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Mummified and Eaten 2.2

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2005 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/ff; latex; swallow; mum; cons/nc; X

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Some ideas in this story come from Brett Wade, who e-mailed them to me, and are being used here. 
Be warned that this story contains vore (people being eaten alive), in a non-violent manner (no blood).  You’ve been warned!

Part 2

For Sala and Ralph, the night was full of pleasure and happiness as the two shared their love for each other. 

For Alex and Samantha, the night was one of terror, of breathing through tubes, struggling to overcome the panic that gripped them. With no references for time, it ceased to exist. 

It was a relief when the liquid began to drain. Alex and Samantha sighed with relief when after an indefinite time, the green broth slowly withdrew from them. The liquid dipped beneath the lens of their goggles, then stopped. At least they could see again. 

Alex felt terrible. Her body was cold and shivering. Her wrappings were completely soaked with the liquid and she was shivering in an attempt to create warmth. Her bandaged wrists and arms hurt from being held in position for such a long time by the cuffs. 

As her eyes focused though the lens, she realized that the long held hope that this was all a dream, was false. 

“Good morning.” Sala said as she inspected several knobs on the side of the tub. “I trust both of you enjoyed your baths?” The two were too tired to offer a response. 

“Tuckered out? That’s understandable. My hubby feels the same way, right honey?” Even though she was scared of her surroundings and terrified of what this thing might be planning, Alex realized that Sala’s husband wasn’t in the room. 

Only then did she realize that there was a very large bulge in Sala, a few feet below the breasts, where her stomach would be. The bulge was very large and human shaped. Alex suddenly realized that Sala had eaten her husband. 

Sala apparently didn’t notice Alex and Samantha’s bewilderment. She smiled as she rubbed her scaly hands over her tummy, feeling her husband twitch inside her. Then she noticed the startled looks on the two young women’s faces. “Yes, I swallowed my husband.” She smiled. “He tastes so good and juicy.” The two young women began to shiver in fear. If this thing had swallowed her husband, who knew what she would do to them? 

Sala let out a loud belch. “Of course, I don’t actually digest him.” She said. “It’s a little game of ours. He has this rather odd sexual fantasy of being eaten, and since Lamias can control the output of digestive juices, he loves being swallowed, and I love swallowing him. Isn’t that right sugar booger?” 

Her tummy wiggled as its occupant moved inside. “The longest he’s ever stayed in there was three days. He says it’s very warm and womb-like.” She paused, then let out a wicked grin. “That is, if you’re not being digested.” 

The two young women shivered in fear. Sala’s statement was thinly veiled as to what she was thinking. 

Sala yawned. “Well, since the two of us didn’t sleep last night, we’ll do that now. You two can enjoy each others company.” And Sala slithered into the next room. She lay down and coiled up. Hugging her full belly, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep. Her belly quieted down as well as its occupant went to sleep. 

Alex and Samantha both shared a common thought. Escape. They had to escape before this thing woke up. Alex was guessing that this Lamia would regurgitate its husband, and then it would be really hungry. And she could guess what was going to be eaten. 

Again, Alex tried tugging at her restraints. But hours of struggling had failed to gain any leverage, and they remained locked in position around her wrists. 

Alex tried again, her fear giving her fresh strength. “Come on!” She silently pleaded. “Please get loose! Just a little bit!” 

And miraculously, her request was granted. As she jerked again, one cuff suddenly slipped. 

The surprising discovery made Alex pause for a brief second. Then she thrashed again. The cuff slipped, then jerked open. 

Alex started to shout with joy, then stopped for fear of waking the Lamia, who was sound asleep in the other room. 

With one arm released, Alex quickly worked her bandaged fingers around the other cuff that still held her other arm prisoner within its tight grasp. Her fingers, though wrapped, were still able to get some leverage. After several seconds, she managed to undo the locking mechanism, and her wrist was freed from its restraint. 

Reaching around the back of her head, Alex unbuckled her gag and pulled it out, spitting in disgust and eager to be rid of it. She moved her jaw, trying to soothe her aching muscles. 

The frantic muffled mmpphhs from her sister grabbed her attention. Alex reached down under the green broth and managed to undo the nylon straps holding her down. Reaching over, she quickly managed to unlock her sister as well from all her restraints. 

With both sisters now freed, they held each other briefly, relieved to be with each other with a chance to escape. Alex turned her attention to the restrictive wraps that encircled her entire body. Though they were still tight and restraining, they were soaked with the broth. 

As a result, peeling the wrappings off was relatively simple work. The two sisters worked as quietly as they could, occasionally glancing over at the Lamia, which still slept peacefully in the other room, unconsciously massaging her stuffed tummy. 

The bandages were coming off more quickly then the two dared to imagine. As the wet cloth was torn away, patches of wrinkled skin appeared. 

Within ten minutes, all the wrappings had been torn off. The two sisters were stark naked, but free. 

Keeping her voice to a frightened whisper, Samantha said, “How do we get out of here?” 

“I think the fastest way out is through the main door, but we’ll have to go past that thing in the next room.” 

“Do we have to?” Samantha moaned with fear. “I don’t want to come within thirty feet of that thing.” 

“I don’t either. But if we want to escape, we have to chance it.” Samantha nodded nervously. 

The two quietly climbed out of the broth filled tub and onto the tiled floor. The liquid broth dripped off their bodies and onto the tiles, making them shine. The two shivered with the cold, but managed to keep it quiet. 

