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Mummified and Eaten 2.1

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/ff; kidnap; bond; mum; bandages; nc; X

Some ideas in this story come from Brett Wade, who e-mailed them to me, and are being used here. 
Be warned that this story contains vore (people being eaten alive), in a non-violent manner (no blood).  You’ve been warned!

Part 1

“Honey, I’m hungry.” Sala’s husband put her book down and looked at her curiously. 

“Really? You just ate a month ago.” A mischievous smile crept onto Sala’s face. 

“Yes, I know. But this one…” She rubbed her smooth and cool belly “…is all done. I’m feeling up for more meat.” 

Ralph let out a small sigh. “You know, sometimes its really inconvenient having you as a wife.” In response, Sala put on her cutest face. 

Ralph couldn’t keep up his annoyance. That look melted his heart every time she did it. “Oh, who am I kidding. You’re a wonderful wife.” 

Ralph walked over to his large wife and put his arms around her, hugging her close. She returned the gesture, embracing him tightly with her body, the way he liked it. 

When she released him after several seconds, Ralph looked up at her. “OK, I’ll go find you some food. How many do you want this time?” 

Sala thought. “Hmm…I’m feeling pretty hungry. Make it two.” 

“Two please.” Alex requested. 

* * *

Her sister Samantha nodded in agreement. The waiter bowed and walked away towards the kitchen to prepare the drinks. 

“What a great place!” Samantha said, munching on a piece of garlic bread. “When was the last time we ate here?” 

“I don’t think we’ve ever eaten here.” Alex said. “But this place did get a good review in the paper.” 

The two chit-chatted while the food was prepared. Other guests came and went into the crowded restaurant. A single man was not likely to be noticed. 

Ralph quietly walked into the restaurant and looked around, his keen eyes searching for two certain people. Watching the parking lot for a car that went behind the restaurant, he had spotted a red pickup that was commandeered by two lovely looking women, both in their mid-twenties. 

He finally spotted them, sitting at a table near the back. They had only just gotten their meals. It would take a little while for them to finish. No matter. He could afford to wait. 

“Do you require assistance sir?” A waiter walked up to Ralph. 

“Oh, no thank you. I was just looking to see if someone I knew was here.” The waiter smiled and walked away. Ralph quietly walked outside. 

Alex and Samantha took their leisurely time finishing the large pieces of steak they ordered. The wet and juicy meat was savored and swallowed. Two stomachs were filled and satisfied. 

With the dinner finished, Alex and Samantha left a tip for the waiter and left the restaurant. “Now I don’t know about you, but that was good meat!” Samantha said. 

“Au contrair.” Alex joked. “That was great, fantastic, wonderful meat! I don’t think I’ve had anything that good in a long time.” The two sisters smiled as they walked back to the car. 

“So, what movie should we play tonight?” Alex asked as she unlocked the doors and got inside. Both sisters failed to notice the dark pieces of cloth stuffed onto the ceiling, along with the rear window that had been forced open, then re-closed. 

“I don’t know.” Samantha mused. “Maybe, “Anaconda”? How about…” She stopped. Sniffed the air. 

Alex noticed the smell. It was sweet, yet foul at the same time. She inhaled deeply, trying to figure out what the smell was. 

“Wha?” Samantha sighed, before going limp. Alex noticed her unconscious sister, but she grew very, very tired. “So sleepy.” She thought. Sleep would make everything better. Yes…sleep… 

Ralph watched carefully from behind a large bush across the street. The chloroform should be kicking in by now… 

There. The two young women collapsed. He’d have to move quickly if he wanted to pull this off. 

Moving quickly, he walked over to the pickup truck and looked inside. The key was set in the ignition. Moving the two over to the passenger seat, he took his position in the driver’s seat and turned the key. 

The engine started perfectly. Putting his seat belt on, he moved the stick around and got into reverse. 

