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Mummified and Eaten

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; mum; bandages; snake; swallowed; vore; cons/nc; XX

For this story, I decided to try something a little different.  I’ve combined two of my favorite fantasies together for this story.  Mummification and Vore.  For those of you who don’t know what vore is, it is a fantasy about being eaten alive, or watching someone (or something) else being eaten alive by another creature or being.  It’s a fairly uncommon fantasy, so if it doesn’t appeal to you, you won’t get much out of this story.  And for your knowledge, there is no blood or graphic violence in this story (OK, maybe a little blood, but in a non-violent way, and some references to digestion while still alive).  The setting is a husband who wants to get rid of his wife, and has come up with an interesting way of doing so.

Kelly looked at the snake.  It was big.  Real big.  But, considering that it was an anaconda, that was to be expected.  It was the largest in the world, and it was hers.  And her husbands.  He was a rich millionaire with huge bank accounts that allowed him to buy almost anything he wanted.  And when he heard of the largest anaconda ever found in captivity, he instantly bought it.  He now kept it in a huge tank, almost the size of a swimming pool.  She looked down at the snake and stroked its smooth shiny head.  It slid underneath her fingers and the head turned to look at her.  It was a friendly snake, and she had fallen in love with it.

“Kelly?”  Kelly turned around to look at her husband Jonathan as he came into the room.  Looking at him, you would never suspect that he was a millionaire.  He was only about six feet tall, about 150 pounds and pretty thin.  Kelly herself was about five feet five and 120 pounds.  But he was very rich, and that’s what mattered to him. 

“So, do you like the snake?” 

“Oh yes.”  Kelly said as she stroked the creature beneath her.  “He’s lovely.  Just like you once were.” 

“What?”  Jonathan asked.  “What did you say?” 

Kelly looked at her soon to be ex-husband.  “There’s no easy way to say this Jonathan, so I’ll just say it.  The love’s gone.  Things are not like they once were.  I want a divorce.” 

Jonathan stared at his wife.  “You’re…leaving?”  He asked. 

“Yes.”  She said.  “I’m moving out tomorrow.  I’ll go get my things packed.  I’ll leave you with your snake.”  She turned and walked out of the room.

Jonathan watched her go, numb with shock.  He couldn’t believe it.  After only a year, his marriage was gone.  Slowly the shock began to be replaced with anger.  Raw, seething, anger.  And that anger demanded revenge.  He turned and looked at the snake, which looked back at him.  And as he looked, an idea began to build in his mind.  An idea that was dangerous and terrible, but it pulled at him, and the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea.  He smiled at the snake.  “I think you’ll be able to help me out, little snake.”  He said.

Inside her room, Kelly packed her clothes in a few suitcases.  She was relieved.  What she didn’t tell Jonathan was that she was going to live with her girlfriend at the other end of town.  But he didn’t need to know that.  She was not surprised when he came into the room.  But instead of looking pleading, or angry, there was some…compassion in his eyes.  “Before you go.”  He said.  “Lets have one more play session…like old times.” 

Kelly’s interest sparked.  “You mean…me becoming your mummy?” 

He smiled and nodded. 

“So…no hard feelings?”  She asked cautiously. 

“No.”  He said.  “No hard feelings at all.” 

Kelly smiled.  “All right then.  I’ll wait right here while you get the supplies.” 

“Actually,” He said.  “I’d like to variety it a bit.  Why don’t we do it in the snake room?” 

Kelly thought for a few seconds.  “All right, that sounds fun.  I’ll wait for you in there.”  As she walked out, Jonathan smiled. 

Kelly waited in the living room for about ten minutes while Jonathan got the mummification supplies.  She tingled with anticipation.  If there was one thing that her soon to be ex-husband was good at, it was mummifying women.  She decided to help him along a little bit by undressing herself completely.  After she was finished she looked at the large Anaconda.  It was watching her from inside its tank.  Eleven minutes after she entered the room, Jonathan came in carrying a bucketload of bandages and other goodies.  “You ready?”  Jonathan asked. 