Moving slowly, they edged their way into the next room. It was only fifteen feet to the main door, which appeared to be unlocked. 

Silently, the two walked on the carpet, closer and closer to the door, but also to the Lamia. 

Sala moved only once, resting her chin on the ground. The two froze in place, hardly daring to breathe. But Sala didn’t move again, and the two kept going. 

“Almost there.” Alex thought. “Just a few more feet…” Only a few more feet, and they would be home free. 

At that moment, a hand grabbed her ankle. She spun to see Sala holding it, with a big smile on her face. 

“Just where do you think you’re going?” She asked with a devilish smile. 

Alex screamed and bolted, knowing that this was her only chance to escape. But Sala’s faster then human reflexes kicked in. 

With a speed Alex and Samantha could only dream of, Sala threw her form through the air, making a coil with her body. She landed on the two young women and instantly pinned them down with her incredible bulk. 

Samantha sobbed and frantically tried to pull her way out from under the snake woman. But with her lungs bearing a great load from the snake, she was getting less and less air. She had to stop to try and conserve as much air as she could. 

“Now now, we can’t have the two of you getting away like that.” Sala scolded, twitching her finger back and forth. “I don’t like my dinner to run through the door and out into the open.” 

Alex and Samantha both were paralyzed with fear upon hearing the word, “Dinner”. 

Sala frowned. “And you escaped your wrappings as well! Now all that soaking has been for nothing.” 

“Serves you right!” Alex snarled. 

“Tisk, tisk. Such a feisty little one!” Sala said. “But your feisty opinions won’t save you now! I’ll see to it that hubby makes sure you don’t escape twice!” 

With that, Sala straightened out, making sure to keep her heavy body coiled over the two young women. She opened her human mouth to an impossible diameter and began to move her throat muscles. 

The bulge in Sala’s stomach moved upwards, towards her mouth. With a few more moves and powerful pushes, a black shape was pushed out of her mouth and deposited on the carpet. 

The form was Ralph, who was completely covered from head to toe in a skin tight rubber catsuit. His gloved hands reached up and undid the straps of the eye pads and mouth gag that covered his hood. When those were off, he pulled the hood off and took a deep breath. 

“Oh!” He gasped. “What a rush! Too bad our sessions are always so short.” 

“I know honey.” Sala said lovingly. “But I had to take you out. Look who tried to get away.” 

Wiping off saliva from his slick and shiny suit, Ralph turned and looked upon the helplessly pinned young women. “Well I’ll be. They actually got away.” He smiled. “Guess I’ll have to make sure they can’t do that again.” 

“I knew you’d be saying that.” Sala said, smiling as she opened her mouth to reveal her venom fangs. 

And so, only a few hours after they first escaped, Alex and Samantha found themselves mummified and hopelessly shackled in the tub again. The shackles were locked down with padlocks, and the young women’s fingers had been wrapped into useless mitts of bandages. Escape this time was truly impossible. 

The two young women sobbed into their gags. They had been so close, so close to escape. But now they were utterly helpless, totally at the mercy of a half snake-half woman monster and her crazed husband. 

Sala was in front of the tub, thinking to herself. “We’ll have to let you soak for much less time then before.” She said out load, slithering over the tiled floor. “That’ll make the flavor much less intense I’m afraid. Oh well, I can manage.” 

She was talking mostly to herself, but deliberately making her thoughts loud so the two young women could hear them. “I’ll let you soak for an hour, but no longer.” Sala rubbed her hands together. “I’m getting rather hungry.” 

She turned to her husband, who was still dressed in his shiny outfit. “Sweetie, could you take care of getting everything all set up? I’ll go and wait in the basement.” 

Ralph smiled. “With pleasure dear. It won’t take long.” The two hugged each other again. 

With that, Sala slithered off to a door. Opening it, she went down a long flight of stairs that went deep into the basement. Ralph turned to his two captives. He chuckled. “You know,” he said to the two helpless prisoners. “I just love watching my wife eat her meals. It’s so… so… erotic in a way. The pounding of fists, the struggling, I find it very erotic.” 

The two captives stared at him. “You probably think I’m out of my mind.” Ralph said. “You’re probably right. Well, time to let you soak. I’ll be back in an hour. You two enjoy yourselves.” And with that he turned and walked away into a hallway. 

Alex and Samantha had no choice but to stay where they were, completely trapped and helplessly locked down. All of their attempts at escape were doomed to be a waste of energy. The fear was the worst part. The waiting, the uncertainty of what was going to happen did more psychological damage then Sala’s taunts or her husbands rants. 

In a way, it was a relief when Ralph came back an hour later. “Nap time.” He said, a smile on his face. Walking to the side of the tub, he adjusted a few controls on a small machine. 

A pleasant smell began to whiff through the women’s breathing tubes. It was very pleasant to smell. Alex found her fear flying away. She felt so relaxed, so content. Whatever this stuff was, she could lie here for a month and be perfectly happy inhaling this wonderful smell. 

After a moment the relaxant took effect. Alex and Samantha’s happy forms relaxed completely as they were put to sleep. 

Ralph enjoyed watching the two sleeping mummies. The slow and steady breathing, the heavily bandaged chests rising and falling, was in a way, hypnotic to watch. 

Ralph allowed himself the luxury of watching for a few more moments. Then he remembered what he was supposed to do. Reaching over, he began to undo the restraints that locked the women in place.



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