Moving the car quickly, he drove out of the parking lot and into the street. He set off, barely going under the speed limit. His heart pounded with a mixture of fear and anticipation. His wife was waiting. His wonderful, wonderful wife. 

The night was dark when Ralph arrived at the house. He parked the pickup in the driveway. Turning off the lights, he carefully scanned the street. It was very quiet. The only sounds were that of crickets chirping nearby. The lights in the other houses were out. 

Ralph got out of the car and opened the passenger door. He took one of the unconscious women and dragged her out. Carrying her by the arms, he dragged her up to, and into the house. Dashing back out, he repeated the process with the other young woman. 

Opening the garage door, he drove the pickup into the large space and closed the door. He breathed a sigh of relief. The only clue to where the women had gone was now safely hidden away. Time to see what his wife thought of her two new girls. 

Sala was looking them over with great interest. They were young, beautiful…fresh. She licked her lips. 

“So honey, do you like them?” Sala smiled. 

“Oh yes. You did good honey-bum. These two are perfect. Why don’t you tie them up before they wake up? We don’t want them running away do we?” Ralph nodded and quickly went into their bedroom, returning with two steel wrist manacles and two steel ankle manacles. The unique manacles had the cuffs molded against each other, giving the wearer no ability to separate the locked limbs. “Here Hun. Give me a set. I’ll do one, you do the other.” 

Smiling, Ralph handed one set of manacles to Sala. The two bent down, each working on one of the young women. The cuffs were placed around the wrists and ankles, then locked in place with a clink. 

The shackled young women were still unconscious, unaware of their predicament. “So, how should they be prepared?” Sala thought to herself. “Broiled? Na, too much shouting. Slow roasted? Still too much shouting.” A thought popped into her head. “I know! Wrapped and soaked!” 

Sala turned to Ralph and put on her best puppy face. “Honey, can you get all the bandages we have? I think we need to wrap and soak these two for a day or so.” Ralph nodded, and quickly went into the bedroom again. 

Now alone with the two bound and unconscious women, Sala leaned down and licked one on the neck. Hmm. The taste was exquisite. Sensual. This was going to be a delicious process. 

Alex’s brain chose that moment to regain consciousness. As she slowly opened her eyes, blinking away the grogginess, her vision greeted her with a strange sight. In front of her was a white carpet. Her cheek’s touch with it told her it was soft. 

“How did I get here? For that matter, where is here?” Twisting her head, Alex saw her sister lying face down on the ground. But the steel shackles locked around her wrists grabbed Alex’s attention. She suddenly realized with horrible fear that an identical device was locked around her wrists. 

“Now now, that struggling won’t get you anywhere.” A happy female voice said. Alex tried to stand, but found that her ankles were held in place as well, making any movement extremely difficult. 

“Who are you?” Alex asked, doing her best to keep the fear out of her voice. “Why are we tied up like this?” 

“Ah, a most excellent question. But I don’t think you’ll like the answer. But don’t worry, we don’t plan on raping you, or any other silly human activity.” 

The use of the word “human” chilled Alex to the bone. “What do you mean? Are you saying that you’re an alien or something?” A hand grasped Alex’s shoulder. It was cold and smooth. 

“You could say something like that.” The hand twisted, and Alex was flipped onto her back. The sight in front of her was something so bizzare that she promptly lost all her breath. 

A woman was in front of her. Though to Alex, it was the most warped and twisted human she could have ever imagined. For one thing, the woman had the body of a gigantic snake. From the breasts downwards, there was the large, thick and muscular body of a snake. She had human arms, head and hair, but no skin. She had scales, covered a brilliant shiny blue. 

For a few seconds there was dead silence. Finally, Alex found her voice. “What…the hell…are you?” The woman snake smiled. 

“Another excellent question. Since you won’t be able to tell anybody else, I might as well explain. I am a Lamia.” 

“A Lamia?” 

“A creature that’s co-existed with your race for thousands of years. We’ve lived underground, barely showing ourselves at all. Long ago our ancestors mated with some of your species, and we are the result. Half snake, half human.” 