“Oh yes.”  Kelly moaned.  “Come and mummify me!” 

Jonathan smiled and walked over to her.  “Lie down.”  He said.  Kelly lay down on the carpet.  “All right, spread eagle position.”  He asked.  Kelly spread her arms and legs and closed her eyes, shivering with anticipation.  Jonathan to, tingled with anticipation.

Jonathan began by taking a long roll of white elastic bandages and wrapping it around his wife’s leg.  And then he repeated the process with all of her limbs until her body (except for the head) was coated with a first layer of bandages.  “How does it feel?”  He asked her. 

“Oh…it feels wonderful.”  Kelly said in a dreamy voice.  “So tight and soft.  Keep going.”  She moaned. 

“Happy to oblige.”  Jonathan said as he took out another roll of stretchy bandages. 

From inside its tank, the snake watched the humans with great curiosity.  He had never seen humans act like this before, where one of them encased the other one in white material.  The look of it alone made its mouth damp with saliva.  The snake found that it was suddenly hungry, and it wanted that hunger fulfilled.

About thirty minutes later, Kelly was finished.  She was wrapped head to toe in bandages, the only parts still visible being her face.  Her arms are wrapped over her chest and her entire body has been wrapped together into a body-hugging cocoon of white elastic bandages.  “Nice and tight?”  Jonathan asked her. 

“Oh yes.”  Kelly says, her eyes closing in ecstasy.  “I can’t move.  The bandages are holding me tightly.” 

Jonathan smiles.  “Lets find out what our snake thinks about it.” 

“Hmm?”  Kelly asks.  Jonathan walks over to the large tank and takes off the lid.  The large anaconda moved from inside the tank and slithered out.  It glided onto the carpeted floor and sniffed the air with its tongue.  It turned and slowly glided towards Kelly.  Kelly tried to move away, but of course this was impossible due to the bandages that held her securely.  The snake reached Kelly and began to sniff her intently.  Kelly watched as the snake moved over her bandaged and mummified body.  It was actually comforting, feeling the snake on top of her as it draped itself around her. 

“I think he likes you.”  Jonathan says. 

“Yeah, I think he does.”  Kelly asks. 

“Lets make him like you even more.”  Jonathan says. 

“What do you mean?”  Kelly asks.  But Jonathan does not reply.  He simply walks into the kitchen and comes back carrying a large bucket of something. 

“What is that?”  Kelly asks cautiously.  Johnson simply smiles and then tosses the contents of the bucket onto his wife.  Kelly let out a little squeak of shock.  Inside the bucket was some sort of reddish liquid. 

“What on earth are you doing?!”  She demanded, squirming within her bindings. 

“That was something that the snake loves.  And what he loves, he loves more with blood on it.”  Kelly stared at her husband. 

“What are you talking about?”  She whimpered. 

“I don’t take too kindly to my wife dumping me.  I think you need to be taught a lesson in loyalty.”  He said. 

Kelly stared at her husband in shock, and then she started to frantically struggle, to try and escape.  But the cocoon she was currently encased in prevented her from doing anything outside of a feeble wiggle.  The anaconda stopped its movements and then started sniffing Kelly again with a great interest.  His tongue flicked in and out, tasting the cow blood that was splashed on her cocoon. 

The anaconda was in a bit of a dilemma.  On one hand, here was a nice human that he liked, and yet there was also the rich delicious smell of blood.  That blood was the deciding factor in the battle.  The snake made its decision and then carried it out. 

Kelly watched in fear and terror as the anaconda slowly slid off of her body and then began to stretch out in front of her mummified feet.  Fear began to take hold.  The fun and eroticism of mummification was completely gone now.  The snake slowly lined itself up and was ready.  Then Kelly suddenly realized what was going to happen, and what Jonathan’s “Lesson” was.  But she was helpless to do anything about it.  Then the snake made its move.

