then he walks in, Marie follows him and they just stand together at the door she can't really believe what she is seeing.

“That is a very big snake."

The snake raises itself up off the straw bed and looks at her it's tongue darting in and out of it's huge mouth.

Maria is blown away by the snake and walks right up to its pen she then looks into the five cages.

“Is this food for the snake?"

“Yes, they are being fattened up, the one in the end cage is nearly ready. I fed the snake yesterday so it will be another six days before it gets its next meal."

“This is just how I imagined it! Can I watch, when you feed it again?"

“Of course."

The snake is still digesting its last meal, so Peter goes into its cage with a shovel to remove its waste. He carries it outside and dumps it on the floor, retrieving a metal gag a chain and padlocks from it. He washes them in a bucket of water, then he hangs them up ready for the next one.

“You are very brave, to go into the cage."

“When it's just been fed it's not dangerous. Tomorrow is a different matter."

“This is so erotic, I really do need shagging now."

Peter does it there and then on the concrete floor, the snake seems fascinated by them.

"That was awesome thanks. I have never had a day like today."

Maria is so hyped up she can barely breathe. All her fantasies, that she thought were just that, are suddenly happening and she is so excited.

"Can I stay here till you feed the snake?"

"I don't see why not."

Peter is pleased by that, it almost guarantees he will get plenty of sex.

"I only have my club gear to wear, so I will need to go home to get some clothes."

"There's a whole pile of female clothes from the snake food girls, so you are welcome to them if they are of interest."


She looks through the clothes and picks out several garments and changes into them.

"I guess you got the girls from the club most of the outfits are sexy ones, but at least some of them aren't latex. I do need to go home to get some ballet heels, I need to practice walking in them.

"Yes, of course you can."

He loves girls in ballet heels, so he is looking forward to seeing her in them. She is only gone for an hour and she brings all her shoes, boots and clothes.

"Why don't you wear some now?"

She pulls on a pair of black, thigh-high ballet heels and walks round the barn in them.

"They must have cost you a fortune. They fit you perfectly."

"They did, I had them made to measure; it's a lot easier to walk if they fit well."

"You almost glide across the floor. I have never seen that before."

Maria has brought all her clothes as well, so she puts on a tight black leather mini dress as well.

Peter is mesmerized by her and she knows it.

"I would love to feed the snake food, can I?"

"Of course you can."

Maria takes over feeding the snake its food, straight away. "There must be a way to make them fatter a lot quicker."

"There is, but they get very distressed when I feed it to them."

"How did you do it?"

"It's a special liquid food. The problem is it needs to be fed to them with a funnel and they hate that. They really struggle, so I stopped doing it."

"Show me the food." Peter had stacks of the special food in a locked store room, so he unlocks the door and shows it to Maria. "Leave it to me they need to understand that they are just food for the snake."

Maria takes a full container and a funnel into the first cage, removes the gag from one of the two girls in there. Before she can speak Maria has pushed the funnel into her mouth and filled it with the liquid food. She does get distressed, but still gulps the food down. Afterwards Maria refits the gag and does the same with all the others.

"There, it's done."

"You are a lot tougher than me."

"Not really, I just ignore them when they protest."

"You are quite an asset. Do you want to move in?"

"I would love to, I do need to pop home once a week to feed my snakes."

"That's fine."

In just one week of the special food all the girls put on lots of weight, so by the end of the first week there are two girls fat enough to be fed to the snake instead of just the one. Peter and Maria have sex several times a day. The more she sees the snake, the more randy she gets, so by the end of the week he is shattered.

"I need a break, I can't keep this up. You are insatiable!"

"Sorry, I didn't know, I will behave from now on."

Saturday dawns and Maria knows it's snake feeding time. "Can I do it?"


Peter shows her how to work the Telehandler and leaves her to it, she unlocks the cage door undoes the chain holding the snake food to the ring in the floor, she then carries her struggling into the main barn she ties the girls legs with organic ropes, and lifts her still struggling into the bucket, then she gets into the driver's seat starts the engine and makes the bucket lift over the wall of the snake pen then she lowers it down tipping the girl out just in front of the snake.

She raises the bucket back up and drives the machine back outside by the time she is back the snake has the girls feet in its mouth so she stands next to Peter to watch.

"Watch this, it's amazing."

The snake seems to be deliberately taking it's time and almost drops the girl. But slowly, relentlessly, she slides into the snakes mouth and throat, and has soon disappeared from sight. She struggles as she slides in, but that stops after a couple of minutes.

"Well, was it as you imagined?"

"Yes it was amazing, to be honest it was even better than I imagined it would be."

"If you want to you can feed it from now on."

"I would love to, thank you so much."

Peter is delighted, when he fed Rebecca to the snake he thought he would be on his own forever, but now he has Maria which is brilliant.


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