Alex had the dim hope that this was all a dream, so she decided to play along. “So, if you live underground, why are you here?” 

“Because several years ago, I met one of your species. A male named Ralph. Although we are very difficult physically, we were surprised to find that we shared a deep love for each other. So we’ve been together ever since.” 

“Honey?” Ralph walked into the room. “I’ve got the…oh.” He saw that Alex was awake. 

“You’ve got what sweety?” Sala asked. 

“Oh right. I’ve got all the bandages you asked for. They’re all set to go” 

“That’s great honey!” Sala slithered over to her husband and wrapped her scaly arms around him. Ralph smiled and hugged her back. Alex found the whole scene to be extremely bizzare. 

“Now then, I’ll bite them, and then I want you to take them and wrap them up tight as a bug in a rug. Make sure they can’t move an inch.” Ralph smiled. 

“Will do!” Alex began to get very nervous. 

“Wrap us? What are you talking about?” Without replying, Sala slid over and opened her mouth. Two large fangs appeared. Before Alex could scream, Sala moved down and bit Alex in the neck. 

Instantly everything slowed to a crawl. Alex felt the strength drain from her muscles. Her vision went blurry as she tried to focus. She could make out the dim outline of the snake woman sliding over to her still unconscious sister and biting her too. 

“There we go.” Sala said. “Perfectly paralyzed. You should be able to wrap them with no problems.” 

“I’ll make sure they’re extra tight.” Ralph grinned. “Want me to get started now?” 

Sala smiled. “Oh honey would you? I’ll get the broth ready while you’re busy.” The two hugged again. “And when we’re done for the night, we’ll have some fun.” Sala whispered seductively into Ralph’s ear. “You’d better get your latex ready.” Ralph shivered with excitement. 

Moving quickly, he walked over to Samantha and carried her off into the hallway to the unseen bedroom. He returned a few minutes later. Taking hold of Alex, he dragged her limp form off, leaving Sala to herself. 

Walking over to the stove, Sala pulled open some cupboards and began pulling out a large array of spices, seasonings and sauces. Her two largest pots also came out, both extra big. Cracking her scaly fingers, she went to work. 

Inside the master bedroom, Alex was spread out naked on the bed. Her steel restraints lay on the floor, no longer needed. Ralph pulled up the collection of tight bandages that he had acquired over the years. Ralph was a mummy fan, who delighted in being wrapped by his wonderful wife. Though he couldn’t return the favor directly, Sala always liked it when the two just held each other tenderly. 

He smiled at the thought while he began to wrap Alex’s leg up. She was fully conscious and aware of what was happening. But despite her best efforts, she was completely unable to move a muscle. Sala’s venom had paralyzed all voluntary movement, a technique the Lamia had evolved over the years. 

Wrap after wrap, and Alex was slowly put into a new skin of tight white bandages. Every wrap was put on tightly and firmly, compressing and containing Alex’s form. Suprisingly, Ralph did not wrap her mummified arms to her side. 

After an hour, Alex had been transformed from a young woman into a living mummy piece, bound and wrapped from head to toe, with only the eyes and mouth unwrapped. 

“There we go.” He said to himself, obviously pleased. “One down, one to go.” Picking up Alex’s limp form, he placed her on the ground, then went to work on Samantha. 

Two hours later, Sala had finished the batch of broth, which was now a dark velvety green. Tossing in a few more cabbages and salad seasoning, she stirred the mixture until it looked like a fine, smooth soup. “Perfect.” She thought. 

“Honey?” Sala turned away from the broth. Ralph was standing in the kitchen doorway, dragging two mummies by the arms behind him. 

“Oh sugarbooger, they look perfect!” Sala exclaimed. “You always get the wrapping down perfectly!” 

Ralph blushed. “Why thank you honey. What do you want to do with them?” 