The anaconda opened its mouth wide, unhinging its jaws as it moved its mouth over Kelly’s bandaged feet.  They slowly disappeared within the snake’s mouth.  The snake moved its way up, inch by inch, taking Kelly’s body into its own.  Kelly watched, fear slowly beginning to be replaced by panic and terror.  Finally, when the snake had reached her hips, and her legs were simply bulges inside the snake’s throat, Kelly started to scream.  But her screams were quickly stopped as Jonathan stuffed some bandages inside her mouth.  With that done, He quickly took the last of the bandages and wound them around Kelly’s mouth and chin.  Kelly gave off muffled screams the entire time, but her screams were now sealed inside her, the bandages denying her the ability to voice her opinion on her current situation.

With the feeding half over, Jonathan pulled up a chair and sat in it, watching the eating of his wife continue.  To her credit, Kelly did do everything she could to fight.  Of course, that was limited to rocking her bandaged upper body back and forth and give out muffled mmphhffs.  The snake seemed to be enjoying the situation very much as it swallowed what was probably going to be it’s biggest meal ever. 

“You know,” Jonathan said.  “I really do love you.”  At those words Kelly managed to turn her restricted head and stare at her husband.  “I just cannot stand the thought of you being with someone else.  But now that you are going to be part of my snake, you’ll still be with me.” 

Kelly couldn’t believe what she was able to pick up from within her bandages.  Her husband was a complete loon no doubt, but that was no comfort to her.   She looked down at the snake as it reached her mummified and encased breasts, the breasts that were smooth and creamy and the envy of every other woman that she had met.  Those gifts were taken in by the snake and vanished into the dark maw of the snake.  It was in a way strange and unreal.  The bandages that encased her also protected her from the snake somewhat.  Her bindings absorbed the snake’s saliva, so it didn’t reach her physical skin.  In a sick way, it was actually quite comfortable.  Her cocoon was warm and comfy, but that wouldn’t last long when she was fully swallowed and in the snakes belly.  As if sensing the thought, the snake seemed to speed up the process of swallowing. 

Her despair and terror at it’s peak, Kelly both cried in despair and screamed in terror and sobbed from within her bandages that refused to let her go. 

The snake finally reached Kelly’s head.  There it paused for a moment, as if gathering the strength for one final push.  Jonathan got out of his chair and walked over to his soon to be digested wife and knelt by her head.  “Don’t worry.”  He said.  “It will be over soon.”  And then he bent down and kissed his wife above the eyes.  Kelly looked up at him and her eyes were pleading with him to let her go, to save her from her fate.  But Jonathan shook his head.  “You tried to leave me, and now you must be punished.”  Kelly let out the loudest scream she could from within her bandages as the snake did its last push and covered Kelly’s terrified eyes with its mouth.  Now only the tip of Kelly’s bandaged head remained.  And then the snake took one final push and gobbled Kelly up and ate her alive.

Jonathan watched in amazement as his wife vanished into the snake.  Now she was nothing more then a huge narrow bulge in the snake.  He watched, fascinated, as the bulge was pushed deeper and deeper into the snake.  Finally, his wife stopped in the middle of the snake.  There was stillness in the air.  Jonathan went over to the bulge that was his mummified/eaten wife and patted her through the snake’s skin.  The bulge twitched and squirmed.  Jonathan wondered what it was like being inside a snake, still alive and waiting to be digested.  He imagined that there would be some pain, but from the outside, his wife’s struggling was unbelievable to watch.  No doubt that she would be there for a while, at least a week at the minimum.  She would probably be dead by the time he woke up the next morning, but it would take time for her to be digested.  With the job completed, Jonathan decided to let the snake stay loose in the room, letting it go where it would.  Jonathan patted the snake on the head and then walked out of the room.

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