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Mummified and Eaten: Part 2

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mum; bandages; swallowed; snake; vore; reluct/nc; XX

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This is the second part of Mummified and Eaten.  It follows Jonathan’s story after his mummified wife was eaten.

It’s delicious to watch.  I sit here in my chair, watching my lovely but unfaithful wife be eaten alive by a huge anaconda.  And to top it all off, she is also mummified at the same time.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on by something before.  The snake reaches my wife’s head, and I think I need to say something.  I get up out of my chair and walk over to my wife, who looks up at me with pleading eyes.  “Don’t worry.”  I say.  “It will be over soon.” 

Even though I may be a heartless man because of this act, I still believe in reassuring her about how relatively brief it will probably be.  But the words apparently do nothing to reassure my wife.  Her eyes tell me that she is pleading for mercy and salvation from her fate.  But it won’t happen.  “You tried to leave me,” I say.  “And now you must be punished.”  Upon hearing those words my wife lets out a final scream from deep within her wrappings as the snakes mouth covers her face.  I watch is fascination as the snake moves forward and finally swallows my wife whole and alive.  I watch as she moves through the body of the snake until she reaches the center of it.  Her mummified body bulges against the body of the snake, but she is now trapped. 

I walk over to the middle of the snake and place my hand on it, feeling my wife within.  I pat her, and the bulge squirms and writhes from within.  I wonder what it’s like being inside a snake while you’re still alive.  It probably hurts, but from the outside it’s mesmerizing to watch.  I know she won’t last long.  She’ll no doubt be dead by the time I wake up tomorrow morning.  I decide to leave the snake where it is.  I go upstairs onto the Internet to look for more mummy and snake pictures, leaving the snake to digest my mummified wife in peace.

When I wake up the next morning I go into the living room to see how the snake is doing.  It’s lying on the floor, probably asleep.  The bulge of my wife has gotten a bit smaller and all movement has ceased.  The snake notices me and lifts its head to look at me and then goes back to sleep.  Satisfied, I go into the kitchen to get my breakfast ready.

For about a week I go about my daily routine of swimming in the pool, browsing the Internet and making appointments with my business partners.  And the entire time the snake just sits where it is, slowly digesting my mummified wife.  By the end of a week and a half the bulge is completely gone.  My wife is gone.  Oh well.  Time to get a new wife.  She’ll be my third, but maybe she’ll stay with me longer then the previous two.


About six months later I’m out on the patio, enjoying a Tom Clancy novel and a martini when the door rings.  Curious, I walk over to the door and open it, only to find my first wife Elizabeth standing there.  “Oh.”  I say.  “Hello Elizabeth.”  But she only stares at me with a look of raw fury.  Then before I know what’s happening, she slams me in the face with something hard.  I loose consciousness and fall to the ground. 

When I regain consciousness I have no idea where I am, or how long I’ve been out.   My head aches where the thing hit it.  I try to stretch my limbs, but I find that I can’t.  Confused, I look down and see to my surprise that my body is wrapped in bandages.  My arms have been crossed over my chest and bandaged there and now I can’t move them. “Elizabeth!”  I say.  “What are you doing?” 

“I’m preparing you.”  She says as she begins wrapping my bandaged legs into a solid unit. 

“Preparing?  Preparing me for what?  Is this some kind of game?”  She looks at me. 

“No.”  She says in a harsh tone.  “I know what you did to your wife.”  I freeze.  “I decided to come and see if we could get together again after we separated.  But when I got to your house six months ago I heard a scream.  I sneaked around back, and I watched as you fed your wife to your pet snake.  I knew that I could go to the police and have you arrested, but I thought it would be much more satisfying to take revenge on you for leaving me.” 

“What…what are you going to do to me?”  I ask her. 

“Oh, I’ll do to you what you did to your wife.” 

When she says that she is going to feed me to my snake, I try to scream, but she quickly comes over and wraps my mouth with bandages.  With my arms restrained, I’m helpless to stop her as she seals my mouth shut permanently.  With my protests silenced, she goes back to work on encasing me within several layers of bandages and wrappings.  I can only watch her as she works on my body until the only thing not wrapped up are my eyes.  The entire time she’s working my mind is racing.  I’m going to be eaten alive!  By my own snake no less.  The thought is terrifying and yet…at the same time it’s exciting.  From near my groin I can feel my encased manhood start to swell, pushing against the bandages that contain it. 

“All right, I’m finished.”  Elizabeth says.   “Time to go get the snake.” 