“Lets put both of them in the soaking tub.” Sala said. Pressing a button, a large section of the nearby wall opened up. Out slid what looked like a double bathtub, five feet tall, with the floor tilted at a thirty-degree angle. 

Samantha and Alex were placed in this large tub so that their feet were tilted downwards. Their limp, wrapped arms were placed above their heads and locked into handcuffs built into the sloping floor. 

“Lets put the tubes on them, and let them soak overnight.” Sala said. Ralph nodded and pulled out two hoses from the side of the tub. At the end of both tubes were what looked like ball gags and a strap. 

Ralph fitted the first gag into Alex’s mouth and strapped it tightly around her head. Taking a second tube, he repeated the process with Samantha, who was now awake and no doubt confused about what was going on. Then he took two pairs of diving goggles and fit them around the young women’s eyes. Ralph finished the procedure by tying straps around the girl’s ankles, knees and waist, locking them even further to the bathtub. 

With her tube strapped on, Samantha and Alex were an odd looking couple. Two mummies locked side by side onto a slope in a large bathtub, wearing goggles, and wearing gags that had air hoses coming out. Ralph found the sight to be quite intoxicating. 

“Right. Now that the two of you are comfy, lets get your bath started!” Sala giggled. With strength far beyond that of a human, she lifted up one of the gigantic pots filled with the green broth, and slowly poured it into the bathtub. 

The green fluid filled the tub rapidly, going over the girl’s wrappings and submerging most of their bodies. By this time the paralyzing agent in the bloodstream was beginning to wear off. Alex was able to move her head ever so slightly. She was terrified to watch as green liquid began inching towards her face. 

“What the hell are you doing?!” She shouted at her captors. Or rather, she tried to shout. All that came from her gag was a “mphfwelfwodo?!” 

“I’m sorry dear, what was that?” Sala asked. 


“Sorry, I can’t understand you. You seem to have this rather thick gag plugged into your mouth. 


“You’re probably wanting to know what’s happening. We’re going to let you and your friend soak in this juice overnight. There’s no way you can escape, so you should probably focus on keeping your breathing steady. 

Alex heard Sala’s advice, but her raw animal instincts were taking over, slowly driving her closer and closer to the edge of panic. Submerged in this green stuff?! Overnight!? The mere thought was terrifying. 

One of the young women was starting to buckle and thrash within her restraints, which kept her movements in check. “Now now, that won’t get you anywhere.” Sala said, twitching her finger. She went over and took the second pot and poured the rest of the green broth into the tub. 

Alex was starting to panic as the green liquid went over more and more of her body, submerging her in its cold embrace. Closer and closer the liquid edged towards her face. It reached her neck…her chin…then it reached her mouth. 

The liquid went over her gag, flowing over the blood-red plastic and the breathing tube. Only a few more seconds, and then her eyes would be covered. 

Ralph watched, fascinated, as the liquid went over the young women’s eyes. The first one was obviously terrified, struggling and buckling against the restraints that held her prisoner. Even though she couldn’t escape, the restraints held fast, as if to say, “You’re not going anywhere. You’re going through this whether its against your will or not.” 

The liquid finally came to a stop. The tub was now completely filled with the green broth. Only the bandaged hands locked in the handcuffs remained above the liquid, their owners completely submerged. 

The hands within both sets of cuffs were now thrashing and frantically groping at the steel that held them prisoner. It was fascinating, watching the hands move. Almost hypnotic in a way. 

Ralph checked both breathing tubes. Air was going in and out at a rapid rate, but at least the young women were breathing. “They should last the night.” He thought. 

Sala looked pleased as she looked at the full tub. “Well, why don’t we let them soak overnight?” She said. “And now we can get together for some playtime.” She smiled at her human husband with a devilish grin. 

“Oh, I’m all yours.” Ralph cooed as Sala took him in her arms. Picking him up with her superhuman strength, she slithered down the hallway, leaving the two pairs of hands to buckle within the restraints of the tub.



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