She leaves me lying helplessly on the luxurious carpet while she goes to get the snake.  I try desperately to escape from my upcoming punishment, but there is nothing I can do.  I can only squirm and wiggle like a caterpillar within its cocoon.  Soon my ex-wife comes into the room and slowly starts to drag me into the living room.  I let out a few tears as the reality of what is about to happen dawns on me.  The bandages cushion me against the steps and the floor, but that is no comfort to me as my fate draws near. 

Inside the living room I am laid down on the thick carpeted floor.  Elizabeth goes over and leads the anaconda into the room.  It immediately notices me and slithers over to me.  It slowly drapes itself over me as it sniffs me with its tongue.  I hope against hope that perhaps the snake will recognize me and not eat me.  After all, I’m its best friend.  I feed it, and maybe that loyalty will stay there.  But as the snake lies on top of me, it apparently decides that it’s not hungry just yet.  It lets out a yawn and then lays its head on top of my face. 

“I guess it’s going to rest before it feeds.”  I can hear Elizabeth say.  “I’ll go watch TV and go through your things while waiting for it to start.” And with that she leaves the room. 

I’m left to myself with the snake draped over my cocooned body like a comforter.  I’m completely helpless, totally unable to do anything to help myself.  But the effect of having a sleeping creature on top of me, along with the warmth and intoxicating softness of my wrappings slowly eases me into a deep sleep as well.

Several hours later I wake up to find the snake no longer on me.  My sleep fogged brain thinks quickly.  Maybe Elizabeth was playing a practical joke on me.  Yeah, she never meant to feed me to the snake.  It was all a big dream. 

“In case you’re wondering, it’s not a dream.”  Elizabeth says from nearby.

I look up and see that she is right.  The snake is lying at my feet, slowly beginning to unhinge its jaws.  I look on in terror as the snake begins.  The snake slowly moves its way up onto my bandaged and mummified feet, slowly slurping and gulping them into its mouth.  Then it moves onto my legs, eating and gobbling them up as well.  My mind is torn in two at this point.  On one hand I’m terrified.  I’m being eaten alive by a snake, completely helpless to do anything.  On the other hand, my senses are dripping with the eroticism of the situation.  My mummified manhood is straining against the bandages that encase and enclose it, trying desperately to find release.  And I want release too.  I want it so badly that I try to scream in frustration.  But I also know that it will never be.  I am condemned never to have another orgasm in my life.  That thought alone is more maddening and more horrifying then the sensation of being eaten.  I’m living my fantasy of being mummified, and now I’m going to die mummified.

The snake reaches my bandaged groin and waist and slowly begins to take it in as well.  My manhood is now on verge of exploding.  I try something, anything to find release, squirming and thrashing against my restrictive bindings.  But I cannot find any leverage or friction.  There is nothing.  I scream again and again in frustration at not being able to find sexual release from within my prison. 

“So it’s terrifying eh?”  Elizabeth taunts.  “Good.  Scream all you want.  Nobody will hear you.” 

Ah, if only she knew how I felt.  There is no pain at all.  The bandages protect my skin from the saliva and the small fangs of the snake’s mouth.  There is only the eroticism of the situation.  Nothing more. 

And so for roughly half an hour my pet snake slowly takes me into its body as it accepts me as food.  I try fruitlessly to find release, but it will not come.  Finally, the snake reaches my head.  I look out at my world, which I will never see again.  I am going to join my wife in death and in the belly of the snake.  She’s probably in there still, broken down and absorbed.  And I will be absorbed as well, taken into the snakes system. 

“Goodbye Jonathan.”  Elizabeth says.  But I barely hear her as the snake moves over my head.  I take one final look at the outside world, accept my punishment, and then I close my eyes as saliva drips onto them.  And then I am gobbled up and the snakes mouth closes around my bandaged head.  I have been eaten alive.

All my senses are practically gone.  I cannot see anything, I cannot hear anything.  But I can feel.  I can feel the tightness of the snake.  I can feel myself being pushed by powerful muscles deeper and deeper into the snake.  And then it stops.  I am inside the snake, inside a cocoon of bandages, encased in a stomach.  And at that moment, I feel something.  Leverage.  I find leverage and something to push against.  My joy at being able to find something to rub against overcomes all other emotions, even terror.  My manhood strains as I thrust it against the snake’s strong stomach. 

And then…it builds…it…oh…oh…Oh…OH….OH!” 

I explode and come within the snake, and I’ve never been this happy before in my life!  And I loose consciousness from it all, knowing that I will never wake up.  It’s my last thought.

From outside the snake, Elizabeth watches with fascination as the bulge that is Jonathan thrashes and twitches from within the snake.  She smiles.  “Yes, that’s it.  Experience the pain that your wife experienced.”  Satisfied that justice has been done, she leaves the room to let the snake digest its meal. 

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